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Complete assured annihilation, North Korea – US nuclear exchange, Rated XXX

9 April, 2013 20:03

Originally published here and now wiped completely from the Internet

ядерный атомный взрыв грибок страна самолеты ядерное оружие

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the United States have recently exchanged bellicose nuclear rhetoric, bringing that much closer, the greatest fear for all peace loving nations, namely the threat of nuclear war. The world has witnessed one US led war after the other since the late 1990s and all parties to this latest escalation, regardless of who is at fault, should be condemned, as should any act of aggressive war.

“Those who would dominate their fellow man through force or trickery deserve neither liberty nor life, those who stand passively by and watch also deserve neither nor.”

The once aqua marine glow of the Earth now shone a muted gray and white below. The planet lay in desolate burned out nuclear ruins, not a single square mile of it any longer able to sustain life. Gone were the lights of the cities at night, gone was all the radio chatter, and every other sign of the endless busyness that had been the human race.

During the daylight passes over the wasteland below certain landmarks were still discernable, part of a fence in Australia, the Great Wall of China and parts of certain burned out cities. During the night nuclear fires could still be seen to glow in many areas and occasionally explosions lit up the night and quickly extinguished themselves. For the three Russian cosmonauts on the ISS, who were running out of food, this was all that was left of the planet they had watched blow itself into oblivion.

The plan to take over the world had been the brainchild of a group of US Neo-Conservative planners and had been launched by implementing the most massive large-scale psychological operation in the history of all mankind, namely the cold blooded murder of 3,002 Americans right in the open, in front of the watching eyes of the entire world.

Although the controlled demolitions of the skyscrapers was obvious, and all of the details were documented by humankind, no one had ever been able to bring those responsible to justice and people all over the world believed the post traumatic suggestions and thought implants carried out during a massive subliminal campaign that convinced them the murders were an attack on the country by foreign terrorists.

For decades they had conditioned the American people to see foreigners as less than human, the government as all knowing and all powerful, and through thousands of Hollywood disaster epics and movies that the only humans worthy of remaining on Earth after everyone else was destroyed were Americans.

The fake terrorist attack had worked exactly as had been planned and served as the catalyst for global military expansion and the waging of aggressive war after aggressive war, destroying each and every country that posed a threat to what was to be an “American” world.

The crowning achievement of the plan had taken years to construct and paired with the expansion of the military to every corner of the world had brought the country to a complete economic collapse, making the US debt two times more than the GDP of the entire planet . That achievement was a global network of missiles and their related infrastructure which the world’s populace was told was a defensive system to keep America and its allies safe from rogue nations who were bent on destroying Americans.

Through a massive misinformation campaign that had taken decades to carry out the US had carefully hidden the true nature of the global missile defense shield. This had been helped by the fact that the US was able to plug into almost every home, business and government in the world with the introduction of its global military computer network which the citizens of the world believed was just a harmless means of communicating.

Phase five the Plan of the Centuries for America had called for fabricating a nuclear threat from North Korea and then blasting the country off the face of the Earth, this would have allowed for the complete taking over of the Asia Pacific Region and the complete neutralization of the first strike capabilities of the last two countries in the world who posed a challenge to the Fourth Reich, the American Reich, namely Russia and China.

The hypersonic nuclear missile that ended the world left the Korean Silo at 04:15 in the morning and hugged the ground as it flew towards its target, evading all American warning systems and defense elements. It had been launched by a team of Korean officers who had been working for the CIA for decades and was supposed to reach its target, a city of 20 million, and wipe it off the face of the map, which it did at 04:29.

With a flick of the switch all of the missiles in the US missile defense shield became lethal first strike weapons and at 04:30 they were launched on every major city and population center on the planet. The annihilation of 8.5 billion people was necessary as the world’s population had reached 9 billion and the Earth’s resources were not enough to sustain the planet for more than ten more years. The American people had been conditioned to see themselves as God’s chosen people and would forever pledge allegiance for having been saved.

At 04:33 all targeted countries began launching their counter attacks on US targets and at 04:34 US interceptors were launched to nullify the threat. At 04:35 everything appeared to be going as planned and the US president was preparing to address what was left of humanity and claim the planet for the United States.

At 04:36 the counter response to the launch of the interceptors was put into action and electromagnetic bombs began to go off near each and every US control facility rendering the entire US missile shield useless.

At 04:37 Washington DC was wiped off the face of the planet, followed by every other city on the planet.

At 05:03 the human race no longer existed and every trace of the folly that had been man was erased for all eternity.

All that was left of the human species were three cosmonauts in the ISS, who now watched through a porthole as a missile launched from a US autonomous space drone became brighter and brighter against the backdrop of the moon, which for some reason, appeared to be crying.

The DPRK: Another Regime Change/Central Bank Target for the US

Спутник кндр спутник Земля планета кндр ядерная угроза 2012 март коллаж

1 April, 2013 21:29 1

With reports that North Korea has stated that they are in a state of war with the South and the U.S. and their surrogates continuing and upping the demonization of North Korea, it is difficult to find an independent and fact based view on the conflict. One fact is getting lost, North Korea is for the unification of the Koreas and is for the betterment of all of the Korean people, while the South is for all intents and purposes serving their overseas masters. Regardless whose side you are on most of the world would agree, there must not be a military solution to the Korean crisis and it is an internal problem that must be solved by the Korean people without self serving outside interference. 

Most of the world’s media are towing the U.S. line on the conflict between the Koreas, with very few, if any, alternative media covering the subject with a view from the North Korean side of the equation. Diplomats worldwide are also showing restraint because no one wants to fuel a fire that could turn into a nuclear confrontation and even pundits and expert are unusually toned down in their views and statements.

What is being missed by everyone and what almost no one wishes to talk about relates to North Korea’s position and the relationship that the world’s self-declared “sole military super power” has had in fueling and provoking yet another conflict, his time with possible nuclear repercussions.

The fact that the U.S. continues to operate from the same tired old playbook and operate along completely predictable lines goes miles to point to the U.S. as a country in decline and country lacking the intellectual fortitude necessary to carry out its self-proclaimed role as the world’s policeman. This has long been the case but few in the world have woken up to that fact, few dare to stand up to the U.S. and even fewer will openly and publically question the U.S. motives in their global expansion.

How the current and the ongoing Korean crisis ties into U.S. global military expansionism and regime change is truly a subject that would require several books to detail but it is something that must be mentioned and something that several of my readers have asked about.

Over the years it has become clear, since the invasion of Yugoslavia and perhaps earlier, that the U.S. has a predetermined and global agenda of global military, energy, political, economic, religious and even racial domination, and North Korea is just another piece in the U.S. game of geo-political chess.

In the past I have likened Mikheil Saakashvili to a “geo-political chess queen” because he could have moved in any direction, using chess logic we might call North Korea a rook, because they have a very limited range of moves they can make, either moving forward or back in straight lines.

Back to the U.S. playbook; the U.S. has what one might call a “shopping list” of steps they must take to ensure complete and total global domination, a list of countries and regimes that they have targeted for change, forceful or otherwise. This is a fact the world is aware of and one that is verifiable by simply looking at the history of the last 30- 50 years, these countries, regimes and regions include but are not limited to: Afghanistan, The Arctic, Argentina, Africa, Asia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Cuba, Ecuador, India, Iceland, Iran, Palestine, Russia, Serbia, space, Syria, and many others not necessarily in that order.

The goals in all regions are different but follow two memes: military neutralization through military saturation using the claim of “threat”, followed by political regime change to allow for the complete exploitation of resources with military resources to ensure security, and the second forcible military or other neutralization of “enemies” who are anti-U.S. or pursue independent policies which exclude U.S. participation or domination.

North Korea falls into several categories as a prime target for U.S. extermination, although they may claim ideological differences we know this claim is a farce when we simply look at the U.S. relationship to other countries and the U.S, track record of, for example, placating Communist China, working and funding Al-Qaeda, funding and backing Serbian Muslims, backing despots and dictators worldwide, and a million other nefarious actions. So ideological reasons are merely a convenient political precept, as I might add are human rights and the most beloved but clerarly deceptive spread of democracy.

The U.S. needs North Korea, and regardless of whether regime change is carried out, to expand its military presence in the region. This is one reason it is against U.S. interests that the Koreas actually unite and co-exist peacefully, if the Koreas were to reach an independent peace arrangement excluding U.S. interference this would block the U.S from continuing their military expansionism in the region, so they will do anything to ensure that there is never peace in the Koreas, or they will seek a pretext to annihilate the North and allow for the installing of another U.S. puppet regime which will allow them to do as they please in the region.

The U.S. has several problems in the case of North Korea; one, their intelligence as to the real potential of North Korea’s military and their true ability to launch a nuclear attack is faulty. Two, there is no widespread support for an invasion of North Korea either internally or externally. Three, the U.S. is already over-extended and economically on the verge of collapse. Four, North Korea has beleaguered yet existing support from countries such as Russia and China, who are against an escalation of the conflict and do not really want to see another nuclear power, but who also do not wish to be further surrounded by U.S. military elements, including U.S. “missile defense” installations that will neutralize the Russian and Chinese strategic deterrence and their own first strike capabilities.                 

We have seen the scenario repeated time and time again and through that repetition we have been able to see the weakness in U.S. military and strategic thinking, namely an uncreative and dinosaur like mindset that is unable to adapt or respond and that is blindly following a pre-set plan which I outlined above. As for the way they carry out their plan we first saw their methods of operation in Yugoslavia, then in Iraq, followed by Afghanistan, Libya and any other country they have recently desired to invade, including Syria, Iran and now North Korea. The formula they use is basically the same, terrorize the world and U.S. populace with stories of a horrible imminent and lethal threat, demonize the country in question endlessly in the media, stage and organize provocations, destabilize the country or region, and then organize, stage or provoke an event to allow for mobilization.

If you doubt their intentions then simply ask yourself, citizen of the world, U.S. taxpayer and South Koreans in particular: Why has the U.S. never promoted a real political or social solution that might serve to unify the Koreas? After all that would be in the interests of all Koreans. Why does the U.S. keep insisting on a forceful military solution to the split in the Koreas? Because this is all they know how to do? Why do the U.S. and their manipulated surrogates in the media and elsewhere keep promoting the idea that North Korea is a dangerous threat to world peace and continue to demonize the country? The answer to all these questions is: to prepare for a forcible regime change.        

As almost any independent minded person, country or entity might agree the U.S. has shown it does not possess the necessary objectivity, intelligence, or even the moral high ground to interfere in international affairs and attempt to control the world, a role they have delegated to themselves and in my own opinion should be barred from interfering and operating internationally in the military sphere and in every other, that is the role of the UN and is what it was set up for: to not allow for one country to dominate the world by force, as the U.S. has been doing.

So North Korea is completely right in pointing out, as they did on Sunday, that nuclear weapons are “the nation’s life” and will not be traded even for “billions of dollars”. Obviously the North Korean leadership has paid attention to Iraq and Libya, regimes that fell for U.S. lies when they got rid of their weapons and were later invaded and decimated and then annexed.

Will North Korea attack? Experts the world over say this is highly unlikely, but that depends on how far into a corner they are pushed. Can North Korea attack? Now that is a question that even the U.S. “brain” the CIA cannot answer, if they could North Korea would have been invaded long ago.

If the world is going to ever see peace, and the litmus test might be solving the Korean crisis, the United States of America must no longer be allowed to interfere anywhere it pleases in the world, the UN must be given independent “teeth” to allow it to bring about real changes, and the in the case of North Korea and Syria for that matter, an internal dialogue must be promoted and the opposing factions must be forced to negotiate for the good of all their people and not for the good of their imperialist or other masters.  

The DPRK Pushed into Declaring War on the South

КНДР Северная Корея Ким Чен Ын генеральный штаб схемы карты

30 March, 2013 07:11  

The wave of global condemnation that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will be facing shortly after declaring a state of war with the South will be great and no doubt countries the world over including the Russian Federation will urge all sides to seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis, but the DPRK did not declare war arbitrarily, once again the U.S. is meddling in another region in the world, and the result was and is completely predictable. 

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has entered into a state of war with South Korea and has threatened to strike United States targets in South Korea as well as in the continental United States.

The news may not be surprising as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been making more and more bellicose statements as of late due in a large part to war games involving South Korean and US forces that have recently been taking place. 

North Korea has decided to go down a road which has lost it the support of even some of its staunchest allies, and will no doubt see a tidal wave of global condemnation for its declaration of war. However one thing is clear, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea did not make such a move for no reason, and the declaration of war was a predictable event for almost anyone who has been watching the tensions rise in the region.

Rather than defusing the situation and the tensions in the region and toning down its war games, the United States chose to escalate tensions by doing the only thing it appears capable of doing anymore on the international arena, namely flexing its military muscles and drawing lines in the sand for its enemies to cross.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had the right to be concerned earlier this week when it released statements condemning U.S. nuclear attack submarines near its shores and U.S. nuclear missiles being aimed at its territory and the West had a chance to take heed and tone down it aggressive military posture but the U.S. decided rather to flex its muscles once again and fly 2 B-2 stealth nuclear bombers into Korean airspace.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea issued a statement before the unprecedented B-2 incident that nuclear war had become a real possibility on the Korean Peninsula. The statement was a warning as to the danger of escalating the conflict which the U.S. has not heeded. Instead the immature U.S. command structure decided to act like the schoolyard bullies they are and force North Korea further into a corner.

There can be no doubt that U.S. analysts are aware that North Korea is ruled by a young ruler who needs to be seen as tough and strong in the face of mounting opposition by the West and the South, and this is dangerous for all parties concerned as the younger ruler may make more aggressive moves than his predecessor in order to show that he is a strong and capable leader.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, few can support the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s declaration of war on the South, but nevertheless it was the predictable result of the West’s actions in the region, no matter how many times they repeat that their exercises are “defensive” in nature.

It seems odd that the world’s self proclaimed single military super power has to conduct “defensive” exercises against such a small country as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the claims to thus are disingenuous.

The United States and its NATO and Western Allies as well as South Korea as its regional surrogate have no regard for peace, they wish to bring about a scenario in which they can justify a military invasion of North Korea, destroy the country, and allow for a permanent presence in the region, this would fit in with U.S. and NATO global expansion plans, and serve to allow for the further surrounding of China and Russia.

Russia has been for peace in the region and has urged both sides in the conflict to show restraint and maturity and this includes during the latest escalation.

Russia has also condemned the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for its recent nuclear tests because they only served to further destabilize and escalate the situation in the region.

Regardless of who is at fault all sides in this escalation must stand down and sit down at the negotiating table, North Korea must not allow itself to be provoked into war and South Korea must not allow itself to be a surrogate for those hungry for war to break out in the region. The U.S. and its allies must also learn when to withdraw as their actions are only pouring fuel on the fire, a fire that could lead to a nuclear war, but apparently as long as the lives that will be lost are Korean, the West is not all that concerned.


Heightened Tensions in the DPRK as War of Words Escalates: Pyongyang to Respond Aggressively

6 February, 12:59  

Surrounded by enemy forces, besieged by sanctions, demonized by the Western propaganda machine, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea says it will fight back and that anyone who encroaches upon its dignity and sovereignty with any form of "sanctions" will not be able to avoid deadly retaliation. The media is rife with speculation as to what that retaliation may be but one thing is certain, unless pushed into a corner, the DPRK will never launch a first strike. That would be literal suicide.

In response to new sanctions and more threats from the West North Korea has said that they would be forced to take more serious measures than a simple nuclear test. Although there was no exact description what those measures would be, the West has ramped up the anti-Korean propaganda to new levels, forcing the North to issue numerous responses.

The Russian Federation has urged North Korea to show restraint despite the heightened level of confrontation evident in the latest escalation of tensions between North Korea and South Korea, the United States and their allies.

North Korea continues to be pushed into a corner with dozens of statements being released by various officials and committees of the People’s Republic of North Korea. The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) issued a press release on the second of February full of extremely strong language against the South and the United States.

The language of the CPRK’s statement titled, “DPRK Will Retaliate against Provokers: CPRK Secretariat” was unusually strong. In the statement they called Chon Yong U, chief of Diplomacy and Security in Chongwadae, Ryu U Ik, the Minister of Unification, confrontation maniacs of South Korea who along with others had said that "the north should choose one, either survival or nuclear weapons" and "stronger sanctions that the north can hardly hold off have to be imposed".

The almost open threat by the South to destroy the DPRK was a sign of the increasing assertiveness of the South, something that has been stoked by the US Forces in the region and the new sanctions that have been imposed on North Korea by the United Nations.

With regards to the statements made by Official Seoul the CPRK stated the following: “The U.S. and the south Korean regime do not hesitate to make such outbursts as calling for not ruling out even military ‘sanctions’. Warmongers are inciting war fever while touring units in the forefront areas.”

The CPRK called intensified confrontation a “racket on the part of the U.S., the Lee group and other hostile forces” and that, “… the UN "resolution on sanctions" against the DPRK is a product of the deliberate and planned intrigues to escalate the hostile steps against it to bar it from building an economic giant, and to isolate and stifle it. But they are seriously mistaken.”

In equally threatening language the CPRK echoed calls made by other official representatives for unspecified moves in response to what it sees as deliberate actions to destroy the DPRK and a hint at just how bad the new sanctions may be affecting the North Korean people: “The "sanctions" of the enemies further hardened the will and strength of all service personnel and people of the DPRK to defend their just cause and build the most powerful nation, a highly-civilized socialist nation under the banner of justice.”

“The DPRK is fully ready for both economic and military "sanctions", and anyone who encroaches upon its dignity and sovereignty even a bit with any form of "sanctions" will not be able to avoid deadly retaliation.”

Again what that retaliation is, is not clear.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, citing media reports from the DPRK: “North Korea will "ruthlessly strike" back if the United States launches preemptive attacks on its nuclear facilities.”

Yonhap quoted the Minju Chosun, a newspaper published by the North's Cabinet and the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) as saying: "If the United States and warmongers attack and try to weaken us, such expectations will be a huge miscalculation…” and “…if North Korea is attacked, its military and people will rise up and mercilessly repel the perpetrators and start a victorious war of national unification."

Meanwhile amid reports that a third North Korean nuclear test is soon to take place Sky News reported that a strange video appeared on You Tube, showing a North Korean dreaming of an attack on the United States of America. According to Sky News “The video was released via a website linked to the North Korean state news agency.”

The official DPRK news agency KCNA issued a statement which read: "The DPRK has drawn a final conclusion that it will have to take a measure stronger than a nuclear test to cope with the hostile forces' nuclear war moves that have become ever more undisguised."

The South has reported that the DPRK may stage a double nuclear test but has not provided details to support the claim and the South Korean Ambassador to the United Nations said a North Korean nuclear test "seems to be imminent."

North Korea which is struggling under intense sanctions and whose people are paying the price for, the “sanctions” imposed on the country, sees the development of its nuclear program as a right and a necessity. A right, the same as any country has, to develop cheap and efficient nuclear power, and a necessity, to protect its sovereignty and its territory from attack and invasion by the South and the United States, two countries who continually hound and provoke it.

North Korea knows that one of the few things stopping the West and the South from launching a full scale invasion is the fact that they are afraid that the DPRK may in fact have a nuclear weapon which it may use to defend itself. After the disarming or Iraq, Libya and other countries which were then invaded, the DPRK knows that it cannot afford to stop its nuclear program, it is the main deterrent they have.

The DPRK also knows and has been very careful in not making initial provocative statements but continues to respond aggressively to threats from the South, it is also aware that any first strike would be suicide as it has seen the US building up its forces all over the region.

In the latest scandal the West is following the same old script we have seen time and time again, namely: while provoking and carrying out aggressive in-your-face- policies, imposing sanctions and building up military forces near a country’s borders, this time the DPRK, the West claims the DPRK is the aggressor and must be dealt with.

North Korea is wise enough and mature enough to refrain from any act of aggression against the South and the West, but it must walk a fine line between showing it has might and can defend itself and making sure it does nothing that can provoke an open military confrontation, hence the aggressive statements in its own defense.

While South Korea enjoys a relatively prosperous existence and is comfortable that it has the United States to defend it, the North sees itself as more and more being pushed into the corner and the people as well as the sate are ready to fight to the end in what for them is a do or die situation. Sanctions are not softening the resolve of the DPRK, but the opposite is quite true. The DPRK is growing harder as South Korea is growing softer.

With the United States attempting to consolidate its power and bring the entire region under its sphere of military and economic influence, the DPRK is country that they believe has to go. As does any country that follows independent and robust foreign and internal polices and as with any communist country.

The DPRK has the right to defend itself and to defend its sovereignty, but it is complete nonsense to believe that they would launch any kind of a first strike.

North Korea's Failed Rocket: Is it a Game of Lose-Win or Win-Win?

14 April 2012, 12:13  

South Korean people watch a TV screen showing a graphic of North Korea's rocket launch, at a train station in Seoul on April 13, 2012.  Photo: AFP

Last night, while half the world was asleep, dreaming of whatever it is half the world normally dreams about, according to the reports which the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea has released to the world, it attempted to launch a meteorological satellite into orbit, a first for the country and the first time they have attempted to launch a rocket of that magnitude.

The noble deed was meant to raise the spirits of its people and was timed to mark the 100th birthday anniversary of the country’s first leader Kim Il Sung.

Unfortunately, according to Western sources, the rocket broke up a few minutes after take-off and the launch was a complete failure. Or was it? Regardless of what the world is told to believe there are many who will doubt the official version and hold the belief that the missile was shot down by benevolent Western powers who want to protect the world from the Axis of Evil. This could be regarded as a propaganda victory for the West.

On the other end of the spectrum North Korea also has a win to some point, they can claim, and no doubt it is true, that in the face of dire threats and extreme resistance, they stood up to the world’s policeman and launched their little rocket anyway. They can spread rumors that it was Western interference that caused the rocket to fail and continue trying. This, in turn, could be claimed as a propaganda victory by the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea.

Yet there is another aspect that perhaps North Korea, and those watching the situation, have not really thought about, and that is that the West needs North Korea to continue such activities, so regardless of what they do or the results of their attempts at creating weapons or advancing their technology, they will be playing into the West’s hands.

The only thing that North Korea could do, if it really wants to beat the West, is to completely hide its weapons programs, to protect it from a real invasion, and to appear to the world to have disarmed.

The West, in particular the United States and NATO need North Korea and Iran. They need them desperately in order to justify the billions upon they billions they are spending for the development of Reagan’s Star Wars shield and the expansion of NATO and its ABM system into the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific Region. Without these two countries NATO and its entire ABM shield and their global expansion become something unnecessary, something that few would likely support.

Yesterday we touched on the question why the West continues to call for sanctions against Iran and why do they continue putting pressure on the country to do something that they already know Iran is not doing; namely attempting to build nuclear weapons. According to one expert Iran may be dreaming about nuclear weapons but they are not doing anything to get them.  This is well known by the US Government. So why continue the propaganda? Well because NATO and the US need a reason to continue their military expansion and their incursions on the sovereignty of half the world.

In that light the worst thing that North Korea could do now, for the West, is to either completely hide everything they are doing or to completely disarm. If they disarm there is the likelihood that they will be invaded so as to effect a regime change. But the West does not really want this. NATO needs North Korea to continue seeking to improve its technology so they can keep up their global escalation and claim they are protecting the world. For the same reason they need Iran to continue its nuclear program.

If the West decides they do not need Korea anymore to justify their own military escalation, then the country is in for a world of trouble and might quite possibly be the subject of the world’s next military intervention. Just some food for thought, thanks for checking in. 

Russia, India, China urge diplomatic reaction to N. Korea’s failed space launch 

Russia, India and China have called for resorting exclusively to political and diplomatic leverage to react to North Korea’s failed launch of a space satellite. This came in a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov following the talks of the three Foreign Ministers in Moscow earlier today. Lavrov urged all countries to show restraint and came out against slapping fresh sanctions on North Korea. 

North Korea admits satellite launch proved a failure 

The North Korean mass media have admitted that the recent launch of a space satellite did take place but proved a failure. 

Earlier, the United States and Japan reported the news.

The US air defenses detected the takeoff of the rocket-carrier, of which the first stage fell into the sea some 165 kilometres away from Seoul, while the two other stages are believed not to have detached themselves at all. It was in March that Pyongyang said it would launch a space satellite to mark the birth centenary of North Korea’s first leader, Kim Il Sung. The plan was strongly condemned by many countries, including Russia. The UN Security Council has banned North Korea from launching rockets that involve the use of ballistic missile technologies.

North Korean rocket fails

The launch of the North Korean rocket ended in failure according to reports by the U.S. government and Japan. The Pentagon reported that, according to preliminary data, the rocket broke up shortly after takeoff.

The UN Security Council will meet today in an emergency session to discuss an appropriate response.

Pyongyang’s plans to launch its own space rocket caused sharp condemnation from many countries, including Russia.

The international community fears that under the guise of attempting to place a satellite in orbit, North Korea may be testing a ballistic missile.

Pyongyang claimed that the mission had a peaceful goal, namely the placing into orbit of a satellite was to have performed meteorological functions.

The launch was timed, by the authorities of the Democratic People’s Republic of Koreas, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the country's first leader, Kim Il Sung. 

S. Korea launches search for N. Korean rocket debris: official

South Korea's navy on Friday launched a salvage operation to retrieve the debris from North Korea's failed rocket launch, a military spokesman said Friday.

"We've located where the debris landed and we're making efforts to salvage it," the Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman told AFP. 

China urges 'restraint' after failed N. Korea rocket launch 

China on Friday urged "calm" and "restraint" from all sides after North Korea's failed long-range rocket drew strong condemnation from the United States and its allies.

"We hope all relevant parties can maintain calm and restraint, and refrain from acts that would harm peace and stability on the peninsula and in the region," foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said in a statement.



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