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Obama’s Benghazi lies, Corporate Fascism and the National Security Paradigm

17 May, 16:14  

U.S. president Barack Obama has all of a sudden found himself in the middle of three scandals at once. For a president who has skated along doing almost anything he wants since day one, it would seem that there is an unusual political crisis brewing in Washington. It would also appear that Tea Party Republicans are more powerful than the IRS, that finding out who leaked illegality is a reason to cancel freedom of the press, and that no matter how egregious the actions of those in power are, they must be protected at all costs.

It has been said time and time again all over the world for ages and it is an understanding that applies to one of the most powerful offices on the planet, more so than anywhere else, namely the office of president of the United States.“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and the absolutely all-powerful-out-of-control-imperial-executive that was handed to Obama, has been further corrupted to levels that even the previous unapologetic occupier of the White House would not have dared dream about.

U.S. President Barack Obama certainly is not having a good week and to use another expression “when it rains it pours” seems to just about fit the bill for the current U.S. President. This week saw Obama finally faced with a fairly serious political crisis, well, three to be exact, where responsibility has to be taken, and he has done what he has done so well from the beginning, he has passed the buck and obfuscated and played the world’s smallest violin to the tune of “my heart bleeds for national security.”

Although the three scandals currently causing more gray hairs for Obama may seem to be unrelated it appears that one, the supposed targeting of Tea Party Groups by the IRS, may have precipitated the others and I will explain why in a minute. All three scandals including the new revelations about the attack on the CIA station in Benghazi Libya and the seizing, and quite possibly, tapping of the phones of the Associated Press, all point to a corrupt government ready to do anything to protect itself from having to account for its illegitimate and illegal actions. Sure I know there are no current charges or revelations regarding wiretapping but it would be silly to assume that the all-powerful-warrantless-wiretapping-hyper-security United States Government, through the NSA or the CIA didNOT tap the phones of the Associated Press.

We know that in the name of national security the U.S. and Obama, as the second imperial president of the United States after George Bush, will do anything including engage in extra-judicial executions, torture, extraordinary rendition, illegal indefinite detention, the targeting of its own nationals for assassination, massive data collection, the aforementioned warrantless wiretapping, preemptive arrests, violations of the Geneva conventions and even acts of aggressive war, which are crimes against humanity. And Obama has gotten off scot-free until now because he has not upset those who placed him in power.

“Has not upset those who placed him in power.” That is a very dangerous and presumptive statement but it is one that I think the record shows is the truth. It is important to recall, and one does not have to have an overly intimate amount of knowledge of the U.S. political game to know this, that the U.S. is no longer a Democracy, if it ever was to begin with. It is a corporate controlled, hyper-security, fascist state where corporations and big money call all of the shots.

Obama, who had no political support base or broad popular appeal before he was thrust into the White House was merely a tool of the corporate, right-wing neo-conservative architects of the current paradigm need to placate and silence dissent among the U.S. populace.

The big money neo-conservative architects needed someone to silence the population into quiet submission and Obama was that man. His own record to date has proven that he is almost no different than his neo-conservative “Republican” predecessor, in fact he is worse because he has gotten away with more than Bush, the drawling cowboy white man from Texas (Connecticut) whose daddy was a former president and CIA director and who came from a long line figures risen to power by oil and Nazi gold money.

Obama, because he was a Democrat and more importantly black, was made of Teflon. All progressives, blacks and Democrats could not say anything bad about this man, the dream of black people for centuries. Why was this important for neo-conservative, war profiteering war criminals? Because at the end of the reign of Bush, the left was a real threat to their security and they faced the possibility of having to answer for the crimes they had committed.

Obama, I think it is important to note, as most American politicians do who attain powerful positions, received his billion dollars in campaign monies not from liberal or progressive voters (you don’t gather a billion dollars in campaign funds from Joe Blow Democrat) but from well-oiled political money making machines that need the imperial presidential office to continue to exist and thrive.

So Obama was placed in office and from day one (from his lie to close Guantanamo to his phony Nobel Peace Prize, which he won while engaged in two wars and while continuing the war crimes of his predecessor) he has been guilty of violating the trust and the hopes and the beliefs of the world and U.S. populace but has gotten away with everything, while facing almost no turbulence until now. Why now? Obama has committed the gravest of sins in American politics, he has gone, or has been blamed for going, after the well-oiled-above-the-law-monied-special interests that power the American political machine, namely one of the last haven for right-wing tax evading political power brokers, the IRS untouchable “Tea Party” movement.

This is a fact and the hypocrisy is monumental when you consider that now, only now, people like John Boehner, that champion of trust and humility, is accusing Obama of “violating the public’s trust” and possessing “remarkable arrogance”. Obama, the record will show, has been violating the people’s trust since day one, what is different now is that he went against the Republican monied interests, who are used to not being touched. Sounds grim? If you think that is bad, it gets worse.

The situation with the IRS accusations is a complete abomination of how things should be and how things were. It used to be, way back when, during the last century sometime, that people were terrified of the IRS. The IRS was irreproachable and not to be questioned. The IRS used to be the taxes in “death and taxes” and no one was beyond their reach.

Well things have changed, and this is another sad day for America because now it is clear the US government has been so corrupted that the president will fire the head of the IRS because the IRS went against people who have placed themselves above the law, the same architects of aggressive war, torture and some would even say the shadowy figures behind the events of 9-11, but we won’t go there, no need to right now.

I think it would almost be a certainty that the other two scandals would never have come to light had the IRS mess not come about. These were things that had already been largely forgotten and Obama and his administration have already gotten away with much worse. Terror Tuesdays and the extra-judicial weekly assassination list? Guantanamo? Aggressive war anyone?

So the Republicans want to blame and demonize Obama for collecting the phone records of the AP and for the talking points collaboration between all of the guilty parties in the Benghazi attack? Fine let’s grab the bait and run, but wait… Wasn’t it the Bushies who started these policies? Is it only Obama who is guilty? Not by a long shot.

Let’s recall, as I am sure you all have much longer memories than US politicians are counting on you having, that Benghazi attack was principally an embarrassment for the next well-monied president Hillary Clinton and for the CIA and the State Department and it showed to the world the entire lie of the Libyan fiasco. Namely that the CIA, whose base was attacked in Benghazi (if you recall it was not an “embassy”) was in bed with Al-Qaeda and terrorist groups in Libya in order to get rid of the departed Muammar al-Gaddafi.

So the fact that the CIA, the FBI, the U.S. State Department and the Obama Administration were all working together on formulating talking points in a damage control scenario is not surprising, but blaming only Obama is disingenuous. Here we see another across the board effort by the entire U.S. Government, from the top down, to keep the truth from the American people.

And from bad to worse to even more egregious, now we have to watch Obama try to take the blame for the fact that in the name of security and in an another attempt to go after whistleblowers and hide criminality, the U.S. has effectively and literally killed freedom of the press.

In that long ago naïve world of the last century (which I mentioned above) where the “Fourth Estate” was untouchable and the corrupt government would have tapped the phones of its own departments and conducted a campaign to go after the hero who was the source of information regarding crimes, it would have been unthinkable that the government would have gone after the press. But those days are gone and now the criminals are in complete control.

So you think the U.S. hyper security state is needed to protect the world from terrorists, whom the U.S. has shown it cooperates with, creates, backs and funds? Do you think the hyper security state, indefinite detention without charge, warrantless wiretapping, extra judicial executions, the war on whistleblowers and all the rest are needed to protect the American people and the U.S. “national security”? Sorry, but just like in the Bourne films, where Jason Bourne decides to go after the people who organized illegal assassination squads and turned him into soulless killer and the criminals (CIA, NSA, etc) start running around killing everyone who knew anything while screaming “national security emergency” the entire paradigm is designed to protect the criminal thugs who usurped power and installed that good old Connecticut cowboy George Bush in power way back when. If you want to call them neo-conservatives or the Project for the New American Century do as you may it doesn’t really matter what label they wear.

Think about it for a minute… If it was all about terrorism perhaps they would have listened to Russia when they were warned about Tsarnaev? Perhaps Bush would have gone after Bin Laden when he was located at Tora Bora? Perhaps a real terrorist would have been held at Guantanamo, or someone would have actually been prosecuted for 9-11?

Are you seeing a pattern, are you getting an idea of the big picture? Does it make you uncomfortable? If it does you are normal because for most people imagining such evil is something the mind refuses or cannot do, for others orchestrating such evil is just all in a days work.

Meanwhile Obama says he is unapologetic about going after the AP (after all it was national security), I don’t know about you but that kind of reminds me about the time Dick Cheney shot a man in the face, and the victim had to apologize to Cheney. That poor bloke was the perfect example of where the world has gone. Like Bradley Manning, the hero being prosecuted for exposing war crimes, Julian Assange fearing for his life for exposing crimes, the men at Guantanamo being held for nothing and all of the hundreds of thousands of other victims of the criminal regime in America, including yours truly, we must all be very afraid because those criminals who have stolen power, will stop at nothing to keep it.

And like George Bush and his daddy’s CIA director background, those three letters keep coming up, C-I-A. In Benghazi, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, on 9-11, in Pakistan, in Venezuela, in Cuba, in Syria, at Guantanamo, in Abu Grhaib, with drones, with Osama Bin Laden, in the Middle East, the Arab Spring, in the DHS, the FBI but less and less in the press. See a pattern? It should be clear. Weird conspiracy theory? No just facts.

Want to be a US diplomat? Got a million dollars? Call Obama

8 February, 2013 22:27  

If it happened in Russia or any other country the U.S. Government and the western mass media would be screaming corruption, foul, nepotism, cronyism, bribes, and transparency! What I am talking about is the “selling” of top diplomatic posts by none other than the U.S. president. Although the U.S. does not “sell” such postings openly, “wink-wink,” two respected researches at the University of Pennsylvania have very carefully compiled a “price list” for diplomatic postings.

In their report titled: “What Price the Court of St. James’s? Political Influences on Ambassadorial Postings of the United States of America” the authors of the study, Johannes W. Fedderke and Dennis C. Jett, looked into the issues surrounding the appointment of career diplomats as opposed to political appointees to ambassadorial positions worldwide. Their conclusion is that the price for obtaining the juiciest postings, such as London U.K. or “The Court of St. James,” in terms of political “campaign” contributions is between a whopping $650,000 and a staggering $2.3 million.

Other than the facts that selling diplomatic positions is an obvious act of cronyism and bribery is supposed to be illegal, the main problem here is that for the over 30% of such diplomatic postings held by current and past political appointees chosen in this manner, no experience was, nor is, necessary. That’s right. You don’t have to have had one day of diplomatic training to be the head of a US mission abroad, as long as you are a “political” appointee chosen by the president: which might explain a lot about people who are in such posts worldwide, including here.

The American mass media has reported on the findings of the reports but are reporting it as if it just another normal occurrence and par-for-the-course rather than expressing outrage and calling for an investigation. According to most US mass media, this is pretty much normal and has been done by all “modern presidents before Obama”, this said the New York Times.

In the report the authors state that they did not have access to all US Presidential Campaign contributions, but, and this is an important “but,” they did have access to the campaign contributions of all political appointees to diplomatic posts. It was on this data that they formed the basis for their findings. The authors stated that they could not formulate figures on over all correlations between contributions and postings, something which is worthy of further research due to this lack of “all” data.
The researchers hypothesize that political campaign contributors and those who contribute “political” capital, in exchange for their support, demand a return on their investment. I think we can agree with them that it would be foolish to believe otherwise. For the individual, one such reward might be a diplomatic posting whereas for corporations for example, it might be legislation.

The authors suggest the US State Department carry out oversight on the qualifications and training of such appointees, however this is unlikely to take place. As we also know many of these overseas posts are not only filled by political appointees but by CIA undercover operatives and the like as well. Something that career Foreign Service employees must find insulting and demeaning as well.

According to the authors of the report the most sought after posts are in Western Europe and in the Caribbean and most of these are filled by presidential appointees. We could then assume that other postings, in countries of strategic or military interest, or “hot spots” if you will (such as Russia), are filled by CIA or other intelligence or military specialists, leaving those qualified, dedicated, trained and experienced foreign service personnel, who have worked most of their lives to obtain high level positions, to bake in places in Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia or any other God-forsaken-hell-hole no one else would want to be posted in. Not to say certain places on Earth are hell holes, every place is wonderful in its own way, but there are places one might prefer over others.

The authors argue that “standard models of rational institutional design posit that appointments to public administrative office should be on the basis of merit related to the deliverables associated with the post,” something that I am sure the American taxpayer would want as well, especially in places such as Moscow, where people have been posted who have had “no” diplomatic experience or training whatsoever. However Russia is not a location the authors would consider attractive.

The report is very well laid out and the rationale behind the conclusion is very well thought out, researched and backed up with solid data and analysis. In conclusion the authors state that “… political appointees are more likely to obtain posts in high- income countries that are members of The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), that popular tourist destinations, are located in Western Europe, and that carry lower hardship allowances, than are career diplomats. We have also shown that the greater t he personal or bundled campaign contributions to a presidential campaign, the more lucrative the posting the contributor can expect in terms of per capita GDP, tourist volumes, hardship allowances, and the more likely the posting will be in Western Europe, and the less likely it will be in Central and South Asia or Sub- Saharan Africa. Finally, we have established an implicit price list for a range of ambassadorial postings. The price for the Court of St. James appears to lie between $650,000 and $2.3 million.”

If this were to be said of any other country in the world the international outrage would be profound, but in America, hypocrisy is par-for-the-course and every office, including that of the President is for sale, if the price is right.

Obama Issues Ukraine Statement from an Alternative Universe - By John Robles

5 March, 2014 07:08

Last Friday US President Barack Hussein Obama, the "leader of the free world", a title gratefully no longer applied extensively in public, gave a press briefing on the situation in Ukraine before taking off for the weekend to play golf or paint pictures of dogs or whatever it is American presidents do over the weekend. 

US President Obama's statement was typically empty of substance as was all of the empty rhetoric leading up to what was to have been the invasion of Syria and as one American commentator put it a "vacuous, inexact, and tendentious statement full of the "usual bromides about respecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and democratic future of Ukraine." The statement however was typical of the US and their stance of "either you are with us or against us" when it comes to invading and overthrowing the governments of country after country.

Newspeak as a Replacement for Truth

When it comes to the statements regarding the situation in Ukraine by US President Barrack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and all of the "allies" and media outlets that serve as the US government's private-lock-step-newspeak-echo-chamber: the outright bald faced lies, cavernous omissions, acidic hypocrisy, double standards exponentially growing with each new fabrication, saber-rattling bellicose war rhetoric and twisting of facts and logic, have been so blatant, egregious and patently glib fabrications that it is enough to cause the thinking person's brain to curdle up into a little lumpy mass quivering in terror somewhere in a dark corner inside their heads as they perhaps question their own connection to reality.

Anti-Russian Media Hysteria

The hysteria in the West surrounding Ukraine and the movement of Russian troops into the former Russian territory of Crimea to protect the millions of Russians there, is being fueled by the media and driven and directed by officials in the US corporate/government controlled media. During such a time of escalated tensions in the past some of the American people and people living in surrogate countries such as the UK may have looked toward their leaders, and in particular to the US President, for direction, information and most importantly "leadership" during such times.

However this is no longer the case and the US and western masses, who are already disillusioned, disgusted and disenchanted with their leaders and their media, will find little solace or truth coming from the US White House and unfortunately most of them already know that. Not to add insult to injury, after all Americans in reality really have no choice in who runs their country anymore and they know that better than anyone else, but a recent commentary I wrote titled "Obama: the 'hypocrite-in-chief' threatens Russia" received more than the usual responses and attacks yet no one defended Obama or seemed to take issue with my play on his "Commander in Chief" title.

The Statement: Obama's Obfuscation, Omissions and Lies

Obama: "The Ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. Together with our European allies, we have urged an end to the violence and encouraged Ukrainians to pursue a course in which they stabilize their country, forge a broad-based government..."

Apparently for US/NATO/EU the "Ukrainian people" does not include the Russian speaking population, the Jews and all of the other minorities that have been excluded from the new Maidan-neo-nazi-mob-selected-US-puppet-government. They obviously have no right to determine their future. As for calling for an end to the violence? Obama has left out the fact that it is the US which is directly responsible for the violence and the coup in Ukraine. Which additionally takes the Ukrainian people out of the equation for self-determination.

Obama: "… and we've made clear that they can be part of an international community's effort to support the stability and success of a united Ukraine going forward, which is not only in the interest of the people of Ukraine and the international community, but also in Russia's interest."

The arrogance and of the phrase "we have made it clear that Russia can be a part…" sounds like the "master of the world" speaking from an alternative reality and completely denies the reality that Ukraine is literally in Russia's backyard and direct US meddling in Ukraine has brought about the destruction of a country that is the birthplace of Russian civilization. His use of the phrase "going forward" follows the entire US Government policy of "not looking back" which is just an attempt to escape responsibility for all of the crimes, death and destruction that the US Government has brought about on the world and the American people themselves. When the American people are all homeless in the street or living in FEMA camps I wonder how much they will want to hear "we should not look back". Sanctimoniously adding Russia to the list of countries that he allows to have an interest in Ukraine shows that the US thinks Ukraine is now theirs. They stole it and want to keep it. However this will never stand.

Obama: "… we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside of Ukraine. Russia has a historic relationship with Ukraine, including cultural and economic ties, and a military facility in Crimea, but any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of Ukraine, Russia, or Europe."

Of course the planners in Washington, the Pentagon and NATO are concerned, they are used to acting with impunity and invading any country they want and overthrowing any leader they want. They have spent over $5 billion dollars on their neo-nazi coup d'état of Ukraine and they do not want anyone to interfere, especially until, as Victoria Nuland put it, "everything is glued together". He ignores the religious, ethnic and language ties but that is understandable from pure ignorance, however talk about sovereignty, coming from the US which has destroyed or killed the leaders of almost 80 countries is what I imagine it would be like listening to hitler talking about human rights violations against Jews.

The rest is almost too much to even read and is making me nauseous but I will responsibly go over it for you dear reader. He continues talking about Russian forces being asked to ensure stability in Crimea and protect the substantial Russian speaking population, something they have done without a single shot being fired, as if it is an invasion. The same propaganda that the US used when the USSR was asked to maintain peace in Afghanistan.

Obama: "… It would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the Ukrainian people. It would be a clear violation of Russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of Ukraine, and of international laws. And just days after the world came to Russia for the Olympic Games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world.

Again hearing a war criminal and the leader of a country that has illegally invaded and destroyed almost 80 countries and who signs off on a weekly drone assassination list of innocent people around the world, and one who believes he is above international law, chide Russia which has insisted on and followed international law for decades is just too much.

He does however mention the Olympics, under the cover of which the US moved 2 warships into the Black Sea but he does not mention that the US coup in Ukraine was organized just like the Georgia/US backed invasion of South Ossetia. Apparently for the CIA the Olympics is a good cover for invading countries.

Obama: "… the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine."

This is a direct threat and an insult to the Russian people and the Russian President and all of the people who welcomed Russian Forces in the Crimea. But I am sure the US has gone insane with jealousy after their failure at the Olympics and because their soldiers and mercenary killers have never been welcomed with flowers by anyone. Again Obama excludes Russia, Crimea, China and anyone else from the "international community".

Obama: "…The events of the past several months remind us of how difficult democracy can be in a country with deep divisions. But the Ukrainian people have also reminded us that human beings have a universal right to determine their own future."

What Obama means by "democracy" is in fact US hegemony and control, make no mistake. If he stands behind his words that "human beings have a universal right to determine their own future" then perhaps tomorrow the US will finally pull out of all of the countries it is currently occupying either by force and as a hegemon and once and for all stop meddling in countries all over the world. Also, apparently for Obama the Russian speaking population of Crimea do not count as people. How else to interpret that?

Obama: "…And we will continue to keep all of you in the press corps and the American people informed as events develop."

Has he informed and explained to the American people the real reasons why the US staged a coup in Ukraine and why he is supporting neo-nazis who are calling for the killing of Jews, Blacks and Russians? Has he informed the American people why the US has spent $5 billion in Ukraine when he can not even provide them with elementary health care? Can he explain why his foreign policy establishment is controlled by rabid Russo-phobes who have gone completely off the reservation? Can he explain why Russia, acountry which lost up to 40 million people defeating the Nazis, should allow neo-nazis to kill and slaughter Russians in Ukraine? And lastly can he please tell the American people and the people of the world, finally and once and for all why the US/NATO really need to annex Ukraine and what is the real purpose of NATO's global expansion? I am sure we would all like to know.

State Department Lies

Finally this quote dated March 4, 2014 by John Kerry: "America is proud to be more engaged than ever, and, I believe, is playing as critical a role, perhaps as critical as ever, in pursuit of peace, prosperity, and stability in various parts of the world."

Yes America is playing a critical role in "peace, prosperity and stability". America is preventing it almost everywhere it may appear. Even in their own country with its divisive politics and decimated population.

"Peace, prosperity and stability"?! Tell that to the people of Ukraine whose country the US/CIA/NATO/EU has thrown into chaos and destroyed under the pretext of a delay in signing an EU economic agreement.

Tell that also to the people of Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo). Countries where the US has organized coups, killed leaders and invaded. I am sure they will have a different point of view.

As for the "liar-in-chief"? Let's add "historical-revisionist-ommisionist-in-chief" to his title. He earned it.

Obama: the 'Hypocrite-in-Chief' Threatens Russia - By John Robles

2 March, 2014 20:36

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation has unanimously supported a request by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to deploy the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to Ukraine in order to, first and foremost, protect Russian citizens and ethnic Russians from threats to their safety and their lives, to assist in returning the country to a state of normalcy and to bring the situation under control until the such a time as the normalization of the political situation in Ukraine is achieved. 

The Russian Federation has an obligation and the right under international law to protect its citizens in Ukraine and Crimea where the population of Russians is at least 17 percent and approximately 70 percent respectively. The number of people in Ukraine of other nationalities, including the population of Jews which is about 5 percent are also under threat by the neo-nazis who have taken power. The number of people who speak Russian account for almost 90 percent of the population in Ukraine and the number of those who see it as a native language account for as many as 80 percent.

Legal basis for Russian Intervention

Any Russian mission in Ukraine would be strictly of a peace keeping nature and to protect the lives of the civilian population from the US backed neo-nazi thugs who have seized power in Ukraine. Therefore any portrayal in the West and in the western mass media about an "invasion" or "violation" of the territorial or political integrity of Ukraine is completely unfounded and empty propaganda.

Treaties between Ukraine and Russia as well as the requests by the Russian population and the official request by the authorities in the Crimea necessitate Russia to intervene and at a minimum protect Russian citizens, property and interests.

There is also the question of restoring order and the proper workings of the bodies of government which should represent all of the Ukrainian people to Ukraine. The country has been taken over by western backed murderous thugs, mercenaries and neo-nazis in an attempt to install a western puppet government by force and those who are calling themselves the government of Ukraine are doing so while excluding the majority of the Ukrainian population.

Also there are the wishes of the legal authorities of Ukraine and those of the President in exile to have order restored to their country, although no official statements requesting Russian assistance have been made.

The fact is that most Ukrainian "officials" are now operating at what can only be characterized as gun-point and can not make such statements without risking their lives and the lives of their families. The last is particularly important as one of the key methods for terrorizing officials that is being used by the Bandera Nazis, is to threaten the families of officials. Any government functioning under such duress must be assisted and proper order must be restored, something the West seems to have a problem with.

Mass Media Shamefully Goose Stepping in Line

Dear American reader you are being fed lies by your mass media. You are being manipulated by your "leaders" into supporting something that has no place in the modern world and you are supporting another crime against peace which is being carried out in Ukraine.

The Western media have spun the situation in Ukraine as being something it is clearly not in subservient acquiescence to their corporate-intelligence-military-industrial master and leading to a condition where many in the West are in a complete and utter state of denial and in fact living in an alternative universe of their own making.

The True Nature of the "Revolution" in Ukraine

The western media is stunningly complicit in covering up what has really occurred in Ukraine, although things like the leaked Nuland/Pyatt conversation paint a true picture of the US/NATO/EU role in the coup d’état in Ukraine, the western media is forever silent and ignores the reality. Not only have such leaks been ignored but even worse, the real time live footage of "peaceful demonstrators" attacking, setting on fire, murdering and even taking hostage police officers, something which I have repeatedly said should have caused an outcry by American law enforcement officers and the US populace in general, who give their police god-like reverence, has been brushed under the carpet as if it never happened.

The coup d’état in Ukraine (let’s call it for what it was) was in no way a popular uprising. It was the result of a very expensive, long-running and orchestrated campaign by the CIA, the US State Department and other US/NATO elements. One only has to look at the marauders on Maidan Square and footage of crowds in Crimea or other Ukrainian cities to see that something is not right. A popular uprising of the people coming out in peaceful demonstrations would include crowds of all ethnicities and ages and women and even children. Not so on Maidan, we only see young ethnically Ukrainian men in bullet proof vest, military helmets, wielding steel pipes filled with cement and even armed.

These are neo-nazi thugs who the west supports, whose mob chose a government which the West was much too quick to recognize and who the West is calling a legitimate government of the people. The usurpers in the Verhovna Rada can in no way be called a legitimate government. Not one of the so-called "leaders" in Ukraine would win in a fair and peaceful democratic election. The only way they had to fulfill their mad ambitions of power was to do so through violence and the selling out of their country to their American and NATO puppet masters, central of which is Victoria Nuland former us Ambassador to NATO.

The goal of US/NATO is clear and something I have been writing about for years. They want to establish complete global military domination, they want to neutralize and finally break up Russia (into 68 autonomous regions ala Zbignew Brezhinsky) and they want to surround the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China with a missile "shield" that will guarantee a successful and unanswered nuclear first strike. That is the black agenda and that is what they are doing. Unfortunately there are troublesome people in the areas they want to control and annex, hence they continue to overthrow and replace governments in covert ways and marginalize and outright kill anyone who comes too close to exposing the true nature of their insidious military takeover.

Ukraine was a textbook CIA coup d’état using "color revolution" infrastructure and resources that were already in place and proven during the past color revolution. The only difference is the armed aspect, for which the neo-nazi groups came into effect. The neo-nazi "Bandera" groups in Ukraine have been training for over a decade for just such a scenario, they were merely finally let loose by the US/NATO.

We know US/NATO collude with, arm, fund, finance, support and even create terrorist groups. We know Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA in Afghanistan, we know they are being supported in Syria. We also know that they CIA has long funded and supported any group in any country, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, etc who is ready to overthrow a government. It does not matter to the CIA if these groups are made up of homicidal lunatics who would massacre children (Latakia Syria), or murder police and force them to their knees on public squares (Ukraine), or commit genocide (everywhere), what matters is that they allow the CIA to achieve its objectives.

It is important to underline that everything I have written about so far is illegal: forcing regime change through threats, sanctions and covert means is illegal. Arranging coup d’états is illegal. Aggressive and preventive war are illegal. Supporting, importing, training and arming destabilizing violent elements in any country is also illegal.

This is why Ukraine is a victory for international lawlessness because everything the US/NATO/CIA have been doing since, before and during 9-11-2001 has been illegal. Everything from Guantanamo, to drones, to aggressive wars to military expansion: illegal, pure and simple end of discussion. The fact that under the Patriot Act the Brezhinky/Yoo/PNAC planners passed what is called the Hague Invasion Act (which I have written about in the past), an instrument which guarantees they will never come before an international tribunal, is just a further nail in the coffin of their illegality.

It is also important to underline the "CIA/NATO Textbook" nature of the events in Ukraine which followed the OTPOR scenario used in Yugoslavia and the timeline of the Olympic Games invasion of South Ossetia.

It is also important to note the connections between the underground Tatar terrorists in Crimea and their ties to the Bandera nazis. I contend that like in Kosovo, US/NATO may bring about the calling for an independent territory by the Tatars in Crimea, which they will no doubt immediately recognize as legitimate and where they will build Camp Bondsteel 2.0.

Obama’s Threat an Insult to Russia and the World

Now that we have set the record straight and for those of you living in the western media land of Oz where truth is hidden and evil is spun as righteous perhaps it is understandable then why threats from US President Obama against Russian President Putin, the Russian Federation and the Russian people are beyond egregious, insidious or odious but pure evil and no level of spin can make them right (Strong words? Yes of course. But let’s call an apple an apple).

US President Barack Obama warning Russia and thus the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian people that: "There would be costs for any military intervention" is an insult to the Russian people and the free world and should serve to bring home to any Russians and anyone else who were in doubt about the brutal-self-serving-marginalizingl and insidious nature of US foreign policy orchestrated and controlled by Brezhinsky acolytes and neo-conservative chicken hawks who have clearly gone completely off the reservation in their delusional belief of their own exceptionalism in their plan to establish full US control of the planet and American hegemony over the world.

Make no mistake Obama knew of and signed off on US plans for Ukraine going in. If we recall Victoria Nuland’s conversation with Geoffrey Pyatt the US Ambassador to Ukraine which gave the world an insight into the true working of the US Government and the fact that Obama did not sack Nuland, the former ambassador to NATO, then it should be clear that everything is going according to plans okayed by Obama.

Goose Stepping Officials and Allies

The irony of US supporting nazi groups to overthrow the government of Ukraine and my use of the phrase "goose stepping" should not be lost on you dear reader because that is exactly what is happening.

The entire western geopolitical-mass media-military-intelligence-political machine has been unleashed on Ukraine and is working in hyper-drive because it is finally going against the outer periphery of the Russian Federation, the hardest target it has had since 9-11.

The bellicose statements and thinly veiled threats by Obama were initially "put out there" by the likes of Susan Rice and Anders Fogh Rasmussen. In his public statements Rasmussen effectively labeled Ukraine NATO territory (a lie and a clear spin) to prepare the world audience for NATO aggression in Ukraine.

The reason for the threats from Obama, McCain, Susan Rice and even the UK’s William Hague is clear and transparent: the West has plans for Ukraine and they do not want Russia interfering in their annexing of Ukraine.

Just like Nazi Germany annexed country after country the US has been doing the exact same thing since 9-11. The bllod shed we have seen unleashed by the US/NATO since 9-11 in country after country and the testimony of former NATO Commander General Wesley Clark, who revealed a list of countries that were to be destroyed after 9-11, proves this beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Worse Than the nazis

The intentions of hitler and the nazis was clear, their murderous racist intentions and their plans were known to the world. However the US and NATO have hidden their doctrine of aggressive war and world domination by using creative, insidious and covert means and spinning their crimes against humanity with propaganda and language in the mass media. Hence neo-nazi murders on Maidan become "peaceful demonstrators fighting for democracy", aggressive war becomes "humanitarian intervention", global military expansion and the taking over of the world a "war on terror", any leader who is not pliant or a puppet a "despot", "dictator" or "strongman", an independent government "non-democratic" and of course any country which pursues friendly policies with Russia or demands a proper price for their resources becomes "rogue" or "a supporter of terrorism."

The fact that the US controls the bodies of international law and the bodies of last instance worldwide allows them to subvert and ignore international law to their own ends. Therefore the US funding and collusion with terrorists worldwide, with neo-nazis in Ukraine, the overthrowing of governments, the overt and covert subversions of states and their acts of aggressive war (a crime against humanity) continue to go unpunished.

This insidious manipulation of world bodies to allow them to continue to violate international laws and norms and the successful portrayal of their acts of aggressive and the subversion of states as "interventions" and "democracy" building operations makes the US clearly more evil than the nazis. The fact that the endemic American racist policies are being spread worldwide by a black man and by supposed "Zionists" who continue to operate with under the cover of and through the exploitation of the Holocaust to maintain their "untouchable" status is even more evil than anything hitler could have thought up, he himself according to DNA tests not only a Jew but also possessing some black DNA.

Obama’s Stunning Hypocrisy

One has to wonder if the US President is in possession of all of his mental facilities and at the depth and complexity of his delusional architecture when after orchestrating the violent coup in Ukraine and supporting neo-nazi murderers who openly state they want to kill Russians, Jews and blacks he has the unmitigated audacity to say things like: "Any violation of Ukrainian sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interests of Ukraine, Russia or Europe. It would represent profound interference in the affairs of the Ukrainian people and a violation of international law."

Yes, Obama said: "Any violation of Ukrainian sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interests of Ukraine, Russia or Europe." So then why is the US meddling in Ukraine? Because it is in fact the destabilization of Ukraine, Russia and Europe that the US seeks. It is part of their policy of divide and conquer and of breaking up countries and perhaps whole continents so that they are easier to control and exploit.

The American Way

Unfortunately for the American people (many who want peace and just want to live their lives and not hurt anybody) brutality and force is the American way. The glorification of violence and force and subjugation is so engrained in the American psyche that it would take a hundred years to counter. Which is why many Americans can swallow and accept that demonstrators who beat unarmed police to death in front of TV cameras and shoot them to death execution style are "fighting for democracy" and "legitimate".

It is the American way to bring warships to the Olympics and drone entire families into oblivion because they are "suspected" of being terrorists. It is the American way to threaten anyone who dissents or exposes the illegality being carried by the government. Terrorizing everyone into silence or inactivity or collusion. It is the American way to demonize and threaten leaders and opponents and anyone who is not under their control. The list is too long but Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin are perfect examples, as are Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. I might dare to humbly add myself to the list.

For the world and for Russians in particular it is hard to understand endemic American racism. It is even harder to understand that a black man in the White House is advancing racist polices, but we saw by Obama’s performance at Nelson Mandela’s funeral that he has no regard for his fellow blacks, for Africans or even for his own wife. One only has to look at the photos of him doing selfies at Mandela’s funeral to come to this conclusion and consider his betrayal of the black population in the United States who live worse than they did in the 1960s.

It does not stretch credibility or belief nor is it even apparently out of the ordinary to the average American that their black president would support neo-nazis who are openly calling for the killing of Jews, blacks and Russians. Then ends to them justify the means I suppose. And that is demonizing and crippling Russia. Never mind that 80% of Ukrainians speak Russian or are Russians themselves. This is an abstraction for Americans, as are the poor unarmed police who were beaten to death in the coup d’état.

Neo Con End Game

Although Brezhnisky not long ago stated that "American hegemony" worldwide could not be obtained (a move apparently to distract the world into thinking the PNAC was finished) what we are seeing in Ukraine is part of the Neo-Con PNAC endgame. The goal of the atavism that is NATO, and its US masters is complete domination or Russia and China and their irrational hatred and plans have been heightened and speeded up by several recent events which have seen them growing more and more desperate as Russia begins to take its proper place on the world stage.

Those events include the Snowden affair, the failure to invade Syria and Iraq and the brilliant triumph at the Olympics, which the US desperately tried to through dirt on with their terrorist hysteria. But even more importantly it is Russia’s growing economic and political leadership in the world and its staunch and unwavering calls for respect for international law and the sovereignty of states that has thrown the West into a panic.

In the words of former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Neo-Con Paul Wolfowitz the US had 5 or 10 years to "clean up those old Soviet regimes before the next great super power comes up to challenge us."

The Right Sector Calls for Chechen Terrorist Support

US ignorance of the peoples and the groups that they support to overthrow governments and bring about their coup d’états is no more clearer than it is in Ukraine.

The people the West is calling "peaceful demonstrators" include puppets like Klitschko, neo-nazi leader Tyagnibok and the leader of the "Right Sector" the equally ignorant Dmitry Yarosh who has called on support from Chechen Terrorist leader Doku Umarov for terrorist attacks in Ukraine. Informationally challenged Yarosh had to me reminded by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov that Umarov has already been liquidated and that Yarosh is headed to the same place that Umarov went to and from which no one has returned.

Yarosh, who also called for the destruction of Russia and interestingly the division of Russia into autonomous regions ala Brezhinsky recently attempted to enlist the aid of Crimean Tatars who according to Ramzan Kadyrov have agreed with him that they will not fight against Russia.


Threats against Russia by the West and by President Obama are just saber rattling bellicose rhetoric by chicken hawks who fight war from bunkers on the other side of the planet, support terrorists and perform weekly extra-judicial drone executions.

I would say that it is Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama and the leaders of what has proven itself to be the world’s number one rogue nation who truly need to "be nervous" over the events in Ukraine. After all their direct involvement in a coup d’état has been uncovered, detailed and published for the world to see, and unless international law and the UN Charter have been changed, orchestrating a coup d’état in a sovereign nation is still illegal.

List of Countries Destroyed by the US

The following is a list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

What they have done and are doing to Native Americans might also be added to the list and as the genocide of the indigenous peoples is the foundation of endemic "American" racism and "exceptionalism" must also be mentioned.

Obama’s Extra-Judicial Election Ploy - By John Robles

31 May 2012, 09:02 

The title of a piece by the New York Times’ Jo Becker and Scott Shane, “Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will”, sums up for me the whole problem of Barrack Obama.

The title of a piece by the New York Times’ Jo Becker and Scott Shane, “Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will”, sums up for me the whole problem of Barrack Obama. Not that Barrack Obama is a problem or a bad president or that there is anything wrong with him as a person, but that he is someone that no one, so far, can really criticize. Which one might say was the beauty of putting a black man named Obama in the Oval Office; if anyone comes down too hard on him they will be branded racist or irrational for having a problem with someone named Hussein.

Perhaps I am wrong but Obama has been one of the least criticized presidents, if not “the” least criticized, that modern history has seen.  

Obama is a man who is always operating on two or more conflicting fronts and is impossible to actually believe, for me anyway. The only thing we can say for sure is that he continues the policies of his predecessor and does a wonderful job of maintaining the status quo for what we can call the 1%.

This fact can be underlined by his Nobel “Peace” Prize, received and kept despite the fact he was waging two wars and, now it is revealed, openly involved in extra-judicial executions.

The first problem with the title of the piece is the naming of the list “Secret”. If it were truly secret we would never have heard about it. Which means the Oval Office has decided to make public the fact of the existence of the list, a fact which in and of itself and brings to mind even more questions, the top two being why and why now?

When there are huge “secrets” revealed in the press and for the world to ponder, such as this one, and in recent memory, such as the mountain of Wikileaks material that in fact did not contain any real secrets in my humble opinion, one has to always wonder why?

The answer to these two questions I think is quite obvious in this case. First of all the answer to the first question “why” is a complicated one but involves the psyche of the American electorate and the fact that for most Americans having a president who can play God and be judge-jury- and- executioner, or in other words a hardcore-cold-blooded-killer, is for want of a better word; “cool”.

I don’t hate Americans, I was once one, and sans uproar and cries for his removal upon knowing about this list, the American public has proven this point themselves. I am well aware that perhaps 99% of you do not agree that this is cool so no hate mail please.

The answer to the second question as to the timing of the release is more simple: Obama is up for re-election, a fact that has even affected his relations with Russia, and sadly for the state of humanity as a whole, the fact that he decides regularly on who the victims of extra-judicial executions are, will help him to get votes.       

To say that the “Kill List” tests Obama’s principles is disingenuous as he could, as the most powerful man in the world, refuse to take part in such an exercise: or can he? And to say it tests his will is even worse, as if there is some insatiable force making him decide on killing people: or is there? More questions…

I have nothing against Obama personally or the fact that he is not white, neither am I, in fact I am darker than Obama, so don’t attack me there, but morally any leader who attempts to step outside of the laws and norms of the law and wield such power, namely the “decider” on extra-judicial executions, deserves to face justice.

For most of the civilized world, executions, even judicial ones, are illegal, but for the United States they are just one of the “tools” available to the president in his “War on Terror”, a euphemism for the killing of poor Islamists on the other side of the world who hate America.

Those who allow extra-judicial executions should also be tried but of course, as we learned with George Bush, justice never comes for American presidents, or his enablers. Unless they are involved in some minor private tryst, as we learned with William Clinton.        

According to the New York Times when US President Obama decided on the killing of an American cleric in Yemen, Mr. Obama told colleagues that the decision was “an easy one”. I think that clears up any questions remaining about his “principles” in this regard.

Ahem... Hopefully he will not add me to his list.

Have a great day!

Obama's Distractor Scandals Much Ado Over Nothing, Real Issues Obfuscated - By J Robles

3 April 2012, 13:58

Election season is under way in the United States and dirt is being thrown around left and right as Americans love to do. Rarely are positive campaigns fought in American politics, as a rule the focus is on the most minuscule impropriety or immorality, which if cooked and served up right, can take down the strongest of candidates. Sadly it is not even really important if there is truth in allegations, what is more important is how often (the lie) is repeated, for as with any non-truth, if it repeated enough it has a way of becoming truth to the public.

This time the dirt being dug up, if not fabricated, against President Barack Obama, a president who has been attacked by the right wing and its lunatic fringe since day one for everything from his name to his birth certificate, involves not him directly but a contributor to his campaign. Lest it be forgotten the person in question, New York donor Abake Assongba has been accused, not found guilty or convicted. This should be an important fact in the land of so called, “…innocent until proven guilty….”, but it is just a side point as is normally the case.

As anyone who knows me can state, without a doubt, I am not one to defend American politicians, even Obama, however as a champion of fairness I do find it necessary to underline one very important fact here; U.S. President Obama is the only presidential candidate who has released a list of what Americans call "bundlers," those who raise high-dollar campaign funds through friends and associates. This is something Republicans have long been want to do.

This is not the first scandal involving Barack Obama and his contributors. Let’s not forget the case of long-time Clinton family financier, Hassan Nemazee, accused of fraudulently obtaining loans totaling $292 million from three banks to support his lifestyle and make political contributions. He was convicted to 12.5 years in prison in July 2010 on multiple counts of bank fraud and wire fraud. However this case does not involve Obama directly.

What about the Republicans? Well if you do a Google search for the term “Republican Scandals 2012” you will get 68,200,000 results. I did not even know where to start. For the Republicans it is so bad that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched the “House of Scandal” website at: , which has an interesting feature, Corrupt Republican of the Month, for those interested in dirt.

In contrast to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is no angel, a Google search for the term Romney Finance Scandals will provide you with 13,300,000 results, including an ABC News piece which turned out to be nothing, but provocatively began: “Although it is not apparent on his financial disclosure form, Mitt Romney has millions of dollars of his personal wealth in investment funds set up in the Cayman Islands, a notorious Caribbean tax haven. …” However as it turned out, like I said, it was nothing.      

The real story here might be about the transparency that Barack Obama has attempted to maintain, as opposed to his opponents obfuscation, because really, with 1.3 million people having contributed to Obama’s campaign, according to Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt, it would be really hard to vet every single one beforehand.

On the other hand the real story here might also be about how American politics has become a simple money game, where the richest man (or woman) wins. Let’s not forget Barack Obama saying he would raise $1 billion dollars for his campaign.

Just like the unprecedented transparency of the recent Presidential Elections in the Russian Federation, and transparency here meant transparent video monitored ballot boxes, among other things, no one in the American mass media really wants to comment on Obama’s transparency, it is all about ratings and dirt and maintaining prejudices and party lines.

With the global economic crisis, the world on the brink of WWIII, the US’ ongoing military campaigns, all of Obama’s broken promises, global warming, unrest over most of the Middle East and much of Europe, famine, disease and poverty and judging from the fact that this is an ongoing US election cycle, I would say that once again, with regards to US President Barack Obama, this latest “scandal” is much ado over nothing.


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