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Venezuela: Guaidó says 'final phase' of plan to oust Maduro has begun

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Трамп выразил поддержку протестующим в Венесуэле

Число пострадавших в ходе беспорядков в Каракасе превысило 50 человек

США пригрозили Венесуэле военным вмешательством

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Глава СВР Нарышкин заметил признаки подготовки военной операции США в Венесуэле

Russia Warns Guaido On Attempts to Start US Invasion

Russia warns Venezuela's Guaido against inviting US invasion

USA Attempt to Install Puppet/Overthrow Venezuela After Assassinating Chavez

Another CIA Rendition/Narcotics-Arms Smuggling Airline Exposed

February 15, 2019

A 21 Air cargo plane coasts on a runway in Colombia in 2018. Photo Juan Pardo

By Whitney Webb

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA – Two executives at the company that chartered the U.S. plane that was caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela last week have been tied to an air cargo company that aided the CIA in the rendition of alleged terrorists to “black site” centers for interrogation. The troubling revelation comes as Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has rejected a U.S. “humanitarian aid” convoy over concerns that it could contain weapons meant to arm the country’s U.S.-backed opposition.

Last Tuesday, Venezuelan authorities announced that 19 rifles, 118 ammo magazines, 90 radios and six iPhones had been smuggled into the country via a U.S. plane that had originated in Miami. The authorities blamed the United States government for the illicit cargo, accusing it of seeking to arm U.S.-funded opposition groups in the country in order to topple the current Maduro-led government.

A subsequent investigation into the plane responsible for the weapons caché conducted by McClatchyDC received very little media attention despite the fact that it uncovered information clearly showing that the plane responsible for the shipment had been making an unusually high number of trips to Venezuela and neighboring Colombia over the past few weeks.

Steffan Watkins, an Ottawa-based analyst, told McClatchy in a telephone interview that the plane, which is operated by U.S. air cargo company 21 Air, had been “flying between Philadelphia and Miami and all over the place, but all continental U.S.” during all of last year. However, Watkins noted that “all of a sudden in January, things changed” when the plane began making trips to Colombia and Venezuela on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day.

According to Watkins’ analysis, this single plane had conducted 40 round-trip flights from Miami International Airport to Caracas and Valencia — where the smuggled weapons had been discovered — in Venezuela, as well as to Bogota and Medellin in Colombia in just the past month.

Publicly available flight radar information shows that the plane, although it has not returned to Venezuela since the discovery of its illicit cargo, has continued to travel to Medellin, Colombia, as recently as this past Monday.

Multiple CIA ties

In addition to the dramatic and abrupt change in flight patterns that occurred just weeks before U.S. Vice President Mike Pence prompted Venezuelan opposition member Juan Guaidó to declare himself “interim president,” a subsequent McClatchy follow-up investigation also uncovered the fact that two top executives at the company that owns the plane in question had previously worked with a company connected to controversial CIA “black sites.”

Indeed, the chairman and majority owner of 21 Air, Adolfo Moreno, and 21 Air’s director of quality control, Michael Steinke, both have “either coincidental or direct ties” to Gemini Air Cargo, a company previously named by Amnesty International as one of the air charter services involved in a CIA rendition program. In this CIA program, individuals suspected of terrorism were abducted by the intelligence agency and then taken abroad to third-country secret “black sites” where torture, officially termed “enhanced interrogation,” was regularly performed.

Steinke worked for Gemini Air Cargo from 1996 to 1997, according to a 2016 Department of Transportation document cited by McClatchy. Moreno, although he did not work for Gemini, registered two separate business at a Miami address that was later registered to Gemini Air Cargo while the CIA rendition program was active. McClatchy noted that the first business Moreno registered at the location was incorporated in 1987 while the second was created in 2001. Gemini Cargo Logistics, a subsidiary of Gemini Air Cargo, was subsequently registered at that same location in 2005.

21 Air has denied any responsibility for the weapons shipment discovered onboard the plane it operates, instead blaming a contractor known as GPS-Air for the illicit cargo. A GPS-Air manager, Cesar Meneses, told McClatchy that the weapons shipment had been “fabricated” by the Maduro-led government to paint his government as the victim. Meneses also stated that “the cargo doesn’t belong to 21 Air and it doesn’t belong to GPS-Air” and that it had been provided by third parties, whose identities Meneses declined to disclose.

Contras redux?

The revelation that the company that operates the plane caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela has connections to past controversial CIA programs is unlikely to surprise many observers, given the CIA’s decades-long history of funneling weapons to U.S.-backed opposition fighters in Latin America, Southeast Asia and other conflict areas around the globe.

One of the best-known examples of the CIA using airliners to smuggle weapons to a U.S.-backed paramilitary group occurred during the 1980s in what became known as the Iran-Contra scandal, in which the Reagan administration delivered weapons to the Contra rebels in order to topple the left-leaning Sandinista movement. Many of those weapons had been hidden on flights claiming to be carrying “humanitarian aid” into Nicaragua.

The parallels between aspects of the Contra scandal and the current situation in Venezuela are striking, particularly given the recent “outrage” voiced by mainstream media and prominent U.S. politicians over Maduro’s refusal to allow U.S. “humanitarian aid” into the country. Maduro had explained his rejection of the aid as partially stemming from the concern that it could contain weapons or other supplies aimed at creating an armed opposition force, like the “rebel” force that was armed by the CIA in Syria in 2011.

Though the media has written off Maduro’s concern as unfounded, that is hardly the case in light of the fact that the Trump administration’s recently named special envoy in charge of the administration’s Venezuela policy, Elliott Abrams, had been instrumental in delivering weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras, including hiding those weapons in “humanitarian aid” shipments. In subsequent testimony after the scandal broke in the 1980s, Abrams himself admitted to funneling weapons to the Contras in exactly this way.

With the recently uncovered illicit weapons shipment from the U.S. to Venezuela now linked to companies that have previously worked with the CIA in covert operations, Maduro’s response to the “humanitarian aid” controversy is even more justified. Unfortunately for him, the U.S.-backed “interim president,” Juan Guaidó, announced on Monday that his parallel government had received the first “external” source of “humanitarian aid” into the country, but would not disclose its source, its specific contents, nor how it had entered the country.

Whitney Webb is a staff writer for MintPress News and has contributed to several other independent, alternative outlets. Her work has appeared on sites such as Global Research, the Ron Paul Institute, and 21st Century Wire among others. She also makes guest appearances to discuss politics on radio and television. She currently lives with her family in southern Chile.

MintPress News is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.

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One Candidate Dead as CIA/MOSSAD Violence Erupts in Venezuela

June 30, 2017

The right-wing opposition has put its foot down on the accelerator, it is moving all of its pieces at once, and aims to shatter the balance of forces through a coup. It has made it clear: the opposition has June and July to achieve its objective.

It has declared that, backed by article 350 of the constitution, it does not recognise the government. Nor does it recognise the call for a National Constituent Assembly and it is organising to impede the elections for the assembly going ahead on July 30.

Translating these words into actions has meant a rise in clashes between state powers through its use of the attorney-general and National Assembly, largely unsuccessful attacks from the Organisation of American States, media pressure, ramping up attacks on the economy and a deepening of the violence, street terror and attacks on state security forces, particularly the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB)

New elements

Within this violent scenario, some new elements have emerged in the last few weeks. These include systematic attacks on the La Carlota military base in Caracas, with the aim of demoralising and fracturing the FANB; outbreaks of violence in areas surrounding the presidential palace Miraflores; and the return of scenes of destruction in cities, like those that occurred in Maracay and nearby localities on June 26, where more than 40 establishments, from private shops to public institutions, were destroyed.

A similar plan was unleashed in more than 10 localities across the country during the past few weeks.

A new turning point occurred on June 27: the use of a helicopter — stolen from the La Carlota airbase — to attack the Ministry of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace with gun fire. The Supreme Court of Justice was also hit with four grenades made in Israel that came from Colombia.

All this took place only four streets away from Miraflores presidential palace, in the political centre of Venezuela.

This action generated a symbolic impact within both the ranks of the right-wing opposition and the pro-government Chavista movement. Among the opposition, accompanied by waves of rumours on social media, it generated the sensation of being close to the final target, of power itself, that finally the FANB had come onboard the call for a coup.

Among Chavismo, the impact was due both to the brazenness of the act, and the fact it provided definitive certainness — if anyone still had doubts — that a coup attempt is underway and has entered its decisive hours.

The right wing has enough force to submit localities to a reign of terror for several days in a row, carry out assaults on military and police barracks, unleash political and class hatred that has converted the lynching of Chavistas into a recurring practice. It can maintain almost daily mobilisations with a relatively stable number of participants and generate situations that convert themselves into quasi-generalised destruction and looting.

It is also able to make incursions into poorer neighbourhoods with the use of criminal groups to set up barricades, assassinate people and attack state institutions with grenades from a helicopter. It can make some government cadres crack — like the attorney-general — and win them to its side, and make a part of the population believe they were killed by the government.

In the coming days, we will see what else they are capable of. However, they seem to lack two elements needed to complete a coup: poor neighbourhoods mobilising behind their cause and a fracture in the FANB. Their key wager, which they are working on intensely, is to achieve a fracture within the FANB and other government sectors.

They need this to break the violent deadlock that has now gone on for months. That is why they are ratcheting up the level of violence, targeting attacks on security forces, and using terror as a method of social control.

Support from the United States is already underway via international pressure, funding for the right — whether directly to opposition parties or indirectly via NGOs that funnel this money towards maintaining the street pressure — and the training of paramilitaries. Intervention already exists under the table. Could it soon take another form?

The right is accelerating the pace and, at the same time, is displaying clear signs of desperation. It destroys and kills, but does not achieve its final objective.

However, it obtains intermediary objectives, such as submitting entire localities to violence, breaking down social ties, legitimising persecution levels — which is part of its plan for government — against Chavismo.

As the months go by, the country changes. It assimilates in an invisible manner the blows, hate, fear and distrust — elements that the right needs for its plan to violently reset the country.

Lastly, it is important to turn to the other factor, omnipresent and invisible, that permeates the day-to-day debates and concerns, as well as the possibilities of resistance or rupture: the economy.


In recent weeks, the situation has worsened with rising prices, the illegal exchange rate — which sets prices — and with ongoing shortages of vital products such as medicines. These attacks are not a coincidence, but part of the pressure that seeks to suffocate the population and not allow any point of escape.

The reality is popular Venezuela has regressed in terms of various advances it has achieved through the Bolivarian revolution. This generates conditions that are conducive to the plans for looting and depolitisation that the right is promoting.

Reversing this trend is a challenge that Chavista leaders have not been able to resolve. This is its most critical bottleneck, the unresolved debate

These are defining days and weeks. What happened this week are steps in the escalation of opposition violence, of armed actions carried out by paramilitaries, criminal gangs linked to right-wing leaders, and shadowy sectors within the security forces.

There will be more deaths, because this is the opposition’s plan. Their now-or-never attitude is pushing the country to the brink. Their psychological and physical violence aims to increase the pressure to make the people cave in and open the doors of a historic revenge that the ruling classes of Venezuela, Latin America and US so desire.

Venezuela is facing its critical hour. Each day is key.

US Plotting Against Venezuela, CIA Head Scum Confirms


Navalny 2.0 - 2019 Failed "Secret" Overthrow of Venezuela by Imperial Global War Criminals. Juan Guaido did not take part in the presidential election, he was simply a marginal opposition figure who decided to call himself the president. Just like the CIA's Alexey Navalny

January 27, 2019 CIA Tries Failed Navalny Plan in Venezuela

The same template, the same 5th column, the same tired old scenario for the same imperial resource interests and paymasters as the previous overthrows. Except this time there is one important twist. At first I thought perhaps it was a new tactic but when I dug a little bit it is actually the same failed scenario that the lunatics at CIA tried in Russia. Namely they recruited someone off the street who then became an opposition figure and then the CIA sponsored idiot declared himself president and the imperial hegemon called him legitimate. Actually this is nothing new. This was the same thing they did in Russia with Alexey Navalny who also did not take part in the election but whom the West called legitimate. However the strategy failed miserably for the CIA and Agent Freedom.

What is interesting is that the imperial CIA lunatics are not recycling only plans and machinations that worked but also ones that have failed. Are they desperate, retarded or living in an alternate reality of their own making?

La misma plantilla, la misma quinta columna, el mismo viejo y cansado escenario para los mismos intereses de los recursos imperiales y los pagadores que los derroc gusto anteriores. Excepto que esta vez hay un giro importante. Al principio pensé que tal vez era una nueva táctica pero cuando cavé un poco es en realidad el mismo escenario fallido que losoneráticos de la CIA intentaron en Rusia. A saber, reclutaron a alguien de la calle que luego se convirtió en una figura de la oposición y luego el idiota patrocinado por la CIA se declaró presidente y el hegemón imperial lo llamó legítimo. En realidad esto no es nada nuevo. Esto fue lo mismo que hicieron en Rusia con Alexey Navalny, que tampoco participó en las elecciones, pero a quien Occidente calificó de legítimo. Sin embargo, la rápido fracasó miserablemente para la CIA y el Agente Libertad.

Lo que es interesante es que losoneráticos de la CIA imperial no están disminuyóando no sólo los planes y maquinaciones que han funcionado, sino también los que han fracasado. ¿Están desesperados, retrasados o viviendo en una realidad alterna de su propia creación?

Тот же шаблон, та же 5-я колонка, тот же усталый старый сценарий для тех же имперских интересов ресурсов и paymasters, что и предыдущие свержения. Но на этот раз есть один важный поворот. Сначала я подумал, что, возможно, это новая тактика, но когда я немного покопался, это на самом деле тот же неудачный сценарий, что и сумасшедшие в ЦРУ в России. А именно, они завербовали кого-то с улицы, кто затем стал фигурой оппозиции, а затем спонсируемый ЦРУ идиот объявил себя президентом, и имперский гегемон назвал его законным. На самом деле в этом нет ничего нового. То же самое они сделали в России с Алексеем Навальным, который тоже не участвовал в выборах, но которого Запад назвал легитимным. Однако стратегия с треском провалилась для ЦРУ и агента свободы.

Что интересно, так это то, что имперские сумасшедшие ЦРУ не перерабатывают не только планы и махинации, которые сработали, но и те, которые потерпели неудачу. Они в отчаянии, умственно отсталые или живут в альтернативной реальности собственного производства?

2017: Henrique Capriles Radonski Banned from Politics for 15 Years

2013: CIA Asset/Agent Henrique Capriles Radonski and His CIA Handlers

Did Henrique Capriles have a falling out with his US handlers?

14 March, 2013 14:08  

The opposition politician in Venezuela, Henrique Capriles Radonski, is said to be in the sights of US assassins. This is not surprising as Capriles’ history and deep ties to the CIA and his key position in CIA operations to destabilize and usurp the Venezuelan Government, including involvement in the coup d’état that temporarily unseated Hugo Chavez, the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela and the ensuing assassination of the prosecutor who was investigating these events, would make him someone the US needs to keep quiet.

On Wednesday the acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro issued an official statement that Venezuelan security structures had uncovered a plot to assassinate opposition politician Henrique Capriles. According to the VOR in a televised speech he stated that: “We have detected plans by the far right, linked to the groups of (former Bush administration officials) Roger Noriega and Otto Reich, to make an attempt against the opposition presidential candidate,” Nicolas Maduro said.

Maduro was not specific in how the plot was uncovered or in who the suspects are but added that the government had sent a senior general to meet with Capriles' team.

Although obviously denied to the press by Noriega this means that Henrique Capriles Radonski has had a serious falling out with his American benefactors and former controllers, who may be after him for any number of reasons including financial ones as he is heavily indebted on many levels to the United States.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing investigation into the death of Hugo Chavez there is also speculation that he might know too much about the, until proven “suspected”, assassination of the late Hugo Chavez, as he has a long history of “secret” dealings with the US Government, has made many trips to the United States even meeting with Congressional leaders and officials and is suspected in the assassination of the late Venezuelan Prosecutor, Danilo Anderson, who was prosecuting suspects in the coup d’état which temporarily ousted Hugo Chavez in April 2002 as well as the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Caracas during the same time.

Capriles is a prize even by CIA standards, the gay politician in the poster boy for CIA implanted puppet leaders of Latin American countries. According to diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks and heavily redacted documents released by the US State Department in an attempt to soften the impact of the WikiLeaks revelations, Capriles’ relationship with the US goes back to his very creation as an “opposition” leader against official Caracas.

According to the site citing Jean-Guy Allard at, even the formation of Capriles’ political party, Primero Jusiticia, was done under the control of and financed by USAID, a long time CIA Front, through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute (IRI).

After USAID’s assessment the right-wing Republican experts at these organizations designed the Capriles’ party platform, communications strategy and were instrumental in supporting and financing extreme right ideological groups such as that designed for Capriles.

According to the resource USAID has reportedly given more than 5 million dollars to fund the extreme right in Venezuela “under the pretext of supporting democracy” in violation of the 2010 Venezuelan Law of Political Sovereignty and National Self-Determination, something USAID is well-known for and one of the reasons it was expelled from many countries including the Russian Federation.

The details of the relationship between Capriles and the US Government which were published by WikiLeaks in the form of their own diplomatic cables, is stunning in its scope and nature and gives us an insight into just how far the US will go to install their own puppet leaders in countries that they wish to control.

In one Diplomatic Cable marked Classified and titled: “Mayor Capriles - This May Be My Last Trip”, dated Tuesday, March 21, 2006, it is clear that the ties between Capriles and the US Government go to the highest levels.

The cable shows Capriles meeting with the US Ambassador in Caracas and the Political Counselor Officer, suspected of being a CIA cover position in the country, and their concern for his well being after Capriles was involved in the attack the Cuban Embassy and what are described as terrorist activities and was facing prison time again for his subversive activities.

The cable mentions that Capriles intended to “visit New York and Washington to talk to executive and legislative branch officials as well as representatives of international human rights organizations”, one of many trips that he then discussed and summarized with the Ambassador and the PolCouns, showing that he was regularly travelling to the US to receive instructions and no doubt funding, and that the information he had was sensitive enough and important enough for him to have to meet privately with the US Ambassador at the Embassy.

According to the cables Capriles not only met with US Government Executive and Legislative Branch officials but also with the then Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon, the US National Security Council Senior Director Dan Fisk and unnamed “others”.

The WikiLeaks Cables connect Capriles to the attack on the Cuban Embassy stating that he was even filmed climbing over the wall of the Cuban Embassy Compound and threatening the Cuban Ambassador in Venezuela. They also show that Capriles was a prime suspect in the assassination of the Venezuelan Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, killed by a car bomb in November 2004, and that he was a key figure in the coup d’état that Danilo Anderson was investigating. Before his death Anderson had successfully imprisoned Capriles on charges of “violating international principles, private violence and abuse of office” in connection with the attack on the Cuban Embassy.

The US Diplomatic cables take no issue with the fact Capriles was in fact committing terrorist activities, subverting the Venezuelan Government and involved in the assassination of a state prosecutor something it is almost a given he was doing at their behest.

There is no doubt Capriles, who is now running for president, knows enough to seriously damage the United States and is so closely connected to US agents attempting to destabilize and overthrow the government of the country, so an assassination plot by US interests would be nothing more than damage control.

That an individual who is according to the public record is involved in treason and is a paid servant to the interests of a foreign power, is being allowed to run for political office is strange in and of itself. That the government he is attempting to overthrow has warned him of the plot is only testament to the rule of law for everyone by the Venezuelan Government.

Capriles is so intertwined with these US elements that if Hugo Chavez was in fact assassinated and infected with cancer Capriles is more likely than not involved or in the know. If there is an investigation going on into the death of Hugo Chavez then Capriles will be one of the first persons investigators would want to talk to, and for the organizers, the fear that he will talk is reason enough to take him out.


Calvin Tucker: Transparency International Distorts Data in Favour of Western Paymasters

Excerpt: What I think happened here is that Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA came under a two-pronged attack – firstly, from Transparency International itself in the form of a report, and, secondly and simultaneously, from one of Transparency International’s main corporate donors ExxonMobil. I should explain that Venezuela’s PDVSA is not just another oil company like Shell or BP. It’s a publicly owned company, whose profits are directly plowed into the social programs to poor and working class citizens. PDVSA is Venezuela’s main source of export earnings. So, to attack PDVSA isn’t just to attack a company – it’s to attack the engine room of Venezuelan economy and the Venezuelan state itself.

Interview with Calvin Tucker , Co-Editor of the web magazine 21st Century Socialism

Robles: I’d like to ask you a few questions today about Transparency International. How transparent in your opinion is Transparency International?

Tucker: I would actually say this is an organization that should probably change its name. I think it’s worth recalling that the Transparency International’s mission statement is “to combat corruption.”Its main activity is publishing reports on countries and companies and ranking them in order of how corrupt or nontransparent they are. These reports are then taking up by the media and more or less uncritically reported because Transparency International (TI) claims to be an independent, non-partisan organization. But – this is the issue – they are funded by Western cooperates and Western governments, for example, the US, the UK, France, Norway, Canada, Australia, the European Commission and so on. Secondly, the source of funding is corporate. The reason why I say that TI’s funding is a problem is because in 2008 I discovered that they backed a completely unjustified attack on Venezuela and it seemed to be a very clear case of “he who pays the piper calls the tune”. What I think happened here is that Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA came under a two-pronged attack – firstly, from Transparency International itself in the form of a report, and, secondly and simultaneously, from one of Transparency International’s main corporate donors ExxonMobil. I should explain that Venezuela’s PDVSA is not just another oil company like Shell or BP. It’s a publicly owned company, whose profits are directly plowed into the social programs to poor and working class citizens. PDVSA is Venezuela’s main source of export earnings. So, to attack PDVSA isn’t just to attack a company – it’s to attack the engine room of Venezuelan economy and the Venezuelan state itself. The US has had Venezuela and its socialist President Hugo Chavez in their cross hairs since the failure of the US-backed military coup in 2002. ExxonMobil launched this legal action against PDVSA in the British high court in a bid to seize their assets. While all this was going on TI was compiling and producing this hugely damaging report on Venezuela’s PDVSA, claiming that PDVSA were refusing to release basic financial information. The inference here was that PDVSA was probably corrupt. But the report was wrong. It wasn’t just a little bit wrong or wrong in an area here or there. It was totally, utterly and completely false. Despite Transparency International’s claims, all the information – and I mean every single piece of information – that TI said PDVSA was refusing to disclose was freely available on PDVSA’s website and on their published financial statements. I was utterly perplexed and I assumed that that had been some kind of appalling administrative error. So I contacted Transparency International to ask them what went wrong and I was met with what I can only describe as “wall of silence.” In short, they behaved exactly like one of those shady government companies and institutions that they are supposed to be holding to account. But the story gets even worse because what we do know is that the Venezuelan office of Transparency International is staffed entirely by opponents of Venezuelan government and many of them, including the current executive director, were supporters of the military coup that briefly overthrew Hugo Chavez in 2002. I certainly don’t believe that the composition of Venezuela’s Transparency International office is unconnected with the false allegations that have been coming from Transparency International against Venezuela in years and years. So I’m drawn inexorably towards the conclusion that, when it matters, TI consciously pursues the agenda of their Western paymasters and acts little more than an instrument of Western foreign policy. I think they’re something of a confidence trick played on the world’s public and it’s about time the media started doing their job properly, investigating the organization that claims to be investigating nontransparent and improperly run organizations.

Robles: With regards to Russia, recently they moved Russia up only 11 points, to 143th position to 154th on the corruption scale worldwide, despite the fact that Russia has been fighting corruption very actively for years now. What do you think is their agenda for the Russian Federation?

Tucker: I think it’s a shame, because Transparency International does do some good work on fighting corruption. Unfortunately, it’s tainted by their political bias. The problem with the corruption perfection index is contained in the second word of the sentence. It’s a “perception.” And the big flaw is that perception is not the same thing as fact. You are going to get different perceptions depending on who you ask. So it’s obviously open to manipulation, with governments not favored by the Western powers generally scoring poorly. And anybody who looks at the table can see that very clearly. The big problem is that the index seeks to blame only the government of the developing nations for corruption, reinforcing the IMF, World Bank and Western insistence on placing owner risk conditions on loans. Of course, these loans themselves lock third-world countries into a pattern of underdevelopments and poverty, which in turn encourages corruption in its authority. I’ll just give you one example. In 2007, Jamaica received a very poor ranking because a Dutch oil company had paid $30 million to one of Jamaica’s political parties. Jamaica was lambasted and they were put right at the bottom of the corruption perception index. But the oil company that paid the money and the Dutch government finished in the Top 10 of least corrupt countries. So, I think we can see here that there’s a very clear pattern of political bias at work, which favours Western countries and attacks both developing nations and its more direct economic and political competitors such as Russia.


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