White Supremacist Terrorist Breivik Murdered 77 People


A Sexually Abused Boy Who Became an Insane Man 

September 16, 2017

He loved to dress up... Hence his obsession with uniforms and costumes even dressing up as a Mason, seeing himself as anything other than what he really is. He fantasized himself a super human, above it all, able to shape-shift into anyone he wanted to be even changing his name in prison. Probably a child rape victim with multiple personalities who justifies and obfuscates who he really is by roles. A damaged boy who turned into an insane man. Interesting it would be to find out if he were the victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse by a Masonic Lodge.

Welcome any inside information, even from Breivik.


Legacy of Hate: Racsim, Breivik and the White Supremacist Legacy of Genocide 

27 July 2011, 16:47

The portrait that has come out about the Norwegian terrorist is that of a nationalistic hate-filled individual created in part and fed by xenophobia, Islamophobia and hate. He is a result of the war on terror and a testament to the fact that hate breeds hate and violence breeds more violence. The architects of 9-11 must be laughing.

The portrait that has come out about the Norwegian terrorist is that of a nationalistic hate-filled individual created in part and fed by xenophobia, Islamophobia and hate. He is a result of the war on terror and a testament to the fact that hate breeds hate and violence breeds more violence.

The architects of 9-11 must be laughing. They have changed the entire thinking of the world. Osama Bin Laden, whom the West created to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, wanted to destroy Western civilization and has succeeded for a certain part. Now the hate and fear of Islam has caused a deranged individual to strike at his own people out of fear that they might be allowing Islam to attack his culture.

Yes, the post 9-11 world has changed. The U.S. has changed the most, and violence has led to more violence, and hate to more hate, with Americans becoming so calloused that they danced in the streets and in front of the White House when the U.S. committed the extra-judicial execution of Osama Bin Laden. Yes he was a bad man, a monster to everyone who believes he was solely responsible for 9-11, another event whose origin was hate, hate of Islam and disrespect for those who are different. But he was a human, and should have been tried in a court and given due process, not because he deserved it, but because the world deserved it. The West had the chance to prove that it has not sunk to the depths of barbarism, that it is morally superior, but once again it chose to go down the all-too-used road of violence.

All of this has led to the obvious outcome, of which we are likely to see more of the same. A lone killer driven to commit the worst act of violence Norway has seen since World War II and one of the most, if not the single most, horrific act of mass murder in modern history, has the world struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of what he has done. Close to 100 dead and hundreds of peaceful lives shattered. Anders Brehing Breivik has given the world a shock and what some say, should be a wakeup call. 

What are the roots of the seething evil hate that must permeate what passes for a mind in this individual?

In his own words the 32-year-old monster says the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, as he put it; "tipped the scales" for him. As a hater of Muslims he supported what the West saw as Serbia's crackdown on Albanian Muslims. A year later he said he realized that what he saw as the "Islamisation of Europe" could not be stopped without violence. He also believed Muslims were trying to destroy Western culture.

In his much talked about “manifesto” he writes in detail about the reasons for his hate of Muslims and Marxists. He wrote they are the reason Europe is multicultural. A strange philosophy since he killed ethnic Norwegians on his rampage of terror.

Further pointing to neo-Nazi ideology is another organization with whom Breivik had ties and about which he talked about on his internet postings, the far right English Defense League. According to media reports he also had ties with other anti-Islamic European hate groups. Further underlining his far right racist thinking are articles and comments he published on sympathetic Scandinavian websites, including Nordisk, a site used by neo-Nazis, far right radicals and Islamophobes.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a U.S. based organization that tracks hate groups of every kind worldwide, connections between U.S. and European neo-Nazi group are strong and growing stronger. U.S. based neo-Nazi groups are protected by the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech and they publish material and set up Internet sites aimed at Europeans which publish material that is illegal under European anti-racism laws. Many European groups also use American servers for hosting, to avoid prosecution in their native countries.

Lastly, pointing to Breivik’s connection to American neo-Nazi, racist, anti-government thinking is part of his manifesto, which was taken almost verbatim from the manifesto of another infamous American terrorist, the "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski.

So what has the world come to? Some say the US lost its innocence after the Oklahoma City bombing, some say the world lost its own after 9-11. What is clear is that the world has gone astray. What kind of a world are we passing on to future generations when powerful states bomb weaker states to destroy terrorists and at the same time unintentionally kill innocent people and even children as it happens in Afghanistan or Iraq? A world, in many parts of which torture, war crimes, aggressive wars, terror and fear are the rule of the day and where force and hate are very often the only way people communicate? Where has the world gone wrong?

Are we now all to live in fear that one of these hate-filled individuals is going to kill our children? How many will it be next time?

Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Be careful what you hate, lest you become that which you hate”. Is that what has happened?

This home grown terrorist, another Osama Bin Laden, who hated Muslims, did exactly what those he was afraid of might have done, in his mind. So twisted in his hate was he, that he never once stopped to think as he was meticulously planning to kill his own people, whether there was something wrong with his own thinking.

Will we now drag this pathetic nobody, Brevik, into the street and torture him? God knows many would do that and even more to this sick nothing, and they would not be wrong in doing so, except for one thing and I think Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Security Services, Society, Templar Knights and Even nazi Filth Blasphemed by Breivik

14 August 2012, 18:45

Up until the cold-blooded-mass-killings by white supremacist home-grown terrorist Anders Breivik, Norway had been seen as one of the safest nations on earth. The double attack left not only Norway but the world, stunned and in search of answers as to how this could have happened. The Breivik case took a new twist yesterday when a statement came allegedly from the “Knights of Templar”, demanding to set him free.

Norway has been forced to take a cold hard look at itself and in a 482 page report submitted to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on the failures that allowed the madman to bomb government buildings and run rampant executing youth for hours, has drawn rational and practical solutions and placed blame on the key areas of security that failed in Norway.

According to the Jerusalem Post the report found that the authorities were aware of the activities of Breivik months before the attacks when he purchased huge quantities of materials, including liquid fertilizer, that could be used to make bombs but he was never placed on a watch list by the security services.

"The attack on the government complex on July 22 could have been prevented through effective implementation of already adopted security measures," said the report. Apart from the aforementioned another key finding was that the government building that was attacked was not sufficiently fortified and had been identified as a security risk years earlier but was never properly brought up to standards.

As security services and police the world over know, if preventative measures fail, then response time is of utmost importance in extreme situations. According to the report key responses and measures failed miserably, and these failures, for the most part were in the command structure. Norway has world-class-highly-trained response personnel but they were not deployed effectively, this included the military not being informed and emergency procedures not being implemented. First responders did not even have a description of Breivik until 20 minutes after the first attack, which could have been used to stop him before he reached Utoya Island.

The most critical failure occurred when authorities were already aware of the massacre taking place on Utoya Island and wasted critical time which allowed Breivik to gun down the youth on the island for an hour and fifteen minutes. According to the Jerusalem Post apparently a helicopter could not be found and the boat they were supposed to use was not able to sustain the load of the officers responding to the attack.

Although part of the blame lies with the authorities a large part of it has to lie with society and its inability to comprehend the viciousness and insanity of predators like this and be prepared to deal with them. Yes, sadly part of the blame lies with peace loving people who are not prepared for the monstrosities that some men are capable of. We saw this with Hitler, we saw this on 9-11, we have seen this with Breivik.

For countries like Russia, the United States, Israel, and the U.K., just to list a few, society and the authorities are ready, prepared and experienced in dealing with these sorts of attacks, unfortunately for Norway it was a wake up call from Breivik, who mercilessly took advantage of weaknesses in the security architecture of the country.

As the government of Norway and the world continue the debate on security, the inhumanity and unrepentant nature of Breivik and his brethren continues to make a mockery of the civilized world with a statement allegedly from the supposed “Knights of Templar” an organization that Breivik claimed to be a member of but which has no connection to the real order of the Knights of Templar and an organization that forensic criminologists involved in the Breivik case doubt actually exists.

The e-mail demands that Breivik be found innocent and his actions be found to have been necessary in waging the war they are involved in. The writer calls Breivik “their commander” and vows to destroy the upper echelon of Norwegian society if his demands to free Breivik are not met.

The e-mail was sent to recipients all over the country on Monday after the release of the report mentioned above and has prompted an investigation of the purported “Second in command of the Knights Templar Norway” by the Police Security Service of Norway or PST. In the e-mail the writer claims to be the “deputy commander” of a cell of the organization in Norway and also issues a warning to all advocates of multiculturalism.

I agree with what Jay Rubenstein, a blogger at the Huffington Post, wrote: “As a historian, I do recognize in him (Breivik) a peculiarly Western Christian transgression, one as old as Philip the Fair: projecting vile, sick and paranoid dreams onto the Knights Templar -- distorting what was originally, in fact, a warped vision of Christian virtue and using it as justification for bringing dark fantasies to life.”

The Templar Knights were, what many believe, an honorable noble organization which was even tasked with protecting Jews and is another organization used by hate groups to justify their own sick hate of others. Like the Ku Klux Klan, who claim to be “Christian Knights” Breivik’s delusional belief system has blasphemed the Christian Faith. The Templar Knights fought for the defenseless, I seriously doubt they would have supported a madman who cold-bloodedly gunned down children in a twisted insane quest to cleanse ethnic blood.

Mass Killer Breivik Awaits Verdict with No Remorse

23 August 2012, 20:22

The blond monster who killed 77 human beings in cold blood in Norway a year ago is about to be sentenced. Many people believe Anders Behring Breivik , who took the lives of people with families, friends and futures must be executed. But there’s no capital punishment in Norway and the predator of innocents will either get 21 years in prison or end up in his own psychiatric ward. In both cases the mass-muderer will continue his earthly existence.

Breivik is being treated well, he has a three room suite, with an exercise room, a bed room and an “office” with a computer he uses to prepare for his case and answer “fan” mail, and where he will be returning if he is found to be sane. If he is found to be insane an entire private hospital wing will be built for him and he will have his own staff of 17 people to take care of him night and day.

The world’s eyes will be on the small court in Oslo, Norway tomorrow as the verdict is read on the case of right-wing extremist and admitted mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

With his remorseless admission to the mass-killings he committed, his guilt is an established fact and is not the matter before the court, the court’s verdict will determine whether Breivik will face incarceration or forced psychiatric treatment. Currently the options are 21 years incarceration which may be extended indefinitely if he is deemed a danger to society or indefinite forced psychiatric treatment if he is deemed insane.

Breivik insists that he is sane and has promised to appeal the verdict if he is found to be insane by the court. He has remorselessly attempted to justify his mass-murdering execution style rampage of mostly defenseless teenagers, many of them young girls, as an attempt to cleanse white Christian society of an encroachment by multiculturalism and a fantasized Muslim takeover.

One point that the press and the debate over Breivik and his heinous crimes has not really touched upon, and one that I feel may be key to deciding his “sanity”, if there is really any doubt, is the fact that almost all of his victims were white Norwegian youth, a fact that should negate any argument that he was “fighting for Norwegian purity against a Muslim threat” and a fact that points to the sheer pointless insanity of his actions. He is a madman who wanted to viciously kill as many people as possible and his own insane reasoning was made completely and utterly pointless by his choice of targets.

Sadly for Breivik and his like-minded-angry-white-supremacist brethren such killings can in some twisted way be justified, and can somehow be deemed to be the act of a sane person. However for most of us such senseless murder can in no way be justified.

The fact that Breivik is white also is a very important factor in the case. He has been repeatedly allowed to make Nazi salutes for the cameras in the court and has repeatedly been allowed to invoke his insane ideological ranting in court as if such beliefs could in some way defend his horrendous crimes. Were he of another race group it is seriously doubtful that he would be allowed to so blatantly spit in the face of all of us.

The fact that he is white, as with most white supremacist mass-murders, has led the court and society to debate his sanity. Most members of white society are always quick to marginalize and deem psychotic one of their own when events such as this take place, they are quick to call these killers “loners” and not part of an organization, unlike what occurs when a Muslim or member of any other race group commits such a crime. A topic looked into in depth by Priyamvada Gopal at the Guardian

With the world currently engaged in what many see as a war against “primitive” Muslims and white Christian society Breivik has many apologists. However even in this context there can be no justification for his acts.

Are the Norwegian people happy about all of this? Many are not. Many feel as I do that there are crimes that can in no way be forgiven by a civilized society and Breivik’s heinous mass-murdering rampage falls into this category. There are crimes for which even in a humane and civilized society there must be an ultimate price to pay. There must be an exception allowing for execution, Breivik as one of the worst mass murderers of all time and deserves such.

Thomas Indreboe, a lay judge who was removed from the case when he called for Breivik to be executed to save "taxpayers from unnecessary expenditures", put it well when he said "…there are other things in Norway that need to be taken care of, like elderly care and roads and such things, the money could have been spent on other things".

According to RIA-Novosti even if the court finds Breivik insane psychiatrists my refuse to treat him as he has been diagnosed as being rational and sane in the past.

Breivik himself hopes he is found to be sane so that his monstrous killing spree will not be viewed as the act of a madman, this will support the delusional architecture of his psychosis, and allow like-minded neo-Nazi fanatics a victory they do not deserve.

If systematically, remorselessly and cold-bloodedly taking the lives of 77 human being, people with families, friends and futures, does not forfeit the right of one to continue to exist, then I don’t know what does.

Regardless of what I think and many who would agree with me, Breivik will continue to live, costing Norwegian taxpayers millions, and he will continue to breathe, exercise, eat nice meals, answer fan mail and spit in the face of all humanity.

Facts from multiple sources used in this commentary.


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