11-21-2009 CIA F*&% of the Week  

11-02-2009 CIA F%$@ up of the month??

11-17-2009 US Intelligence Spat By Eduard Sorokin  Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair will no more have the right to appoint his own representatives to U.S. embassies........ ....Blair failed to perform his duties, including the exchange of information between the intelligence departments. His attempt to coordinate their actions also proved a failure. Listen on VOR    Download

11.03.2009  Italian court convicts 23 Americans in CIA rendition case By Craig Whitlock  An Italian court on Wednesday convicted 22 CIA operatives and a U.S. Air Force colonel of orchestrating the kidnapping of a Muslim cleric in Milan in 2003 and flying him to Egypt, where he said he was later tortured. The judge in the case, Oscar Magi, said three other Americans, including the former Rome station chief for the CIA, were covered by diplomatic immunity. The Americans were all tried in absentia. A Milan prosecutor said his office would seek to have them extradited from the United States, but a formal decision will be made later by the Italian Justice Ministry. The case is the only instance in which CIA operatives have faced a criminal trial for the controversial tactic of extraordinary rendition, under which terrorism suspects are seized in one country and forcibly transported to another without judicial oversight.