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A protester holds up a doll depicting Margaret Thatcher during an event marking the death of the late Prime Minister at the Trafalgar square in London

Preemptive arrests and protests in UK on eve of Thatcher’s funeral

14 April, 2013 02:24  

A protester holds up a doll depicting Margaret Thatcher during an event marking the death of the late Prime Minister at the Trafalgar square in London

On Wednesday the funeral for deceased former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is to be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in an event that will cost struggling UK taxpayers approximately 10 million pounds. In a rare move Queen Elizabeth II has stated she will be attending what in fact is not classified as a state funeral. For many Brits the death of Thatcher has reopened old wounds and public discontent with her legacy has the UK authorities on edge as the date nears.

The government of the United Kingdom is going all out to guarantee that there will be no disturbances at the upcoming funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The initial muted reaction by the public surrounding the death of the former leader has been changed into one of open hostility partially due to attempts by the media and current officials to, as one UK blogger put it “beatify” the politician, and to “whitewash” the reality of what she had done to the country and the world.

There can be no doubt she was a powerful figure in UK history, a fact that can be said for almost any of the world’s past leaders, but the true legacy that she leaves behind is one of broken cities, destroyed industries, broken lives, war, and the fact despite being a woman she did little if anything to champion women’s rights or causes.

During her reign she divided Britain and even in death she has done more to inflame the discontent of the UK populace and divide the Kingdom than anything that has happened in recent memory.

Her death has forced people to remember everything that she did and much of it was not good for citizens of the UK, much was collectively forgotten or put away, including how then Prime Minister Thatcher allowed ten Irish political prisoners who were on a hunger strike demanding to speak to her and negotiate a peace settlement to starve themselves to death, she outright refused and knowingly allowed 10 people, one by one, to die of starvation.

Many of those who recall the destructive internal policies of Thatcher have begun to speak out and many groups are planning demonstrations that are supposed to take place in the lead up to the former PM’s funeral on Wednesday. The wave of dissatisfaction with the legacy of the “Iron Lady” that has gripped the UK is visible everywhere, on social media, in newspapers and on televised debates and continues to escalate as her funeral draws near.

The death of the former prime minister has brought to light the divide between the British elites and the common people. For the common people of the UK the death of the former conservative leader comes at a time when they are facing benefits cuts and cuts to social programs while the country’s bankers and elites continue to enjoy tax breaks and continued financial growth.

One of the signs of public dismay with the deceased former prime minister includes a protest campaign started on the internet to make the song “Ding Dong the Witch Dead” from the Wizard of Oz, number one on the UK music singles charts. The campaign has gone viral and the song has hit the top of the charts but according to the BBC they will not be playing the song in its entirety, this indicative of the division this has caused in British society.

The level of social discontent surrounding the upcoming funeral has grown to the point where the country’s anti-terrorist apparati are now making statements and issuing thinly veiled threats against anyone who plans to demonstrate against the perceived white-washing of Thatcher’s record.

Scotland Yard has requested that anyone who wants to protest should inform them of their intentions to guarantee that their freedom of speech is protected but according to Scotland Yard, so far there have been no takers.

Part of Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorism command, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, which runs a network of spies and informants in the UK, is receiving intelligence as to the nature of the planned protests.

Protests are planned by organizations such as Class War, UK Uncut, and Stop G8, however as of yet no one has informed Scotland Yard of upcoming protest actions. According to activists most people are afraid of pre-emptive arrest and are even afraid to discuss any protest activities on social media.

One worrying aspect of the situation is what appears to be the expansion of the powers of a hitherto little known UK team of police and psychiatrists called the Fixated Threat Assessment Center (FTAC). According to FTAC they are monitoring individuals who threatened Thatcher or any of the VIP guests in the past.

What is troubling is that if the FTAC, which has been accused of being nothing but an instrument to get rid of political enemies, is monitoring protestors, they may use their powers to isolate and remove anybody who wishes to protest at the funeral.

The UK’s FTAC has existed since at least 2006 and has the power to determine if someone has the psychological motivations to commit a specific crime before they do so, and in the words of the organization, to then remove the individual to a “safe place”.

The trouble is that this is all done in secret and since they do not arrest people per se, those taken to the “safe place” are, for all intents and purposes simply disappeared.

The FTAC operates as what might be call a pre-crime thought police unit, something it has been accused of being in the past and very little information about them is known. What is known is that if they determine someone a threat there is almost no recourse that person has and even following up on individuals who are known to have been reportedly taken to a “safe place” is almost impossible.

One such person who ran a blog called FTAC Watch disappeared in 2009 after detailing his or her dealings with the FTAC on a blog. Many other prominent UK activists such as Dr. Chris Knight were also arrested by the FTAC but thanks to their high profiles they were not disappeared.

According to Dr. Chris Knight there may be pre-emptive arrests as the authorities are attempting to deal with UK protestors and possible threats from Irish Republican groups which may use the media attention to plan an attack during the funeral.

Warmongering Globalist Cameron: Invade Syria! - General: “You and whose army?”

13 November 2012, 11:13  

The formation of a so-called unified Syrian opposition, in of all places Doha Qatar, which in reality does not include many Syrian groups and factions fighting against Bashar Assad, was hailed by the West and many Sunni Muslim states as a victory and touted as the legitimate voice of the Syrian people. The West continues fueling the bloodshed with arms and is even reported to be training snipers and assassination teams to kill Assad. Meanwhile David Cameron’s calls for military intervention in Syria have hit a brick wall at full speed.

The West continues to attempt to impose its plans on Syria and effect a regime change that has been from the start wanted more by Washington than the Syrian people.

The current attempt to legitimatize the armed Western-backed insurgents came in the form of a conference that was held notably outside of the territory of Syria on Sunday. A telling gathering made up of mainly Western marionettes, such much so that many of the “real” Syrian opposition leaders who are based within Syria, refused to show up and take part in the staged conference.

The setting Qatar is also telling as the country has classically supported Sunni interests and Sunni Islamists and is also the home to American military bases and the US Central Command (CENTCOM) which also has bases in Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Pakistan.

It is important to underline the fact that Syria is largely populated by Sunni Muslims and Bashar al-Assad is Alawite, which some describe a sect of Shia Islam. This explains why Qatar and other countries are so against Assad and willing to play the US front man in attempting to remove Assad and his Alawite led government.

The result of the conference in Doha, Qatar featuring representatives of various associations and groups making up the so-called Syrian opposition, was the signing of an agreement forming a united opposition group to be called the National Coalition (NC).

The US and the UK were quick to announce their support of the new group for obvious reasons: it will allow them to claim supporting a group that the world is supposed to view as legitimate, even though it was formed outside of the country and features largely hand-picked representatives friendly to Washington. If that was not bad enough it gets worse.

On Monday the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), comprising Saudi Arabia (Sunni), Bahrain (Sunni), the United Arab Emirates (Sunni), Oman (Ibadi), Qatar (Sunni) and Kuwait (Sunni) also decided to recognize the newly formed National Coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

If things are not complicated already it gets worse, the reasons that these countries are so set on forcing Assad from power are varied and self-serving and will lead to even more bloodshed and instability in the region if Assad is removed forcibly. For the GCC the reasons are obvious, they are supporting their Sunni brothers and ridding the region of Iran’s staunchest ally.

Iran is a Shia country and is unique in the Muslim world due to the fact the population of the Islamic Republic of Iran is approximately 90% Shia. The Shia in Iran are not loved by their Arab Muslims neighbors for another reason, Iranians are not Arabs but Persians and the Arab countries see a powerful and assertive Iran as a threat.

For the West the reasons are different, the West is completely indifferent to the Sunni Shia difference, their goals in the region are imperialistic and as long as they can manipulate rifts in the Muslim world they will be happy to do so. For the US there are two key goals in the region, establishing control, to facilitate the exploitation of the resources, and protecting Israel.

The duplicity is obvious and the concerns by the West are in no way humanitarian. If the government supports the US military encroachment in the region then they are a friend, if not, well they require regime change.

Look at Bahrain, a Sunni controlled country with oppressed Shia. For the West Bahrain is strategically important as it hosts the United States Naval Forces Central Command (COMUSNAVCENT) and the United States Fifth Fleet (COMFIFTHFLT), so human rights issues are ignored and the Arab Spring uprising by the Shia minority gets very little media attention.

Saddam Hussein is another example, he was Sunni and Iraq had an oppressed Shia population, the problem for the US was not that Hussein was oppressing the Shia, the problem was that he was forming an independent policy and not cowing enough to the West’s demands. If he had allowed US bases on Iraqi territory and allowed the US free reign of the country’s resources he would still be with us today.

So in a nut-shell, although some might think the West is supporting the Sunni Muslims, the fact is that the US is manipulating and using the Sunni to advance their own goals and where convenient the Shia. Thi may not be understood by many Muslims who see this as a betrayal from either side of the aisle.

So as the Muslim world is experiencing upheavals along sectarian lines the West is just manipulating the playing field to its advantage. Another example of this was Muammar Gadaffi, who some say was a true Muslim because he was neither Sunni no Shia. The US decided to remove Gaddafi for the same resource reasons, because he was pursuing policies that were too independent and because he reigned over the most just and fair socialist type system in the world. Something that must not be allowed to stand by the West as it does not allow for the exploitation of the country by capitalists interests.

Back to Syria, as Iran’s staunchest ally, regime change is required in Syria because the West sees Syria as a threat in plans to invade and take out Iran. It is also another troublesome independent country and an arch enemy to Israel.

Most experts would agree that after Syria falls, then comes Iran. Some say that in the West’s imperialistic plans of world domination after Iran comes Venezuela then Russia and China.

So what we have, in a rather simplified summary, are Sunni nations, advancing Sunni interests, the West manipulating sectarian divisions to advance imperialistic and resource interests as well as to fulfill the wishes of Israel and lastly, Iran and Syria being targeted by all sides.

Syria being taken apart from within due to the manipulation and stoking of sectarian hatred and divisions and the introduction of foreign mercenaries and terrorists into the country and Iran being isolated from without.

As for the UK seemingly unilaterally, or more exactly Prime Minister David Cameron, saying the UK is ready for military intervention in Syria, well his plans have run into a brick wall. According to the UK’s Sun. A military source said: “When one Brigadier heard the news Cameron wanted an armed solution his response was, ‘you and whose Army?’” According to the Sun Defense Secretary Philip Hammond and Foreign Secretary William Hague are also against military intervention and they say Syria is nothing like Libya because President Bashar al-Assad has formidable armed forces as well as Russian backing.


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