Ukrainian, Crimean, Serbian or Any Sovereignty is Not a NATO Decision By John Robles

5 December, 2013 23:31 

What one might call "the clash of civilizations" has once again raised its head and never been clearer than it currently is Ukraine. This western provoked clash between what one might broadly call "East and West" was seen most recently in Syria and fortunately for the Syrian people the East won that round. The battle has also been seen recently in Iran with Russia also spearheading attempts to reign in those whose only instrument to bring about their own selfish aims is force. In Ukraine the intentions and the modus operandi of the West are once again exposed and right there in plain sight for anyone who is more than casual observer to see.

Ukraine was quiet simply the cherry on top of the US/EU/NATO geopolitical cake and pulling Ukraine into western clutches would have all but cemented US/NATO’s takeover of Eastern Europe. Since the end of the cold war Ukraine has been one of the primary focus points for US Government/NATO overt, and more importantly, covert efforts in undermining the influence of Russia in Europe (a continent it makes up 40% of) and in taking over regions and countries that once were under the umbrella of the USSR.

Rather than taking to the streets and believing everything they are told by the West and its agents in Ukraine the citizens of that country might be better served by learning more about the real intentions of the West for their country and questioning why it is that NATO and the EU are so indignant and even hysterical that their government has made a decision that will advance and enhance Ukraine’s security, economy and sovereignty and make it force to be dealt with by the West.

At a ministerial meeting of the OSCE held in Kiev, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the West’s reaction to Ukraine's refusal to sign an association agreement with the EU "hysteria", and that it of course what it is. The US/EU/NATO need Ukraine, much more than the Ukrainians need them. This is a fact and one that must be brought home to the Ukrainian people.

The US with its bankrupt economy, the EU with its continuing financial crisis and NATO with its voracious insatiable appetite for new countries and locations where to base their war machine and which continues to operate under an outdated and destabilizing agenda of surrounding Russia with their military infrastructure as if the reason for their creation still exists, all need Ukraine far, far more than Ukraine needs them.

Foreign Minister Lavrov said at the OSCE meeting in Kiev: "This situation is connected to some Europeans' hysteria, which was caused by the fact that Ukraine exercised its sovereign right in deciding not to sign an agreement that Ukrainian experts and the administration found unprofitable at this stage. Our position is very simple: to sign this agreement or not is a sovereign choice that should be made by Ukraine. We will evaluate the consequences of this choice for us and, naturally, draw conclusions, if need be, depending on Ukraine's choice," Lavrov said, adding “We support steps aimed at bringing this situation into the constitutional field."

Yes it is a sovereign decision for Ukraine and it is also an economic and political decision if Ukraine decides to open its economy and markets to western interference regulation and manipulation, obviously something the leaders in Kiev decided to take a serious look at when they finally did the math and realized that the billion or so dollars over seven years that the country would gain was not worth the hundreds of billions they would lose over the same period if they cut ties with other economic unions and organizations.

Does the West support Ukraine’s growth, strength and sovereignty? No. Of course not. It has long been clear that western "democracy" drives have been nothing but instruments to obtain access to markets, exploit workforces and seize resources at the least possible cost.

Russia on the other hand does support Ukraine’s sovereignty and even at its own expense is calling for rule of law, constitutionality and for the ocoutnry to decide what is better for its own future. As Mr. Lavrov said: "It is surprising, to put it mildly, to shout that we are backing the peaceful protests against your decision not to join our economic structure."

Russia’s calls for rule of law, non-interference, sovereignty and self-determination have been the hallmarks of Russian diplomacy for more decades and even despite the close spiritual, cultural, historical, ethnic and even territorial ties between the two countries, Russia is still calling for the sovereignty of Ukraine to be respected, something that would be unheard of in the West.

One must ask the questions as well, why it is that NATO would issue statements about plans by a government to sign or not to sign an economic agreement? The answer to this is quite simple if we realize the relationship that exists within US/EU/NATO and with regard to their policies in Europe. In simple terms the EU is the carrot to be waved in the faces of the hungry, NATO is the stick to which the carrot is tied and the US is the imperialist master who will crack the stick on the head of anyone who covets the carrot and then does not follow instructions.

Ukraine must realize, as almost all European countries have admitted and realized, the EU is an organization the joining of which requires a tremendous loss of sovereignty on all levels, and in the final, EU membership almost requires NATO membership which in effect cements the loss of sovereignty once and for all.

So of course the West (US/EU/NATO) are going to scream and shout and hold their breath and be indignant and talk about sanctions and rule of law and freedom and democracy and all of the things they do when a country does not do what they like, but at the end of the day it is all about sovereignty, and for Ukraine, sovereignty does not lie in surrendering to the West.

If you doubt these words here is some more food for thought: A prominent Russian lawmaker and the Chief of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Russian Parliament Alexei Pushkov has pointed out inconsistency between NATO’s reaction to the recent crackdown on Ukrainian protesters in Kiev and similar police violence in the US.

"NATO has condemned the use of 'excessive force' against Kiev demonstrators. But it was probably OK to beat anti-NATO protesters in Chicago," said Mr. Pushkov.

Sergei Lavrov has also stated he was amazed by the fact that NATO believed itself to be in a position to issue statements on Ukraine’s domestic affairs and quite frankly, we are too.


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