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1 April, 22:58

Russia Needs to Challenge American Interests Everywhere

Joseph Zrnchik

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The United States continues to cause crisis after crisis all over the world and is the single greatest cause of global instability. This was stated in an interview for the Voice of Russia by Joseph Zrnchik, a Retired US Military Observer Controller/Trainer turned geopolitical commentator. Mr. Zrnchik stated that this being the case then Russia needs to start challenging American interests wherever and however it can. 

He likened the US Government to people living in a glass house and throwing rocks. Mr. Zrnchik also cited Ron Paul who called out John Kerry for his ridiculous invade on false pretenses comment and said that the US is no longer a capitalist country because there is no capital being formed and there is no capital being lent out and nobody wants to lend money because they don’t look at the US as being a good place for businesses to be able to grow.

Hello, this is John Robles. I'm speaking with Joseph Zrnchik. He is a Political Analyst, a Geopolitical Commentator and a Retired US Military Observer Controller/Trainer. This is part 3 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website atvoiceofrussia.com.



Robles: War is very expensive and I think they've overextended themselves, I think Ukraine was just – it's too big of a piece even NATO with all of its allies and everything else and the US will not be able to digest Ukraine. It will not be possible, no matter how much they want it.

Zrnchik: Right.

Robles: What I see from over here it is quite frightening but it is like you said a minute ago they are desperate, this is like the endgame: if they don't do it now, they will never do it and they are getting irrational in their desperation which is extremely dangerous when you are talking about things like these.

Zrnchik: And China has been very quiet while this is going on, I mean it doesn't want to tip its cards and doesn't want to get to emotionally involved. The US is talking about its "Asian Pivot" and wanting to start challenging China because China of course is starting to invest. I mean it's being a good business partner. It is not seeking to dominate, it is seeking to do business.

Robles: Joseph, how much of US debt does China own now? Do you know? Do you have any idea?

Zrnchik: I heard that it was just at a trillion but I find that hard to believe given the trade inbalance that we have. That is one of the things that really hasn't been talked about in the media and I've tried to find it before. And the only thing I found is previous stuff about trade . What have you heard in the international media, I mean?

Robles: Not too much, not too much. I think they are purposefully hiding all that information. But as far as I know China basically owns 80% of the US, as far as bonds, outright companies it owns, foreign debt, etc. This was a few years ago when they came out with some figures. Literally I have not seen any figures like this for about three years.

Zrnchik: I've read that China is buying a lot of gold. I've read that the US hasn't been able to get Germany its gold back, that the Germans have been trying to get back, they said it is going to take them 20 years to transfer the gold from the US Treasury back to Germany.

So that is kind of interesting. And the problem for China is this: I mean they don't want to have a big panic when they get stuck holding however much debt that they are holding and they are holding all this devalued currency and all these devalued financial instruments.

And so there is an old saying that says: "If you owe somebody a million dollars that is your problem, but when you owe somebody a trillion dollar that is their problem."

That is kind of the position China is in right now and who knows what is going to happen. I've read more and more that a lot of these foreign countries are beginning to buy property and land and other types of things in the US of course and the US has done everything it can to try to keep China from buying major businesses and stuff like that but at some point they are not going to want the dollar. And the other problem is, I'm sure you are familiar with SDRs, right?

Robles: Yeah.

Zrnchik: So Special Drawing Rights, well no one wants to work with the dollar anymore. And they were worried about the US. If the US goes ahead and it capitalizes the IMF and the World Bank with money that comes right fresh off a printing press and it wants to buy Chinese businesses but yet it doesn't want the Chinese to use any of that money to buy American businesses it becomes a very one-sided exchange very quickly.

Robles: Yeah, I don't think China is going to allow that to happen. Joseph, anything you want to finish up with because we are out of time.

Zrnchik: I think I've covered the major points, the things that I wanted to discuss outside the fact that more and more the US is slipping into a fascist police state in which people have less and less rights and all you keep hearing more and more is police just beating people to death just for taking pictures of them, all different typed of police abuse, tyranny from inside the Justice Department.

The last thing that is kind of interesting is the fact that now the Justice Department is actually starting to get involved in looking at what the CIA was doing because the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee she is demanding that there be prosecutions that take place and not prosecutions because there were tortures and murders that occurred, she wants prosecutions now because the CIA started looking into the Senate.

So the fact that the CIA was carrying out torture and murder and then destroyed evidence all that is ok. But now that the Senate finally decides to start looking into ten years later this things is kind of getting to a head so it is really interesting because this thing has made the major media. And I'm wondering where that is going to play put, how they are going to try to sweep this back under the rug because of course they cannot go forward with it because the entire political establishment in the US is guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and the like.

So the US is going to slip farther and farther into being a police state, there is going to be more and more oppression. The country is going to get poorer and poorer. And the question is how is that going to play out on the world stage and given the fact that the US is war weary the American people are just sick of having a stagnant economy in which there is no money velocity. And the only thing that keeping our head above water is continually, you know the government just grabbing more and more money and spending it on weapon systems and trying to make money off selling weapon systems to the world. It is going to be interesting to see if this thing goes to an armed conflict: how well our weapon systems are going to work.

And I've got to tell you I've been following this for a long time and I'm kind of interested in seeing how the Russian anti-ship missiles – how well they work. I watched video on them and the S300 and S400 systems and I think that the Russia is going to have to get behind Iran more. If the US is going to create this type of global instability then Russia really needs to start challenging American interests wherever and however it can.

And I don't think that the US is – when you live in a glass house you should definitely not be throwing rocks. And the US has just lost track of what it is doing and we got people like Kerry who act like little children who have been mocked so hard because of the fact that...he said we don't invade countries under false pretenses, and the Ron Paul came up and he named like ten different instances when the US invaded countries under false pretenses and not just invaded but carried out wars and occupations…

Robles: Yeah. You were talking about weapon systems. I've had the opportunity to talk to, these were secret sourse but they witnessed the NATO/US anti-missile defense system in action. And it doesn't work. This system allowed 40% of large missiles through and was completely ineffective on smaller missiles. So there you go..

Zrnchik: The Yakout was supposed to be faster, smaller, engage in violent end maneuvers and from what I've read they said: "Threatening nations with carrier groups is going to end up being a thing of the past."

So it is interesting how this plays out. And the old Chinese proverb: "May you live in interesting times", I can't think of a time that is more interesting than what it is right now.

And I mean it is scary world we live in and I just hope that cooler heads will prevail.

Robles: Well, I hope it stops being a scary world and I hope peace prevails and rule of law prevails because all the war and the illegality – I think it is not only the American populace who are sick of it, I think most of the world is sick of it completely.

Zrnchik: Yeah, I mean we can have peaceful trade with all these nations. I mean look what China has done for the US. If it wasn't for the fact that China being producers and making all those things they are making, I mean Americans would literally have been miserable for the last 30 years.

We've gotten great products, that was a country that was supposed to be such a threat to us and they all they wanted to do was do business and now they want to do business in Africa. And of course now the US created AFRICOM, it is starting up all this trouble in Africa it wants to keep China out of there, from being able to do business and make people's lives better.

So we could be really at the beginning of the entire new age.

Robles: To be honest that is all Russia wants to do, that is what the BRICS countries want do. They want to: in peace conduct business, build their societies, build their economies and be free from intimidation and treats and the stealing of their resources and outside control and manipulation.

Zrnchik: And the fact that the US and the EU control money, they are really keeping all these other countries down because of the fact that they are in control of the monetary system.

Robles: Well, they are trying to, but it is not working, that is the thing . I mean you can't keep the whole world down from Brussels, it is not possible or from Washington. It is a big world out there.

Zrnchik: The collapsing of the system right now might be the best thing that can happen for the US because the longer you try to subvert economic reality the greater the expenses. In the end it is not going to work.

You can go ahead and try to print money, you can try to create markets, you can lie, you can steal, you can do all these things and wage war and try to carry out all this nonsense but in the end an apple is still worth the price of an apple.

Robles: Joseph, do average Americans have any hope left? As far as young people – do they have any of starting a family, getting a job, having a couple kids, buying a house? Or is that gone?

Zrnchik: That is gone. The American dream is over with. There are so many people right now that are unemployed, there are so many bankruptcies, there are so many home foreclosures, there are no jobs out there .

It got so bad that the US decided that it was going to start counting fast food working from McDonalds because they make hamburgers as being a production job. I'm not kidding you. They want to be able to disguise how bad things have gotten in the US and they just keep getting worse.

Right now they created trillions of dollars and start to try dump this into the economy and the fact of the matter is we are getting really close to the time where all that money is gone. And it is false stimulation of the economy and effect which was a very small effect is gone.

So bills are going to come due and when other countries start deciding that they want..all the money that we do of course is short term and continually based on whatever the current market is they can readjust the interest rates.

We are stuck keeping the interest rates at zero because the US cannot afford to pay interest on all the money it owes, it can't afford to pay any. So to look at how the interest rates are it is ridiculous. And that is just one side of….

What kind of capitalist country? It is not a capitalist country, if there is no capital being formed and there is no capital being lent out at any interest rate and nobody wants to lend money because they don't look at it as being a good place for businesses to be able to grow. What does that tell you? I mean capitalism in the US is dead.

Robles: Capitalism is dead you say.

Zrnchik: Yeah, we have crony capitalism, that is not true capitalism.

Robles: Right. On that note maybe one real quick last comment and we will finish up with that .

Zrnchik: I would just ask your readers and listeners to look at Lou Rockwell dot com and find about the Austrian School of Economic Thought, I would ask them to look at antiwar.com. They have plenty people who are American statesmen, historians, ex-CIA people who are critical of where the government is taking the country and the people are real statesmen and honorable men and they write great articles down there.

I get all my news out there and the thing is for the last 15 years that website has been 100% spot on. Everything that it has stated going all the way back to before the Iraq war, so when it starts talking about Iran, if it starts talking about Israel, the Palestinian situation it's just spot on with everything. Everything that it says is against the US. I mean, you look at what happened in Bosnia – this is interesting to see we turned around and as told "Bosnia, we are going to tale Kosovo away from you and create Kosovars. And now they are saying they cannot do it in Crimea. It is ridiculous.

If people go there they will become well educated and very informed on ..

Robles: Joseph, I'm sorry what about the Voice of Russia?

Zrnchik: Yeah, actually too. You know what, here is the funny thing. RT is great too and more and more people, I was surprised because I was talking to my parents about what is going on and they said we've seen that on the RT, they quit.

Here is my parents in their seventies and they were never politically sophisticated and they were not really involved in politics or geopolitics and economics and now they said: "We no longer watch network news".

It is so ridiculous and it so blatantly apparent that even my parents said: "We don't watch them anymore". I went to my parents' house to say hi to them and my dad has got RT on and he was watching what was going on there. So it is kind of interesting.

And I certainly appreciate the chance to be able to talk with you here and get my story out and another point of view. Hopefully this will come back to the US and more Americans will listen and hear and see what is going on.

Robles: Ok, you are not censored here. So this is still honestly a free speech zone.

Zrnchik: Thank you very much for having me. I look forward to talking to you in the future.

Robles: Alright, great, thank you, stay in touch.

Zrnchik: Ok.

Robles: Thanks a lot, take care.

You were listening to an interview with Joseph Zrinchek. He is a political analyst and commentator. Thatwas part 3 of a longer interview.You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_01/Russia-needs-to-challenge-American-interests-everywhere-Joseph-Zrnchik-1962/


5 April, 23:50

American Indians seeking Russia's 1700 Peace Treaty Belt - Mohawk Elder Kahentinetha Horn

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No people in the history of the world have suffered more at the hands of their fellow man than the indigenous peoples of North and South America. These people suffered the greatest genocide ever to occur on Earth and yet still remain the most peace loving nations on our planet. 

In the seventeen hundreds leaders of the native nations of North America presented 13 royal families of the European invaders with Wampun belts which signified peacve and served as a treaty by which the Europeans were to respect the rights of the natives of the Americas, which they called Great Turtle Island. Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and the mystery surrounding a belt that was presented to then Russian Ambassador to Britain Boris Ivanovich Kurakin and which Tsar Nicolas had to be aware of. She underlines the fact that Russia and Russians never took part in the genocide of the native people, unlike the rest of Europeans.


5 April, 09:03

US/NATO Imperialism a Threat to Civilization

Yugoslav FM Živadin Jovanović

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Today Europe is living with the consequences of unprecedented US/NATO aggression against the former Yugoslavia 15 years ago. The invasion and destruction of Yugoslavia, the first war in Europe since WWII, resolved nothing in the Balkans but created many new problems. Most importantly it was precedent setting event and a blueprint for the following US/NATO aggressive wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Mali and other locations which have been the victims of US/NATO led endless war and aggression. These crimes against humanity have not been only military in nature but also clandestine, such as what we are seeing in Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela today. The West has had only objective: the domination of the world by the US/NATO and its surrogates.



This is John Robles, I'm speaking with ŽivadinJovanović. He is the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia and the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals. This is part two of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Robles: Can I ask you now two questions? What is your opinion on the actions of the Russian government and in particular the Russian president Vladimir Putin? Do you think this historic moment is a turning point in the state of geopolitics in the world today?

Jovanović: Yes, indeed I believe so. If 1999 NATO/US led aggression against Yugoslavia was a turning point toward globalization of interventionism, toward militarization of European and international relations. It was a turning point in strategy of global domination of the West, then I think Ukrainian case and the Crimean referendum to reunite with Russia is another kind of turning point.

This I consider to be turning point towards multi-polar world relations, toward resisting the policy of domination of the West. It is to my belief a historically important turning point opening the hope for democratization of world relations opening the space for real respect of universal principals of international law and universal principal of international relations.

I would believe that this is a turning point toward a higher respect of universal organizations such as United Nations and toward respecting of the basic principles of UN Charter. And I think it is turning point toward abandoning the policy of double standards and disregard of the legitimate interests of other countries.

It is simply the beginning I think for the relieving Europe and the world of the threats of domination from one side only.

Robles: You mentioned sanctions, the rights of other countries, a few minutes ago you mentioned Al Qaeda. They were created by the US, the US is using them as their non-state army whenever they need them as their mercenary force. Al Qaeda is listed and they are sanctioned by the UN as being a terrorist organization. What is your opinion on other countries now sanctioning the US, for example: for Guantanamo, for aggressive war, for meddling into the affairs of Ukraine, for meddling into the affairs of Serbia, for redesigning the borders in Europe after WWII? I mean all of those things are illegal. What about sanctions on the US? Do you think there will be some time when countries might be calling for sanctions?

Jovanović: It is obvious that the US disrespects international law, that they disrespect international principles of international organizations. They take all those like tools to suit the interests of the US. The US is a big power but it is disregarding the interests of Europe, disregarding the interests of Russia and other big and responsible countries.

I think for the beginning we should discourage and put some limitations to expansionist policy and disregard of other countries’ interests on the part of the US.

It would be necessary to unite the countries and nations struggling for democratization of international relations, struggling against interventionism and against expansionist imperialist policy of NATO, EU, and the US. And certainly I think this should be requiring serious efforts on the part of wide international community, especially the countries like Russia, China, India, like countries of BRICS and so on.

I think Russia should do well to call upon BRICS countries and Shanghai Association countries to consider new situation brought about by expansionist policy of the US, NATO and EU. This is touching the interests of Russia right now, but from a principled point of view it is a policy questioning interests of the world community, it is the question whether we should enter an era of democratic international relations or we should be silent and accept a policy of expansion and a policy of domination.

Robles: Last two questions and then we are going to have to finish up. Can you give us your forecast on where you see the situation in Ukraine going? What do you think is going to happen withUkraine? Can you tell us about, you have a very important conference coming up on March, 24th, it is the Fifteenth Year Anniversary of the initial bombing of Yugoslavia that had begun I think most of this lawlessness and aggressive war? Tell us, please, about the conference that is coming up.

Jovanović: We all hope that a political solution will be found for the crisis in Ukraine. To have political solution I think NATO should abandon idea of forcing Ukraine to become a member of NATO. Ukraine should be treated as a country to make its own decisions and to be let alone from the Western interference, from the Western pressures and so on.

I believe that it is primarily in the interests of Europe including the EU to find out a modus vivendi with Russia and to accept substantial dialogue between Brussels and Moscow.

It is my strong belief that long term interests of Europe require stability of Brussels/Moscow relationship and it really requires more independent and pro-independent position and behavior of Europe. In this regard I would underline importance of dialogue between Moscow and Berlin which is certainly, as far as Germany is concerned, a leading EU country. And no doubt that among all European countries Germany has the greatest interest for stable relations with Russia. I think that it is possible.

Otherwise if Germany and EU pursue the policy of acting on behalf of the US interests I think it will be very bad not only for Ukraine but for Europe in general. And it would further lead to a profound long term European crisis.

I think there should be a lot of wisdom applied to avoid disintegration of Ukraine. It is one of perspectives, but that could be, I think, avoided by rational and principled policy without any threats or blackmails addressed to Moscow.

Moscow I don’t believe will bound to blackmailing from the West. It is certainly another type of power now than in 1999. Now about Ukraine, I would be a realist, it is very serious, it cannot be predicted with all certainty but certainly there is a possibility to find a political solution in the interests of stability of European continent. Nobody needs further destabilization and creation of situation of further arms race or disturbing development and profounding the socioeconomic crisis which is reigning in major parts of Europe.

As far as our conference is concerned, we have already mentioned, these days exactly from 21st to 25th of March the Belgrade Forum with a number of other independent nonpartisan associations organizes a big international gathering in Belgrade under the theme: ‘Global Peace Instead of Global Confrontation and Global Imperialism’. And it is devoted to Fifteenth Anniversary of NATO aggression, it is in memory of thousands of our citizens who were killed, in memory of hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons from Kosovo and from other parts of former Yugoslavia.

We shall try that this event should not be only of memorial character, we should try to answer from now on what should be the task of peace loving forces in Europe and in the world? In this regard I think we all first of all should struggle for the truth about Yugoslav crisis, struggle further for the true presentation of NATO aggression in 1999 which was the first European war after the WWII. We should try to spread the notion and information that this was the war not against Yugoslavia or Serbia and Montenegro only, it was really the war against Europe and strangely enough the war against Europe participated by Europe.

It was also one turning point when Europe was recognizing not to have its own strategy and independence. I think there were European countries which joined the US not thinking any further what will be further development, what will be further consequences. There were other countries which entered the war against Yugoslavia for their revanchist aims, revanchist philosophy and there were simply smaller countries which didn’t have any kind of independence, which only had to listen what was the call from the US and to obey.

Anyway today we can see what kind of problems this NATO aggression 15 years ago has brought to Europe. Nothing has been resolved in the Balkans but many problems have been opened in Europe and in the world. A precedent was made, a blueprint for NATO interventions in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Mali, and everywhere else.

And it is not really only to speak about military interventions because although they are the most tragic event but it is also to speak about interventions of clandestine nature, interventions like in Syria, like in Venezuela now, like in Ukraine now and so on.

And we can really see that all those interventions had one objective and still have one objective – domination of leading Western powers, first of all of the US in the world. And this is the danger really because those who should be victims of domination do not accept such a position, they are ready to fight.

And from this fact that the West doesn’t change colonial attitudes, imperial attitudes as strategy and the rest of the world not accepting to be victim of such an imperial policy I think this may lead to either confrontation and that is why all the forces of peace should join hands and stop this imperial policy endangering nowadays civilization.

We will have friends from all over the world, from about 60 countries in Europe and from other continents will be our guests and will be speakers at the conference. We will have a difficulty to accommodate all the people who will voice in favor of peace, who will support multi-polarization and democratization of the world relations.

You were listening to part 2 of an interview with ŽivadinJovanovic, the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia. He is also the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thanks for listening and we wish you the best.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_05/US-NATO-imperialism-is-a-threat-to-civilization-FM-ivadin-Jovanovi-7424/


7 April, 11:41

US Goal in Ukraine and World: Global Domination

William Blum

The basic motivation and basic philosophy of US foreign policy is world domination and for the US, "world domination" means getting rid of the countries that stand in its way, says historian William Blum in an interview with the Voice of Russia. Today, there are only two countries in the world that have the military capability to confront the US: Russia and China.


This is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Mr. William Blum, an American author, historian and a longstanding critic of US foreign policy.

Robles: Hello, sir, how are you this evening?

Blum: I’m fine, thank you.

Robles: Nice to be speaking with you again. Can you tell our listeners a little bit about your latest book? You said it is titled "America's Deadliest Export : Democracy".

Blum: Right, it is actually a collection of various writings I made over many years many of which have appeared in one form or another in my monthly internet report, the Anti-Empire Report But it is a very wide-ranging book. It deals mainly with the US foreign policy but also many other subjects including things like marijuana and abortion.

Robles: Has anyone been promoting it here?

Blum: In Russia?

Robles: Yeah.

Blum: The publishers, the entity which is behind it having been promoting.

Robles: I see. A lot of the commentators were saying you basically predicted what was going on in Ukraine. Can you give our listeners your opinion about what has been going on in Ukraine?

Blum: I don’t know what they are saying about how I predicted it, I didn't do that explicitly, but maybe they mean that given the past history of the US foreign policy, one can not fail to see the fingerprints of the US in Ukraine.

Robles: I see.

Blum: There was more than just fingerprints, we saw high officials of the State Department and the US Ambassador mingling with the people in Ukraine during the protests and handing out food to them. Why would they do that?

The US government would be very upset if during a protest in the US, there were high Russian officials mingling with the protestors and handing out food and smiling and laughing with them, it would be shocking to the media here, but for the US to do it of course it goes without any comment..

Robles: Right. I’m sure you’ve heard about the conversation between Geoffrey Pyatt and Victoria Nuland where they were basically choosing the line of the government. Is that a common practice?

Blum: Well the US had to approve the makeup of a new government when there was a coup taking place, a coup that they even planned?

On many occasions in Latin America especially over the years, coup plotters have actually gone to American embassies to speak to American officials to get their approval of the event, to make sure that the planned coup would be well-received, because if it wasn’t well-received they would not get any kind of support or aid they were hoping for following the coup. So they have to make sure beforehand that it will be improved.

Robles: Do you see the same regime change strategy that was used in other countries say South America, Central America used in Ukraine? Why do you think that will or will not work in Europe or in Ukraine in particular?

Blum: Well, it did work, the coup was successful. What do you mean it didn’t work?

Robles: I don’t think it is going to last because there is no popular support at all for the people who are in power and the people who they want to put in power there is no way they are going to be able to be elected in a democratic election.

Blum: You are probably right but only time will tell that, and I don't usually go in for predicting the future so much so we will see what happens.

Robles: For example Klitschko he made one public appearance and he was bombarded with eggs.

Blum: Are you speaking of following the coup or before the coup?

Robles: I’m talking about after the coup, I’m talking about a week and a half ago.

Blum: Well things have improved with certain aspects of the coup. They are not in love with the EU, NATO or the US as other people in Ukraine; the rightwing can be independt, I mean as nasty as they, in general they don’t like the western powers that much.

Robles: Yeah, right, right. But they were just used like... and this is a common tactic of the CIA, they would just use any group to destabilize the country.

Blum: I don’t know how the Ukrainian rightwing will allow themselves to be used too much. So only time will tell. One of their leader has been murdered by the police, that may well be a warning shot to the rest of the rightwing like: "Don’t go crazy!".

Robles: His name was Sasha Beliy. Now, these are really radical neo nazis in Ukraine. How do you think they are going to react if they find out or when they find out that they have just been used as pawns to bring about this regime change? Because Victoria Nuland and the CIA nobody is interested in them, they want to put their puppets in the government and these neo nazis were just an instrument to bring that by.

Blum: I’m sure they were aware of the possibility that they were used and they are not going to take it sitting down. Obviously they can be very, very nasty and then violent. So we shall see what happens.

Robles: What kind of reports are you getting there? I know you are watching the web and you are probably better informed than the average American is, I’m sure you are. What kind of reports are you getting about the Right Sector there in the US?

Blum: In the media there is almost no mentioning of the terms: neo nazis or fascists or extreme rightwing. That is not referred too often at all. And I’m sure an average American doesn’t realize the influences behind the coup. But again we have to see how that plays out.

They are not going to be quiet about it, they are going to want their payment in one way or another, it may be very nasty.

Robles: Yeah. What do you think the main goal was for the US in Ukraine? Was it curbing, or getting rid of Russian influence? Was it NATO bases? Was it resources? A part of the EU Agreement was handing the entire gas pipeline to EXXON oil – that was part of the EU Association Agreement. What do you think was the main motivation for taking Ukraine?

Blum: For one thing I see it as part of the overall US policy of surrounding Russia with bases and with members of NATO and with missile sites and so on.

It is part of their repertoire and Ukraine is as close as you can get to Russia. So it is a victory in that context.

The oil thing you mentioned might well be a factor as well. I haven’t really studied that in any detail. But certainly the US keeps such things in mind all the time.

Robles: So you think it was mainly a military strategic move, I mean to..?

Blum: US foreign policy is always looking.. the basic motivation and basic philosophy is world domination and you could not understand US foreign policy unless you understand that basic motivation.

And "world domination" means getting rid of those countries which stand in the way of domination. And there are only two countries in the world which have the military capability to confront and hold back part of Washington's overts: Russia and China are the only two that could confront the US.

And the US has been busy for years surrounding both of them. So this is part of that process.

Robles: What do you think about the sanctions? You are in the US you know the economic situation better than I do. Do you think that the US is in a position right now to be doing all this? And the sanctions do you think they are going to backfire? Because I mean quite frankly trade turnover with the US is so minimal that it is almost..it could just be forgotten pretty much by Russia. I mean the UK’s trade turnover is about a hundred times more, I think.

Blum: Yeah. They have already had complaints from Europe about this. It may not hold up too long, these sanctions. Although the rhetoric keeps going very strong. I mean any announcement from NATO or the EU, or the UK, or the US is always sounding tough. They are going to impose sanctions and if they need to they will impose even tougher sanctions and so on. Well, this is just a script, we have heard this before many times and it gets really very tiresome.

Robles: Yeah. Yesterday Anders Fogh Rasmussen he said: "We are going to put up all these sanctions, we are going to isolate Russia". Boom, boom, boom, blah, blah, blah..

And he says: "But, we hope that Russia continues to cooperate with us in fighting narcotics in Afghanistan", in basically "our escape route from Afghanistan." I mean they are routing NATO cargos through Russian territory.

Blum: There are all kinds of ways that Russia has been cooperating with NATO in the past decades, including with Afghanistan and with fighting terrorism and fighting piracy and all kinds of things.

That is not going to just be dropped suddenly so easily. Some people in the West are going to have to wonder about the reason behind ending such cooperation.

Robles: Yesterday NATO said they cut off all cooperation with Russia that is what they said.. But they hope that Russia would continue allowing them to do those things in Afghanistan.

Blum: Yeah, lots of luck..We will see.

Robles: You don’t think that is serious? Regarding Venezuela, we talked before about Hugo Chavez before and now they are saying that there are university students and educational institutions and... Do you know who Mr. Raul Capote is?

Blum: No.

Robles: He was a CIA collaborator in Venezuela and he came out and said that the CIA was planning to overthrow the Venezuelan Government using students in various educational institutions. Can you tell us anything about Venezuela?

Blum: The whole thing with this protest, one of the main arguments they use is that there is a shortage of certain important goods.

It reminds me very much, I lived in Chili in the 1970s under Salvadoe Allende and there was the exact same thing taking place.

There were the shortages of toilet paper and things like that and then the police and the government kept finding huge hoards of these goods in warehouses, being hoarded by the conservatives just to cause a shortage.

And a friend of mine who lives in Venezuela has just informed me that there has been a repeated discovery in Venezuela of such hiding placesfor these goods. A large amounts of them are turning up so that reminds me very much of Chili.

The protestors are not very serious about the issues that they planned to be serious about. They are part of the scheme to bring down the government or at least those behind them are that is their motivation and these phony shortages are just one tactic of what they are engaged in.

Robles: I see.

That was the end of an interview with Mr. William Blum, an American author and historian and a longstanding critic of US foreign policy. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever in the world you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_07/Goal-of-US-in-Ukraine-and-world-global-domination-William-Blum-3063/


7 April, 07:43

When Barrels of Guns Lifted, Truth Vanishes

Kristinn Hrafnsson

For the public revelations that the CIA and NSA were spying on the committee that was supposed to have oversight of their activities should be of great concern as it is a major breakdown in the system of checks and balances that should be inherently present in a healthy democracy. 

Despite all of the Snowden revelations there is also no indication that the NSA has changed its practices or made changes to how they carry out operations. By not publishing information that the public has the right to know the media has also failed and according to WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson, it is: "... an absolutely disgusting break with all the basic principles of journalism that I know of. And they claim that this is done upon the request of the US authorities for the security concerns. That is not acceptable." Unfortunately today, he says: "We have submissive and lame editorial boards that will simply do as they are told."


This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Kristinn Hrafnsson – the official spokesperson for WikiLeaks and the number two at that organization. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Robles: Hello Kristinn! It is a great pleasure to be speaking with you again.

Hrafnsson: Nice to be talking to you John. How are you?

Robles: I’m pretty well. A lot of stuff is going on in Ukraine. We haven’t had much of a focus on what is going on on the Internet and everything. So, maybe you could give our listeners an update on what is going on with WikiLeaks, anything you can tell us, about releases?

Hrafnsson: Well, you know, we have a policy not to discuss any of the forthcoming releases. That has been our policy mostly until now. But we are still ongoing, yes, with this big fight that we have in front of us.

At the same time, the world is changing and we are seeing more and more acceptance to the message that WikiLeaks brought forth for the first time, maybe, into the public attention in 2010 with our explosive revelations that we published that year and in the following 2011.

And I believe that when we will look back in a decade or two towards this era, people will understand the massive importance of the contribution of the WikiLeaks in 2010 and the following years. We’ve opened up a new window, we’ve pried open a new window towards a big and a better understanding of the world that we live in. And there is no turning back, it is now ongoing and it is thrilling era that we live in.

It is much about democracy, fundamental values that we praise and it is absolutely a privilege to be a member of a team that is pushing this agenda into this new era.

Robles: WikiLeaks released pager messages from 9-11. Were those released just in mass or were they filtered?

Hrafnsson:That is – what? – five years ago now.

Robles: Yeah.

Hrafnsson: It is prior to my time as a member, those are revelations prior to 2010, which included, of course, the revelations pertaining to interests all over the world: the Church of Scientology, the bank of Julius Baer, the bank of Kaupthing in Iceland that collapsed, Trafigura Company which is based in Switzerland, corrupt party in Kenya Government of Daniel Arap Moi. Various the issues that were revealed in that era prior to our main focus, because our main material pertains to be the US Government and its corrupt practices and its military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan and its diplomatic scores.

Robles: Can you comment on the current situation in Ukraine and the current situation with the NSA and the CIA in the US? Now, apparently some senators are calling for the CIA and the NSA to be investigated because they were spying on the senators. Can you comment on any of those issues?

Hrafnsson: That is obviously an issue that is of great concern. When you have the apparatus spying on the committee who are supposed to have an oversight of that organization, that is of course of great concern and is a major flaw in all the checks and balances that we believe are inherently present in a healthy democracy. It is a hell of breakdown. So, of course, it is of major concern.

Robles: Do you see the NSA reigning themselves in at all or are they continuing unabated, since all the Snowden revelations last summer?

Hrafnsson: There is no indication at all that the NSA has changed its practices and that there has been any major change in the way that they carry out their operations. That of course is of worry. In the political field there is a knowledge, you know, a farther widening group, that this is an absolutely appalling situation that has to be addressed. Even so, we are not seeing any drastic measures taken to curtail this activity.

And if we put this all into a historical perspective, we need to go back to 1971 and revisit the burglary of media in Pennsylvania where the FBI office was raided by the activists and the exposure was made about the corruption within the FBI under J Edgar Hoover, where more than 40% of the documents that the burglars got their hands on showed that they were spying on the political activists and basically did political spying and acts of corruption. And of course, in the same year you had Daniel Ellsberg getting the Pentagon papers into the public sphere violating his oath, as well as those burglars that violated the law. But it was all for the common good and we are all benefitting today.

This was 43 years ago, but we are revisiting the same kind of era now with Assange, Snowden, Chelsea Manning and the people who are fighting for information to get out there in order for us to understand that there is a need of change.

Robles: Do you see a difference between the mass media then and the mass media now? Because that was important that the media grabbed this information. But what about today?

Hrafnsson: If you are talking about the mass media in the States and the Western Europe, we all know that there is a severe limitation on the mass media, as of course we are all well aware of. But there are limitations everywhere I look.

Just one very clear example to highlight the situation. About ten days ago or so Washington Post broke a story based on the Snowden’s revelations about the mass interception of all voice telecommunications of an entire country. And they broke the story based on the Snowden’s revelation and their own fact-finding within secret sources that this actually was a program that was carried out with billions of phone calls being stored on hard drives on a 30-day basis. But the Washington Post did not disclose the name of that country that had been subjected to this mass program of surveillance.

That is an absolutely disgusting break with all the basic principles of journalism that I know of. And they claim that this is done upon the request of the US authorities for the security concerns. That is not acceptable. They cannot, as journalists, not disclose to the public information that is vital just because some Government officials in Washington are putting pressure on you and breathing it down your neck.

But that puts us into a perspective, 1971, 43 years ago with the Post at that time by the NY Times, that says – we do not have that era, it is gone. We have submissive and lame editorial boards that will simply do as they are told. And that is a shame.

Robles: In light of that, can you comment on… you know, I’ve talked to Jesselyn Radack before and there was an issue that she told me matter-of-factly. I didn’t want to attack her or make a big issue about it. She told me that all the journalists that were releasing Edward Snowden’s information were checking with the government before they made the releases and they were not releasing anything that the government protested to. This would be along the same line. Do you have any problem with that?

Hrafnsson: Our main policy in WikiLeaks and our understanding of our role is to get people aware of the information out there so that people can access it. I mean, it is the fundamental principle that we work upon. It is our job, our purpose as journalists to get the information out into the open so that everyone can access it.

That is the true and real nature of what WikiLeaks is all about. And this is the true and real nature, the fundamental principle of journalism. The information should be supplied to the general public. They have a right to know and we are the servants of that idea. Withholding information is not in line with that ideology.

Robles: There were some very important leaks regarding Ukraine. Can you comment on those? And I don’t think they were very much publicized in the Western media. For example, the Nuland- Payette conversation. Then, there were several leaks that were sided to Anonymous Ukraine – telephone conversations between, for example, the Latvian Foreign Minister and Catherine Ashton where they were talking about the snipers on the Maidan. What role do you see there for the people calling themselves Anonymous Ukraine? Do you think they were helping to get the information out? Do you think they’ve had an effect on what has happened in Ukraine?

Hrafnsson: No, we haven’t seen a lot of leaks coming out of Ukraine and pertaining to Ukraine’s situation coming out in the media in that country and in other places. There is always the uncertainty of verification, but certainly these leaks have played an important role.

But it is also important to keep in mind that this information is usually brought forth in some context and with some agenda in mind. It is very hard to draw upon this information and come to a certain conclusion. It is a very complicated situation that we have in Ukraine. It is extremely ill-reported upon by the Western media, the mainstream media in the West. Equally so, it is not being portrayed in any sensible, equal manner by the media on the east side either.

Robles: I guess we could argue the point. I mean, we get a lot of fresh information off the feeds and from on the ground, and from the video footage and stuff that just does not exist at all in the Western media.

Hrafnsson: I totally agree with you. The Western media is boycotting and keeping out a lot of information that should be included in the coverage of Ukraine. When there is a conflict, the first casualty in any war is truth, of course. And we have seen that in all the instances in the past – in Syria, for example. And there were a lot of lies that were built up around the Iraqi and Afghan wars that the WikiLeaks was exposing, because the truth has to be told.

Robles: Do you see any difference then? One point I’d like to underline and I think it underlines everything that is going on. For example, the Crimea. The Russian soldiers that were there, they’ve been there for over two decades and there was no invasion. I mean, I know this for a fact. They were already there. But they keep saying that it was an annexation, it was an invasion when there was a democratic referendum that people have been waiting for two decades to happen. So, it was a very happy moment for 97% of the Crimean people. there was no invasion, there was no shot fired, which is a big difference to what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, I just wanted to get that out there.

Hrafnsson: Well, now you have, John. And thanks for the enlightenment and the historical context of what has just recently happened in the Crimea.

Robles: I mean, that’s what I see. If you see something different, I would love to know it. I’m sure you watch all kinds of media. So, you get a good feel of everything.

Hrafnsson: I’m in Reykjavik, Iceland. That’s my main base at the moment. And we are just dealing with all kinds of issues. My main concern is, as always, when we see the barrels of guns being lifted that truth will vanish.

Yes! you were listening to part 1 of an interview with Kristinn Hrafnsson – the official spokesperson for WikiLeaks. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_07/When-the-barrels-of-guns-are-lifted-truth-vanishes-Kristinn-Hrafnsson-2342/


7 April, 00:4

Western Media Lies: No Russian Threat to Ukraine

John Robles

The clandestine invasion of Ukraine by the West is an unprecedented, disgraceful and heinous victory of international lawlessness by the US/NATO/EU. The violent coup d'état staged by western backed neo-nazi elements, the subsequent secretly planned subjugation and enslavement of the Ukrainian people and the seizing of the resources of Ukraine is not only a violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine but another illegal attempt at nation building/destroying by US geopolitical architects attempting in vain to save a dying empire and establish American hegemony worldwide.The brutal racist lawless state that is the United States of America is embodied by their bought and paid for brownshirts in Kiev who continues terrorizing the populace and are a blight on the very ideas and fundamental principles of rule of law and democracy and they continue to stain the world unabated for the rest of the civilized world to see.

Russian journalists and members of the media from other countries working on the front lines in Ukraine and attempting to report the facts are faced with the daunting task of trying to counter the unprecedented tidal wave of lies, anti-Russian hysteria and war propaganda that is being broadcast and promoted around the clock by all of the major western corporate media. The carefully choreographed propaganda campaign of blatant slander and bald faced lies being pushed, published and broadcast as fact by the western corporate media, who try to outdo each other in their demonization of Russia and President Putin and their calls for military action against Russia, is so Orwellian in its conformist totalitarian nature and so beyond acceptable journalistic standards that even the people being subjugated to the attempted brainwashing are not buying into it and are beginning to protest.

Orwellian media manipulation: two goals

The outright anti-Russian lies and war propaganda being spread in an attempt to manipulate world opinion regarding the situation in Ukraine continue to be pushed on a scale almost unprecedented in modern history. The world is being faced with a disinformation/propaganda campaign carried out using the full power of all of the resources beholden to those behind the coup d'état in Kiev. These resources include the CIA, NSA, FVEY, the corporate mass media (which is controlled either directly or indirectly by government and intelligence agency forces), politicians, public figures and almost anyone else who has enough influence on public opinion to be manipulated and forced to march lock-step with those behind the events in Ukraine.

The first goal of the all out propaganda campaign is obvious; namely to demonize Russia in order to achieve various economic, military and political objectives.

The objectives of the West are supposed to be "secret" but they are obvious to ascertain by keeping one's eye on the ball and ear to the ground. They include the following:

1: Diminishing the growing influence of Russia and President Putin both in post-Soviet space and worldwide, especially after an extremely successful and more importantly; safe, Olympics. The West was also threatened by the growing strength of the BRICS countries, who they continue to attempt to keep down, the Russian led Customs Union and the plans for a Eurasian Economic Union. Russia and its allies continue to grow and strengthen economically and politically by simply expanding and strengthening mutually beneficial relations while the West is bogged down in a failing attempt to dominate the world by force as its economy is collapsing. The is beneficial for the globalists, the bankers, corporations (especially big oil and war profiteers) and western politicians.

2: Establishing another subservient NATO client state. The retrograde recidivist anachronism that is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) continues to spread worldwide, advertising itself as some sort of "global expeditionary force" as it attempts to remain relevant and continue to fulfill its only goal, namely defeating the Soviet Union (Russia) and neutralizing threats (real, imagined or self-created) to the US and its NATO allies. The goal of NATO some are saying is bringing about WWIII if it can not establish global hegemony for the US. Another primary goal of NATO is to neutralize any military response against the West by any country that the US/NATO may decide to launch a nuclear first strike against. That may sound fantastic but that is the real reason behind the failed missile defense shield. Failed because the ABM shield, quite simply, does not work. NATO wants to place its missiles and military infrastructure in Ukraine and force Ukraine into giving up its sovereignty and non-aligned status, pay for expensive "interoperability upgrades" as well as the 2 percent of GDP NATO demands from its "members". This is beneficial to NATO and the military industrial complex as well as the bankers.

NATO itself admits that it is irrelevant and benefits from neo-nazi-like nationalism and that it is a burden to taxpayers. In a NATO document on the cost of expansion NATO says: "... having lost a reliable enemy, in the early 1990s NATO has experienced a serious identity crisis. Some might even argue that the Alliance was saved by the explosion of nationalism in the Balkans." That "reliable enemy" was USSR, hence they need to make Russia the enemy. As for the nationalists in Ukraine?

3: Taking over the European gas market, stopping the flow of Russian gas to Europe and raising the price of gas both for Ukrainians and Europeans. In a speech last December US oil tool Victoria Nuland admitted that the US had spent 5 billion taxpayer dollars on the Ukraine coup. Sponsored by Exxon and Chevron oil, Nuland's debriefing on government projects to oil interests proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US has become a corporate fascist stateand that the US Government is no longer a government of the people but of the corporations given that her accounting should have been to the American people whose taxpayer dollars she was spending, not big oil.

US President Obama is a fully owned corporate tool and this has been a fact since the very beginning. Beholden to his corporate masters, in particular big oil and the military/industrial/security/intelligence complex, Obama has made billions by being a gasoline salesman for big oil, a gun salesman, an insurance salesmana war and torture salesman and now again a gas salesman, selling non-existent gas to Europe.

4: Stealing wealth

The second goal of the relentless Russo-phobic media campaign is to deflect attention from the illegal activities of the US/NATO/EU in bringing about the coup in Kiev.

The West believes the best defense is to attack and they have been attacking Russia since day one of the Ukrainian crisis. These attacks have taken on a real world character by the actions of Washington's fascists in Kiev. Several events and revelations which should have brought down high US government officials and caused an international outcry (and in a just world led to officials facing an international tribunal), but which the US wants the public to ignore, include:

1: The Nuland $5 billion dollar Ukraine subversion revelations.

2: The Nuland/Pyatt puppet government makeup conversation.

3: The US planned Ukrainian false flag attack leaked by Anonymous.

4: The 300 Blackwater/XE/Greystone Limited mercenaries operating in Ukraine and deployed to carry out black operations.

5: The treason and German connections of Vitaly Klitschko.

6: The neo nazi nature of Svoboda, the Right Sector and other right wing groups in Ukraine.

7: The use of nazi tactics and nazi planning in Ukraine

8: The truth about Dmitry Yarosh, Yatsenyuk and Tyganbok.

9: The arming and training of the "opposition" in Ukraine by the CIA, NATO and western interests.

10: The entire color revolution scenario played out and paid for by the US and criminal cabal of neocons.

11: The Maidan snipers funded and brought in by the western backed neo-nazis.

12: The abuse, killing and threats against Russians and others in Ukraine including calls by theWest's blonde princess Yulia Timoshenko to kill 8 million Russians.

13: The shutting down of Russian media sources.

14: The fact that Nuland her puppets Yatsenyuk and Klitscko and many other key beneficiaries of the Ukrainian neo nazi coup are of the neocon persuasion and that rabid anti-Russians like Zbignew Brezhinky are behind the plans to continue US/NATO expansion eastward.

15: The media has been censored and muffled in Ukraine.

16: The so called junta "government" in Ukraine is completely illegitimate.

17: There was no real offer for Ukraine to join the EU.

18: Ukrainian officials called Nuremberg trials illegitimate and are guilty of holocaust denial.

19: US guilty of illegal covert aggression in Ukraine and is guilty of crimes which might lead to WWIII.

20:Obama supporting nazis in Ukraine and applauding supporters of nazis and meeting nazisin the White House

21: Catherine Ashton's knowledge of Maidan snipers

22: Exxon, Chevron to get control of Russian gas pipeline and detroy Ukraine by fracking.

23: The plan to subvert Crimea and use Crimean Tartars to destabilize the territory and allow for NATO intervention.

Oceania, the Ministry of Truth and Ukraine

Now that the junta in Ukraine has stopped all Russian media from being able to broadcast into Ukraine and they have effectively terrorized Ukrainian journalists and outlets into silence they have begun broadcasting all-out lies.

According to sources in Ukraine and in Kiev the lies that are being broadcast around the clock are of a complete false nature. They are not manipulating facts or spinning the situation but the media is reporting completely false information.

The Ukrainian people are being bombarded with news that there are Russian forces amassing on the border with Ukraine and there is an imminent invasion about to take place. Ukraine has dug up hundreds of miles of border to make a useless trench supposedly against tanks. Sources along the borders have seen no Russian troops and the only troops that are armed along the borders are the Ukrainian Right Sector nazis. The only tanks or Russian vehicles moving along the borders are farm tractors belonging to farmers whose land has been dug up. All reports of Russian forces amassed at the border have been proven to be faked or staged or like the CNN violent protests in Moscow which turned out to be from Greece, never took place anywhere near Ukraine.

Other reports show a distressed Uzbek woman apparently holding up a new Russian passport with a residence stamp in Magadan. This was a doctored photograph of a woman whose son was killed by terrorists and she had been holding up her dead son's passport.

Another report shows that Russians from the Volgograd region want to leave the Russian Federation and join Ukraine. Ukrainians newscasters say the entire Volgograd region will soon become a part of Ukraine.

More videos show what appear to be Right Sector mercenaries torturing a poor defenseless man, but the Ukrainian news says that it is Russian forces.

In yet another report a girl who refuses to show her face and only speaks Russian claims that she was intimidated into singing the Russian anthem by unspecified Russians and that she is not allowed to speak Ukrainian. Although she is speaking to junta media and to a Ukrainian correspondent she only speaks Russian.

Reports that the Right Sector handed in their arms are also false, the Right Sector handed in plastic guns to the authorities and were allowed to keep their real guns because the authorities agreed those weapons are "legal".

A recent kangaroo process blaming security services with Berkut for the sniper attacks on Maidan was held with no defense for the accused and no evidence or medical analysis was allowed to be presented.

The Ukrainian junta media is literally attempting to brainwash and manipulate the Ukrainian people into supporting their coup government. However many Ukrainians are now buying satellite dishes in order to get some real news.

Globalists against the people

What we have going on in Ukraine is another true manifestation of the New World Order elites of the West, manipulating and attempting to control a population through fear and manipulation in the media and by overthrowing a government. They have done it the US with the bogeyman of terrorism. They have done it all over the Middle East and the rest of the world, and now they are doing it in Ukraine to cover up their crimes of subversion by attempting to convince the world that Russia is some sort of threat.

The architects behind the Ukrainian coup have no interest in the people of Ukraine, nor are they going to support their neo nazi forces for much longer. As soon as the government and the constitution are changed the neo nazi Maidan criminals will be rounded up and disposed of. Yet the western media is completely complicit.

Complicit in bringing about World War III

The western media is effectively promoting through their false anti-Russian war propaganda events that may in fact lead to World War III. Western geopolitical strategists and neo-cons architects no exactly what they are doing in Ukraine. They have continued to provoke and threaten Russia for the last 20 years and now they are meddling in the territory of greater Rus in yet another attempt to get their foot closer and closer to Russian territory.

The war propaganda is not being jumped on by Europeans or Americans. There are few who wish to enter a war or die for neo-nazi thugs in Ukraine, yet the rhetoric continues.

Terrorizing journalists, activists and the public

Ukraine's junta and the conglomeration of neo-nazis and fascists continue to beat, intimidate and disappear journalists, bloggers and anyone else who dares to speak out against their junta.

Many journalists have had to flee Ukraine because they feared for their lives and had been attacked or threatened. The western media ignores these facts as they ignore the house to house intimidation and pillaging by the Right Sector forces.

There was no Russian invasion of Crimea

The biggest and most egregious lie being spread all over the media and in the western world is that Russia somehow invaded or annexed Crimea. I have repeated this many times, the Crimean people held a referendum to REUNITE with Russia. It was a free and democratic decision by the people of Crimea. There was no Russian military activity in Crimea other than some activities to ensure the maintaining of order after a request from the Crimean government and people.

The 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances

The claim by the West that Russia somehow violated the Budapest Memorandum are also false. The agreement was first of all not ratified by the United States and was not a legal binding agreement with concrete conditions. So even if Russia did violate a condition because the Memorandum was never ratified, it actually means little and carries as much weight as NATO agreements not to expand eastward. Just as the US failed to ratify START II and START III it is hypocritical for them to demonize or blame Russia.

George Soros, USAID and NGOs

Billionaire globalist and Russophobe George Soros and his Open Society Institute andInternational Renaissance Foundation (IRF) as well as the U.S. State Department, USAID (which was kicked out of Russia), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy, are all key players in the current coup in Ukraine and the previous Orange Revolution.

Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul was a frequent visitor to the offices of the Open Society Institute and as a color revolution specialist who failed to organize a coup in Russia, as he was outed within hours of his arrival, no doubt was working closely with Nuland and Pyatt. According to McFaul: "Most Russia-watchers are diplomats, or specialists on security and arms control. Or Russian culture. I am neither. I can't recite Pushkin by heart.I am a specialist in democracy, anti-dictatorial movements, and revolutions"

We already know what the US means by democracy, neo-nazis terrorizing a country into submission.

The Russian Federation

Although Russia continues to be demonized all of its moves have been strictly defensive in nature, or in defense of Russian citizens or nationals, as they have been since the end of the Cold War.

Russia recently sent all of the Ukrainian military hardware back to Ukraine from Crimea.

Russia has not shut off gas to Ukraine although Ukraine owed billions of dollars and it would be a welcome move by most Russians. However the matter of turning off all gas to and through Ukraine has become a topic that is being discussed at the highest levels.

Due to foreign economic manipulation related to Obama's sanctions Russia has also started the process, as China has done, of implementing its own debit card to compete with Visa and Mastercard.

For the first time Russian officials have also began to consider the possibility of changing the country's oil trade into rubles. This is another move that like the shutting off of gas to Russia, would seriously damage the western Europe and the West. If Russia stops supporting the dollar and changes all oil trade to the ruble, this will surely cause a domino effect that willcompletely destroy the US dollar and economy. All I can say is it is about time someone sanctioned the US and fought fire with fire. 

Added Monday April 7th, 2014 05:45 AM

Just a few of the other articles on western media manipulation

There are those who would try to dismiss this article by saying this issue does not exist or that there has been no media campaign of lies launched by the West. Just as other fatcs are ignored or brushed under the carpet by the obedient western corporate media such as the fact that: McFaul, the color revolution specialist, was in Russia to bring about regime change and destabilize the Russian Federation, a missile hit the Pentagon on 9-11, the CIA supports Al-Qaeda all over the Middle East and in Syria and the CIA supported violent neo-nazis extremists to bring about the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine, omission is one of the favorite tools of the West.

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8 April, 07:44

Ukraine: A US Geopolitical Failure of Historic Proportions

John Robles

Ukraine: A US geopolitical failure of historic proportions

The situation in Ukraine continues to develop in ways that the US architects of the coup, the CIA, neoconservatives like Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt, Michael McFaul, Barrack Obama, George Soros and the Zbignew Brezhinsky acolytes running the US foreign policy establishment, obviously had not planned. 

Once again the United States Government through USAID, the CIA and the State Department, has spent billions of US taxpayer's dollars illegally overthrowing yet another government in the latest attempt to make hundreds of billions more for their billionaire corporate masters and expand US hegemony and once again they are on the road to failure.

The latest geopolitical adventure by the US in Ukraine is failing for the same reason they failed in Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Russia, Iran and elsewhere, namely because the isolated Washington elites living in the fantasy world they apparently live in, know absolutely nothing about the people in the countries they want to takeover.

As neo conservative icon Paul Wolfowitz told US General Wesley Clark soon after 9-11 the Pentagon and NATO are in the business of destroying countries, something they have proven they can do very well since Yugoslavia 15 years ago. Yes the US has proven they can destabilize countries, invade, occupy and bomb into oblivion on the flimsiest of false pretexts and carry out regime change almost at will, but what the idiots in Washington can not do is make their changes stick, win the hearts of the people, establish real lasting hegemony or truly profit in the long term from their meddling. This is not to mention maintaining or even pretending to stand on any moral high ground or actually bringing about a regime change that produces a peaceful, productive, thriving and healthy society. Although of course causing regime change is illegal but international has never stopped the United States of "exceptional" America.

Yes you read that right, I said the Untied States of America is failing in Ukraine. The coup is not sticking and the events will soon take an unexpected turn that should once and for all convince the American populace that they should finally put their neocon geopolitical global "chess players" in padded cells before they kill any more of the world's citizens and drag further generations of American taxpayers into the poor house. I do not want to say too much because I do not want to assist the criminals in Washington, warn them off or give them any ideas, not that I seriously believe arrogant American globalists and geopolitical architects would listen to anyone else other than their own self-aggrandizing echo chambers and I almost hate to say I told you so dear reader, but the truth is I did.

Destabilization, spreading violence, lawlessness, civil war and anarchy

The continued meddling by the CIA and its agents and co-conspirators in Ukraine will only lead to further damage and bloodshed to the people of Ukraine. If this is by design then on this account the US is succeeding in a temporary way. Of course if all-out-war is what the US is really interested in in Ukraine, if they keep pushing their agenda they just may get their wish and the military industrial complex will make billions profiting off war and off the blood sweat and tears of the taxpayers and the citizens of Ukraine, but we won't go there just yet will we?

The initial destabilization, carried out with outdated color revolution tactics obviously designed in the 1990s, was to a large part successful. It did result in a change of regime. However it was probably the most ham handed amateur operation ever carried out by the CIA, State and all of their little sycophantic agents. Sure it cost billions and the US' best regime change minds were all on board, but that does not change the fact that their greedy little psuedo intellectual Russia hating geopolitical chess "masters", at the end of the day, know nothing about the people they are dealing with.

The first failure of the US in Ukraine was their choice of neo-nazis to carry out the coup in order to place their little puppets in power. What idiot in the CIA or the White House came up with that idea? Here was a country devastated by World War II, the real nazis and even worse by the nazi collaborators led by Stepan Bandera, whom the real nazi SS called too brutal, and someone in the George Soros alternative universe actually thought these animals could lead a popular uprising. Unbelievable lack of vision, to say nothing of the fact that these xenophobic, Russian-Jew-everyone-hating nazis were manipulated in order to place puppets of the Jewish persuasion in power.

Of course like the psychopathic-murderous-blood-thirsty-fanatics hiding behind the religion of Islam that the US uses all over the Middle East, the brainless-easily-manipulated Right Sector fanatics were the only filth the US could dig up to do their dirty work in Ukraine. Like Al-Nusra and the so-called "Free Syria Army", the Right Sector and Dmitro Yarosh are simply murderous butchers doing a "job" requiring a scalpel while operating with sledgehammers. But that is the American way, brute force and bashing everything in site with a sledgehammer, which is why these criminals keep robbing US taxpayers of billions and doing nothing but causing bloodshed. "People" like John McCain, who pick these violent lunatics obviously have a love for the most violent of the violent and have no concern who is getting US taxpayer dollars. Nazis, Al-Qaeda, and fanatical paramilitaries of every sort, it does not matter, as long as the job is completed.

As I said I do not want to help the US but the choice of wanted terrorist and murderer Dmitro Yarosh and his bandera nazis was a mistake, now let's look at why.

US Puppets will now liquidate the Right Sector

The illegitimate-US-puppet-president of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, a traitor to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and whose rise to power was bought and paid for by Washington and made possible by Right Sector forces and their successful coup, has today announced that he will crack down on the very neo-nazis that put him in power. Just to note Ukraine has no provision in any Constitution for a temporary president and there is no legal basis for his being "president" the only legal president of Ukraine right now continues to be Yanukovich, but that is another story.

We know it was the Right Sector which carried out the coup. We also know the entire Verhovnaya Rada and the new "government" of Ukraine was chosen by the US and the Right Sector and its associates and in no way can any of them be called legitimate (including the US) when it comes to holding office or serving the Ukrainian people. This makes the following statement by Turchynov just another laughable part of the farce that is the US/NATO/EU power grab in Ukraine: "Some citizens tried to stage a provocation near the Verkhovna Rada, either knowingly or unknowingly, and I’m thankful to the MPs who thwarted that provocative act.” Turchynov was speaking of last week's attempted storming of the Parliament by the Right Sector nazis in protest of the junta's killing of one of their co-conspirators. The MPs in question if you recall ran out of an emergency exit in fear.

Turchynov must have the same speech writers be using the same PR firm as Barrack (I-will-sell-Europe-gas-we-don't-have) Obama, because their complete twisting of reality is so obvious and so patently self-serving as to defy all belief that they would even dare say these things.

Ignoring the fact that Arseny Yatsenuk, Vitaly Klitchko (who was egged recently when he attempted to start a still-born campaign to run for president) and himself were all placed in power by the Right Sector and that the entire current Ukrainian Government is a complete farce and was selected by the junta's mob on Maidan Square, Turchynov said the following:“There’s only way to replace parliament, and it’s to vote in an election. There is no other way that might involve forcible pressure because it would push the country into a disaster,"and what is truly amazing he said it with a straight face, proving he must have hired the same Orwellian Ministry of Truth lie trainers that train Obama "we got gas" and Kerry "we just know" .

According to television reports, Turchynov stated that he will now crack down violently on the Right Sector, proving what I have been saying from the beginning, namely: the Right Sector was just a tool and will be thrown away.

Right Sector calling for recruits

According to television reports and televised footage of neo-nazi leader Yarosh, the nazi group is calling for recruits. In his address Yarosh said the Right Sector would take anyone. Of course anyone does not mean Russians, Jews or blacks.

Fascist radical leader Yarosh running for president

Despite claiming he is unemployed and has no reportable income and therefore paid no taxes (CIA black money doesn't count of course) Yarosh the nazi terrorist came up with the $225 thousand dollars to register as a candidate for president. He is running. The first internationally wanted radical neo-nazi psychopath to run for president anywhere in the world.

FSB captures Right Sector terrorists in Russia

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) reports that it captured 4 groups of Right Sector neo-nazi terrorists in Russia. 25 Ukrainian citizens were arrested and gave detailed televised admissions that they were planning terrorist attacks and provocations all over Russia.

Right Sector indignant over not receiving Russian financial aid

The farce that the US backed Right Sector nazis and the criminals in Kiev are making of Ukraine went up to another level when the illegitimate Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Yury Prodan, selected by the junta on Maidan Square stated that Russia should pay the illegitimate junta government 15 billion dollars in aid promised to President Yanukovich, who had to flee for his life to Russia after Prodan's Right Sector threatened to kill him.

Rights Sector selling their services

According to a Ukrainian website the Right Sector's services are for sale and anyone who needs a rent-a-mob, no matter what the purpose can get them for cheap or in exchange for weapons.

Greystone (Blackwater/XE) and Right Sector nazis activated

Kiev has sent American mercenaries from Greystone and armed Right Sector thugs to the east of Ukraine to deal with growing protests from the civilian population against the junta in Kiev.The Russian Foreign Ministry issued statements on the issue. Apparently the Right Sector did not have enough forces and the CIA was forced to bring in their own people. They will be tasked with fighting a covert war of intimidation against the pro-Russian civilian population.

The fact that 300 US/CIA mercenaries are even in Ukraine is an act of war. If they begin to attack Russian civilians this will be an international war crime which will force Russia to respond. Russia will not allow its citizens to be killed by US mercenaries and nazis, and there is no doubt operations are underway to liquidate the threat.

The US cannot place military forces in Ukraine so it has done what it does best. It pays fringe elements and radicals and imports mercenaries. Russia has been extremely restrained in its protests but this is an unarguable act of war and an attempt to change the political will of the civilian population through fear and force. This is a perfect example of what terrorism is and the US has now become not only a supporter of terrorism but a state sponsor of terrorism.

The US is upset by developments in the east of Ukraine

For the hypocrites in Washington the neo-nazis killing over 85 police officers in Kiev was normal and did not cause a single statement of concern, yet pro-Russian rallies in eastern Ukraine are a problem for the US planners of the nazi coup in Kiev.

The Independent People's Republic of Donetsk

Donetsk has declared independence from Ukraine and has called for a referendum on joining the Russian Federation.

Deputies of the Donetsk regional council on Monday proclaimed state sovereignty of the People’s Republic of Donetsk.

Donetsk has also requested Russian peacekeepers.

The People's Republic of Harkov

Activists in Harkov have declared the creation of the People's Republic of Harkov and are also calling for a referendum on joining Russia.

Right Sector thugs were beaten in clashes and chased out of Harkov.

Lugansk calling for Federal Republic

Lugansk is calling for a referendum making Russia an official language again, making Ukraine unaligned (again) and citizens are calling for an end to the fascist repression of the junta in Kiev and the banderavites.

Odessa calling for end to repression by junta in Kiev

Odessa is also rising up against the US stooges in Kiev.


The US planners, in their irrational anti-Russian campaign are beginning to cross very dangerous lines. They continue to meddle in an area of the world where they are not welcome and are unwanted. They continue to cause a threat to Russian security and threaten the lives and well being of Russian nationals and Ukrainian citizens. The US' continued support of the junta and the armed fascist groups in Ukraine is a direct threat to Russia, Ukrainians and all Slavic people.

The people of Ukraine (not the US puppets and the neo-nazis) do not want the EU or the US. The majority view Russians as brothers and there is no way the US/NATO/EU will ever succeed in dividing the Slavic world and occupying the mother of great Rus that is Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine beat the nazis once and there is no way that in 2014 the US and their nazis will ever win in Ukraine. So far Russia and the Ukrainian people have been patient and tolerating the incursion on their sovereignty by the planners in Washington, this is not a sign a weakness, and when patience runs out the response will be merciless and unstoppable.

Washington has already entered the bear's den and the hibernating bear is beginning to wake up, now by introducing its "secret" army into the East the fool that is Washington has raised its hand to strike the bear in the face. Will they foolishly do so or will the junta puppets now strike out at the Right Sector? Yarosh says he has "work" in the south east of Ukraine and if recent history is any indication the answer is, yes. Would you strike an angry wakening bear in the face deep inside its own den? Of course you wouldn't. Which is why the US geopolitical "chess" players need to be attired in white jackets with long sleeves that tie in the back and placed in nice white little cells with generous padding on the walls.

Every move they make in Ukraine is known, documented, watched and has been exposed. The no covert takeover of Ukraine by the CIA is no longer covert. They have been exposed and the lights are shining in all of their dark corners, yet they continue irrationally on, truly a sign of the lights being on in Washington, but nobody being home.


The following is a list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Colorado, Congo, Cuba, Detroit, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Dakota, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

What they have done and are doing to Native Americans might also be added to the list and as the genocide of the indigenous peoples is the foundation of endemic “American” racism and “exceptionalism” must also be mentioned.

Time for the world to wake up and sanction the real criminals

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_08/Ukraine-A-US-geopolitical-failure-of-historic-proportions-9431/


10 April, 06:09

Orwellian US Propaganda Tool VOA Finished in Russia

John Robles

Orwellian US propaganda tool VOA finished in Russia

The US Broadcast Board of Governors, the organization which runs the US Government's media and internet operations, recently received a letter from Dmitry Kiselyov, the head of Rossiya Segodnya, in which he stated that the Voice of America and Radio Liberty would not be allowed to broadcast in Russia any longer after their contract with Russia ran out. 

The move is yet another indicator of the fact that the Russian Government, which has so far been patient as the US/NATO attempt to continue to surround it with missiles and continue to demonize everything Russian, is beginning to take serious measures to protect itself, its people and its allies.

In another example of Russia following the rule of law and honoring its agreements and contracts with all its partners and at a detriment to itself, the US Government's propaganda tool the Voice of America was allowed to continue its subversive sanctimonious self-serving propaganda disguised as democracy and freedom (as long as you are with them) broadcasting into the territory of the Russian Federation until the expiration of its contract. The grudging cooperation of the Russian Government with the main instrument of American subversion has come to an end with one simple sentence from Rossiya Segodnya's outspoken head Dmitry Kiselyov who the US recently added to its useless sanctions list because he dared to tell the truth about Ukraine.

"We are not going to cooperate anymore," said Mr. Kiselyov in a letter dated March 21, 2014 to the US Government's Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and to be honest nothing more needed to be said.

With headlines from the Orwellian alternate universe that the United States exists in like "Experts Liken Ukraine Crisis to Soviet's Afghanistan Invasion" it can be no wonder that the Russian Government and in fact any truth loving country or citizen of the world might want to ban the voice of the aging recidivist Cold War propaganda machine seeking to stay relevant by creating its own bogeymen and brainwashing the masses to promote knuckle dragging caveman policies of force and subservience.

Russia's refusal to continue to allow the US its beloved platform for incessantly attempting to subvert its government and brainwash its people is a move that must be applauded and one that any country in the world which does not want to face its own EuroMaidan when the Brzezinski brigades in Washington become concerned about their "democracy" must emulate.

It is understandable why the US and its subservient "West" continue to demonize Russia and its leader President Putin (who enjoys an over 92% approval rating something I believe no American president has ever attained) and continuously take issue with the fact that our president worked for the KGB, namely because they keep losing and for some strange reason every single attempt at subverting Russia keeps failing. You see dear reader, having a patriotic incorruptible member of the security services as a president (which is how I would describe President Putin), rather than a corrupt career politician or a "Euro" Maidan-style-bonehead-puppet like Vitali Klitschko or Arseny Yatsenyuk, is Washington's worst nightmare, other than a patriotic socialist of course.

President Putin, as a former KGB intelligence officer, understands perfectly well and perhaps better than any other leader in the world (with all due respect to Fidel Castro who the CIA tried to assassinate over 638 times and the Chinese State who even their staunchest allies know little about) the tools and methods that the United States in particular uses to subvert countries, dispose of leaders, bring about regime change and advance its own hegemony and "interests".

Presidents and leaders of the world please take note: if you value your country's sovereignty and want to advance the interests of it and your people pay attention to what President Putin has been doing and doing well. During his first terms he brought about a complete turnaround to the neocon/Brzezinski plan to divide Russia into 68 autonomous regions, he put an end to the rampant US promoted corruption (Washington's favorite type of country and official is a corrupt one), he stopped the nose-diving population numbers, he stopped the brain drain and the massive runaway escape of capital from Russia and he ended to 1990s near anarchy that was tearing Russia apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union. That was internally.

President Putin's plans for Russia are more in keeping with American Indian thought than anything the West has come up with. The Americans Indians believe we must regulate our moves and actions with the well-being of 7 generations ahead in mind, and from what I have seen (and I may be wrong here perhaps it is more), President Putin's vision is somewhere about 400 years ahead. This is why he is running circles around leaders like Obama who has sold the current and next several dozen generations down river and is ready to completely frack the entire North American continent into an uninhabitable wasteland so that he and his oil company buddies can get a quick fix. President Putin is like a chess player who is playing 250 moves ahead while the rest are struggling with 3 (not even close to the grandmaster level of 12).

Now, closer to the matter at hand lest I digress, with regard to the architects of the collapse of the single greatest power in world history, namely the US Government and all of its instruments of international subversion, who sought to colonize Russia and gain control of it and its resources, President Putin has acted equally effectively and in each and every case followed the rule of law, the Constitution of the Russian Federation and his oath of office. Something so called "constitutional scholars in chief" might make a note of in seeking to emulate conditions for attaining a 92% approval rating by their populaces.

His moves for securing Russia from the out of control imperial hegemon included the law on NGOs (which Ukraine, Egypt, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Yugoslavia and other US regime change targets should have done) and foreign agents, the expulsion of CIA front company USAID which since the 90s had infected everything from pre-natal centers (eugenics?) to the banking sector, the very professional and subtle neutralization of McFaul and his color revolution brigades of church defilers rent-a-mobs and his principled and uncompromising insistence on pursuing international relations based on mutual respect and rule of law.

Of course the American exceptional hegemon is upset by all of these moves, and they should be I suppose, given that they keep failing in their "Democracy is: a McDonald's, free resources for big oil, "open" markets and a US puppet government" drive to rule the world, but things look like they will get worse for the US corporate controlled government and its CIA/NATO "destroying countries are us" over ambitious desperately faltering geopolitical imperial architects. They keep messing with a waking bear and that bear is defending itself.

Now I do not want to help Washington in anyway, but they should take heed. They keep pushing and Russia will push back. There is now talk of changing Russia's oil and energy trade to the ruble (something I think should have been done decades ago), establishing a Russian based international credit card system (goodbye to the Visa/MasterCard global monopoly) and other projects in the works in the fields of stock exchanges, organizations like the BRICS and the Customs Union and more Eurasian integration and cooperation. Russia and the world want to do business and advance their countries and peoples; this is bad for the empire of death.

So the big loser, when the world begins trading its oil in something other than the dollar and the whole worthless paper currency house of cards comes crashing down will be the United States of America, which really produces nothing to offer the world except weapons, some clever computer stuff that they use to spy on you and death and destruction.

The US is failing, in Russia, Ukraine, Syria and worldwide. And the world is beginning to wake up to the fact that the US is a rogue superpower, trampling on international law worldwide, engaged in an attempt at global domination through force and subversion and has only its own quick-fix-interests in mind.

No matter the current alternative universe Orwellian Ministry of Truth operations of the subservient corporate controlled media, which have attempted to paint the US billion dollar regime change/resource grab/NATO expansion/destruction of a state as somehow being Russia's fault. The US will fail because there is one weapon that there is no way they can win against and at the end of the day that weapon will win. That weapon is the truth.

Another reason that the US and its regime change subversion operation failed in Russia is that Russians are too smart to fall for rent-a-mobs running in the streets screaming for regime change while offering no reasonable alternative. Russians are too smart to fall for infantile American propaganda, which is the main reason US elites and the government make sure their educational system continues to be one of the worst in the world and higher education is only available to their own kind.

Unfortunately the average American is kept dumbed-down focused on non-issues like abortion and two men engaged in grotesque relations as marriage and terrorized and perplexed by never ending laws and ever more oppression by their own security state which has enslaved them. So with that in mind it is logical and natural that the US should support the illegitimate government in Ukraine which has shut down the media, freedom of expression and is ruling by brute force and fear. Yes dear reader, if you are hearing this for the first time the US/NATO/EU funded, trained and employed violent neo-Nazi criminal thugs, killers, insurrectionists and terrorists to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine so they can expand their territory and take what they want. That is the truth.

Again I have digressed from the matter at hand but the background is necessary. With all of that the Voice of America broadcasts ridiculous propaganda like the previous Ukraine/Afghanistan "Russia is to blame" comparison piece I mentioned.

On second thought it is pretty good comparison and as a journalist for the Voice of Russia I would love to hand the comparison back to the Voice of America. You might even say it is an "excellent" comparison because: as in Afghanistan where the US "created" Al-Qaeda and backed murderous Islamic lunatics to overthrow the socialist government, the US "created" the Right Sector and backed murderous Nazi lunatics to overthrow the democratic government; also Russia was asked to intervene in Afghanistan and helped the Afghan people just as Russia was asked to intervene (no invasion) in Crimea and helped the Crimean people; another similarity is that the fact that the war against the socialist government in Afghanistan was a CIA operation just as in Ukraine, for which Russia is being demonized by a concerted media effort, is also a CIA "op".

Back to the Spam of America, Dmitry Kiselyov who was added to what I call "the honorary sanctions list" said the issue with Voice of America and Radio Liberty has nothing to do with freedom of speech but is due to the fact that the US propaganda tools have nothing original to say and they sound like they broadcast from another world, or at least from a world that doesn't exist anymore.

He is absolutely right and once again the US has stepped on the same rake for the umpteenth time. They tried to influence and pressure Russia with "alternative universe propaganda" and sanctions and began trying to rewrite history to a well-informed people they know nothing about, as they always do, and they have had their lunch handed right back to them. Banning the Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG) and their fake news outlets from Russia was something that should have been done ages ago in my opinion.

The BBG should not worry though, last July they were allowed to broadcast their Ministry of Truth vitriol disguised as "democracy radio" into the United States after being previously banned. Useful tool I imagine for Obama's brainwashing of the American populace as they are being trampled upon and oppressed.

I can say what I want about the BBG and their "product" and will not, unlike the Voice of America, try to convince you I am "fair and balanced", I work for the Voice of Russia and love Russia and President Putin, so I have a certain pro Russia bias. The difference is I am not hiding that fact and you dear reader can therefore adjust appropriately. I will say that we at the Voice of Russia are not trying to change reality unlike the Voice of America, and as for myself I am always trying to inform my readers of the truth.

Perhaps it is better if I quote an American who had the Voice of America banned in America. In the 1970s James William Fulbright moved to restrict the Voice of America saying they "should be given the opportunity to take their rightful place in the graveyard of Cold War relics."

Fulbright's amendment was bolstered in 1985 by Nebraska Senator Edward Zorinsky, who argued that such "propaganda" should be kept out of America as to distinguish the U.S. "from the Soviet Union where domestic propaganda is a principal government activity."

So dear reader, I thank you if you have stayed with me this far, if the US itself banned the Voice of America from being broadcast in America and upon reinstatement was protesting, why should Russia and your country allow and assist its most recalcitrant "partner" from attempting to poison the minds of its people.

And one more little final note and then you can go back to your regularly scheduled surfing. I would like to leave you with these facts for thought: someone in collusion with the United States neocon/coup government of George Bush killed 2,999 civilians and 9-11-01 and no believable explanation has yet to be given; the US continues to maintain the illegal torture prison at Guantanamo where it is holding hundreds of innocent men in violation of every conceivable international law and convention; in the last 15 years the US/NATO illegally invaded and committed acts of aggressive war against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya (these are crimes against humanity and peace); the US/NSA/FVEY is spying on the entire planet and all governments and even allied officials; every Tuesday the president of the United States decides on a list of people to extra-judicially murder without trial or charges; the US is engaged in a war against journalists and whistleblowers; the US was completely responsible for the violent coup in Ukraine (a democratic European country) and the US/NATO are admittedly expanding worldwide and in the business of destroying countries. Do you really want such "people" who pretend to be fair, balanced, friendly and "democratic" manipulating your mind? I would think not.

The views and opinions expressed above are my own I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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11 April, 20:18

Obama's "Resources" Claim Ridiculous

Mohawk Elder Kahandinetha Horn

Download audio file   MOVED HERE

The ancestors of 13 Illuminati families and the Rothchilds who are prospering from the genocide of the American Indians must be brought to justice for continuing the legacy of theft, tyranny and genocide that was passed down to them. Tsar Nicholas started an international body in the Hague to settle disputes and maintain the peace, one whose foundation was the same as the Great Law of the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America).That body is the only place where the ancestors of genocidal European filth who continue squatting on land that is not theirs and stealing resources they have no right to, will ever be brought to justice. This is the final installment of a longer interview with Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn in which she spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and much more.


11 April, 19:23

Fascists are in Power in Europe Again

Kristinn Hrafnsson

Fascists are in power in Europe again - Kristinn Hrafnsson

© Photo: RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin

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The manipulation of the media by the West with regard to the situation in Ukraine and the bias that exists in media outlets worldwide was a subject discussed with the Voice of Russia by Kristinn Hrafnsson, the official spokesperson for WIkiLeaks. In the final segment of this interview Mr. Hrafnsson speaks on the issue of how one can attempt to get a balanced picture of global events and says he is concerned that fascists are in power in Europe again.

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Kristinn Hrafnsson. He is the official spokesperson for WikiLeaks and the number two in that organization. This is part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com



Hrafnsson: It is my major concern that we are not getting accurate information out to the general public about what exactly is going on. And based upon that we are prone to all kinds of devastating scenarios, where propaganda is used to start horrible wars where people die and where children suffer. That is not acceptable and we need to make sure that through informational the truth isn't stopped.

Robles: I’m with you 100% there. And I’m sure Russia doesn’t want to start a war anywhere, in Ukraine or in the Crimea.

Hrafnsson: In March 30th in 1949 Iceland joined NATO. And in the history of the republic of the country there are only two demonstrations which were carried out which used violence in the street. The first one was on March 30th 1949 when about half of the population was rallying against joining NATO and wanted to keep independent non-aligned.

The second time when this happened was in early 2009, after the collapse of the all the banks in the country. It was almost the bankruptcy of the country and people did go to the streets and tear gas was used. So, we only have two instances in the history of the young nation since 1944.

Robles: So, what do you think is really going on in Ukraine, in your opinion?

Hrafnsson: I have no idea. I have no first hand information. I have contacts on the ground that I’ve talked to, but I am not an expert and I just cannot be a commentator on the situation there in any capacity. Although, being a journalist I know a few other journalists in Kiev. It is a situation that worries me. I’m very worried about the rise of fascist power or movement in the country, which I think is extremely worrying.

Otherwise, it is an extremely complicated situation where the more I know, the less I know. The only thing I know for sure is that the Western media and the mainstream media is not reporting accurately and with enough deft and vigor as it should be on the situation in Ukraine.

Robles: You’ve just mentioned the rise of right-wing fascist forces. So, would you agree from your sources there that that is who has taken power in Ukraine?

Hrafnsson: It is quite obvious that in the transitional power in Ukraine we do now have fascist elements, that were quite obviously fascist and are now having one hand on the very important institutions within the transitional government. We now actually have fascists in power in Europe, again. And that is worrying.

Robles: I don’t understand why Europe is not more concerned or we don’t hear much concern from Europe for, for example, Dmitri Yarosh. He is the leader of this neo-Nazi group. I tell you from the Russian perspective. He is wanted for terrorism. He was making open calls to kill Russians, Jews and blacks in Ukraine and he is running for president now. I haven’t heard any outcry from Europe at all, which is troubling for me. What do you think that is about? Just because they are following the US’ role or? Can you comment?

Hrafnsson: Things in the world in the Western mainstream media are rarely reported upon accurately and with any sanity at all. So, wherever you go around the world, you will find an instance of extremely poor reporting. That is of worry.

Robles: Where does Mr. Kristinn Hrafnsson get his news for our listeners?

Hrafnsson: On the Internet I have a smorgasbord of news sources and I will approach every source with a large dose of skepticism. I will probably not think that Al Jazeera was the best source for any news about the Arab world and the Arabs and Qatar. I would probably not think that RT would be the best source of accurate information from inside Russia. I would probably not think that Fox News would be the best reflection of what actually is going on in the US.

But you go through all these sources and having the ability and the knowledge to be an experienced reporter with 30-year experience, you see through the filters that are there and you see through your mindset what exactly is going on, and you build a picture of what does world looks like that day from that information. It is a handpicking from here and there and putting through filters, and building a full picture.

Robles: Okay, thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

You were listening to part 2 of an interview with Kristinn Hrafnsson – the official spokesperson for WikiLeaks. You can find the previous part of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_11/Fascists-are-in-power-Europe-again-Kristinn-Hrafnsson-2557/


11 April, 00:56

President Putin is a Hope for the Oppressed

Yugoslav FM Zivadin Jovanovic

President Putin is a hope for the oppressed - FM Zivadin Jovanovic

© Photo: RIA Novosti

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For the oppressed people of the world subjected to exploitation and the forces of imperial powers Russian President Vladimir Putin has become a real hope for a return of multi-polarity and the mutual respect of all nations. Decades of US imperial attempts at achieving global hegemony by force, illegal methods and endless aggressive war have had the reverse effect that the US global imperialists had hoped for. The main weapon for the US in its strategy was the use of aggressive war and regime change. 

In Yugoslavia the US/NATO designed a blueprint to disguise aggressive war as humanitarian intervention and much of the world was fooled into believing it. Since then the US/NATO have destroyed countries with impunity. In the Voice of Russia's interview with the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia Živadin Jovanović he is asked his opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Zivadin Jovanovic

This is John Robles, I'm speaking with Živadin Jovanović. This is John Robles, I'm speaking with ŽivadinJovanović. He is the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia and the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals. This is part three of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

PART 1     PART 2

Robles: Last comment if you could, sir, on Russian president Vladimir Putin. He, I think, is now what I would say a hope for many people all over the world who have been repressed, oppressed and subjected to Western colonialism, regime change operations etc. And many people in the world see him as someone who can bring about return to rule of law, to respect for international conventions, to respect for the Geneva Conventions, the United Nations and the real international community. If you could what is your opinion on Russian president Vladimir Putin?

Jovanović: A couple of years ago I was asked by your colleagues in Belgrade: "Why does the Serbian public like Putin so much?"

And I said: "Probably, because of the feeling that Serbia although it is a small country would like to have its own Putin".

Putin has become a symbol of dignity of nation, a symbol of a leader who doesn’t aim, in politics, from today to tomorrow, symbol of a politician of long term strategy and a long term perspective for Russia, for Europe and for the world.

And I think that he is widely respected what I can surely witness he is highly respected all over Serbia and in the region and exactly as a hope for more justice and more peace, stability, for hope for respect of law and basic conventions as you said, respect for the United Nations.

Therefore I think he first of all needs and I believe he enjoys full the support of Russia’s population and of countries surrounding Russia bit I think that his role should also be to encourage international bodies such as the Unied Nations, such as the OSCE and international forums to join forces for just world relations.

Russia is certainly a big power, she is already a superpower. Putin is certainly a leader opening the hopes not only the Russian population but of many oppressed peoples and countries all over the world that there is need to initiate movement and movement of all constructive and peace loving forces in the world and especially international bodies.

So that the other even formally accept this struggle for peace, dignity, equality and partnership.

Robles: Thank you very much, sir.

Jovanović: Thank you for inviting me although I believe there are many people who will speak their minds even with a greater wisdom than myself.

Robles: Thank you, sir. I really appreciate it.

Jovanović: Ok, bye bye.

Robles: Ok, thank you, sir, thank you sir. Good luck, good night.

You were listening to part 3 of an interview with ŽivadinJovanovic, the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia. He is also the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thanks for listening and we wish you the best.


Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_11/President-Putin-is-a-hope-for-the-oppressed-FM-Zivadin-Jovanovic-8631/


12 April, 17:03

Monsanto Stealing and Patenting Indian Products

Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

Monsanto stealing and patenting Indian products - Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

© Photo: SXC.hu

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The situation in Ukraine and the policies of the United States internationally with regard to sovereignty, resources and force all have their origins in the founding of the American state on the genocide of the native people and the stealing of their resources, says elder with the Mohawk Nation Tekarontake.

Hello! This is John Robles, I'm speaking with Tekarontake – an elder with the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation. This is part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. You are listening to an interview in progress.



Tekarontake: You can travel all over North America, one of the most wealthiest lands in the world, and yet native people are at the bottom, are stilll the poorest, in just about every one of our communities, those are the only places where socialism is encouraged.

Where our people as individuals, we don't have rights. Only though the corporations that have been established on our territories called tribal councils and band councils that the government recognized, they are the only ones who have the right to make business, control business and so on. And our people are just peasants.

Our people have no rights. The thing is that they give the corporations tax exemption and they are telling our people that we are tax exempt but yet they are trying to tax us.

The thing is that what they did was – we are a nontaxable people and that's our birth right, but they want us to give up our birth right for a privilege they call tax exemption, because if they can give you that exemption, they can take it away.

They want us to alienate ourselves from who we are. But we are not willing to do this. And the thing is that they've stolen so many of our children and put them into residential schools and brainwashed, and took the Indian out of them. And many of the people today, they don't know what their rights are.

They are only now finding out because those of us who have never relinquished this, we continue to fight this and a lot of us are not part of the corporation. Most of the people that are part of corporation, they don't even understand what any of that means. They think that being part of the corporation makes them an Indian. But that's how much the government has confused the people.

There are those of us who continue to adhere to our traditional ways and maintaining the birth right that we've always had, we are continuing to try to educate our own people, as well as the non-native community as to what is really the truth, what is really going on.

So, we continue our stand on this and we maintain our principles and our philosophy. And again we are faced with this situation with the State of New York.

Just a couple months back some of our men were charged supposedly with running an illegal gambling establishment. But there was nothing illegal about what they were doing. And even the federal government and the state admitted that there was no wrongdoing. But they used the corporation to push the issue and got a district attorney to support it and took these men to court. And the state lost. The jury acquitted these men and said that there was no wrongdoing.

Robles: I'm sorry, can you... for our international listeners because a lot of people don't know about the situation with gambling, and tobacco and alcohol tax exemptions and stuff. Can you explain a little bit about how that is on the small areas of land where the indigenous people have been trapped? What their laws are regarding gambling and stuff?

Tekarontake: You see, there was no law against any of these things. There was a case, I believe it was in California, where the court said that the governments had no right to tell our people that they couldn't do these things. And a lot of this gaming industry and tobacco, and all that, it wasn't something our people thought up. Our people always had tobacco. We traded tobacco, we had different types of tobacco, some as trade goods and other tobacco we use for our ceremonies.

So, when the Europeans landed here, that was one of the things our people offered as a trade good, tobacco. And in fact, it was the tobacco that financed the American Revolution.

The thing is that it is not so much the businesses we do. The thing is if our people are going to do a business, and the outside has their hands in our business, then it is okay. As long as the outside get their cut, like the state and the municipalities and the federal government, if everybody gets their share of it there is no problem. But if our people do a business and the outside gets no share of it, then they call it illegal. Basically, it is mafia tactics that they use against our people.

Robles: I'm sorry, let me expand on that from there. We are seeing mafia tactics. If I could, give me a minute here. I'd like to expand on that because it's been bothering me for a while too and it is not just against the native peoples, it is their global policy against everyone. And it is like they've gone insane. I mean, this mafia tactic, now they are threatening the Russian Federation with sanctions, they are threatening other countries with bombing them, they are threatening everybody in the world with something, if they don't give up their resources and give up their sovereignty, and give up their rights.

Tekarontake: That's right!

Robles: And I think it's come to the point where they've gone insane. I don't know what do you want to call it. This delusional exceptionalism they have. They've kept subjugating our people in the US, the native American people, the indigenous peoples, the black peoples, the ancestors, the slaves they treated like dirt as well. That's been contained, but I think that's now spreading outward. And I think now the world in general is starting to see a little bit of the real beast that is…I don't know what else to call them, this cancer that has inhabited North America for..

Tekarontake: It is for over 500 years.

Robles: I mean, the same thing with the sanctions. We are going to take away this unless you give us this gas. You are going to buy this. It almost made me sick a couple days ago to hear Obama say, I don't know if you heard this quote, he said "we are blessed with such wonderful resources." I'm paraphrasing. He said – we are blessed in this country with resources, we want to sell to Europe. And they are telling Europe – you can't buy Russian gas. Russian sells gas to Europe very cheap. And he says – we are going to give you "our" blessed resources. I'm just thinking in my head – those are stolen resources. You are not blessed with anything.

Tekarontake: That's right! The thing is that everything the US and Canada, and all the countries in the western hemisphere, the resources that they claim they own, they don't own it, it is what they've stolen. They stole it from the indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere. And yet the poorest people in the western hemisphere are the indigenous people. And they are telling us that we don't have a right to any of this stuff and that this is theirs. They make a law and then they legislate it, and they say – well, this is the law.

When they came to this land, our people extended a hand of friendship. We extended to them what we call the Two Row Concept, meaning that everyone should treat each other with respect.

And we told them that we would never interfere with their language, their laws, their customs, their traditions, their people or any of these things. They were free to exercise all those things. But the thing they needed to always keep in mind is that this land here is our Mother and that our Mother is a good mother, and that she would take care of them, but to remember that this is our Mother.

And we told them that we will give you the right to go the depth of a plow so that you can sustain yourselves. But it is only to sustain yourself. It does not mean that we have given you the land, the depth of the plow. We allowed you the use of this land. As long as you follow the way of respect, there will be no issue. But as soon as they became large enough in number, as soon as they were able to decimate so many of our communities and our people with their diseases and so on, and put us in a state of poverty, and weakness, they moved in to try to take away everything else that we still had. And they are still trying to do that to us today.

Robles: I'm sorry, if I could, because this is a correlation with what they are doing right now in Ukraine.

Tekarontake: That's right!

Robles: What they are doing right now, they've gone in there and again they made the people believe that if they join the EU, if they join the West, their lives are going to be better. But all these agreements and everything, and these hidden agreements, they are going to completely devastate and impoverish the Ukrainian people.

And the goal there is, again, the resources. They want to sell them gas, they want to make money of these people, they want the gas that is the Russian gas, they to control that, they want to control the territory of Ukraine.

It is the same lying, stealing, cheating game, only now it is 2014 and they've become technologically more sophisticated in packaging their theft, but it is the same thing. Would you agree with that?

Tekarontake: Oh, yes! That's always been the way of thieves.

Robles: And they are not going in there and killing the Ukrainian people, they are getting these neo-Nazis, who they are also using and manipulating, to go in there and kill and terrorize the Ukrainian people.

Tekarontake: Oh, yes! It is like a bacteria, it looks for a place to land. And it starts there and just going to work in its way till it engulfs the whole body, and destroys it, takes the life out of it.

The thing is that they want you to resolve all of their issues. They'll talk about: it's a violation of international law. But the law can't apply to one and not to the other.

And the thing is that they make the rules and say: "Well, we'll tell you who is a nation and who is not a nation, who has sovereignty and what is sovereignty and so on...

They have not even defined anything. Every time they open their mouth, this terminology changes its meaning. Even the language changes its meaning all the time. And they try to acquire intellectual property rights even to people's language, so that they can alter the language so the language will mean something other than what the people know that it has always meant. There is not a thing that they don't try to take total control over.

For instance, our people are the people who cultivated and created a thing called maize or corn. Our people have continued this agricultural life for hundreds of thousands of years. And now, today, companies like Monsanto claim that they own the intellectual property rights to this corn.

One of the native people, he grew corn and it just happened that Monsanto had a corn field not far away and they cross-pollinated. So, the corn kind of changed a bit and so Monsanto sued this native farmer saying that the corn he planted is their corn, because of the cross-pollination. It is ridiculous, suing a native for growing corn, corn that they have grow as far back as anyone can remember.

Robles: Some day you need to sue them for growing corn, for eating corn, because it was the indigenous people that gave them corn and tobacco, and watermelons, and potatoes were not in Europe, tomatoes, certain types were only in North America, what else?

Tekarontake: You know, the thing is that 75% of the world's diet originated out of the western hemisphere. 75% of the medicines that the world uses today also originated out of the western hemisphere. Indigenous people were using all of these things. And many of these things they cultivated, because they didn't grow naturally, like the different beans. There are hundreds of varieties of beans, hundreds of varieties of corn. Tomatoes were a poisonous plant, but our people cultivated it so it could be edible. There are just so many things. There are hundreds of different types of squashes and pumpkins.

But the thing is that what the white man does is when he goes to your land and because we didn't do things the way he did, he starts to register these things, he patents these things, he claims he has the intellectual property rights to these things and he has the property right on this and that.

You take a simple thing like aspirin. Aspirin in its natural form comes from the willow tree. And you boil that and you use that, and it takes away your pain and fever, and other things.

But the white man refines these things and he puts it into a pill, and then he claims it as his. But the thing is – when he refined it, it is no longer like the natural product in its natural form, because the natural form has no side-effects. But when they refine it, yes, it might help you with your fever, it might help you with your aches and pains, but by refining now this stuff eats away your stomach, it eats away other organs…

Robles: That's a great example, because aspirin causes internal bleeding in your stomach. I can't take aspirin.

Tekarontake: That's right! But if you took it in the natural form, it wouldn't do that. So, there are many medicines like this. Quinine…you know, there are just so many.

And even many of the good things that our people did, like gathering and growing of hemp. Our people split the fibers of hemp and made cloth, they made ropes, they made other byproducts, oils and so on. And it was used for good purposes. And you have coca that's been used by indigenous peoples for centuries. And these things never caused the problem.

But when they started creating these hybrids and started refining these things, and making them into powders and so on, and they started to abuse it, now one of the biggest industries in North America and in the world is the drug trade. And they make it sound like it is all these cartels. But who the heck is behind all of this? Who is creating the market for it? The FBI, the CIA....

Robles: Exactly! Look at Afghanistan.

You were listening to an interview with Tekarontake – an elder with the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation. That was part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_12/Monsanto-is-stealing-and-patenting-Indian-products-Mohawk-Elder-Tekarontake-5052/


13 April, 16:48

US Client States Lock Step on Fascist Coup in Ukraine: Putin Forced to Seek Resolution

John Robles

US client states lock step on fascist coup in Ukraine: Putin forced to seek resolution

The process of reaching a peaceful political resolution to the western backed coup in Ukraine which will be of benefit to all of the people of Ukraine as the continuing crisis continues to deepen is being exacerbated by the continuous disgraceful and shameful coverage in the western media and continues to add to the threat of the country spiraling into complete lawlessness and anarchy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has written a letter to 18 European leaders detailing Russia's position and steps to a diplomatic resolution to the US instigated crisis but will Europe listen? Let's hope for cooler heads.

Western Media War Propaganda

The utter shamefulness of western media coverage in failing to report the facts in Ukraine and their continued demonization of Russia and President Vladimir Putin is disgraceful to watch as media outlets across the spectrum try to outdo each other in their sycophantic attempts at appeasing Washington and their almost mindless lock step promotion of what can only be described as war propaganda.

Recently the head of WikiLeaks Kristinn Hrafnsson put the coverage of the Ukraine crisis in this way: "when the barrels of guns are lifted, truth vanishes" and that describes almost perfectly what has happened. Be those guns the real guns of NATO, the secret guns that make up the arsenal of the CIA, the diplomatic guns of the US State Department, the economic guns of the US Federal Reserve, the IMF and the World Bank or the guns of the entire US corporate media USAID/NGO societal manipulation apparatus, it is not important the first casualty when the US decides to comes after you is truth.

Hrafnsson knows this as does anyone who has bravely stood up to the criminal cabal in that has been in power in the US for decades and has run the US Government with an iron grip since the events of 9-11. Truth is not important to the brutal and godless creatures in Washington and those in power pulling the strings.

Was truth important for the US machine when it came to Bradley Manning? Or was the truth an issue of importance to: the hundreds of innocent men being held in the illegal US torture dungeon at Guantanamo; the millions killed in illegal US wars in IraqAfghanistanLibya and Syria (including 426 children who were murdered to bring about an invasion pretext), Edward SnowdenVictor BoutConstantin YaroshenkoAnonymous hactivistsJeremy Hammond;Aaron Swartz, all of the lawyers defending whistelblowers, the Palestinians, now the Jews, Trayvon Martin and all of the other brave and innocent people who have suffered or had their very lives taken away at the hands of the imperial tyrannical US murder machine.

The Facts About the New Fourth Reich

You do reader are being lied to and manipulated and if you are complicit, even passively so, you may be complicit in bringing about World War III because this has become a matter of real debate even by the US right who will be more than happy to destroy the world because the chicken hawks and the American populace believe in their Prompt Global Strike systemand that they will survive a nuclear war. You may call it a conspiracy theory but the elites in Washington are ready, they have been preparing to call up martial law, hold the US populace in concentration camps like the FEMA camps in Alaska that can hold millions, and then hide their filthy elite carcasses in bunkers like the one under Denver international airport.

A conspiracy theory you say? All of the facts point to the existence of a new Fourth Reich yet the packaging is intentionally deceptive. Even the black president and the pro Israel neo-cons are all part of the design. Don't believe me? Look at the facts dear reader. And you can start with the true nature of the CIA and the fact that 400,000 nazi scientists and planners were given refuge in the United States of America after World War II and allowed to run rampant in the CIA and behind the scenes. MKULTRA is a good place to start, nazi-like eugenics programs in Puerto Rico is another and the neocon coup and the Project for a New American Century is another. Finally the home of the US elite navy seals is an open testament to the nazi reich.

The Facts About Ukraine

Those in the western media and the few brave journalists daring to question the official Washington line on the situation in Ukraine continue to say the situation is complicated, of course it appears that way due to all of the obfuscation by the US apparatus, but I argue that it is quite simple. The results and the Chaos Theory type waves resulting from the initial event are multi-layered and of the greatest complexity I agree, but again the core event is quite simple.

The US/CIA/NATO/EU staged, organized, funded and brought about a regime change operation in Ukraine using nazi Brownshirt thugs. That is the crux and the core truth in Ukraine and everything else can be taken from there.

The Brownshirts were used in the illegal coup d'état in order to bring a triumvirate of US puppets to power and that has been done to a point. I say to a point because no matter how much the US machine calls them the leaders or the government legitimate, they are not. Those in power in Kiev are a junta. They are illegitimate and even though in some cases Russia has been forced to deal with these puppets sans real officials to negotiate with, they continue to be an abomination and an affront to the word democracy. Even the international bankers and the heads of the financial bodies that could bailout Ukraine know these coup puppets are fly by night thugs with only their own interests in mind hence the lack of real financial aid to Ukraine.

After the coup in Ukraine the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were called into a state of high alert because the new regime in Kiev and the bellicose rhetoric of US/NATO posed a direct and present threat to the Russian Federation and the Russian people. The Russian Government and the Russian people unanimously gave the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the full authority to use force if he deemed it necessary. He did not.

There was no invasion of Ukraine or Crimea. There were Russian troops in Crimea as part of the Black Sea Fleet who had been in the territory for over 2 decades under international legally binding agreements and they were placed on a level of alert but they were never activated against the population of Crimea or Ukraine and merely secured Russian facilities and maintained order and security around strategic locations. Even the reports in the West that the Russian army is amassed along the Ukrainian border ready to move into Ukraine and further into Europe (let alone that there are Russian forces in Ukraine) are false and utterly ridiculous.

The people of Crimea and the government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, of their own free will fulfilling a wish that has existed for decades, first declared independence from Ukraine and then in a democratic referendum decided to rejoin (yes dear reader REJOIN) the Russian Federation.

Protests now taking place all over Ukraine, and in particular Eastern Ukraine are not being funded or provoked in anyway by Russia. The popular protests are in response to the nazi Brownshirts who have taken power in Kiev. Yes dear reader, nazis are in power again in Europe, thanks to the US/NATO/EU and a black president who is signing off and leading everything. Yes Obama has brought nazi to power in Europe, and we thought a black president would bring us all social justice, rule of law and true democracy.

And finally, US strategy in Ukraine will fail for one reason. Ukraine is the mother of Rus and the people of Ukraine do not want Bandera nazis in power. The only way that US strategy will work is if they commit genocide on the pro-Russian population (something called for by the Right Sector and even Yulia Timoshenko).

Those are the key facts in Ukraine and almost everything they are presenting to you is a either an outright lie or war propaganda. Are you ready to die for neo-nazis in Ukraine dear western reader if your leaders continue to push for war against Russia? Is the US ready to sacrifice stability and prosperity in Europe and the lives of millions of Europeans to bring about its geopolitical objectives in Ukraine and Eastern Europe? Yes they are. Sitting across the pond they believe they are impervious to attack. Sitting disconnected in their expensive suburban mansions they believe what they unleash will never come home to bite them in the posterior. After all they have the US populace enslaved and on lock down and the security state is all powerful. Or so they think. Now you know the US supports nazis. Doesn't that bother anyone? It bothers me.

President Putin's Constructive Approach

Against this backdrop of a full frontal subversive attack on Russia and Eastern Europe by the US/NATO/CIA we have President Vladimir Putin trying to bring about a peaceful resolution to the situation and deal with the Machiavellian assault being waged directly against Russia and the world.

Russia's principled, peaceful and diplomatic approach in Syria and the rest of the world is being echoed in and around Ukraine and even though he has the full authority, the moral right and the upper hand to carry out a western style shock and awe cowboy military intervention in Ukraine to protect a country full of Russians and Russian speakers, President Putin does not.

On April 10th President Putin wrote a letter to 18 European leaders whose countries are dependent on Russian natural gas (one which was intercepted by the NSA/FVEY and even immediately responded to by the US State Department).

In the letter (the full text which is available on the Kremlin website) President Putin: points to the worsening economic situation in Ukraine; reiterates the fact that Ukraine's main trading partners are Russia and EU countries; underlines that all Russian attempts which include the participation of Ukraine are being sidelined by the West; derides western attempts to blame Russia for Ukraine's economic crisis amid calls to lower gas prices which were already at ridiculously low levels; lists the huge discounts that Ukraine has been receiving and the fact that Russia has maintained its contractual obligations under gas agreements from day one; reiterates that Russia has subsidized the government and economy of Ukraine for decades including the December 2013 loan of 3 billion US dollars and that Ukraine's real gas debt to Russia is now at $35.4 billion; blasts the EU for not offering Ukraine real support while using it as "... a source of raw foodstuffs, metal and mineral resources, and at the same time, as a market for selling its highly-processed ready-made commodities (machine engineering and chemicals), thereby creating a deficit";and the fact even though Ukraine continued to enjoy huge gas discounts in March they refuse to pay a single dime. All of these issues and the recent statements by "officials" in Kiev that they have no intention to pay Russia for gas was recently described by the president as intolerable.

Further President Putin details some of the measures that Russia will be forced to take as continuously supplying a recalcitrant Ukraine with billions of dollars of free gas is a condition that cannot go on much longer and that these conditions will affect the delivery of gas to Europe as there exists the very real threat that Ukraine (as it has done in the past) will begin siphoning off gas that is in transit through the Ukrainian section of the gas pipeline.

Finally the President very diplomatically underlines the fact that Russia's European partners have: "... unilaterally withdrawn from the concerted efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and even from holding consultations with the Russian side, leaves Russia no alternative",yet Russia is: "... prepared to participate in the effort to stabilize and restore Ukraine’s economy. However, not in a unilateral way, but on equal conditions with our European partner."

European Reaction: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

One of Russia's key western partners and perhaps the only leader who can really bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been perhaps the staunchest ally of Russia in the West and is in an unenviable position which may be described as "a bridge between East and West". Ms. Merkel's diplomacy while attempting to deal with the US (which spies on her private communications) and continues to use Germany as another client state and maintaining normal and mutually beneficial business and economic relations with Russia are to be lauded. However there is much more that she could do and this would in no way hurt her political standing with the German populace which has grown weary of the US propaganda campaign against Russia.

Chancellor Angela Merkel undoubtedly knows the truth about the coup in Ukraine and surely the German connections of US puppet Vitaly Klitschko and in the end may decide to pursue a path that is in the best interests of German and European consumers and the maintaining of mutually beneficial business and trade relations.

In reality the US is asking Germany and Europe to cut off their own noses and close their eyes in order to support its illegal regime change operation in Ukraine. So far Europe has been subservient, but at the end of the day money talks and bullpucky walks, and perhaps on Monday when the EU leaders meet to discuss President Putin's letter Europe may finally stand up and say no to the American hegemon across the pond, but let's not hold our breath.

It is a good thing that Russia has such a cool-headed, diplomatic and wise leader. I for my part would have just shut off the gas long ago.


The irrational western media response and the continued failure of the media to fairly report on the western backed coup of Ukraine are another sign that the American people are living under tyranny. Attacks on journalists (including myself) for attempting to report the truth on the situation in Ukraine, the fact that the US Government is officially supporting and calling legitimate a nazi coup government and has brought fascists into power again in Europe and the fact that the US is provoking a scenario that may lead to World War III all show the true face of who is in power in Washington.

As a former US citizen whose citizenship was stripped for supporting Russia and protesting US illegality I challenge all my American readers to stand up and end the reign of illegality. I also challenge everyone who has taken an oath to protect the US Constitution to finally stand up and abide by that oath. Your government has been taken over and is no longer a representative of the American people or in any way abiding by the Constitution and they are ready to send you all off to die in another war to enrich the banksters. You attempted to rise with the Occupy Movement but that is not enough, given the lack of will or ability to cut off their free access to your tax dollars there may soon come a time when you will be forced to take up arms and unfortunately that time is coming soon. God help us all.

Finally I leave you with a plea to all stand up for peace and justice and with the words of Mario Savio: "There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

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14 April, 23:37

Ukrainian Government Illegitimate: it is a Coup

Greg Barns

Ukrainian government has no legitimacy, it is a coup - Greg Barns

© Photo: 0629.com.ua

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The criticism of the Russian Federation by Australia is another example of western double standards and hypocrisy especially given the fact that Australia is currently paying other countries to house refugees in razor-wire camps who were attempting to reach Australia. The media manipulation and the views of the West propagated by anti-Russian politicians and Washington strategists have skewed the image of the situation in Ukraine for the world audience. The over simplification of the situation in Ukraine and in Crimea by the western media into a good vs evil is far from reality. The VOR talked to Greg Barns, he is an advisor for the WikiLeaks Party in Australia about Australian reaction to this situation in Ukraine.


Greg Barns

Hello, this is John Robles. I'm speaking with Greg Barns. He is a political commentator and an advisor of the WikiLeaks Party in Australia.

Robles: Hello, sir. Good morning.

Barns: Good morning, John.

Robles: I'd like to get your opinion on the situation right now going on with Ukraine and contrast with some of the things are going on in Australia. What is the media coverage about them?

Barns: I think that the media coverage on Russia's participation in Crimea and in relation to Ukraine has been hostile.

The Australian government has certainly been very critical of the Russian government and has been more supportive of Ukraine.

There is a good deal of hypocrisy of course in contamination of President Putin and those in Russia in relation to what, or what might not have, happened in Crimea and in eastern Ukraine.

And I say that for this reason: that the Australian government has essentially written out large sums of money to Papua New Guinea and Nauru, both of which are impoverished countries, in order for those countries to set up razor-wire detention centers in which are housed people who have been seeking to come to Australia, mainly from Indonesia as their last port, but coming on boats to try and get to Australia to seek asylum.

Many of these people are from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. They are in a very desperate situation including women and children have now been placed in these extraordinarily bad conditions in Nauru and in Papua New Guinea and so it is a little bit rich for the Australian Government to be condemning Vladimir Putin and Russia in relation to human rights, when in fact the human rights records of the Australian government and its predecessors in relation to refugees have been absolutely appalling.

Robles: Now can I ask you a question: what would the Australian government say to do with, ok, I don't know what kind of coverage you are getting but the situation in Crimea was that the junta-coup government, the western-backed neo-nazis that came into power, they were openly threatening to kill Russians, Jews and blacks and the first thing they did was ban the Russian language which is spoken as a primary language by 97% of Ukrainians.

Even Ukrainian in the neo-nazi junta government, they regularly make speeches in the Russian language. So it is ridiculous! They do television addresses in Russian, they are all speaking in Russian so that is completely ridiculous.

There are at least 8 million Russians in Western Ukraine and they were being threatened with annihilation. What would the Australian government say to do with those people?

Barns: I think that is one of the problems that you've got in terms of the portrayal of this conflict outside of those who are on the ground. Certainly in Australia and the Australian government is driven by essentially the Australian media and also takes its lead from the US. But there seems to be no sophisticated analysis of what is happening in Ukraine and certainly no sophisticated analysis in relation to Crimea, the sort of thing you are talking about.

It is essentially saying: it's good guys versus bad guys, you know. Good guys meaning Ukraine and the coup government, bad guys being the Russians. I think that as Stephen Cohen from Princeton University pointed out in an article in The Nation in the US last month: this is a much more sophisticated complex matter and we tend to reduce it down to good vs evil but in fact it is not clearly that way at all.

We've actually seen a little bit of turn because the Ukrainian government's decision to essentially threaten the independence of the Judiciary in that country, I think is starting to tell some people that maybe the coup government isn't all that good after all. It certainly cracked down on protestors, the way in which the thuggish behavior of this government... I think is letting people know that again this is a much more complex dispute. It should not be seen purely through American eyes and you need to read your own analysis rather than simply believing western political leaders.

Robles: I would like to point out, I mean, my opinion I know the Cohen piece you are talking about and for me it is a way out in my opinion calling it complex. It is a way out to say: 'Maybe we were wrong' in my opinion because it is not complex, it is quite simple. The US staged and sponsored and organized a coup of neo-nazi elements who want to basically have their way in the country by force and violence. It is pretty simple.

Barns: I think, John, what I would say about it in terms of just giving you a flavor of the way in which one western nation views it. That is to essentially said: "Look, there are always or it is rare that you get a situation where there are good guys versus bad guys. There are generally complexities on both fronts'.

And certainly in relation of Ukraine, the previous government and other governments in Ukraine have been extraordinarily bad. You've seen the way in which the Sochi Olympics were portrayed in the West, it was said that they were going to be disastrous, so you always have to be careful in believing the rhetoric of those who think that everything that Putin does is bad.

Robles: You know that, I know that. But I'm trying to get that out to the world.

Barns: The other thing that needs to be understood in the West is that Russia plays a vital role in relation to Syria, in the resolution of Syria, it plays a vital role in relation to Iran and bringing Iran to the table and starting the settlement off Iran, it plays a very strategic role in the Middle East and certainly in other parts of the world and in Europe and that needs to be understood, inflammatory rhetoric is really unhealthy.

Just a reminder you are listening to an interview with Greg Barns.

Robles: It somehow seems that the US thinks it is a better part and a closer part of Europe than Russia, although Russian territory is the largest part of Europe. And most countries are depending on Russian energy resources, trade with Russia. Ukraine was the biggest country in Europe. I've seen some political commentators and reports in the West that Russia "believes" it has some connection with Ukraine. Well, Russia has thousands of years of connections with Ukraine. Ukraine was the mother of Rus. I mean, to say that Russia has no interest or there has been no history is really ridiculous. Go ahead, sir, I'm sorry.

Barns: That is ok. I'm just going to say that I think the lesson of this again is that one needs to be very careful in analyzing these disputes.

The perspective that comes through Australia as it does in the US is one which essentially says that 'Look, you've got good vs bad, good vs evil and it is very simple'. There may be some simplicity but it is not a simplicity it is really important to understand the history of those regions, it is really important to understand that there are as you say, John, Russian language speakers who had felt under threat in the past and certainly there have been some very troubling rhetoric from the new government in Kiev.

And it is also time for western governments to look in their own backyards.

The United States' actions in Afghanistan and in Iraq were it left millions of impoverished and dead in wars which were appalling and certainly in Iraq built on a lie.

Let's remember all that and let's look at history (recent history even) in a broader context, not simply through the prism of Washington or to be fair not simply through the prism of Moscow (but it is more sophisticated and complex in essence and it is important for people to understand that when it comes to the Ukraine – this new government doesn't have any legitimacy.

I mean, Putin made on point right very early on, I saw it in an interview and press conference he held which I saw on Al Jazeera, he made that point that this government has no legitimacy. And certainly in international law this new government has no legitimacy – it is a coup.

Robles: And under Ukrainian law as well. You brought up Iraq, Afghanistan, I'd like to just.. if we could contrast it with... (I don't know what reports you are seeing about Crimea) but, there was a referendum, there was first a declaration of independence by the Autonomous Republic of Crimea then they declared independence, legally under their constitution, under international law, than the held a democratic referendum with observers from the OSCE and Europe and the US and Russia of course, and the people decided to – now this is a very important point but – "rejoin" Russia because Crimea historically for thousands of years was part of Russia.

There was not a shot fired, I can tell you 100% there was no invasion, there was no annexation. There was no huge Russian military buildup, there were Russian troops but they have been there for over 25/30 years. They are part of the Black Sea fleet so they were there under legally binding agreements for two decades.

Now again, there was not a shot fired, nobody died, there was no bloodshed, there was no war, nothing. How would you compare that to for example John Kerry saying :' We don't annex countries on false pretexts'. He said something like that.

Barns: He was wrong to say it and he knows that he was wrong to say it because the war in Iraq was built on a lie. And it was known to be a lie by George W. Bush, it was known to be a lie by Tony Blair, the then British PM, and they pursued a war in the face of all that, and known to be lie by John Howard the Australian Prime Minister.

So the Western hypocrisy go together unfortunately in the same sense on many occasions and this is one of those occasions.

Robles: What about what is going on in Australia now with regards to Russia? Are there calls by Australian politicians for sanctions and things like that?

Barns: Australia unfortunately, especially under the newly installed conservative government is just a secretariat of Washington.

The Australian Foreign Minister Julia Bishop never utters a sentence without... which is essentially lip-sinking Washington and that is the unfortunate thing about the Australian foreign policy.

We've seen the Australian PM TonyAbbott cuddling up to Japan and now in China but certainly much more circumspect in China than he is Japan. I mean once again playing into the US strategy which is containment of China.

There are free trade agreement discussions between Australia and Russia which have been put on hold as a result of this op in Ukraine but money talks at the end of the day, you can imagine that certainly I would expect that free trade agreement to go ahead between Australia and Russia at some point over the next couple of years.

Robles: Can you give us some details on that trade agreement? What are the levels of the tradel? Any idea?

Barns: John, it has essentially been in the works for some time. The Australian minister was going to Russia I think just about the time that Ukraine blew up and we had the Russian response. So it has been put on hold. But I certainly think that there will be an Australian free trade agreement with Russia, will certainly come about.

I mean, Australia and Russia have many trading issues in common one of which of course is energy and free trade agreements also in relation to agricultural produce.

So Australia certainly has the capacity to do a free trade agreement with China and Russia and it certainly will.

Robles: Very good, very good. That is normal business.

Barns: I should say just quickly that Russia has now banned Australian beef imports which were worth about $130 million last year and that is in retaliation for the Australians essentially putting on hold the trade deal talks.

So there is some tension but I have to say I think that it will certainly be back on the table.

Robles: That is a normal business, it is a normal thing I think that countries should be engaged in and should not be politicized but I don't think the US is going to wipe that . How the US is going to react if Australia signs a trade agreement?

Barns: I think when it comes to trade agreements Australia has a free trade agreement with the US and it often pursued its own interests outside of those that Washington might think are appropriate and I don't think that that is a major issue.

Robles: So Australia is maintaining some independence as far as trade and the economy?

Barns: The Australian trade is much more independent, it is in relation to foreign policy and defense policy that it is much more locked in step with the US.

Robles: Anything with WikiLeaks coming up if you can tell us?

Barns: No that I know of mate.

Robles: Thanks a lot, Greg, I appreciate it.

Barns: Thanks, John, it was good to talk to you.

That was the end of an interview with Greg Barns, a political commentator from Australia and an advisor of the WikiLeaks Party. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best, wherever you may be.

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16 April, 08:18

President Putin Reacts as Kiev Junta Threatens Russian Lives and Squashes Dissent

John Robles

President Putin reacts as Kiev junta threatens Russian lives and squashes dissent

© Screenshot: RT

The mob beatings, kidnappings and public humiliation of candidates for president in Ukraine are just the latest outrages being carried out by the western backed and coup installed neo nazi junta in Ukraine. The complete affront to all accepted civilized democratic principles is just another in a long line of horrific acts that have been carried out by the western backed neo nazi Right Sector thugs that the US brought to power in Ukraine. The US is directly responsible for causing the demon of fascism to once raise its head in Europe, yet Europe and the international community are for the most part silent and are instead engaged in a frenzied irrational campaign to demonize Russia.

As the Ukrainian army moves against its own civilian population the West is for the most part silent or in criminal collusion with the nazi junta in Kiev. Nowhere are there cries of outrage against the unprecedented moves by the illegitimate bandera nazi government to violently quash popular protests against their illegal reign. The banderavites (note: the followers of bandera were called extreme by the Nazi SS during World War) are continuing their thuggish Brownshirt reign of terror and now literally beating their opponents in an attempt to prevent all opposition to their illegal reign.

Candidates Beaten

On Tuesday two candidates for the office of president of Ukraine, were attacked and beaten by violent neo nazi mobs and the junta authorities which are suspected of ordering the attacks, as well as the West, are again silent. Oleg Tsaryov, a pro-federalization supporter, was brutally beaten by a group of banderavites in Kiev as he arrived to take part in the "Svoboda Slova" ("Freedom of Speech") talk show. He is now in critical condition. Unidentified attackers also blocked and damaged the vehicle of another presidential candidate, Mikhail Dobkin, who was filmed being hit by a barrage flour and green antiseptic solution. There were also unconfirmed television reports that Dobkin was kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location.

The candidates were attempting to take part in the political process of their election campaigns and engage in televised debates, which is a normal healthy democratic process, and the violent way in which they were denied their rights as candidates forces one to recall the way the same yet more "civilized" tactic was used against Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and vice-presidential candidate Cheri Honkala as they attempted to enter the grounds of the presidential debate site at Hofstra University in New York in October of 2012.

Army Deployed

Under the pretext of an "anti-terrorist operation" Oleksander Turchinov, the Right Sector's Maidan "president" added to his long list of crimes against the Ukrainian people by ordering the Ukrainian army to deploy against civilian demonstrators in the south eastern part of Ukraine. According to television reports he authorized the army to fire on unarmed protestors.

Turchinov himself placed in power by a violent Right Sector coup that forced the current legitimate president of Ukraine to flee the country in order to protect his life, is now attempting through the use of force to consolidate his power, stifle dissent and neutralize any possible opponents. Sitting in his echo chamber in the Verhovnaya Rada, where all dissenters are also beaten, Turchinov makes a mockery of the office of president as he attempts to subjugate the people and force the will of his illegitimate coalition on the populace of Ukraine.

His use of the term "anti-terrorist" is outrageous as he is describing civilian protestors and some who have taken over local government building. His own rise to power came as his Right Sector stormed and occupied the houses of government in Kiev as they continue to do. Turchinov, who resembles an aging skin head both in appearance and in the low brow level of his acidic rhetoric is attempting to maintain and consolidate his faltering grip on power and has placed his Right Sector nazi extremists in positions of power in the interior ministry, the judiciary, the economic bodies, the security services and the armed forces.

Yulia Timoshenko recently revealed the real thinking about what the Ukrainian junta wants to do with the 8 million Russians in Ukraine when she said they should all be killed and now we know how the Right Sector is planning to deal with the up to 96% of the Ukrainian population that does not want them in power. Turchinov's mobilization of the army of Ukraine against the population of the south east which is mainly composed of ethnic Russians and supporters of federalization is an almost unheard of act in modern times and is illegal under international law and the Ukrainian Constitution. This is why President of Ukraine Yanukovich never called for the Berkut Forces in Ukraine to take up arms, even in their own defense as they were being slaughtered by Right Sector killers. The absolute brazen impunity with which the Right Sector and Turchinov are operating can only be attested to the fact that they enjoy the full support of the CIA and Obama's government.

This mockery to all civilization was shortly to be outdone by the goon Turchinov himself when he had the unmitigated audacity to invite the United Nations and Ban Ki-Moon to take part in his illegal quashing of dissent. This outrageous affront and mockery of the United Nations, like the previous "official" statement by the junta's nazi UN representative which attempted to deny the legitimacy of the Nuremberg Trials once again shows the absolute illegality and illegitimacy of the Kiev junta yet the western media is silent or marching lock step and justifying the crimes being carried out by the Right Sector by demonizing the civilians as being pro-Russian "radicals". Some may be pro-Russian but being pro-Russian does not make you a terrorist, neither does calling for federalization which is the only way that Ukraine is going to remain intact.

The Right Sector's military solution to political dissent, which now includes reports of casualties among the unarmed civilian population is an outrage of historic proportions and must not be allowed to stand or be supported, even under the guise of Russophobia.

President Putin

President Putin is once again faced with a situation that is threatening the lives of ethnic Russians and is a direct threat to the security of the Russian Federation and is continuing to attempt to solve the crisis through the use of diplomacy and dialogue. A true statesman his behavior is in stark contrast to the "shock and awe" of Washington and the thuggish violence of the little US puppets in Kiev.

The Kremlin website reports that President Putin called UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon:"The conversation addressed the crisis in Ukraine, which has grown significantly worse due to the use of force initiated by the Kiev authorities in the southeast of the country."

"In particular, Mr. Putin stressed that the Russian side expects the United Nations and the international community to clearly condemn these anti-constitutional actions."

On Tuesday President Putin also spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "Mr. Putin and Ms Merkel exchanged views on the anti-constitutional course taken by the current authorities in Kiev to forcefully suppress protests in the southeast regions of Ukraine. The President of Russia noted that the sharp escalation of the conflict essentially puts the nation on the brink of civil war."

"The leaders of Russia and Germany stressed the vital importance of the four-party (Russia, EU, US, Ukraine) talks scheduled for April 17, 2014. Hope was expressed that the meeting in Geneva would send a clear signal to help take the situation in a peaceful direction."

"The President of Russia also pointed out the importance of resolving issues in stabilizing Ukraine’s economy and ensuring supplies and transit of Russian natural gas to Europe, which were raised in his message to the leaders of several European nations on April 10, 2014."

Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian Foreign Ministry has also released several statements regarding the situation in Ukraine and has slammed the European Union for ignoring the beating of presidential candidates in Ukraine. "The European Union is completely ignoring the facts that Ukrainian presidential candidates were beaten and intimidated, which looks cynical, What proof do our European partners need in order to understand the degree of the impact from right wing extremists and first of all from Right Sector?"

Russian Public Chamber

The Russian Public Chamber also issued a statement over the latest illegal moves by the junta in Kiev and is preparing formal complaints to international bodies"Russia’s Public Chamber is outraged by the massive violations of human rights in Ukraine and is preparing complaints to the European Court of Human Rights", a member of Russian Public Chamber Georgij Fedorov said.

"A lot of people have complained of human rights violations in Ukraine, such as a clamp down on freedom of speech, cases of unjustified dismissal, forced participation in public events, and assaults. Approximately every 20th appeal contained similar information," he said.

United Nations

The United Nations in Ukraine has admitted what I have been saying from the start, namely that there is a massive disinformation campaign be waged by the western media. Yet the UN continues to act as the glue that Victoria Nuland had said they would be and is following the US narrative including the denial that that the Maidan snipers were part of the Right Sector. The UN report also blames the unarmed Berkut Forces who were being burned alive, beaten to death with cement filled steel pipes and shot to death by snipers for an escalation to the conflict.

The UN unfortunately makes no mention of the nazi tactics of the Right Sector, nor do they publicize the very public Nuremberg Trial denial of the Right Sector junta representative in March.

“It is critical for the Government to prioritise respect for diversity, inclusivity and equal participation of all – including minorities – in political life,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.

“Facts on the ground need to be established to help reduce the risk of radically different narratives being exploited for political ends. People need a reliable point of view to counter what has been widespread misinformation and also speech that aims to incite hatred on national, religious or racial grounds,” she added.

Ineffective and criminally compliant

US Mercenaries

More than 300 Greystone mercenaries are in Ukraine and are assisting the neo-nazi Right Sector in attempting to make sure the illegal US backed $5 billion puppet regime stay in power. Proving that the US is going to any measurer whatsoever and engaged in an extremely illegal and active covert operation to match its overt efforts to cement its illegal regime change operation in Ukraine the Director of CIA John Brennan flew to Ukraine to meet with his agents in Kiev underlining the porous communications infrastructure the CIA has in the country and apparently to order the crack down on "pro-Russian" demonstrators.

"With the illegal, coup d'etat installed government in Kiev about to engage in some very serious skull cracking to put down a mounting rebellion in Eastern Ukraine there have been some accounts that hired guns from corporate mercenary firms are augmenting the local paramilitary police forces. With the pushback against the US backed "Yats" regime and it's neo-Nazi shock troops it is imperative that a real version of the Euromaiden "revolution" not be allowed to take root to oust the stooges of the corporate global finance mafia."


"White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that CIA Director John Brennan visited Ukrainian capital Kiev over the weekend and met with high-ranked Ukrainian officials.

Previously, deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich accused Brennan of ordering a crackdown on pro-Russian activists in the east of the country."


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which is a front for the CIAand was expelled from the Russian Federation has an extremely long and sordid history in destabilizing governments, undermining democracy and a decades-long campaign of attempting to destabilize Russia and manipulate public opinion in line with their almost psychotic Russophobia and irrational relentless drive to demonize Russia: "The situation in Ukraine, however, is not entirely as the corporate media would have us believe. Wayne Madsen provides a look at the effort by the United States to destabilize not only Ukraine, but Russia. The crisis in the Ukraine provides an additional headache for Russia as it deals with terrorist threats on the eve of its hosting the Winter Olympics in Sochi."

The Ministry of Truth

Having thrown all journalistic ethics aside in an orgy of Russophobic demonization and denial of reality the western media continues to march lock step with the organizers and supporters of the CIA/NATO/EU/USAID/Soros coup d'état in Kiev and the western backed Right Sector. Were the army of any country activated and allowed to open fire on unarmed civilians the reactions would be outrage but the majority of the western media is justifying the actions of the fascists in Ukraine by throwing out the Russia card.

Unarmed peaceful demonstrators in eastern Ukraine who are calling for a legal democratic Ukrainian Government and the federalization of Ukraine because that is the only way that Ukraine will continue to exist as a state and the only way their voices can be heard are being demonized as: "pro-Russia separatistspro-Russian forces; pro-Russian mob; locals holding Russian flags (OMG!!!); (the Guardian counters the 300 Blackwater mercenaries inforamation beautifully with this: 300 Russian forces had infiltrated neighbouring Luhansk); pro-Russian militants; Cossacks – paramilitary fighters; radical pro-Russia presidential candidate; pro-Russia separatist rebellions; Born in the USSR (OMG!!!); Russian sympathizers;

While the Right Sector of neo-nazi thugs and fascist extremists and the illegitimate thugs pretending to be a government are made out to be "normal": "military forces; anti-terrorist operation President Oleksandr TurchynovUkraine’s actions against pro-Russian militiamen in the country’s eastern region are justifiedangry crowdscounter offensive; troops repeatedly opened fire; “Soon there will be no terrorists left in Donetsk or any other region,” Turchynov vowed; and on and on and on....

Finally Ban the US from Ukraine

It is a fact, no matter how much of an inconvenient truth it may be, that the United States of America under President Barrack Hussein Obama and the Zbignew Brzhinsky foreign policy establishment orchestrated an illegal regime change operation in Ukraine and destabilized the country to force the population to accept NATO, the conditions of an EU integration agreement, achieve corporate banking ends and attempt to reduce Russian influence in the region. The US used the worst nazi trash to bring about their operation and now the population is protesting and war has been declared on the general populace and anyone who dares to dissent.

Being as the United States of America and its agents and surrogates carried out an illegal regime change operation in Ukraine and are directly responsible for the death anddestabilization in Ukraine, it would be perfectly reasonable to bar the US from any participation in any activities regarding Ukraine, be they economic, political, military or even handing outdoughnuts on Maidan. In a perfect world the US, since they are responsible for destabilizing the country and for the deaths that have occurred, would be subject to paying restitution for the results of their geopolitical adventure. But of course no one is calling for these things.

Can you imagine if a violent homicidal gang robbed a house, raped all the people in it, stole everything they could carry off and then burned it down and then once they were identified were asked to join in the investigation? That is exactly what is happening in Ukraine.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_16/President-Putin-reacts-as-Kiev-junta-threatens-Russian-lives-and-squashes-dissent-2452/


17 April, 19:49

Opinion: Putin's Q&A Session was Brilliant, Sincere, Warm and Compassionate

John Robles

Opinion: Putin's Q&A session was brilliant, sincere, warm and compassionate

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin conducted his yearly question and answer session with the public and citizens of Russia, this time spending approximately three hours and fifty minutes answering a wide range of questions in an impressive manner never once faltering or at a loss and citing facts, figures and details on everything from assisting a disabled man to obtain a home to the aggressive expansion of NATO to the East. This year the Kremlin added a the possibility of sending in video for those who wanted to ask the president questions, as well as text messages, e-mails, regular post, phone calls and submissions through the Internet.

Those calling up army in Kiev have lost it - President Putin

President Putin once again showed his keen and brilliant mind and his amazing ability to remember what to most of us would be minutiae citing, figures, quotes, dates, historical events and the like with ease. But what was more impressive and what no doubt makes him one of the most popular leaders in history and to the Russian people is his genuine compassion, sincerity the obvious fact that he has vision.


The continuing unrest in Ukraine was the most pressing issue for most of those who contacted the president, including those in the audience, and the president minced no words when expressing his position and thoughts on the issues surrounding the crisis.


With regard to the junta in Kiev President Putin's assessment remains unchanged and he called those occupying positions of power after the armed coup d'état illegitimate. Although he did say that the Russian Government was still in contact, on the ministerial level, which such junta figures as Turchinov and Yatsenyuk.

Yanukovich and Elections

Although President Putin was critical of President Yanukovych's decision to leave Ukraine the President underlined the fact that Yanukovych is still the legitimate and legal president of Ukraine under the Ukrainian Constitution as he had not been impeached, stepped down or passed away.

Given the fact that Ukraine, in legal and constitutional terms, still has an acting president there can be no way that without changes to the Ukrainian Constitution that any rushed elections scheduled to be held in the country can yield results that can be called legitimate.

The president blasted the actions of the Right Sector "activists", and those occupying the Verkhovna Rada who are in collusion with them, for the attacks on those running for the office of President of Ukraine and underlined that under such conditions there can in no way be normal elections.

Mobilization of the Army

Commenting on the fact that the coup forces had mobilized the army against civilians in the east of Ukraine, President Putin became animated when recounting details about the mobilization of fighter jets, heavy artillery, tanks and heavily armed forces brandishing artillery and even flamethrowers, by repeatedly saying that those behind such moves had obviously gone off the reservation and had literally "lost it".

He underlined the utter hypocrisy of the calls by the neo-nazi coup for the civilian population to disarm by questioning why they did not ask the neo-nazi Right Sector insurrectionists to disarm as well.

Authorization to Use Force

President Putin reminded the audience that he still had the full authorization to deploy Russian forces in Ukraine but stated that he hoped that things would never come to that.


With regard to Julia Timoshenko President Putin recalled her statements to kill 8 million Russians in Ukraine with an atomic weapon and said he had had a normal business-like relationship with her and that she must have stated such things in a spate of emotion.

The president underlined the danger to gas deliveries to Europe through Ukraine and re-iterated the government's position with regard to gas prices delivers and the like to Ukraine, underlining the fact that Russia had supported Ukraine to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars during the last several decades.


The president underlined the shared history and brotherly relations between Ukraine and sympathized with the Ukrainian people. He gave a historical backdrop to the Right Sector and the nationalist fervor sweeping western Ukraine by detailing how western Ukraine had historically been belonged to various different countries and empires which caused an inherent schism in the minds of the people.


Popular Russian journalist and television personality and the Director General of the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency Dmitry Kiselyov asked President Putin about the expansion of NATO and the threat to Russia's national security that NATO poses. Mr. Kiselyov underlined the fact that NATO is attempting to expand into Ukraine which for many Russians is an issue that it becoming a real and present danger and one which more and more people are worried about.

Mr. Kiselyov dramatized the actions of Russia being surrounded by NATO and its military elements by telling the president that he felt like there were metaphorical hands attempting to choke him as NATO surrounded Russia with its missiles.

President Putin stated that NATO's so called Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System (ABM) was nothing but part of a US first strike capability and underlined the fact that NATO had repeatedly refused to sign any sort of document stating that these weapons were not being deployed against Russia. He underlined NATO's refusal to cooperate with Russia on missile defense and stated that NATO's push into the Black Sea was inexcusable and that NATO's move into Ukraine was akin to Russia being pushed out of the region.

President Putin guaranteed that the Russian people should not be afraid and that Russia was capable and would do what it has to in order to guarantee the safety of Russia and its people.


President Putin answered a question from the second American to be given asylum in Russia (me being the first), Edward Snowden, by starting out by saying he was a spy for America and as a former intelligence officer himself would answer him in professional terms. Snowden asked the president if Russia was conducting mass surveillance on the Russian people to which President Putin quite frankly answered that the Russian security services were subject to strict legal controls and could only conduct such surveillance on individuals and with a warrant.

Social and Other Issues

When asked by a man from an area that had been devastated by recent flooding but was being rebuilt if the president could order roads built to the isolated village, the man who said he had a car but complained that there were no roads, evoked a rare show of humor for President Putin who responded that the question must be some sort of provocation.

President Putin spent part of the session choosing questions by himself and answered several questions from small children, pensioners and others. His answers were brilliant, sincere, warm and compassionate and to be honest it was remarkable to watch the most influential president on our planet speak so unpretentiously, compassionately and at the same time seriously and with genuine concern, to common people from all across the spectrum.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_17/OPINION-Putins-Q-A-session-was-brilliant-sincere-warm-and-compassionate-6810/


18 April, 00:20

US Failures Leading to US Self-Destruction

Joseph Zrnchik

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Like a house guest whose exit has long been overdue, the United States continues to bash around Europe as many European countries are beginning to realize that the damage being caused by US geopolitical strategy is far worse than any benefits that they may be able to gain. This was stated in an interview with the Voice of Russia by Joseph Zrnchik, a retired US military planner and trainer. Mr. Zrnchik believes that US failed foreign policy has weakened the US economically, militarily and geopolitically and that this failure is leading to the collapse of his country.

Hello this is John Robles I am speaking with Mr. Joseph Zrnchik, he is a retired US military observer/controller/trainer turned geopolitical commentator.

Robles: You recently wrote a very interesting article regarding the situation in Ukraine where you called US foreign policy "schizophrenic". Can you tell us what you meant by that? Regarding the situation in Ukraine where do you think it is headed?

Zrnchik: It is schizophrenic because on one hand they are attacking different various groups, and then on the other hand they start assisting the same groups that they are attacking, and it makes no sense and it doesn't advance US interests at all, when you attack Al-Qaeda and then you fund Al-Qaeda. That is just the case there.

Same thing in Syria: you work to destabilize the government and then support the CIA to attack Syria, and then the same groups that attack Syria, you sit back and go "Oh, my God, what were we thinking? It looks like these Jihadists are winning, so we need to start backing off".

And then often times the fact that they try to believe a reality that they know it is false, they sit there and tell everybody that it is true and everybody knows it is false. It is like if everybody is looking at this crazy person and they are just shaking their head going "Ok, we will just believe whatever you say because it is easier to do that than try to reason with the US government".

Robles: You say the US is operating from a weakened position militarily, economically and politically. Can you expand on that?

Zrnchik: We have had a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iraq fiasco has just been disastrous, I mean if you are looking at it from an advantage of what the US was trying to accomplish, it totally failed in the war.

There is still war going on, in Iraq you have Sunni-Shiites with sectarian violence, hundreds being killed a month after all that money was spent.

You've got a war going on in Afghanistan. And now the US is trying to figure out how to bow out without losing too much face, giving away billions of dollars and the economy in the US is really… They all keep saying: "We think it is going to get better" but all the experts are saying it is about ready to crash. So, that is economically.

Politically you can look at everybody, everybody is just tired of the US, the US has just added insult upon injury and then more injury, and you look at spying on the rest of the world on its closest allies, the leaders of those countries, like Merkel.

You look at all the ways that the US has been called to task by people in reference to its inconsistencies, its hypocrisies, and people are just tired of hearing it, they know that everything that comes out of the US Government's mouth is just ridiculous and if not ridiculous, then it's a lie. So, that is politically.

And then militarily, it might have a lot of power right now because it has these weapons and equipment but right now the American military is exhausted, the American people don't want any more war, they don't want to pay for any more war.

They look at what the last decade of war has gotten and it has gotten us nowhere, in fact we were told that Al-Qaeda was going to be destroyed, on its last legs and couldn't carry out any operations, and now we find out they have divisions of Al-Qaeda and more and more groups are swearing loyalty to Al-Qaeda, so if you take into taking all those aspects of what is going on, I don't understand how anybody could think that the US is better off than they were 10 years ago.

Robles: What do you think about the Ukrainian situation and sanctions and the EU? How is that going to affect US foreign policy and relations with the European Union? Do you see that going in the negative direction for the US?

Zrnchik: Oh absolutely! Because a lot of Europe already knows that the US is "full of it". I mean, they are just way out of line, everything they say is ridiculous and the US wants to implement sanctions on Russia and in fact Russia's economy is just too important to Europe, and that is where they get their oil from, Russia is going to be a major player in the Eurasian Trade Pact and providing fuel to China, and so the EU is already in bad shape except for Germany.

Germany is doing really well but when we are talking about how they couldn't even do what it took to try to keep Italy from falling apart and yet they think that they can come up with the money to start putting into the Ukraine, and they keep saying: "Putin is going to go in there, he is probably going to try to grab the rest of the Ukraine!" Well that is just ridiculous! Who wants this basket case.

The only reason Putin is involved in Crimea is because there are ethnic Russians who have always been Russians, who want to be part of Russia, and they seek the protection, and it is a duty that is owed to Russian people by Putin. So, he is doing that, but as far as him wanting to absorb the rest of the Ukraine, it is utterly ridiculous.

He can't afford it, the US can't afford it and the EU can't afford it. And I think that there is going to be a lot of chaos that is going to occur because of the fact that there is not going to be enough money to bail out the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is probably in worse shape than a lot of other, what they were calling; "The PIIGS Nations", saying that they needed all that money to be bailed out.

Robles : What were they calling them? Which nations? The pig nations?

Zrnchik: "PIIGS Nations", which was the nations that we were having big trouble economically that they were having to impose austerity measures on, which was Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Greece.

Robles : They call them "PIIGS Nations"? Who called them that?

Zrnchik: It was in western media, it became very common because it was PIIGS, and I guess they wanted to do that to say these countries were just pigs and that is why they are in the mess that they are in economically and of course to deflect any blame from the EU, and then also to create a situation in which Americans weren't sympathetic to those European countries who were having austerity measures forced upon them by the EU.

Robles : Are you talking about Ukraine? Is it a "PIIGS Nation" too?

Zrnchik: It is not but it ought to be included in there because of the fact that if you look at how much money they are consuming, and that is the bottom line, that they are consuming more things than they can pay for. And for the sake of civil society Russia wasn't benefitting from selling them oil at the reduced price. Why were they doing that? It was clearly a case of Putin saying: "Look, people need these things to live and so we are going to sell them at a loss".

Robles: Russia was subsiding the Ukrainian economy and they've been doing that for about 20 years.

Zrnchik: In fact I was just reading Putin is trying to extend an Olive Branch to the rest of the EU saying: "Look, how can we work together to provide for the Ukraine so that there isn't a total collapse of Ukrainian society?"

I mean if there is a total collapse and you've got fascists in charge, who knows where that is going to lead to.

Robles: The latest thing now in Maidan, this started about 12 hours ago, we are starting to get reports that there is a new wave of protests on what the US branded the EuroMaidan Square, it is actually Independence Square. On Maidan there are now protests against the Junta government. So, everything is completely turned around.

The US installed their puppets, they were successful in that, but these were people the population didn't want, they wouldn't have never voted for them and there is now mass protest beginning to build up against that government. How do you think that is going to play out?

Zrnchik: I think it is going to play out a lot like it did in the USAID operation that was going on in Cuba. It is another case of that exactly, there was a great article written on it. And what it was is they tried to create this Twitter account or business that was going to operate in Cuba.

And initially it was set up so that the Cuban would start using it and they could have Social Media and they were going to back it and have it be pro-Cuban and just involved in what was going on in Cuba, but the eventual plan was that they were going to start introducing more and more information that would then pit the people against the government and try to create chaos that way.

It ended up being that they thought it would eventually win and enough people in Cuba would start subscribing to it, that it would become self-sustaining. What ended up happening is when they cut off money to it, the thing collapsed.

It left all these people in Cuba wondering what the heck was going on. The USAID people who were doing legitimate humanitarian work were furious because now they are viewed as a part of the CIA practically and that they are involved in trying to overthrow governments and destabilize and so there is a lot of people who are angry who were working for these agencies, they are saying now we are going to be targets because of what you are doing.

But the bottom line was it was just the military-industrial complex, people who were trying to make money and create some need, a business that the US would go ahead and fund, and there was a whole bunch of people lined up. And then like I said, what happened was when it was supposed to be going on its own, it collapsed and then the State Department was trying to find out who was involved in it, the Senate was trying to find out who was involved in it and so far nobody wants to claim responsibility, nobody knows who was in charge, nobody knows who ordered it.

I mean it is that kind of chaos, it is ridiculous. And I think the same things are going to happen with the Ukraine. They probably are going to try to dump everything on Nuland and a few people within the State Department and Hillary was smart because she bailed. But let's face it, that policy did not just come about in the last two days. That was a policy that was being carried out by Hillary Clinton for her entire time as head of State Department.

I think it is going to be an utter disaster for the US and I don't know where they are going to go. I don't know what Ukraine is going to do. Those are things that can't be answered at this point. It is going to be a disaster, there is going to be people that are going to have to provide humanitarian assistance and I've got a feeling that a lot of people are going to be saying "Russia had it right".

Robles: Eastern Ukraine was full of all the industry and everything, they were supported by sales of manufacturing to Russia, which was a big problem with why Yanukovich didn't sign the EU Association Agreement because they wanted him to cut off all ties with Russia, which would have been suicide of the country economically.

Zrnchik: One of the things that I was going to mention is I think that a lot of problems that the US is having like every empire, what ends up happening is that the more you go out and become belligerent on the world stage, the more people start lining up against you, and pretty soon the empire creates so many enemies for itself that anybody who's against its interests, it is pretty easy for them to go ahead and oppose the US.

I mean everything has been so leveraged that once one thing collapses, everything else starts going down. And so we can see the US is worried about the toppling of these dominoes in that its leadership is going to start being challenged, every act of defiance or even disagreement ends up being something that the US goes completely ballistic over because they worry that any disagreement is going to end up leading everybody else to say "the US isn't necessary. It is more harmful than what it is helpful" and the American people are going to begin to understand the complete failure of the neo-cons Project for a New American Century and of course they are hoping that the American people remain ignorant as to the harm that it's caused to this country even while it causes harm on the world stage.

So, I said in my article: "Gone is the day when the US can go ahead and ship pallets of hundred dollar bills literally by the ton to other countries like they did in Iraq, in a ham-fisted attempt to rebuild civil society.

They hadn't done it in Iraq and they had just pallets of hundreds tons of hundred dollar bills, there is no way that they are going to able to do anything like that in Ukraine. So, it is just stupid for them to be doing that.

Right now they ought to be working constructively and not worrying about who is in charge but worrying about what the needs of the people are going to be and how they are going to maintain the continuity of government amid the imminent collapse.

It ought to be something that the US ought to be studying because of the fact that I could see this happening to the US down the road, especially with the weakening of the petrol dollar, especially with Russia deciding that it wants to have economic ties with China and those two working together, I think it is really going to spell trouble for the US, and so the US needs to start cooperating with other people and try to build friendship as opposed to trying to oppose things that aren't really anything to argue over.

In the Crimea the people have to have the ability to be able to determine their own future and the US has said that over and over again but as soon as it goes against whatever the US policy is, then everything gets thrown out of the window and that is the problem with the US because constantly it is the hypocrisy that drives the rest of the world crazy.

And that is why right now if you look at polls that have been taken, the rest of the world considers the US to be the greatest challenge and the greatest threat to peace.

Robles: Now Joseph, very last comment on the demonization of Russia and President Putin in the western media, and this almost maniacal war propaganda that it seems like all the western media outlets are trying to outdo each other in transmitting to the masses?

Zrnchik: I think right now the biggest problem is Obama looks weak and they are trying to support Obama so they don't want to admit the fact that the US foreign policy is just such a problem, that it is causing problems for the US.

I don't think that they have thought things through and so I think that the US is trying to save face right now.

And the other thing is The Global War on Terror has been such a disaster and it has done nothing but created more chaos, more than the US could ever have hoped to solve.

So, now I think a lot of it is they have wanted to go back to this Cold War mentality, it was safe for the US when the US was just opposing Soviet Union.

If you look at it now, it was actually a very stable time and you knew what each side wanted, what their foreign policy was, what they were going to do, now there is nothing that the US can control anymore.

You were listening to an interview with Joseph Zrnchik a retired US military observer/controller/trainer turned geopolitical commentator. That was the end of this interview thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_18/US-failures-leading-to-US-self-destruction-Joseph-Zrnchik-0930/


19 April, 00:00

Crimean Referendum Remarkably Peaceful

Referendum Observer Srdja Trifkovic

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Coverage in the Western media, statements by US, EU officials and now a report by the UN – all try to paint a negative portrait of the Crimean Referendum. According to Paul Roberts, a former Assistant US Treasury Secretary, a UN report that was just released is simply propaganda created by Washington and lacks both grounds and credibility as well as evidence. He said that the report was an orchestrated propaganda attempt that had been arranged to serve the US agenda, discredit the referendum and deflect attention from the fact that Washington overthrew a democratically elected government in Europe. The Voice of Russia spoke to Srdja Trifkovic, the foreign affairs editor at Chronicles Magazine, he was an observer at the Crimean Referendum on this issue and more.

Hello, this is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Srdja Trifkovic, he is the foreign affairs editor at Chronicles Magazine, he was also a part of the Crimean Observer Mission to Crimea during the recent referendum. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find a rest of it on our website at voiceofrussia.com.


Robles: Hello, sir. How are you this afternoon?

Trifkovic: I'm very well, thank you. It is a bit chilly and raining in Belgrade, most unseasonably, but I suppose that is a price to be paid for belonging to the international community.

Robles: Yeah, I guess. It's quite sunny and beautiful right now in Moscow which is also unusual. I guess, I don't know if that is a reward to be paid for trying to be part of the international community, I guess.

Getting a little bit more serious now regarding the Crimean Referendum, you were asked to take part as an observer by the authorities in Crimea. Can you tell us about the other groups that were there? Who was invited? Who was not invited? Who refused? And then tell us some details about what you saw if you could.

Trifkovic: My understanding from secondhand sources is that they wanted to invite an OSCE group but the OSCE authorities refused the request because they felt that this would imply the recognition of the legality of the proceedings.

Robles: Can I ask you a question now? I'm sorry to interrupt you! From the outset, right, would you agree or do you think there was, just judging from what you just told me, that before it was even carried out, they didn't want to give it legitimacy?

Trifkovic: I'm quite certain that OSCE had decided upfront not to give it legitimacy regardless of the propriety of the proceedings or the attempt by the Ukrainian authorities to turn the exercise into as democratic an event as possible under the circumstances.

So in the end the observers were a group of individuals representing different institutions or organizations or simply coming as themselves in their own right. And it was a very mixed group.

There was a senior Partido Popular official from Spain, the former chairman of the party's Youth Wing. There was a Marxist from Greece, a member of the European Parliament belonging to the Communist Party, there was a right-winger from Hungary belonging to Jobbik party, also a member of European Parliament. There was a Finnish political scientist, there was a Polish political scientist who unlike many Poles believes that a sane relationship with Russia is a prerequisite of Poland's long term security and stability.

Robles: Wow!That is someone we should talk to..

Trifkovic: There were also a couple of people from Israel including the editor of a Russian language newspaper in Tel Aviv and a member of the Knesset.

So all in all it was group of people who do not necessarily share any single political denominator. It was a very diverse group to use the p.c. term, very diverse indeed.

Robles: Yeah, very.

Trifkovic: We all believed that what was happening in the Crimea deserved to be observed, that in any event a stroke of pen by the Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party from 60 years ago should not be the holy grail and the casting stone outcome, that two and a half generations later should determine the destiny of the people.

So to the best of our knowledge, and I visited three polling stations before the referendum day, and four of them on the day itself, I also travelled to Yalta and to Sevastopol from Simferopol where I was based and to Bakhchysarai and I could tell you that it was remarkable the extent to which everything was peaceful and seemed normal.

It very often is the case when you come to a crisis point from the outside that you are struck by the normality of the place, but in the Crimea it was remarkable and it was commented upon by some other members of the group.

For instance on the referendum day itself there was no patriotic music blaring from the loudspeakers, it was mainly old Soviet Era pop music, some of it a bit on the cheesy side, including the ubiquitous Podmoskovnie Vechera.

So you know, nationalistic jubilance, people turning up to do what they think needed to be done and doing it in a business-like air of fulfilling their citizens' duty.

One thing is certain, and I can testify to that in good faith, is that there was not even a hint of pressure and that the lines that formed early on the day, Sunday the 15th, were mainly elderly people who enthusiastically wanted to be there first thing in the morning, later on the day there were families with children and around midday the young people turned up when they slept off Saturday night before.

And even in Bakhchysarai which is the center of the Crimean Tatar community when my translator and driver and I stopped for lunch on Monday afternoon, the day after that referendum, everything was perfectly peaceful and there were no checkpoints of any kind either by the Crimean militia or by some kind of Tatar Self-Defense Force, as was reported in some of the western media.

I had a good lunch in a Tatar restaurant even though it was a bit late to order lunch, it was 4 pm but they were very forthcoming. And the air of tranquility and normalcy was overwhelming and yet the previous day the Guardian reported that ethnic tensions in Bakhchysarai had reached the boiling point and that many people were considering leaving which was simply rubbish.

Robles: Yeah. I just want to underline this point since you are talking about the peacefulness in the situation there, there is also a lot of reports in the western media, and I've seen them myself and I think the publication you are talking about, the Guardian, has published information saying that there was a huge presence of Russian troops everywhere and people were being forced and intimidated to vote by these "evil Russian soldiers" that were basically, you know, on every corner. Did you see any troops?

Trifkovic: No. I saw one patrol of local militia in Sevastopol on Monday, the day after the referendum, and they were two young lads with rifles, one of them constantly talking on the cell phone to his girlfriend and two middle aged Cossacks from the Kuban and they were unarmed.

And also outside the Verkhovna Rada building in Simferopol there were perhaps two dozen Cossacks but none of them armed and certainly of the seven polling stations I have visited all together, three on the day before just to check up on the preparations, and four on the day itself, I never saw one uniformed person of any kind whether a policeman or a soldier.

And driving to Yalta and back from Simferopol on Saturday, the15th I only saw one uniformed person and it was a traffic policeman manning a speed trap.

Robles: I just want to make this clear, just for the listeners, because there are going to be accusations that this was set up or something..I've never spoken to you before and you are not being paid for this interview and this is not prearranged, these are your own views that you are giving right now. Is that correct?

Trifkovic: Well, I have already written about that on the website of Chronicles magazine, it is on chroniclesmagazine.org. And I have also published articles both in Serbian and in Russian on the subject.

What is obvious from Crimean episode is that the gap between the artificial reality created by the western media machine and the tangible reality on the ground is growing by the day and that is essentially what we have seen with the coverage of Maidan in the months preceding the Crimean episode and what we have seen with a coverage of Sochi, indicates a certain mindset in the media pack that is more reminiscent of the era of real socialism and unfortunately it is somewhat more effective because many western consumers of these media products are not even aware that they are being manipulated whereas in the Soviet Union those people knew and only pretended to go along with it.

Robles: Yeah, and that is something I come up against every single day. They still believe in the "fair and balanced" words of Fox News for some reason, I don't know, many people don't..

Trifkovic: It is both, the so called Left and the so called Right. We mentioned Fox News and we mentioned the Guardian and you have their emanations because one represents the kind of "Triumphalist Global Hegemonist Neoconservative" point of view and the other presents the "Liberal Globalist Foreign Policy as Social Work and NATO as a Humanitarian Organization" point of view. But in essence the fruits of their labor are the same. Which is to legitimize a policy based upon meddling in other peoples' affairs and of creating regime change situations and actually providing uncritical support for governments in their pursuit of these objectives, which in reality are light years away from any rationally defined national interests of either the US or of the West European countries.

It is absolutely of no consequence to the denizens of Omaha or Seattle whose flag flies over Simferopol's Supreme Soviet and at the same time the meddling in Ukraine's affairs has created a situation in which the cities of Omaha and Seattle will remain targeted by the Russian ICBM's.

Robles: Very good. Talking about regime change operations, NGO's USAID what in your opinion was their objective? We know NATO wanted to put missile elements that much closer to Russian borders, we know they want to control resources, they want to diminish any sort of Russian influence in Eastern Europe and in Ukraine. We know Exxon and Chevron were behind funding (and George Soros) to the amount of at least $5 billion, I'm sure it was quite more. In your opinion as someone who has been there and an expert – what was the real US objective in Ukraine? Some people are saying it was just getting back at Russia for Syria and to try to dirty the impression after the very successful Olympic Games.

Trifkovic: No. It goes deeper than that and it would not have been possible to organize the infrastructure of regime change so quickly.

We have to understand that it goes even beyond any immediate quantifiable tangible gain whether it is the pipelines or whether it is energy resources. It reflects a certain Russophobia which is visceral and which is perfectly natural or how shall I put it, which has been internalized by the Western elite class to such an extent that it is no longer subject to any questioning or critical examination.

You were listening to an interview with Srdja Trifkovic, he is the foreign affairs editor at Chronicles magazine, he was also an observer at the recent Crimean Referendum. That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find a rest of it on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be. Stay with us.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_18/Crimean-referendum-remarkably-peaceful-observer-Srdja-Trifkovic-4373/


20 April, 13:57

US ripe for revolution, Anon planning May Op


US ripe for revolution, Anon planning May Op - Christine Ann Sands

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With the drums of war being beaten in Washington, the economy in tatters and about to collapse and a government which is not representative of the people and only serves the interests of banks and corporations, the American people are coming to a point where they are ready to stand up and revolt. 

What was unheard of a few years ago, namely advocating an armed revolution against the government, is something that is beginning to be heard in America. According to Christine Ann Sands, the organizer of the Million Mask March and a supporter of the Anonymous Hacktivist Collective, the time is ripe for revolution. Ms. Sands stated that Anonymous is planning something big for May Day but would not specify exactly what.

Hello! This is John Robles, I'm speaking with Mrs. Christine Ann Sands. She is the manager and domain owner of millionmasks.org and a supporter of the Anonymous hacktivist collective, the Occupy Movement, WikiLeaks and the Pirate Party.

Robles: Hello Christine! How are you this evening?

Sands: 10:04 p.m. in Washington. I'm well. How are you?

Robles: I'm very well as well. What is going on with the intrepid Anon mobile?

Sands: Anonomobile is looking good! I've added some "9-11 Was An Inside Job stickers. So, I had to ask the WikiLeaks if they still wanted their name on it. I would love to see WikiLeaks do more with regards to 9-11. But they did come out with the pager messages.

I would really love to see the truth come out about 9-11. We know that recently the NY Post came out saying that the US redacted or struck from the record the high level Saudi government officials' involvement in that. So, it is not just there is so much be said about 9-11 being an inside job, we are looking at the Benghazi cover up.

Robles: Can you tell us what is going on with the next Million Masks March, with the supposed relaunch of the Occupy Movement in spring? And what is going on in Washington with you and Anonymous in the upcoming months, if you could?

Sands: Right now there's been a Wave of Action that started on 04.04.14 and it is supposed to go through July 4th . But I don't really know why they'd only going until July 4. I think that this needs to go on and continue. The Wave of Action is a big movement that started on 04.04 and now, on April 22nd there is a Cowboy\Indian Alliance Encampment. So, cowboys and Indians are coming in to Washington and they are going to set up a camp in there protesting the pipeline.

Then, we've got on May 1, Anonymous have said that they are going to be active. And May 1 of course is a worldwide day of protest. Then, we've got on May 16th America's Freedom Fighters in operation American Spring. They've got 20,000 Facebook likes and that is going to be happening on May 16th .

So, again, Wave of Action started 04.04.14, then we've got cowboys and Indians coming in on April 22nd, and they are going to camp near the White House. May 1, May Day, Anonymous movement. May 16th, many people coming, operation American Spring.

And then, I'm calling, instead of ending the wave of action on July 4th, I'm calling for the continuation, to have these Americans take back these millions of vacant homes that the banks just took from them.

So, that's what is going on with this Occupy, but it is not really a traditional Occupy, it is lots of occupations with different people who are likeminded and want to take America back.

Robles: What is going on with Anonymous? I mean, if you can give us some more details, what are they planning for May Day?

Sands: I can't say other than that people from Anonymous have indicated to me that they will be planning something for May 1st . If you went to occupydc2014.org, everything I just said is there, including the Facebook page that the Anonymous has set on. In other words, the links to all these different groups are made available there.

I know they were very helpful in Albuquerque in New Mexico. And I know that they were hacking into systems in Israel. It remains to be seen what will happen on May 1st .

Robles: Can you tell our listeners, especially our international listeners, a little bit about the media manipulation that is going on with regard to Ukraine and the drums of war that are being beaten against Russia?

Sands: Yes, it is a no-brainer, unless you are in tune with alternative media and researching the facts. You are right! It is just one big demonization of Russia.

They want us to support the sanctions. It is so confusing, because there are false-flags going off, just like with Benghazi. They wanted to gear us up to go to war against Syria and now we are finding out that Benghazi in Libya was actually a covert CIA operation more than an embassy that was running guns through Turkey to arm the Syrian rebels to overthrow Assad.

We heard that coming from Julian Assange's father in Australia. Hands off Syria! And we were just told hey, Assad gassed his people!

Robles: Yes, we know that!

Sands: You know that, right! So, then all of a sudden we hear that Turkey was behind the gassing. And then, we are thinking: well, wait a second, if we were running guns from Libya through Turkey to Syria, then were we the ones who setup that false flag and had Turkey gassed people? Was it our American taxpayers' money that gassed those civilians,1300 civilians.

Robles: And there were 426 children that were brutally murdered just for the pretext of war. Now they've unleashed fascists in Ukraine, there are nazis in power in Europe again. And I heard John Kerry made a statement against anti-Semitism in Ukraine. And then, I found out he was talking about anti-Semitism that was being caused, according to him by the Russians in eastern Ukraine, when there's been this huge wave of anti-Semitism by the US' Right Sector people that are in power now. They are trying to demonize Russia even for the nazis they've unleashed in Ukraine. It is unbelievable!

Sands: I agree with you. And they were denying that Greystone…

Robles: The mercenaries, right!

Sands: They were denying that they were there, but they were seen there. So, it gets confusing. It is already confusing and it gets more confusing, because you don't get the right news and…

Robles: It must be very confusing for the Americans because you guys are trapped in an Orwellian Ministry of Truth media bubble. It is unbelievable!

Sands: So, what I've been doing is researching trying to find the truth. And that's how I came up with the fact that gassing the Syrian civilians was an inside job by Hilary Clinton, that is the way I am looking at it now.

Robles: Hilary was deeply involved in Ukraine. Nuland said they spent $5 billion there. They didn't spend that there in the last few months. That projects has been going on, the Right Sector was training for ten years.

Sands: Yes, they planned that. It was so convenient that now neither Petraeus nor Clinton had to sit down for the questioning about Benghazi. Hilary conveniently got sick right at a crucial time. And then Petraeus got called out by an affair. Petraeus wasn't out because of an affair, he was out because they didn't want to put him on the stand.

But Fox News (like everybody loves Fox News but we know they don't), but Fox News has been going after this Benghazi story and they came out today with a poll saying that the Americans want Congress to continue to investigate. So, they are, and more stories to come out.

Remember, just recently the Pulitzer-Prize winner Seymour Hersh – the journalist – came out with a very thorough account of Benghazi. So, they are not going to get away with this.

Robles: You don't think so? I think they are going to just whitewash it. They are going to dump down the American people. They are going to assume that everybody has a ten-minute attention span and then the next election comes up and they are going to start pushing Hilary Clinton as the "first woman President of the US". I'm sorry, when I heard her laughing and saw her gleefully beside herself with joy when they killed Muammar Gaddafi, it was clear to me she is just a horrendous monster.

Sands: I agree and we feel the same way about Bush. So, now Hilary wants to come in and then another Bush comes in for presidency, we are left with another murdering clan-Bush or a murdering Clinton-clan. And that's been going on since the Clinton chronicles long ago. I mean, Clintons have had bloody hands for decades.

But what I was saying is no, I don't think this is going to continue to go on. I'm in like 60 Facebook groups and so many groups out there are now in complete disgust and uproar. And it is the information age…

Robles: Is there real uproar or is it just something that's kept on the Internet where they want it?

Sands: Even journalists are quitting. For example, today Sharyl Attkisson left CBS News over Benghazi pressure. So, even journalists are coming out. Andrew Craig, he was part of mainstream media, but now he is writing books on how the CIA runs both political parties.

Robles: Can we get back to Ukraine for a minute, because we are looking at a situation where they are actually promoting and pushing a situation which could really bring about WW III?

Sands: I understand. What is happening now is that American is ripe for a revolution like we saw on the streets of Egypt and Brazil and Turkey.

So, they are ripe. 30% of Americans feel that an armed revolution is necessary. And Chris Hedges talks about overthrow. He says take special note using the word "overthrow".

I use the words "revolt" and "overthrow" all the time, but I can't do that because I don't advocate violence. I think that the US Government already took the first shot when they shot a missile into the Pentagon.

So, I think our acting with arms would be in self defense, but I still don't advocate violence at all. The military advocates violence, I don't. But I believe that right now America is in a state of mind where they are beside themselves.

Leaders are coming out now. I mean, there are militias, there are people who believe that an armed rebellion is necessary.

Robles: I'm sorry, if you've got people who killed 2,999 civilians, you are going to go up and talk to them, and tell the: "Oh, could you guys please prosecute yourselves?"

Sands: I agree. Only in a perfect world will a rapist nicely stop raping when you ask him nicely.

Robles:Yes, you have to cut it off. Sorry...

Sands: No, no, no! What is important, again, if people go to this occupydc2014.org website that I made, you will see a long list of very recent articles talking about corruption. Again and again, and again. It just keeps coming out. A guy in California who was anti-arms was caught in corrupt arms deals. So, there is just so many recent news.

We are glad that Snowden's team: Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras – received a Pulitzer Prize. That's helping to educate people with regards that, no, Snowden wasn't a traitor.

People are tired, they don't want to go to war again. They knew about Iraq, that there were NO weapons of mass destruction. I don't know how generally educated they are about Syria, but with the 60 groups that I'm in there are so many that, yes, they are educated.

So, it may just take something, we don't know what, you know, millions and millions on the streets. Yes, they didn't know exactly what it was going to be that would trigger this mass mobilization on the street, but it may be something like this, because I know that the time is ripe, the people are ready. It is just going to take something. And I do believe that something will and I think it will soon.

Robles: You don't think the possibility that these neocon banksters are about to start WW III, if that is not going to trigger something, I don't know what will.

Sands: That's why I wanted to get back to the occupydc2014.org website, because there is a perfect video that will help explain people that scam, that goes from the politicians to the Treasury with writing the bonds, taking it over to the bankers who take it over to the Federal Reserve and they write out of an empty bank account and they swap IOUs with the bank. And it seems to be something that could be over the head of most people to understand, but this video makes it very clear, very elementary.

And if people could just understand this Federal Reserve Corporation with their stockholders' scam with the banks, if they could understand the Federal Reserve Corporation scam with the banks and how we don't really have money, not backed by gold, it is a debt-based monetary currency scam.

Robles: And where is this video?

Sands: Occupydc2014.org Political/Treasury/Banker/Federal Reserve Corporation Debt-Based Monetary Currency Scam.

Robles: That's it?

Sands: And that is all from my memory. It is a very long link. That's what I called it, that's what it is. That video you need to see.

Today I read that it was Putin's annual call in…

Robles: Yes, and Snowden asked President Putin a question. He asked if Russia was conducting mass surveillance on citizens. And I'm sure the US didn't like President Putin's answer, because President Putin said: "No, our security services have very strict guidelines that they have to follow. They have oversight and they can only surveil people if there is a warrant on an individual, not on the entire massive population." So, I'm sure Washington didn't like to hear that.

Sands: I made sure that that was circulated all over. And you know, people are listening.

By the way, getting back to 9=11. We never saw the plane hit the Pentagon, we never saw Osama's body. But did you know Osama's father is building the tallest building in the world right now? And they are still trying for what many people believe was an inside job with the Saudi government.

People are saying where did the whistleblowers go? Did you check Guantanamo? Because that's where they are killing these people who they did it, who never did it.

Did you check the CIA black sites? You want to know where the whistleblowers are? Check Guantanamo, because they are still killing people over 9-11, when we believe it was our own Government who did that.

So, that's America. We are waking up, the season in ripe and I don't think they are going to be able to pull a fast one on us with Russia.

You were listening to an interview with Christine Ann Sands. She is the manager and domain owner of millionmasks.org and a supporter of the Anonymous hacktivist collective, the Occupy Movement, WikiLeaks and the Pirate Party.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_20/US-ripe-for-revolution-Anon-planning-May-Op-Christine-Ann-Sands-8635/


20 April, 12:21

US Claims it Will Own the Arctic

Bruce Gagnon

US claims it will own Arctic - Bruce Gagnon

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When a country's military-industrial complex is privatized and run by corporations, war becomes a business rather than the last means for the self-defense of a country's sovereignty or people. The constant wars the US is engaged in have enriched those who profit and yet have devastated the economy and the population. 

Amid the endless war paradigm being a peace activist is a dangerous proposition. We spoke to one such brave person Mr. Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space – to get his views on the current beating of the drums of war in Washington.

Hello! This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Bruce Gagnon. He is the Coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com


Hello Bruce! It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again. Good evening. How are you?

Gagnon: Good! Nice to be on air with you again.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about what is going on with NATO from your perspective with regard to Ukraine and the statements in the media there about that situation in Ukraine?

Gagnon: First, let me talk about the general demonization that is going on in the US media, the mainstream media. It's been unrelenting.

Today following the Geneva meeting, both Kerry and Obama have been on air, essentially downplaying the possibilities coming out of that meeting, really, in a way, trying to sabotage any expectations of anything positive coming out of it. Clearly, they are trying to beat the war drums and they are beating them hard.

This past weekend I flew to Toronto to talk at the University of Toronto. While I was in Chicago, waiting for my plane there, in the airport I was watching CNN. And there was Zbigniew Brzezinski talking about how we need to give weapons to the Ukrainian Government. And his reason for it, he said: because Russia armed the Vietnamese during the US war in Vietnam and we needed to pay them back. So...

Robles: Are you serious?

Gagnon: Oh yes! I heard it with my own ears.

Robles: Because of Vietnam and they have to get back at Russia?

Gagnon: That's right! It was unbelievable. So, you know, this is the kind of stuff that is being heard on the TV in the US day in and day out.

Robles: I'm sorry, this was just reported as normal? I mean, this wasn't reported like a "lunatic of the day" or something?

Gagnon: No! You know, Zbigniew Brzezinski was Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor.

Robles: We know who he is, yes.

Gagnon: He is known to have recruited Obama, when Obama was a student at Columbia University. I once read that Brzezinski said that he vetted Obama early on.

Robles: Yes, and he was Obama's Foreign Policy Advisor during the election campaign. And he's peopled all of the upper echelons of the State Department with his own acolytes.

Gagnon: Right! On your other question about NATO expansion, it is quite dramatic.

The US is moving 18 F-16 fighter planes into Poland and has committed to taking over the rotation of NATO war planes that are flying over the Baltic air patrols. Supposedly, there are 12 US planes, 4 from Great Britain, 4 from France and 6 from Canada. So, there is a major war plane escalation by the US and NATO along the Russian border.

At the same time air patrols out of Lithuania which would put these jets just literally 5 minutes flight from St. Petersburg.

And then, the US has sent in three Aegis Destroyers into the Black Sea in recent days, including the Donald Cook most recently. These are all missile defense carrying warships, a key element in the US first strike attack planning.

The idea being that after a first strike upon Russian or Chinese underground nuclear missile silos, Russia or China would then fire a retaliatory strike. And these so-called missile defense systems onboard these Navy Aegis Destroyers would help take them out, take out that retaliatory capability.

So, they are the shield after the first strike is lunged into the heart of Russia or China. China is being surrounded by these same kinds of missile defense systems.

The US and NATO have already moved ground-based missile defense systems into Poland. They are going to be putting them in Romania. They have put an X-Band Radar, a missile defense radar system in Turkey. And so, the goal is to really to continue to encircle Russia with these missile defense systems and many people on the right wing are calling for missile defense deployments in Ukraine now as well.

Clearly, this whole NATO expansion is a violation of promises that the US made years ago, at the time of the reunification of Germany. Gorbachev talking to the US then Secretary of State James Baker was promised that NATO would not expand eastward. And when Clinton became president, he of course got NATO going on steroids, and they've been expanding ever since.

So, clearly, the US and NATO are doing everything they can to encircle Russia. And there is even talk now of moving US ground troops near the Russian border, into some of these NATO countries bordering Russia.

Robles: All I can think is that they've gone insane. Are they trying to provoke WW III? I mean, why would they be moving, and what is their justification for moving, all this hardware for Ukraine? What is the justification for Lithuanian air patrols near St. Petersburg? The aegis destroyers are part of the prompt global strike system, what do they need them for in Ukraine? What are they trying to say?

Gagnon: I think there are a couple different things going on here and it is good to review each of them. One thing is: with the supposed drawdown in Afghanistan… I'm skeptical that it is going to be a complete drawdown, I think the US will maintain some troops in Afghanistan. But there will be some drawdown in Afghanistan.

So, the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex are eager to come up with a new enemy in order to justify the massive military spending that exists today.

So, by demonizing Russia at this moment, by helping to create this destabilization of that region, the US is able to pull off that in the eyes of the American people: "Oh, we can't cut the military budget, look at Russia, they are trying to take over the world." So, that's one element of it.


Number two, we know that Russia has the world's largest supply of natural gas. And one thing I'm quite certain of is that the role of the Pentagon in the world today is to serve as the primary resource extraction service for multinational corporations.

And we must remember that kind of well-know video of Victoria Nuland last December in Washington speaking at an event where she said that the US has already spent $5 billion on this project. And on either side of her on the stage were the logos of Exxon and Chevron. And so, clearly, this is part of the agenda, the fossil fuel corporations would love to get their hands on the natural gas that Russia has.

In addition, the RAND Corporation has a study that shows that we should be breaking Russia up into various pieces, Balkanizing it.

Robles: That was the Brzezinski's plan, 68 autonomous regions. And if I could mention, because I've written about this, it's been on the Internet regarding the resources, it is a very little-known fact that part of the EU Association Agreement, the one that was supposed to be signed after the coup included transferring the entire ownership of the Russian gas pipeline that's running through Ukraine to, I believe, Exxon Oil. I don't think many people know about that.

Gagnon: There is one other important factor. With climate change there is already a 40% reduction of the ice up in the Arctic Region. Just at the end of March our US Senator from Maine, one of our two senators, Angus King, he is an independent, went on a ride on a nuclear submarine underneath the Arctic ice. And he sent a message around, when he came back.

Also, onboard that particular mission was Thomas Friedman, the NY Times columnist. And he wrote a column in the NY Times called Parallel Parking in the Arctic Ocean. And he talked about being onboard this navy subarctic warfare exercise.

Also, I've learnt that there is a new Pentagon study out, called US Navy Arctic Roadmap 2014-2030 that says that there are 90 billion barrels of oil underneath the Arctic, there is 1,669 trillion ft3 of natural gas and that operating bases will be needed so that the US and its NATO partners: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden can militarily train together. In fact, Canada has appropriated $25 billion, their largest military appropriation in their country's history, to build armed combat vessels largely for this expedition in the arctic.

And also, onboard that particular submarine on that occasion at the end of March was Admiral Greenert, the Chief of Naval Operations, who was quoted in the Freidman article as saying that: "We are going to own the Arctic Region".

So, when one looks at a map, you see that Russia has the largest land border of any other country in the arctic region. So, I think one additional reason for this Ukraine situation is to beat the drums, stir up the American people so that they will support the expensive and very provocative, and dangerous, militarization of the Arctic, which in the end will be aimed at Russia.

Robles: Bruce, are the American people buying it?

Gagnon: I've seen one poll asking people do they support Obama's aggressive posture towards Russia? Should we try to stop them from taking Crimea? And 50-some percent of the American people said "No, we don't want to get into a tangle". But they are working it hard.

And one thing we have to remember is when George W. Bush attacked Iraq in 2003, the American people were massively opposed to that operation, but they still did it anyway. These people, I believe, are literally crazy.

And Obama is under the control of these people. I don't think he is unwilling, I think he is a willing partner in this whole thing, but he clearly works for these corporate interests. And so, they are reluctant to listen to the people of the US.

I think there needs to be, you know, a lot of us are working hard on this now in this country, but there really needs to be a greater work around the world on this issue calling out the US for what I think is one of the most serious military escalations since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Robles: You are not alone in thinking that most of the world is thinking the same thing. And internationally, I don't think there will be any support, I don't think they will be able to get more than 2 or 3 NATO allies to agree to any kind of military operation in Ukraine.

I mean, most of the world knows that there was a Western-organized coup and they brought fascists to power in Europe again. There are Nazis calling for killing Jews in power in Europe again and this is 2014. And I don't know what country is going to be ready to send their young men to die for Nazis in Ukraine, just because the US wants to continue to demonize Russia any possible way they can.

Gagnon: The thing I fear though is the way that the US and NATO are ratcheting this up these days. You know, it doesn't have to necessarily only be an intentional attack. These kinds of things can get out of hand very quickly and can spiral very quickly into a real shooting war.

Robles: There are at least 300 US Blackwater mercenaries in Ukraine. And they are not there to have picnics or man checkpoints.

Gagnon: I'm sure!

Robles: So, that's frightening what could happen there.

Gagnon: And they are really responsible to no one except the few elites, because what we are seeing in the US, essentially, is the privatization of foreign and military policy.

I read a book some years ago by a former CIA agent. And he told the story about leaving the CIA where he worked in the Middle East. And he left the CIA and went to work for oils corporations, and was doing the secret backchannel work for them; assassinations, destabilizations and the whole thing. And in fact, he kind of bragged that often times he would go into a CIA station in a particular country and they wouldn't have a clue about what was going on.

And so, this whole privatization of the US foreign and military policy has been going on for a long time and it is really increasing these days. This particular book, I'd really recommend it, is called The Game Player: Confessions of the CIA's Original Political Operative by a guy named Miles Copeland quite a revealing story.

That was the end of part one of an interview the Bruce Gagnon – the coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. You can find the next of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_20/US-claims-they-will-own-Arctic-Bruce-Gagnon-4656/


21 April, 08:14

US Russophobia Approaching Pathological Transference

John Robles

The headline in the Boston Globe reads: "Obama focuses updated Cold War approach on Putin" and the New York Times article by one Peter Baker that follows is one of the one of the most acidic, fact-starved, sanctimonious, self-righteous, chest beating, Russophobic, war-propagandistic, Putin-envious, out-of-touch diatribes to come out of the western media in the current tidal wave of Gleichschaltung-like anti-Russian war-propaganda. 

The attack is almost criminal in its eschewing of the truth and if you dear reader ever entertained the idea that Boston was a bastion of liberal truth and that the first black American president was some sort of Martin Luther King, you may now group Boston with the vilest redneck burgs in Alabama and the president to the right of the farthest right of the neo-conservative war profiteers.

Rarely does an article deserve to be taken apart at the seams but this one does as the outright lies and vitriol are so blatant that there is a danger if even a small portion of the masses believe even 10% of it.That danger is not to the world, or to us over here in Moscow (we are unfortunately used to these kinds of attacks from the Russophobic lunatic fringe), that danger is to the American public, who continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes by a president and a government that is ready to send them off to die and force countless generations to come into slavery to pay for their maniacal excesses.

Openly Reviving the Cold War

To begin with the headline and the first paragraph take no issue with the fact the Cold War is over. However it does serve to announce to the world that what even three months ago was a well kept secret and something denied by politicians and those in power in Washington, namely that the US/NATO were pursuing a continuation of the Cold War, is now official policy and neither Obama and his henchmen nor the US media establishment have the slightest reservation (due to their delusional architecture) in admitting to what is in fact the complete and utter failure that is forcing the US to cling to a desperate outdated recidivist strategy that it now hopes to apply to a democratic country.

Baker writes: "The crisis in Ukraine defies easy resolution and President Obama and his national security team are looking to forge a new long-term approach to Russia that applies an updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment."

The outright idiocy of the first sentence (as if the US is actually looking for a resolution) denies the fact that it is the US that destabilized Ukraine in the first place and that they continue to support the illegitimate coup government and the neo-nazis who brought the junta to power.

"... updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment."

We must recall that this strategy was supposed to be against the Soviet Union and in order to stop the spread of Communism. Yet like bringing nazis back to power in Europe, we can see that the US never learns history's lessons and continues to pursue dangerous, confrontational, aggressive caveman policies on the international stage

The US Pariah's Psychotic Transference

Let read the next installment:

"Just as the United States resolved in the aftermath of World War II to counter the Soviet Union and its global ambitions, Obama is focused on isolating President Vladimir Putin’s Russia by cutting off its economic and political ties to the outside world, limiting its expansionist ambitions in its own neighborhood and effectively making it a pariah state."

Clearly the pathological transference of those directing the writer and the manipulation in the above is aimed at painting Obama as some sort of great "war president" when in fact he is a cowardly puppet who gets pleasure from authorizing extra-judicial executions and destroying countries.

The pathological transference of applying outdated policies designed as tools against the Soviet Union to Russia and accusing Russia of having "expansionist ambitions" is stunning. Just the fact that Obama and the US think they have some right to meddle and dictate to Russia and Europe, what they can do in their own neighborhood is a sign of their own expansionist mindset.

The unbelievable arrogance, hypocrisy and self-serving historical revisionism is also stunning in the above as we know that it was the US that destabilized Ukraine, organized the armed takeover of a democratic European nation and brought nazis to power in Europe who are calling for killing Russians.

The truest pariah and rogue criminal state in the world is the United States of America. Guilty of multiple acts of aggressive war, continuing to maintain an illegal torture prison, continuing to execute its own citizens, executing people worldwide without trial or charge and overthrowing governments and killing leaders whenever the whim pleases them makes the US the most dangerous pariah nation in the history of mankind.

Now tell me. In what way is Russia a pariah nation?

Obama Stomps His Feet and Holds His Breath

The writer says Obama has "concluded he will never have a constructive relationship with Putin" no matter what. I dare say after the campaign by the US to ruin the Sochi Olympics, Obama running around the world trying to implement sanctions against Russia for the coup d'état he himself signed off on, the non-stop placing of NATO war elements closer and closer to Russia and the fiasco in Syria, I think it would be safe to say that it is President Putin, who has continuously tried to work with Obama, who should refuse to have anything to do with Nobel-Peace-Prize-fraud president.

Ignore the Master?

"Obama will try to minimize the disruption Putin can cause. .. ignore the master of the Kremlin."

The disruption Putin might cause? What "disruption" is the writer talking about? Disrupting plans by Washington to violate further the sovereign state of Ukraine or NATO continuing to surround Russia and the People's Republic of China or perhaps the extermination of Russians in Ukraine and the attempted destruction of the Slavic World or the invasion of the next country that Washington is planning to destroy?

And what is with the "master" thing? This is a new one. Is this another transference of endemic US racism and an attempt to conjugate and/or elicit slave/master images?

“That is the strategy we ought to be pursuing,” said Ivo H. Daalder, formerly Obama’s ambassador to NATO, "... it may solve your Russia problem.”

Your "Russia problem"? Perhaps Mr. Daalder has also lost it? Maybe he will enlighten us with a "final solution"? Unbelievable!

McFaul 2.0: Dangerous Russophobe

The article states that John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania, has been chosen to be the next US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft was extremely active and involved and one might say instrumental in bringing about the aforementioned anti-Russian events. As McFaul failed to organize the destabilization of Russia and the ouster of President Putin, apparently Obama is seeking more experiences hands.

Dangerous rhetoric

With regard to the assignment the article states: "... now there is no reluctance to offend the Kremlin."

The US insists on isolating itself even further, for such a policy will backfire as Russian diplomats and leaders continue to stay open to dialogue and diplomacy. Again the arrogance is stunning.

An International Consensus: Coalition of the Willing 2.0

The US is becoming more and more hated every day. As Europeans and the world realize that Obama and his myopic, knuckle-dragging foreign policy elites vetted (like Obama himself) by senile-rabid-Russophobe Brezhinsky are only interested in resources and expanding their own caveman hegemony by force, the consensus against the US will grow thousand-fold. The writer tries to say China is against Russia, this is while China and Russia are discussing plans for tighter military cooperation against the ongoing provocation that is the placing of NATO war elements around both countries.

"The administration’s priority is to hold together an international consensus against Russia, including even China, its longtime supporter on the UN Security Council."

The US is Broke

The writer revealed a little too much I think with the following statement:

"... economic advisers and White House aides urging a measured approach have won out, prevailing upon a cautious president to take one incremental step at a time out of fear of getting too far ahead of skittish Europeans and risking damage to still-fragile economies on both sides of the Atlantic."

We know the US economy is about to collapse and we know that in contrast to the $15 billion Russia was ready to single-handedly hand Ukraine, the entire US/NATO/Eu could only come up with a $1 billion "loan".

Money talks, as they say.

More Sanctions Blackmail: Outright Lies

"The White House has prepared another list of Russian figures and institutions to sanction in the next few days..."

The first round did not phase Russia and was laughed off. I doubt this round will be more successful. Washington might take heed: Your sanctions will backfire I can promise you that.

"... while Putin seems for now to be enjoying the glow of success, he will eventually discover how much economic harm he has brought on his country. Obama’s aides noted the fall of the Russian stock market and the ruble, capital flight from the country and increasing reluctance of foreign investors to expand dealings in Russia."

Again Washington must be delusional, the Russian economy is going strong, the country is in the black and unlike almost all of Europe which is suffering from austerity measures, and the US with forced austerity where the public pay approximately 33% of their income in taxes and are enslaved to the military industrial complex for the next 1,000 years or more, Russia is growing stronger by the day.

Oops! Did I let the cat out of the bag? But then again, that is the real "Russia problem" isn't it?



21 April, 02:49

Crimea: No Russian Invasion Just Happy People

Referendum Observer Manuel Ochsenreiter

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The campaign by the western media to demonize Russia, beat the drums of war and paint the recent Crimean reunification with Russia as illegitimate, something that even the OSCE had decided to do before it was carried out, is one of the most dangerous and egregious demonization campaigns in recent history. The reporting of lies and fabrication of news is at such a level that it might even be considered criminal. In order to help get to the truth the Voice of Russia interviewed observers and people on the ground, one such observer, the Editor in Chief of the German monthly Zuerst, Manuel Ochsenreiter, spoke to us about what he saw and more importantly what he did NOT see in Ukraine.

Coverage in the western media statements by the US-EU officials and now a report by the UN, all try to paint a negative portrait of the Crimean referendum. According to Paul Robert, a former Assistant US Treasury Secretary, a UN report that was just released is simply propaganda created by Washington and lacsk both grounds and credibility, as well as evidence. He said that the report was an orchestrated propaganda attempt that had been arranged to: serve the US agenda; discredit the referendum and deflect attention from the fact that Washington overthrew a democratically elected government in Europe.

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter. He is the Editor-in-Chief for the Zuerist monthly German publication. He was an observer of the Crimean referendum. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com


Robles: Hello Sir! How are you this evening?

Ochsenreiter: Fine, thank you.

Robles: It is a pleasure to be speaking with you. I understand you were one of the international observers that had a chance to observe the referendum in Crimea. Can you tell us how you came about to be in Crimea and what your impressions were?

Ochsenreiter: I observed the referendum in Crimea, but I was not one of the official international observers. I was there as a German journalist for my magazine.

And of course, we were with a Russian friend who was helping me as a translator and who was also working as a journalist. We were there for one week before the referendum began. We were doing a lot of reportage and interviews trying to find out how the atmosphere was and also trying to find out what is true about the western media coverage about the situation in Crimea.

So, we spent there a week and, of course, we observed the referendum. We spoke to the international observers, we interviewed them as well to get a view and to get an insight on what is going on in Crimea besides the western mainstream media.

Robles: Can you tell us what did you see? You were there over a week or how long exactly?

Ochsenreiter: Yes, one week.

Maybe it is more easy to answer the question what I didn’t see, because when I arrived in Crimea, I was very much impressed by the western media coverage.

And the day when I was flying to Crimea, I saw on my TV screen Russian tanks rolling through Ukraine invading Crimea. I saw the Russian military machine actually occupying Crimea and oppressing the population.

Robles: I’m sorry, you actually saw footage of Russian tanks rolling through the streets?

Ochsenreiter: I saw that on TV, yes. But I didn’t see that when I arrived there. When I arrived there, there was no Russian invasion. This is what I meant I saw... When I arrived in Crimea, I didn’t witness there what is saw on my western/mainstream TV screen. It was a completely different situation.

There was no occupation, there was no military invasion of Crimea. It was very normal. I think for many journalists it might have seemed even boring, if you are under the impression of the Western mainstream coverage.

Robles: Wow! I’ve heard the same thing from my own sources in the region, from other witnesses, from experts. I did have a chance to speak to some of the other observers there. They all said the same thing.

Ochsenreiter: Everybody who was there in person will confirm that, of course, yeah.

Robles: Yeah, I just don’t understand how the West is getting away with manufacturing news.

Ochsenreiter: It is usual, I was making the joke when I was coming back and people asked me and colleagues asked me: “So how was the Russian invasion?”

And I said: "Well, the Russian invasion must be at the same place where the masses of peaceful democratic protesters of Syria are. Because within the last three years I was in the Syrian war several times in Syria and I saw many, many things, but I didn’t see the masses of peaceful democrats protesting against the regime in Syria.

So, the Western mainstream media generally gets away with their lies because I think it has to do with the fact that the majority of the people is also used to that.

I mean ask people in the street how much you can believe of the media coverage? It would be a very depressing number, I think less than 50% maybe.

Robles: To the level of that, manufacturing is unbelievable. I’ve actually seen some Ukrainian mainstream television coverage and it was stunning. They were also reporting these massive Russian troops movements on the borders and they were talking about all these spies coming in, and all this stuff. And then, you get the real footage along all the border zones and there are farmers walking with their cows, there is not a tank in sight. But yet on the Ukrainian side all the land is dug up supposedly to stop tanks. It is unbelievable! It is just a complete fabrication! It was like when they were trying to say a couple of years ago about these protests that were taking place in Moscow and they used footage from Greece. I have no words for it. I mean, especially when it is a pretext to military aggression. The same thing, like you were saying, in Syria. It is criminal!

Ochsenreiter: Exactly! When we are talking about this now, as journalists we have to say that this is a real crime and not just a crime toward the Crimeans or the Russians, it is a crime against the western population itself who are victims of those manufactured stories, of course. But this is what is here going on. I mean, it is not new.

We have the demonization of Russia, we had the Sochi Olympic Games where seriously western journalists were complaining about the height of the toilets in Sochi and so on, what was all invented and was completely untrue.

But you see that the degree of the truth in western mainstream media coverage becomes lower and lower in my impression. And most ridiculous point about this is when you go there as a journalist yourself and you say: "Well, I want to see what is going on, I want to see if this is true", as I did with Syria and now as I did with Crimea.

Then your mainstream colleagues attack you and they say “Yes, you want to please the regime in Moscow, the regime in Damascus or the regime wherever."

So they even put you in a bad light when you say: "Well, I do what a journalist does I go there and I check myself what is true and what is not true."

Robles: Yeah, you've been accused of everything. I mean, you've been accused of being some sort of nazi-sympathizer or something, I think on the net.

Ochsenreiter: Yes, exactly. I was criticized by some, blamed to be a nazi by some writers who actually wrote for a website which is sponsored by the Khodorkovsky Foundation this should be mentioned.

But we have of course a very influential news network to spread such things, Twitter, Facebook, generally we are the net.

The point is if you read that article, they were saying, yes, I'm the new nazi which is always on Russia Today and representing Germany, so this is a campaign actually going against Russia, against the news channel Russia Today and of course they try to hit the news channel by blaming me to be a nazi.

The point is when you read that article you will rarely find any true fact in this but that doesn't play a role. We have to see that we are now in the stage of a media war we are since a long time. It is not anymore about truth or about lies it is about to put so much dirt and damage on the other side that they lose completely the credibility and we have to say that the other side, by "the other side" I mean the liberal, the pro-American side has a lot of reason to do so. Because when we see that they are the ones who support a putsch hooligan government right now in Kiev, a government with close ties to organized crime, to oligarchs as well as to international terrorism, the so called Right Sector, we still talk about the Right Sector as if this is a party or a group but actually we have to talk about international terrorism.

We know that activists of the Right Sector were fighting in the Chechen wars on the side of Chechen Islamists as well as they fought on the side of Georgia in 2008 against Russia.

So we should put that back in order when we talk about those accusations, we should always see who is accusing who of being a neo-nazi, of being a Bolshevik, of being an extremist, of being whatever.

It is just to put dirt on the other side, there is no other reason.

Robles: I feel for people in the West, because you guys are surrounded by this propaganda. I mean at least I'm getting some of the truth coming out of Ukraine, I mean I'm getting first-hand reports and everything. Even though I work for state media, you know I work for state media, so you know where my bias could be but I think it is horrible when you have something that is considered maybe a "seeker-of-truth" publication like the Guardian.

Ochsenreiter: You are a paid agent.

Robles: Well, fine, I'll admit it, but you know that. So I mean my bias would be clear but when you have somebody coming up saying they are independent media and just posting lies, I'd like to just name one like the Guardian and their Luke Harding who everywhere he goes he is demonizing Russia but they pretend to be on the left, they pretend to be liberal and seekers of truth but their product is quite the opposite.

Can you tell us there were some reports from Germany that a lot of the population were protesting about the war propaganda? This was a couple of weeks ago in Der Spiegel. It seemed like the German press is trying to outdo each other in demonizing Russia and pleasing Obama. Can you tell us what is it like in Germany.

Ochsenreiter: Well, this is a thing. I mean we had the term during the Third Reich, it was the term of the Gleichschaltung the equalizing of the public opinion. So by that time there was an order of the state to do so, but when we look now, we have the whole mainstream media in such sort of Gleichschaltung, in an equalized media coverage about Russia from conservative right to alternative left, the demonization of Russia and of the Russian president Vladimir Putin is everywhere the same.

They choose different elements of criticizing or of defaming Russia. But it is like a huge army, it is like the artillery of the public opinion. They are all firing against Russia and they are completely equal. You will not find among the mainstream media in Germany any which is trying to get an objective or neutral point in this. And we are not talking about being pro-Russian, being pro-Russian right now is sign for you being a so called extremist or radical.

So this makes me in the eyes of many people who are supporting this pro- American and anti-Russian course, they call me a neo-Nazi, others are called insane, the next ones are called Bolsheviks or they are slaves of the Kremlin or whatever.

Robles: Brainwashed.

Ochsenreiter: You are not facing a debate, exactly, you are not facing a debate about the facts anymore. You just have to put the dirt they throw on you, you have to put it away. But you are not anymore talking about the facts, you are not debating anymore. I think this is the background of it all to make it impossible to discuss a thing in an objective and in a neutral way by defaming everybody who is not sharing the mainstream opinion, and this is what is going on and as I said it is not just going on with Russia, it is going on in almost every geopolitical issue we are debating.

And when we were talking,just one example, when we were talking about the referendum on Crimea you know that inside the EU and the mainstream politics in Germany, everybody was saying: "We shouldn't recognize the result of this referendum because it is illegal."

But it shows that we have inside the EU a certain problem with everything that has to do with Democracy or with direct democracy because the same thing happened if you remember several months ago in Switzerland, the people had referendum about mass immigration, the Swiss population said: "We don't want the mass immigration without limits."

So the EU and the European member states were criticizing this as well and were doubtingif this could be a legal referendum and so on.

So we have this everywhere where the people are allowed to rise their voice and to say what they think. We will find somebody in Brussels or in Berlin, in London or in Paris who will criticize this as illegal.

Robles: I see. Well, I understand that, a lot of the international observers who was supposed to come or asked to come, like the OSE from the outset they refused to send observers because and they said this before it happened "that will grant the process legitimacy". So from the very beginning they were not interested whether it was legitimate or not, they had already decided it was illegitimate.

Ochsenreiter: Exactly. And we should always say that when it comes to geopolitics it is not about equal standards.

We should get used to the fact that the West, the EU the NATO, the US use their own standards and they are not willing to share those standards with others.

So, I told you I was there with my Russian friend on Crimea. It was sometimes a very little funny situation because we were walking around there and a lot of western media teams were there and they were asking my Russian friend, they were interviewing him, what he thinks and they all asked him the same questions, they were asking him how he sees the fact that the West declares that referendum not as a legal referendum.

And at the first my friend was trying to answer those questions in a serious way but later on he had to laugh because we were surrounded by happy people with Russian flags.

The whole Crimea was celebrating, it was a little bit like Germany on November, 9th, 1989 when the Wall came down: these people were celebrating actually reunification. It was hard to find anybody on Crimea who was against becoming Russian.

So, when you are here and you say: "Well, now tell me something about law and legitimacy and how it should be organized", the people want that and there is such a basic democratic act like asking the people what the West never would dare to do.

The West for example I'm coming from Germany, I never had the right to participate at any referendum about the decisive political project, I wasn't asked if I want to send soldiers to Afghanistan, I was never asked if I still want to be member of the NATO, I'm not asked if I wanted to have the EURO currency, I'm even not asked if I want to bail out Ukraine.

You were listening to an interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter. He is the Editor-in-Chief for the Zuerst monthly magazine in Germany. He was also an observer of the Crimean referendum. You can find the next part of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_21/Crimea-No-Russian-invasion-happy-people-Manuel-Ochsenreiter-9307/


22 April, 07:28

FM Lavrov Calls on US to Take Responsibility for Ukraine

John Robles

FM Lavrov calls on US to take responsibility for Ukraine

The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov has called on the United States to face responsibility for those they brought to power in Kiev instead of giving Russia ultimatums and making false accusations against Moscow. This call by Foreign Minister Lavrov and Moscow, while made in the language of diplomacy and a call to simply do what the rest of the world which abides by international law and standards, may be a sign that the days of US impunity and illegality on the international stage may finally be coming to an end.

During a press conference with the Foreign Minister of Mozambique, Oldemiro Baloi on Monday after a meeting to lay out the framework for deepening cooperation Foreign Minister Lavrov stated: "Before giving us ultimatums, demanding that we fulfill demands within two or three days with the threat of sanctions, we would urgently call on our American partners to fully accept responsibility for those who they brought to power.”

Against the backdrop of the press conference after the meeting where Russia is obviously expanding cooperation and simply doing business with yet another country on the basis of mutual respect, the call for responsibility make recent US statements about Russia being isolated as a pariah nation all that more ridiculous.

Mr. Lavrov summed up the meeting as follows: "Business contacts between Russia and Mozambique have become more active of late. "Favorable prerequisites are taking shape for giving greater scope to trade-and-economic, investment, humanitarian and other fields. Promising areas of cooperation include geological prospecting, mining, ferrous metallurgy, petrochemistry, agriculture, fishery, energy and infrastructure projects, education, and personnel training".

As with recent meetings with the People's Republic of China, Russia is obviously continuing to do what it does best, build peaceful partnerships and relationships between nations based on trust, mutual respect and in most importantly transparently and within the framework of international law and respected standards.

Despite the recent ridiculous sanctimonious statements by US propaganda tools in recent days, such as this one which appeared in the Boston Globe: "The (US) administration’s priority is to hold together an international consensus against Russia, including even China..." Russia continues to build mutually beneficial partnerships with countries outside of the sphere of the Yankee dictator across the pond(s).

Mr. Lavrov recently told Sergei Brilev in an interview on Russia's News on Saturday a weekly program on Vesti that: "China is a very close partner for Russia and contacts with it show that it understands Russia's legitimate interests and that both countries have identical views on the causes of the current crisis in Ukraine."

"The Chinese are our very close partners. This is stated in our joint documents. We have relations of strategic and multifaceted cooperation. They are stated this way. All of China's practical steps confirm its commitment to the principles the two countries have agreed to".

Vesti reported: If the Americans had made attempts at the top level to put pressure on China to make it revise its economic agreements with Russia, "the degree of naiveté or impertinence simply goes over the top", the minister said. "I would even say that it's unforgiveable for professionals who prepare such negotiations not to understand the essence of the Chinese policy and character."

Unfortunately understanding the people or countries of the world is not something Washington have had any inclination to attempt to do but soon they may be forced to reassess their caveman strategy of projection of hegemony by force as the world has quite imply had enough.

The US/NATO push to the East is going to be the downfall of the American Empire and the attempted takeover of Ukraine is going to be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back. This is good and as it should be. The world is a multi-polar place and multi-polarity is natural, healthy and above all the true state the world should be in.

The world has learned that culturally, diplomatically, intellectually and economically the US has nothing to offer other than death, killing, endless war, a knuckle dragging godless culture and endless conditions that subvert sovereignty in exchange for fictitious economic gains based on a currency that is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Hence countries who wish to conduct serious, professional negotiations based on the principles of multi-polarity, mutual respect and most importantly mutual benefit are more and more turning to Russia which steadfastly has pursued a foreign policy stance of rule-of-law, respect-for-sovereignty and non-interference.

These policies followed by the Russian Government, the Russian Federation and its leaders once again is in stark contrast to the Neanderthal barrel-of-a-gun (be it the literal guns of NATO or the economic guns of the IMF) foreign policy relationships that the US "hegemon" has been imposing on the world which is weary of US grandstanding, US wars and US illegality.

After decades of bashing around the world, committing acts of aggressive war, maintaining illegal secret torture prisons, conducting illegal mass surveillance, subverting governments, conducting extra-judicial executions, organizing coups, killing leaders and destabilizing governments, it may be that finally a day of reckoning for the US may be visible on the horizon.

This simple call by Mr. Lavrov for the US to take responsibility for the Nazis it brought to power in Ukraine should be a wake-up call by the victims of US foreign policy that the time is coming to force the US empire to answer for its crimes. From Bhopal to Abu-Ghraib, from Guantanamo to Venezuela, from Iraq/Libya/Afghanistan/Syria/Lebanon to North Korea/Sudan/Serbia the world has suffered and lost millions of its people to US wars, aggression and its reckless attempts at resource grabs and establishment of a world subservient to its hegemony.

Every move America makes in Ukraine is known, documented, watched and has been exposed. The covert takeover of Ukraine by the CIA is no longer a secret. They have been exposed and the lights are shining in all of their dark corners.

Crimes against humanity, aggressive war, torture, indefinite detention, extra-judicial execution, arbitrary detention, destabilization of countries, genocide, installing of governments, subversion of populations, theft of resources, manipulation of markets, massive surveillance and incursions of sovereignty maybe the life work of secret departments of the CIA and standard practices for the US but they are all crimes and the criminals should be made to answer.

I leave you (once again) for the time being dear reader with the following list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

What they have done and are doing to Native Americans might also be added to the list and as the genocide of the indigenous peoples continues and is the foundation of endemic "American" racism and "exceptionalism".

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_22/FM-Lavrov-calls-on-US-to-take-responsibility-for-Ukraine-3559/


23 April, 22:03

US Regime Change Attempt Underway in Republika Srpska

Stephan Karganovic

US regime change attempt underway in Republika Srpska - Stephan Karganovic

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The practice of regime change through color revolutions and destabilization practiced by the US can currently being seen in countries all over the world including Ukraine, Venezuela and the Serbskaya Republic. Russia has faced the entire US color revolution architecture and thanks to its strong security services was able to successfully fend off this form of attack on sovereignty. Smaller countries and territories like the Serbskaya Republic however are very vulnerable to the manipulations of USAID, Transparency International and the entire group of organizations and NGOs that the West uses to manipulate countries to submit to its hegemony.

The most effective weapon against these organizations is transparency and informing the public about their nefarious activities. Stephan Karganovic, the President of the Srebrenica Historical Project, discussed these issues with the Voice of Russia and actually named those responsible in the Serbskaya Republic.


Hello! This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Mr. Stephan Karganovic. He is the President of the Srebrenica Historical Project.

Robles: Hello Sir! How are you this fine evening?

Karganovic: Hi! I'm fine, thank you.

Robles: It is a pleasure to be speaking with you. Last time we spoke, it was before the coup in Ukraine. We spoke in February and you gave us your insights on what was going on in the Republika Srpska and regarding Ukraine. What do you think about what has happened in Ukraine? You pretty much predicted everything.

Karganovic: Well, it didn't take a crystal ball, just some good analytical acumen and following the news and connecting the dots.

Indeed, the one thing that I was unable to predict was the elegant response of Russian diplomacy and the fact that without much violence Russia is apparently succeeding in neutralizing the pro-nazi thugs who have taken over in Kiev, and who apparently want to extend and consolidate their control in the eastern parts of the country, which evidently loathes everything that they stand for and does not want to be associated with such a regime.

It was pretty easy to predict that there would be disorders, that people would not be willing to accept the dictate of this unrepresentative coup government willingly, but I am really surprised and delighted that things are going the way they are, which shows that there isn't very much popular support for the coup government beyond the militants who were used to bring it to power.

So, I think there is hope for a peaceful solution, which includes the federalization of the country and respect for the rights of all the citizens of Ukraine, without destroying the country. I think these are the most important priorities.

Robles: You are a specialist in color revolutions, can you tell us a little bit about Republika Srpska? If we recall, they tried to launch the same thing and it went away within (what was it?) 36 hours or something. That's continued there. Can you tell about what is going on now?

Karganovic: Yes, with pleasure. It is still in progress but they haven't really taken off the ground. It has not worked according to their expectations. And there are many reasons for that. I would say the major reasons are two.

Number one, the fact that ultimately this process in the Republika Srpska is being managed by people who are outsiders, total foreigners, who do not understand the culture and the mentality of the people. So, they are giving pretty poor instructions to their people on the ground. That's one reason.

The other reason is that their on the ground collaborators are a pretty pathetic bunch. They really have not been able to find and hire a first-class team. So, that shows in the numerous mistakes that they have made so far, and as a result they are at this point not getting anywhere.

However, I would caution, when you have a lot of money that you are willing and capable to throw at people, you can always accomplish things.

So, I would not underestimate the other side. They still have a couple of months before the elections which are scheduled in October to modify their strategy or to come up with new tactics. You never know what they will come up with.

So, one has to very carefully follow this process and be ready to respond, first of all, analytically and then politically as the circumstances may warrant.

Robles: Do you think they'll go so far as to organize events of violence?

Karganovic: Absolutely! Absolutely, I have no doubts. I would divide their plan into three variants, at this point: plan A is elections, which are scheduled, as I said, in October of this year in the Republika Srpska and throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each entity will have its own electoral process. President Dodik is going to be the candidate for the current government and the ruling political coalition.

The opposition, which is largely under the influence of the West has not yet selected its candidate to oppose him. And that's pretty significant. They are bickering among themselves and they have not been able to agree on who is going to be the standard bearer for the opposition. They were going to announce that this month and they recently moved that to next month, to May. So, maybe in May we will find out who the opponent of the opposition will be.

But the main thing to bear in mind is that the elections will work for them under one of two conditions. One is: if their candidate has a good chance to win and the other is; if the election could be very close and then, of course, the standard procedure is to accuse the unsuitable candidate, the non-cooperative candidate, which in this case would be President Dodik, of having stolen the election. And then, they could put international pressure on him and so on and so forth. You know how that works. We've seen that in Yugoslavia in 2000, in Georgia and in other places. So, they manipulate things for them to come up on top.

Neither of those scenarios at this point look feasible, because President Dodik, contrary to all expectations, if you look at it from purely Western point of view, which is that people vote with their pocketbooks (you know, the American political wisdom), that doesn't really work here, because in addition to that…of course, normal people do take economic and social factors into account, but here other considerations are also present. And they are very influential, and they are not so tangible. So, they have failed to take that into account.

So, I think that the electoral option is something that they are slowly going to drop, because if they go that route – whomever they put up as the opposition candidate, the way things look like now Dodik is looking forward to a victory and a pretty impressive victory.

So, I think that plan B, and then I will come to plan C, plan B is: a Ukraine-style upheaval that would be totally managed and generated with the assistance of foreign special services. How successful that would be is also questionable at this point. They have been working on two parallel tracks.

They have already laid the groundwork for this sort of Ukrainian-style upheaval. But it is not getting anywhere right now in the Republika Srpska, which, again, doesn't mean that it may not take off in a month or two, if they modify their tactics. But at this point it is not going anywhere. So, it doesn't look very promising. They have two main phony NGOs that ar e pushing that option and they have not managed to mobilize a significant following.

So, plan C I think is the ethnic card. There is a Muslim minority in the Republika Srpska, just as there is a Serbian and Croatian minority in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And they have been very active lately stirring up the Muslim minority and presenting their situation in the light that doesn't have much to do with the reality. But they are trying to portray Muslims as an oppressed and disenfranchised minority in the Republika Srpska.

Robles: They tried to do that in Ukraine too.

Karganovic: Yes, exactly! It is the same formula, yes, you are absolutely right. Their pattern is the same, the template is the same wherever you go. They are not very creative. So, it is the same thing, basically.

And they are trying to stir up civil disobedience and opposition to the government in the ranks of the Muslim minority here, which, I can assure you, is fully free. All its cultural, religious and other rights are respected. So, there is no real issue there, but you can always create an issue, even when one does not actually exist. And they are working hard to do that.

Now, what I want to point out particularly relevant to this scenario is that there are very few but some Muslim extremists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have participated in the conflict in Syria and they keep circulating back and forth. So, there is already a cadre of a couple of hundred people in that category with military experience and, I would imagine, also links to the same special services who are conduction the rebellion in Syria, using them over there. And they can use them here in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

So, there is a huge potential there for trouble, if the first two scenarios fail. And then, what is important to remember is that if they succeed to play on that ethnic oppression card, that will trigger the international community, which is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the office of the High Representative, there are still some peacekeeping troops here.

In February, when the trouble was going on here in Bosnia, the High Representative ominously said that if it spreads, he will consider calling reinforcements.

It didn't spread at that point, but if it is made to spread in the Republika Srpska, you can see the potential for the High Representative calling in the troops and reinforcements “to restore order”, but actually to overthrow the legal and democratically elected government, which at this point seems to have every chance of being reelected, and to impose puppets in their place.


Robles: Before all of this started in Ukraine, we talked very candidly about the actors behind all this. And I wrote several articles calling for the security services of Ukraine to pretty much clamp down. This was right when all that started. Which I think they should have done and all of this would have been prevented. In the light of that, I don't know how strong your security services are there.

Karganovic: This is a very important point. The Republika Srpska is not a sovereign country. Technically, theoretically, the sovereign country is Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it consists of two entities or two provinces, that is to say the Republika Srpska and the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So, the security services, the army – all the major institutions that a sovereign state could have are concentrated on the federal level. So, the Republika Srpska is much more defenseless than Ukraine was before the coup on February 22nd .

Robles: I see. This might be – I don't know if you are willing – it might be dangerous, it might not be, but can you name names here? Can you tell us of some of the groups, of the NGOs etc that are involved there in all of this?

Karganovic: Sure, I can. But that would be pretty meaningless to your listeners, because these are local groups that have no international significance.

Robles: They don't like to get on the record.

Karganovic: What is important is that they are financed by all the usual suspects.

Robles: For example?

Karganovic: The USAID and so on and so forth. Fine! Let me tell you a couple of them.

Robles: I just know from personal experience, these groups don't like publicity and they don't like to be called out. Even the USAID get really upset when people point out that they are involved in destroying countries and destabilizing governments.

Karganovic: So, let's upset them! I'm always happy to do that. One of them is called Transparency International.

Robles: Okay, again!

Karganovic: Another one is called the Helsinki Parliament of Citizens of Banja Luka. Then, there is Slobodna Republika (the Free Republic), BUKA, then, there is a GEA Center for Research and Studies. There is the Initiative of Youth for Human Rights. Then, there is the Srpska Times, an English language newspaper that is being published here since a couple of months ago. And I think that it is slated to play the role of the Syria Observatory in London to provide managed news reports from the field, once things get started, which will be in English and they can easily be picked up by the western news services and then distributed throughout the world as established facts.

Robles: What's that called again?

Karganovic: That's Srpska Times. You can google it and they have an Internet edition as well.

Robles: Yes, the Moscow Times, the Kiev Times, the Srpska Times. Got it!

Karganovic: Exactly! The same idea, they are not very original.

Robles: They never are.

Karganovic: Then, there is an Association of Veterans of the Republika Srpska. Then, there are a number of Internet portals and blogs, no point in mentioning them. They are absolutely meaningless to your listeners. Then, they already have a team of politically correct commentators and “experts”, who are ready to contribute their two cents' worth.

There is a lady by the name Tanja Topic. She is a know-it-all commentator that the Western news services regularly consult with on every issue. There is a lady economist. Her name is Svetlana Fenech.

You were listening to an interview with Stephan Karganovic. He is the President of the Srebrenica Historical Project. That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

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25 April, 09:05

Hollywood Producer Nathan Folks Exposes Boston Bombing as a False Flag Attack

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Crisis actors, smoke bombs, fake blood and literal "smoke and mirrors" were all part of what was the false flag terrorist attack called the Boston Marathon Bombing. To anyone who saw the pictures and footage of fake blood, make- up artists and smiling “victims”. It was obvious that something was not right. For those involved in filmmaking and in the know the discrepancies were obvious. We spoke to famous Hollywood filmmaker, producer and director Nathan Folks about why he is certain the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag terrorist attack.


Hello, this is John Robles. I’m speaking with Mr. Nathan Folks, he is a well known US based film and TV director and producer. He is also one of the organizers of the Worldwide Wave of Action and a truth seeker. This is part one of a longer interview.


Robles: Hello Sir.

Folks: Hi, how are you?

Robles: I’m very well. How are you?

Folks: Very good.

Robles: That's nice to hear especially after everything you have been through. Now your story is going way-back. It started with the Boston Bombing. If you can tell our listeners a little bit about what you know about that "event" and what has happened to you since.

Folks: Back in 2013 I was watching the events unfold and as a producer, you can pinpoint very specific things that didn’t seem right. And I started to realize that we are watching yet another false flag event unfold. And as I started putting the pieces together I realized that we are up against an environment that is trying to create a fear factor in the media. And the fear factor is to keep us scared and to keep us in fear as long as they can.

And the events that I know to be true, including the "Boston hero" who was a person in my last film, “The prosecution of an American president” and his wife, I started to recognize that this was not an event that was at all 100% true.

Robles: What about this Boston hero? What role did he play?

Folks: He is actually a father that had lost a son in the Iraq War and he was part of our film and a part of the movement, you know, of exposing the truth about Iraq and talking about the things that the Bush Administration did during those years of his administration.

And I was blown away at the fact that he was essentially being used to act in this fake environment, this hyper-reality scene of a terrorism that never happened.

Robles: Now, can you tell us three things here if you could. You used the term "Hyper-Reality" what is that and how is it used? And what is a "Crisis Actor"? Many people may still not know what that is. And if you could, detail for the listeners, some of the things that you saw as far as screens being put up as for the false stages being set up where things were filmed and stuff?

Folks: I will start up by saying that if there was an injury or a death in the event that unfolded my heart goes out to those families. But from the people that I know that were involved, from the people that were in the scenes that we call Hyper-Reality Filmmaking, which is a very common thing you do in the military.

It’s where filmmakers, or people, create a hyper-reality scene so that the military can be well-adjusted to a real scene in Iraq or any other kind of war zone.

This is where these people are actually able to see and feel and help what they think is a real injured person whereas it is really just an amputee that is playing as a crisis actor, and (in this case) a crisis actor being someone that had lost their limbs but a makeup artist has been able to re-enact a bloody scene with "no leg blown off" and this hyper reality scene, so that when we are now on the ground, they actually see and feel like they are in a war zone.

And I’m watching this unfold on the streets of Boston and thinking, one: how were they able to get away with that? And two: watching the edits and the supposedly live television broadcasting we were seeing, it wasn’t "live" at all, it was edited.

Robles: How you know? What did you see? What were the clues you saw?

Folks: Well, there were a lot of things. In live footage you don’t see cuts. You know, cutting from one scene to another and in live footage you don’t have, especially now, this wasn’t in 2013 HD technology, this was in old technology from 2002, because it is grainer and you can’t see the edits as well.

As a filmmaker that what I would do if I was trying to reenact something like that and...

Robles: I’m sorry. Can you be more specific? I didn’t quite follow that. So it was made using old technology?

Folks: It’s using an older technology that is grainer. So you can’t see the very true HD quality and you are watching... If you look back at any old footage from early 2000 or even the 1990s, it is very grainy and when you are watching it on a new technology television with latest plasma and HD and any kind of new technology you can see that it was edited.

Robles: So television stations at that time, they were using modern technology?

Folks: They were definitely using modern technology last year. It’s just when you see pictures from 2013 that were in HD and then you look at clips and cuts of the footage from television, it is very obvious that it was used on purpose.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about some of the scenes. I’m sure a lot of people who were interested in what really happened, they saw some of the pictures, for example: the amputee with sticks, apparently sticking out of his legs or something, and blood that looked like paint, I mean, I have seen blood, I worked in a hospital, I know what blood looks like, it’s dark, it’s brownish red and this was this bright red paint. Can you tell us about that?

Folks: I think even more of an obvious situation is that: you get your legs blown off you are not going to be out in front of millions of people celebrating Boston at a hockey game or any type of arena. I think the emotional impact of losing your legs would probably keep you out of the public eye for at least a year. And that was the biggest obvious example to me, but as far as anyone that has been in the paramedics or nursing would know, that if you blow your legs off, you are not supposed to moved.

If someone’s falls here on Wilshire, just falls down, they tell you not to move, they are not supposed to move them. They could have broken a bone or a neck; their spine could be dislocated. You don’t move them and you certainly don’t put them in a wheelchair and run them down the road.

And it is just taking this to a whole different comical level that the fact that they think we all buy this, and that we are all going to sit here and watch it happen over and over again, you know, they have another thing coming. That’s why I joined forces with the Worldwide Wave of Action because you know; the truth has to come out. And people are not going to sit here and watch them make a mockery of ourselves.

Everybody around the world knows Boston Bombing was a joke; everyone in the US has been fed lies and lies after lies and it started in 9-11 and it hasn’t stopped.

Robles: Can you tell us... you sent me some pictures of these screens that you could actually see the road like "moving up", it was like a mirror or something. Can you tell us about those?

Folks: You mean as far as the 3D... the Green Screen that they used at the Boston Bombing?

Robles: Yeah, can you detail all that?

Folks: From what I understand, they... it looks to me like they used a second street in order to re-enact the scene, over and over, to get it right and by using Green Screen they were able to show the buildings that were actually on Boylston Street and when you use a Green Screen it is a lot like Titanic. In the movie Titanic in 1997 we are watching the film and we are watching this boat sink and we are watching the water fill into the boat and we see people falling off the boat. That is obviously not happening in real life, we are watching it on Green Screen. They are putting a digital layer behind the screen of real action people. And we are watching a boat sink in the background and that is what they did in this example.

They just did it on television. We are watching green screen on television to re-enact a street scene that happened for real, but just a smoke bomb but when they re-enacted the people that were hurt they had to add the blood and the amputees and to put one the makeup.

You can see the person putting makeup on these people the entire scene; I call her "The Woman in Pink". She has literally got a makeup bag and she is going to each victim, she is not helping them! She is putting make up on them!

So I’m sorry, I’m not fooled and I’m not going to let everyone else be fooled. Someone has to speak out against it. And they can follow me, they can do whatever they want but at the end of the day the truth has to come out some time. They can’t get away with it anymore.

Robles: Now please tell us, you have been persecuted, you have been through hell, I can’t think of any other way to put it. If I can tell our listeners: you contacted me right after it happened and after that a lot of terrible things started happening to you. Can you tell us some of those things?

Folks: Well, obviously, you can’t prove anything because I was very sick. I have never been sick in my life, I have never been in the hospital, but in the days after this event and weeks after this event and me talking about it, I was in the hospital for a total of 22 days over the course of three months.

And they really couldn’t determine what it was and I couldn’t hold water, I couldn’t hold food, it was some type of poison.

I can’t say for sure that I was poisoned by someone but I can say that I had some type of poison that nearly killed me.

And it took me good 3 to 6 months to kind of rehabilitate and get back on my feet and I figured if they are trying to scare me off or they are trying to keep me down from speaking: then it was a good try but it didn’t work.

Robles: Could you tell us what has happened to some other people? There was one guy, he wrote an article, you said, questioning the reality of the Boston Bombing Marathon. And you told me about some other people who had gotten sick as well.

Folks: Yeah, there is a gentlemen that runs a website called “Natural News” and he was coming out with very similar examples that I was during that time. And just now finding out that they wrote an article about how he has gotten sick from the food, he talks about. And they took his article down and re-wrote it in the third person.

And I don’t know if he is even able to speak, but I do know that after finding some of these examples of people that were coming out at same time that I was, that they were sick and poisoned as well, makes me realize that something is going on.

Robles: When you were in the hospital you also told me some other people close to you... (Can you talk about that?) that there were some other people you knew that got sick.

Folks: Yeah, I don’t think I can go into any detail but there were several other people that had gotten sick, and that seems to be part of this coming out. Anyone that has come out about this, got sick or disappeared.

Robles: How many people have disappeared, since then?

Folks: Well, I can say that everybody that reacted to this Boston bombing, the millions and millions of people that came out on the websites, came out about the scene and about the situation, essentially were silenced because there wasn’t a word about it this year. And that just gives me more of a comforting notion that it has been silenced for someone who has gone out and done something to the people that did come out about it…

Robles: You said that Internet before we started, you said that your Internet shut down in the US, it is on lockdown or something...

Folks: I mean strange things like in one day I have a Verizon Wireless Internet and in one day over 200 GB was taken from my service, ran up 35 hundred dollar bill in a 24-hour period. And then when you contact Verizon saying that it is obviously not something that I did, they ignore me and say that I have to pay if I want my service back on. So not many people want to just pay $3,500 for no reason.

Obviously, I never turned my Internet back on. I have been working on different types of Internet on different phones but it was designed to create a situation that I would shutdown. It was a warning probably of some sort. It was so that I would stop speaking about things that I’m knowledgeable about.

Robles: You gave me a good example about Boston False Flag, if someone who did a search on Google. Can you tell us about this false bomb?

Folks: Yeah, it is just that nobody is speaking about the Boston bombing. There is nobody speaking about false flags. And in this country our web searches seem to be completely deleted. You know, during that time I downloaded everything I knew and everything I saw and I have it on hard drive and the fact that all of that is now gone and I have them on hard drive.

Robles: Everything is gone?

Folks: Somebody is trying to take it away, make it disappear. It was very bad; whoever was in charge of the Boston Bombing Campaign did a very lousy job. They need to consult with some real Hollywood producers if they are going to do anything like that again and maybe make sure that they don’t fool the nation in their process because this is absurd.

Robles: They are not very creative in doing the same thing again and again and again.

Folks: They keep getting away with it, they are getting used to be able to get with it and they are getting sloppy and eventually and as this Worldwide Wave of Action is able to expose the truth more and more, I think we are going to stop this evil that is now taking over the US and is trying to keep people in fear and using fear mongering techniques on our media.

CNN and FOX and all these media sources are not telling the truth anymore. They are more interested in talking more about artists like Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan going to jail than potential war in Crimea.

I mean, this is, don't even get me starting on that because I think we all know who is behind the taunting of that situation.

So it is just becoming obvious and even though people are not speaking about it because they are scared off or because they are scared to make a name and come out and talk about it.

This is our time to re-live the 60s, this is my generation's time to stand up and say “No more!”

And we are not going to sit here and be poisoned and be lied to and listen to this "essentially crap" that they are feeding us in our media, this is not going to happen anymore. We have to stand up and make a change.


Surveillance vans parked outside of Folks' home.

This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Nathan Folks, he is a well-known US film and TV director and producer. He is also the organizer of the Worldwide Wave of Action. You can find the rest of this interview on our website voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening!

That was the end of part one.


Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_25/The-Boston-bombing-was-a-false-flag-attack-Nathan-Folks-7658/


26 April, 16:33

RT Demands Apology from Kerry: Take a Number Please!

John Robles 

The recent comments by US Secretary of State John Kerry against Russian Broadcaster RT, which has been doing its utmost to try to present the truth about what is really happening in Ukraine against the onslaught of the unprecedented lock-step eschewing of the truth that the western media have been engaged in are egregious and must not be allowed to go unanswered. However the comments by Kerry do serve beautifully to underline the complete and total hypocrisy and the tactic of reversing blame that the US is currently involved in with regard to Ukraine.

A Return to American Exceptionalism

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and if you are an open minded fairly knowledgeable individual with humanistic qualities or a leaning towards empathy or of viewing all of your fellow humans as equals then you are probably one of those exceptions. However if you call yourself an "American" and are sensitive to criticism of your government's officials then you should stop reading this right now. Having said that (my disclaimer if you will) please read on dear reader.

The Dying PNAC and US Hegemony

What many have been dismissing as a conspiracy theory since 9-11 is beginning to become an obvious undeniable truth as the emanations become more and more undeniable. This is the fact that the United States Government was taken over by the military industrial/security complex in a coup on 9-11 and a plan to establish US global hegemony as laid out by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is being implemented.

The PNAC planners and the neoconservative ideologues behind the plan have "unfortunately for them" miscalculated the immense nature of the PNAC and have over extended every means at their disposal in order to carry out their plan. They have devastated the economy of the United States and if they are not soon successful they will bring about the real and imminent collapse of the American state.

In their desperation to fulfill their agenda, keep within their timeframe and faced with losses in the Middle East and the impending economic collapse of the United States and the entire petro-dollar system, the US has decided to take on their most formidable targets, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China ahead of schedule and despite a very small likelihood of success.

The provocation of all out war with Russia is something that the US elites appear to be ready for as the neutralization of a Russian military response after a first nuclear strike is the US/NATO prime objective and placing US/NATO Prompt Global Strike (PGS) in Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics is absolutely vital for their system to work.

Keeping in mind these objectives and the Brzezinski objective of breaking up Russia into 68 parts, despite his attempt to claim that the neconservatives had given up on the PNAC and establishing US hegemony, then it becomes apparent and clear why the US is behaving the way it is with regard to Ukraine.

Kerry's Forced Fantasy World

When I watched John Kerry give his speech on Syria in August of 2013 during which he repeated the words "we know", after following his campaign against George Bush very closely in 2004, during which he seemed a champion for rule of law and an end to the illegal excesses of the Bush regime, I understood that the man had been "gotten to".

Appearing before the cameras over 45 minutes late Kerry appeared drugged and as if he was in a trance as he offered no real evidence for the US going to war in Syria and simply repeated the phrase "We know..." dozens of times.

During his entire stint as Secretary of State he has proven time and time again that he is merely doing the bidding of the military industrial/security complex in the United States. This includes the recent falsification of history with regard to Ukraine and his taking part in the current US "War on the Media and Truth".

The same John Kerry who in 2012 protested US propaganda outlets like FOX News and was himself the victim of a smear campaign through the lies and distortion of what was called the "Swift Boat Campaign" is now attacking one of the few independent media outlets in the world and one which is reporting the truth.

Whether Mr. Kerry is a willing participant or, after close deduction, has probably been forced into playing the role of a stooge for the military industrial complex is merely academic at this point his role is clear.

Therefore he will ignore the fact that the US overthrew the government of Ukraine, is attempting to legitimize the puppets they have installed and is engaged in an attempt at annexing Ukraine in a desperate bid to establish complete US hegemony in the heart of the Slavic world and divide the Slavic people through the US of neo-nazi elements.

Kerry Attacks Truth

The US war on journalism, independent media, whistleblowers and the truth is part of a concerted effort to wage war and continue with the US/NATO/PNAC agenda. This war is real, tangible and finally becoming obvious to the world. This is for a large part thanks to the real-time, on the ground, reporting of the facts that outlets like RT are engaged in Ukraine.

The nazi junta in Kiev has outlawed, expelled and shut down Russian broadcasters and journalists and anyone reporting on the truth in Ukraine. Including through the use of violence, threats and other methods of intimidation. Something I myself have had to go through recently as my reporting on Ukraine grew in direct contradiction to the US false narrative which the western media is egregiously reporting as fact.

Slandering Syria

Just as Mr. Kerry lied about Syria in the drive for war, and just as the Syrian Government demanded an apology for his fictitious statements contesting to Kerry's assumption that the US can unilaterally decide which world leaders are legitimate, Kerry is lying about the real situation in Ukraine and its causes, and attacking those reporting the truth such as RT.

If we recall in February Syria's foreign minister demanded an apology from Kerry before Syria would engage in direct talks with the US. On January 22nd Kerry made a speech in Montreux, Switzerland during which he said President Bashar Assad had lost all legitimacy and could not be a part of any transitional government.

Syrian Foreign Minister Muallem said at the time that no outside force had the right to "withdraw legitimacy" from the president or government except for the people of the country.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki at the time stated that the State Department would never apologize for the views expressed by the top US diplomat.

Slandering RT

Although it is highly appropriate and indeed completely just for RT to demand an apology, it is highly unlikely that the US will ever admit to its wrongs. The US is a recalcitrant bullying power entirely and totally bent on establishing its own hegemony by force. As such and as the record has shown apologizing and correcting wrongs is not something the post 9-11 criminal cabal in Washington does.

I contacted RT and requested to speak with Margarita Simonyan, who I interviewed in the past and RT provided me with the following press release and quotes by Ms. Simonyan.

RT Press Release

MOSCOW, APRIL 25 – In the April 24 US Department of State briefing on Ukraine US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that the news network is distorting facts about the situation in Ukraine; RT issued a response.

Speaking from the US Department of State briefing room, Secretary Kerry said that "In fact the propaganda bullhorn that is the state-sponsored Russia Today program has been deployed to promote – actually, Russia Today network – has been deployed to promote President Putin's fantasy about what is playing out on the ground. They almost spend full-time devoted to this effort, to propagandize and distort what is happening, or not happening, in Ukraine."

"We are disappointed that Secretary Kerry seems to know so little about what is actually going on on the ground in eastern Ukraine in such a critical time, and invite him to watch more of our news reports," said RT editor in chief Margarita Simonyan. "RT shows the facts of what is and has been happening in Ukraine, from the very beginning, even if those facts are inconvenient to the Western political and media establishment, and therefore are disregarded by them despite abundant evidence."

RT will be seeking an official response from the US Department of State substantiating Mr. Kerry's claims.

In 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the US Congress to increase the funding for Department of State and foreign broadcasting in particular, pointing to the fact that Washington is losing the global information war to channels like RT. Earlier this month the US Congress authorized additional funding for Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty to broadcast into Ukraine with the aim of combatting Russian news media influence in the region.

Statement by Margarita Simonyan

"There could be only one interpretation of the statement. Conventional wisdom has it that the US is seen as the defender of civil liberties and democracy around the world. But in fact Washington seems to be quite uneasy about an alternative point of view being disseminated so widely, uneasy to the point that we see a top senior official – the US Secretary of State – taking the time to thrash Russia Today simply for being the only TV station with a different message, a station they seem to be fed up with. I feel pity for the US over their state of the freedom of speech if they can't stand even our voice, as soft as it is."

It was actually The Guardian that ran an editorial today, saying that such a terrible channel as Russia Today, telling people about things that no one else talks about, should not be allowed to broadcast in Britain, and that Ofcom, their regulator, should consider if maybe they should kick us out of the UK. This is outrageous. It is one thing for an official to criticize a media organization, but here we have one media organization fighting another. What can I say? It's a good way to get rid of competition. Good job!

In an interview Ms. Simonyan said the following:

Q: Are you afraid of being blacklisted, personally, in the next round of sanctions?

A: Personally, there's only one thing I'm afraid of, and that's if somebody in my family falls ill. Other than that, I don't think I'm afraid of anything.

Q: Your presenter Abby Martin said on air that the reunification of Crimea and Russia was really an occupation. Yet she was not fired; she still works for Russia Today. At CNN, this would impossible. I guess this is another example illustrating RT policies.

A: Exactly. The kind of "solidarity" you see with the mainstream media, where everybody sings to the same tune, is very different from the situation with the Russian media. Especially on the Ukraine issue, I don't think anybody is anywhere near the plurality of opinion we have in Russia. That's why they are so mad. We are the only voice that says something different.

DARVO: Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender

Those who know the truth about what is going on in Ukraine might think the US has gone mad, painting black as white, good as evil and truth as lies and all vice versa, and in a way they are right. The fact is that the US is using the nazi tactic laid out by Goebbels of the big lie and it would appear something known as DARVO.

Dr Jennifer J. Freyd, a PhD at the University of Oregon identified DARVO which is described as follows and is an illness attributed largely to sex offenders but it applies very well to how the US is manipulating the narrative in Ukraine: "DARVO refers to a reaction that perpetrators of wrong doing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. The perpetrator or offender may Deny the behavior, Attack the individual doing the confronting, and Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender such that the perpetrator assumes the victim role and turns the true victim into an alleged offender. This occurs, for instance, when an actually guilty perpetrator assumes the role of "falsely accused" and attacks the accuser's credibility or even blames the accuser of being the perpetrator of a false accusation."

With regard to Ukraine this is exactly what the US is doing and like a delusional sex offender the US is recalcitrant. The US has Denied (even if by ignoring facts to the contrary) installing a puppet regime in Kiev, bringing nazis to power in Europe again and destabilizing the country among a long list of crimes, the US has Attacked Russia and the media (RT) for calling it out, and Reversed the roles of Victim and Offender so that those guilty (the Junta, Right Sector, CIA, etc) are now the victims and the true victims (Berkut forces, democratically elected officials, Ukrainian citizens who are pro-federalization, Orthodox Christians, Crimeans, Jews, Pro-Russian Ukrainians, ethnic Russians and the Russian Federation) are the alleged offenders.

Will Kerry Apologize?

I fully support Ms. Simonyan and RT and they have every right to be upset and in a normal world in which we were dealing with normal people an apology would be forthcoming and offered immediately but we are not living in anything close to a normal world when we are dealing with the US and their campaign of world domination at any cost.

The US has classified Russia as an enemy and targeted Russia for destruction. Those in power in Washington have long ago lost any impression they may have pretended to have had of the people of the world as being worthy of any kind of respect.

US exceptionalism, like the endemic psychosis it is, will not allow them to apologize. For those in power any show of diplomacy or compassion is viewed as weakness and a liability and any admission of being wrong is something that is completely and totally out of the question.

If Kerry apologizes to RT then he may have to apologize to other victims of US arrogance and unilateral determinations and others who have been victimized for attempting to report or expose the truth, and that list is quite long indeed. For starters it would include Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and all the whistleblowers targeted since 9-11 from Radack to Snowden, hundreds of thousands of activists, journalists and bloggers and other involved in fighting for the truth, including myself, who have been subject to arbitrary punishment and violations of their rights. It would also be rational to include the hundreds of millions of people who have been lied to by the US and the millions who have been killed, droned, tortured, imprisoned and had their lives destroyed by the out of control US machine.

Other lists of peoples and countries deserving US apologizes might include all of the countries and leaders that the US has spied upon, all of the countries that the US has invaded, all of the peoples of countries that have suffered due to US sanctions, interventions and other policies and all of the countries polluted or decimated by US resource exploitation and dirty industries.

Currently the US should also be apologizing to all of the citizens of the European Union, to everyone who suffered due to World War II, to Russia who lost much more than 28 million people in defeating the nazis and to all Jews for bringing nazis to power in Europe again.

Finally the US would (in a perfect world) have to apologize to all of the governments and the peoples of the following list of countries where the US has organized coup d'états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

Native Americans should also be added to the list as the genocide of the indigenous peoples has never been properly addressed (as if it could be).

If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry but at least I have tried to remember what they so badly want us to forget, while they keep us figthing amongst ourselves and distracted by false causes, made up issues, endless gadgets and mindless culture so that we all forget... that we too are humans, each of us a precious irreplaceable part of humanity and although we may not have endless monies, godless brutal force and unlimited power, we the people are worthy of respect and have a right to know the truth, no matter how inconvenient it may be and even, as happens to be the case more and more, it comes from Mother Russia.


Will Kerry apologize to RT for reporting the truth when almost no one else will? Sadly, I doubt it. The US is engaged in a war against the truth, I myself am a testament to that.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_26/RT-demands-apology-from-Kerry-Take-a-number-please-9933/


28 April, 23:47

One Boston Fund Key to Boston Bombing Hoax - Nathan Folks

One Boston Fund key to Boston bombing hoax - Nathan Folks

Photo provided by Nathan Folks

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Crisis actors, smoke bombs, fake blood and literal "smoke and mirrors" were all part of what was the false flag terrorist attack called the Boston Marathon Bombing. To anyone who saw the pictures and footage of fake blood, make- up artists and smiling “victims”. It was obvious that something was not right. For those involved in filmmaking and in the know the discrepancies were obvious. We spoke to famous Hollywood filmmaker, producer and director Nathan Folks about why he is certain the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag terrorist attack.

Nathan Folks

Hello, this is John Robles. I’m speaking with Mr. Nathan Folks, he is a well known US based film and TV director and producer. He is also one of the organizers of the Worldwide Wave of Action and a truth seeker. This is part 2 of a longer interview.


Robles: Can you tell us more details about the Boston bombing? Who was behind it exactly and the scheme where they made millions of dollars, as many details as you can, I would appreciate it...

Folks: I think there needs to be an investigation into the One Boston Fund and the money that millions of people gave to that fund which was a complete fraud. And I think that people that are making money of this need to be investigated and by doing so I think the truth will come out. But I also believe that if you do a little bit of homework of who actually is running One Boston Fund that supported a lot of this, it goes right up the line to Homeland Security and the people that wrote books on this exact nature. I am not going to name names but it is all on the writing. It is all documents, it is all there, it is just no one wants to read it and admit it.

Robles: What was the connection with Sandy Hook? Because there was some connection to some crisis actors from Sandy Hook and some people that were funding the Boston fund.

Folks: Yeah, it is very evident that there is a family, a very specific family, I believe the name is Greenberg, that has been used several times in several different events: in Sandy Hook they were the crying parents of one of the deceased boys.

Well, the same woman, the same man they were both used in several different instances, in several different events that have taken place in the last several years and they use the crisis actors over and over. They pay them off once and you know... I won’t be surprised when Carlos Arredondo is another hero of another event...

Robles: And he was at Boston, he was the..

Folks: Carlos Arredondo was the man in a cowboy hat, he was the Boston hero by getting these non-bleeding two-legged-blown-off man to safety.

If they honestly believe that we all think that is real, then they have another thing coming because that is the biggest joke I have ever seen.

Robles: I remember I studied the photographs of him running through the streets and just the expressions on all of the people’s faces was enough to tell me something was wrong. I mean I remember there was all these people apparently laying on the road and I think...

Folks: Oh yeah. The production designers in the scenes, I mean the makeup artist is in the scene helping everyone and then all of a sudden she is injured, you know, there is pictures of her being injured at the end. I mean, it is just so unbelievably ridiculous that I don’t want this to happen again, I don’t want them to put the country through this again.

Robles: It wasn’t just the country it was the world? I mean, I’m sitting here in Moscow, this was a pretty big thing for us. I mean, we were reporting it all night.

Folks: Yeah, you are right, it is putting the country in chaos and it is wrong.

You know, I know a friend of mine that has kids in school and the kid in school; it traumatized her for months after Sandy Hook. You know, this is just wrong what they are doing. And for whatever reasons they are doing it, it has got to be stopped.

And it’s out and they are going to come after me and they are going to say: “Oh yes he has no remorse for people that have been killed and no remorse for the injured.”

And I want to say: “You know what? Prove it!”

I want to interview every doctor that was used in the Boston Bombing, I’d like to find out where that money really went for the One Boston Fund, I want them to prove it, you know.

If they are going to come out against me and start saying: “Oh, well he has no feelings for all these people that have been killed.”

Well, I put it back on them. The world know that this was a sham but no one wants to talk about it. But if they are going to come out and the they want to actually say: “This was real!”

Then I want them to come out and prove it other than these pictures or this media they put on the news. I want to see real proof, because that is what they make us do! Come up with real proof. Let’s see them come up with real proof.

Robles: Can you tell us about the Tsarnaev brothers, I’m sure they would like to see proof and their parents would and their father would and their mother would.

Folks: Well, in my opinion I think they were working with the FBI. I think that most of these incidences they are working with certain government companies, organizations.

I think they would like to see the proof too. I know that there were some lawsuits coming out against certain people that were blamed at first about the incident and I know why he is trying to sue, it is because his name was ruined in an event that never really happened.

So, I’d say: “You know what, join the lawsuit, prove to us and the world that this actually existed and then we will tell you how we really think.”

Robles: As a producer, as a professional with your professional acumen and with a cold professional eye you say: “Boston was a false flag attack organized by…?”

Folks: I believe it was organized by someone and I don’t know who.

You can only hope that the government is not involved. You can only hope that we are here doing the right thing, but for whatever the reason it was not real. And anyone in the film industry will back me up that it is very obvious how they edited it and cut and spliced that scene together.

Robles: The biggest evidence that it was false: what would you say that would be?

Folks: I would say that I would look at the One Boston Fund and I would find out where that money went and I would… You know they always say: “Follow the money”, well, I would follow the money.

I’d find out: each one of these people who got money from this situation; why they got money; what public relations firm based out of DC represented all these people (I think that is another“untying” of the rope if you will), and it is just all there, it is all there.

Robles: Why aren’t people screaming about this? Why isn’t there an outcry?

Folks: Because they are controlling the media and the Internet. Even if there is an outcry no one is going to hear it.

We’ve been subject to no more freedom of speech and our constitutional rights here have been eliminated, because I can tell you there are millions and millions of people, millions and millions of Americans that would not stand for this. And I think this is the first chance we have to start to build back any credibility that maybe we ever had.

I think the Bush Administration, after what they have done and the lives they’ve taken from the world, we have a lot of catching up and fixing to do.

I think love needs to be spread now and that is the only thing that really, I’m about.

Robles: I think the only way to restore any kind of credibility is to go after all those people who did all this, from the torture at Guantanamo to 9-11. I think even going back to the Kennedy Assassination which they continue to obfuscate…

Folks: These people need to be held liable for what they’ve done.

Robles: I was happy to hear Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yesterday say that the US should be held accountable. They should take responsibility for the coup they organized in Ukraine. But that is another entire matter...

Can you tell us about the Worldwide Wave of Action, what that is about and then about your film? And if you’d like to comment on the current media (I don’t know what it is) "alternate reality" that the US has created regarding Ukraine.

Folks: First Run Entertainment is releasing and distributing a film that I’ve produced with a series of producers called: “The Prosecution of an American President” which goes back to the Bush Administration and lies that they told during that administration.

Vincent Bugliosi who: is reported as one of the top prosecutors in the world; who put Charles Manson away; who essentially wrote some of the best books of our time, is the star of this film, showing the evidence of how the Bush Administration lied to the people in order to convince everyone, including Congress, to go to war. And going to a sovereign nation that has never done anything to us and do it based on lies.

People don’t want to hear that but it is something that needs to be said and it needs to be faced and it will. It will eventually come out and people will eventually do something about it.

The time is now! The Worldwide Wave of Action is a campaign: anonymously many people have come together worldwide to promote positive change in the world and expose the truth and expose people that are run by evil companies and evil corporations and evil governments and…

You know, there is good in the world. And that good has to come out somewhere and it has to beat this evil! They have to fight! And the Worldwide Wave of Action is that campaign if the people let it happen.

Robles: Where can people find out more about it? Dates, times, whatever, and how to join?

Folks: People can join the Wave of Action, it’s www dot wave of action dot org and also my site which is www dot worldwide wave of action dot com. We will be launching a new website, right now it is just a temporary page but a new website will be coming out and we will have a lot more information how the world can help and help everyone come to the truth that we are all seeking.

Robles: Can I ask you a little bit of a personal question if you don’t mind?

Folks: Sure.

Robles: When I first talked to you, about a year ago, you sounded different, you sounded optimistic, you sounded younger, you sounded more innocent, now you sound a little “tired”. How has this affected you personally if you don’t mind me asking?

Folks: I can tell you that this last year, 2013, was pretty much an awakening for me on many levels. A lot of corporate and “other” situations that are happening, that I don’t know if they are related or not but…

When someone is sickened and put in the hospital and abused in certain ways; you are beaten down, but the only thing that it is really to me: I may be tired and I may be pretty much exhausted from working on all these things, but the fire is lit brighter and harder than it has ever been. Because now I see how much more this is important to the world and how the film “The Prosecution of an American President” (as well as the Worldwide Wave of Action) now, is more needed that it has ever been.

I was naïve a year ago. I was blinded by many things and as soon as these things came to light I saw what I needed to do, which was to step up and start making it different and doing it now because no one else seems to be doing it.

And the Worldwide Wave of Action I believe is that exactly: everyone around the world coming together to demand the truth and demand these people to be held responsible.

Robles: Ok, “we” are going to help you any way we can, we are going to get this out as much as we can. It was a great honor speaking with you. I really appreciate you. I know you are actually in real danger, so we will do our best to get this out as much as possible.

Folks: Great! Wonderful! Thank you.

Robles: I think the best thing you can do (and the best thing we can do for you) is publicize everything that you are saying and just for the listeners, one more time: you were really, seriously persecuted; you had to leave your home several times and stuff. I think you should write a book about that sometime.

Folks: Yeah, I think that after we can get everything else out,I can finally sit down and take the time to write something. I’d like to do that.

Robles: Is there anything you want to say about Boston to rap it up? The FBI agents that were killed, the Tsarnaev friend that was killed… Can you comment on those? Do you want to?

Folks: The peripheral people that were involved, we don’t know why they were killed, we don’t know if they were exposing the truth and then killed. I may not be alive tomorrow because I’m talking about it.

There are all these things that we don’t know, there are certain things we just don’t know. But one thing we do know is that there is something really, really smelly about this whole situation and it needs to exposed, it needs to be investigated, even as must as the JFK Assassination.

Robles: As a film producer… (last comment if you could about… a little off topic I’m sorry but) I’ve heard reports from people in the states, from people in Ukraine, from people in Europe, that they’ve watched television reports of tanks rolling through the streets of Kiev, etc. etc., stuff that we know is not happening. Is it possible in 2014 that they are fabricating all this news?

Folks: After Boston I could say that I’m almost positive that they are more than likely fabricating news to create a fear and design the outcome that they want.

When I say ‘they’ I mean the evil people that are pushing for wars and pushing for The Complex and pushing for everything that we are not about. And yeah, I don’t see that it would be above them to do something like that at this point! I think that they definitely have something to do with it.

Robles: It is a war not against terror but it is a war using terror, it is a war that is hyped-up “on” terror I think, and they are terrorizing the people.

Folks: It is now a war on freedom of speech, it is now a war on the media and it is a war on the world’s civil liberties and that is the real war we are fighting now.

Robles: Anything else you want to finish up with or?

Folks: No, I just think that if anybody wants to get involved, join the www.waveofaction.org or see my site at www.worldwidewaveofaction.com which will be a platform for the film that we are releasing and all new information that comes out about this situation .

Robles: Ok, thank you very much, Nathan, I really appreciate it.

Folks: Thank you, John! Thank you so much.

This is John Roles, you were listening to an interview with Nathan Folks, he is a well-known US film and TV director and producer. He is also the organizer of the Worldwide Wave of Action. You can find the rest of this interview on our website voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening! 



Crisis actors being positioned and made up. Notice red paint. Blood is never such a bright red. Scene workers ignoring man with sticks attached to his amputated legs. No blood in area where his leg was apparently severed and what is supposed to be a bone is much too thin and straight to be a lower leg bone. The expression on his face is the most telling clue that something is wrong. Photo provided by Nathan Folks.

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30 April, 21:44

Another US Fail: Sanctions on Russia Backfiring

John Robles

The US geopolitical strategies of: isolation; "projecting US power by force"; destabilization; economic manipulation (sanctions); regime change; military expansion through the use of surrogate countries surreptitiously annexed by NATO; the continued demonization and attempted "isolation" of Russia through the use of the old and tired Cold War bogeyman and the current onslaught of anti-Russian propaganda, lies and reverse blame, are all backfiring on the increasingly aggressive, irrational and dangerous war hungry Washington planners.

For over two decades, with a marked acceleration after September 11, 2001, the world stood witness to the tragic effects, devastation and huge loss of life that the US inflicted on the Middle East, the only outcomes of barbaric US geopolitical strategies and policies.

Whether designed to spread US hegemony, do the bidding of Israel or Saudi, ensure the continued profits of the US military industrial complex, establish more US/NATO military outposts, steal the natural resources or more likely all of the above, the US/NATO invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and almost of Syria were unprovoked acts of aggressive war which are crimes against peace and crimes against humanity under international law.

In the same way that the world and the "international community" turned a blind eye to the rise of nazi [sic] Germany (and on a smaller scale the rise of nazis to power in Ukraine with the assistance of the US/NATO) the world has allowed all of the crimes committed by the US in their global war of domination to go unanswered. Whether out of self-interest (NATO members are accessories), cowardice or blackmail, this refusal to take measures against the out of control "sole superpower" amounts to nothing more than passive (if not active) collusion which has emboldened the US/NATO to the point where they are pushing the world to the brink of World War III.

Russia, China and the US "pivot" to Asia: the final solution for US hegemony

Due to more principled individuals in the West, like General Wesley Clark, we know that they US is in the business of destroying countries. We also know, thanks to the publicity hungry PNAC, Brezhinsky, CIA Front USAID and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, that the US is bent on global domination and will do anything and everything to advance their own "national interests", this is not a secret. The plan by Zbignew Brezhinsky (a madman who is still running US foreign policy) to break up Russia into 68 autonomous regions and US/NATO plans to surround Russia and China with their missile shield elements, which is in reality part of a nuclear first-strike system, is also not a secret. The "tool", Prompt Global Strike, is an illegal system designed by the most perfidious groups of cowards in history to allow the "West" to carry out a nuclear first strike on Russia and China and anyone else they please without the threat of a retaliatory strike.

In their desperation, as their economies are on the brink of collapse and over-extended having been taken over by the military industrial complex, the US/NATO and its client states (allies), have decided to carry out a “pivot” into Asia and put into play plans to divide, weaken and then take out Russia and China. That is why Ukraine is crucial and why Russia has announced this as a "red-line". Will the US/NATO listen? Obviously not when madmen like Brezhinky are allowed to continue to work in the shadows.

However, living in their alternative Washington suburban universe where they have obviously been brainwashed themselves by Hollywood portrayals of US exceptionalism and unstoppable military might, the Washington planners continue to shoot themselves in the foot and obtusely refuse to learn from their own mistakes. But then again why should they? After all the have the US populace on "lockdown" and it is the poor taxpayers who are footing the bill and paying with their lives.


The US-organized-nazi-assisted-violent-coup in Ukraine and the installation of a puppet government is failing. US/NATO/CIA blinded by their own ignorance and self-righteous pathological belief in their own exceptionalism, have once again, ignorantly and like the mindless brute they are, miscalculated and misunderstood the human factor. For this they owe the people of Ukraine an apology and restitution and in a sane world, would have to answer for the attempted destruction of Ukraine.

You might argue that the US has succeeded in Ukraine. I would beg to differ. The US is a dangerous murderous global failure and the failures in the Middle East are in very little way different from the failure taking place in Ukraine and based on the same simple fact that they simple do not understand the peoples of the countries they invade, annex and destabilize with their operations.

Puppet Fail

Sure Ukraine is destabilized, nazis are once again in power in Europe and the US cherry picked puppets are in power, with even the Right Sector’s nazi puppet boy Yarosh running for president, but they will not be there for long. The logical result of the coup, if the country is not pushed into endless civil war and anarchy, will be for the Right Sector to be locked up, banned forever and all of the US/NATO/USAID/CIA tools also expelled like a disgusting hairball out of Ukraine forever.

Black Sea Fail

Thanks to the peaceful citizens of Crimea, the major US/NATO fail occurred with regard to Crimea. US/NATO wanted to expel the Black Sea Fleet, establish US/NATO bases in the territory and control the Black Sea, in effect expelling Russia from the region. Despite the fact that the planners in Washington, who obviously spend too much time playing war with little armies on maps of the globe, decided (like they did for the Ukrainian people) that the territory would be theirs no matter what, their planned viciously backfired, and the people (the PEOPLE) of Crimea decided to reunite with Russia.

Sanctions/Asia/Major Fails

When the US first "imposed sanctions" on Russia, Russian officials reacted in a completely unified manner and unanimously scoffed the US chest pounding "sanctions". They did so for good reason and just like all previous warnings to the US on everything from Vietnam to Afghanistan fell on deaf suburban Virginia/Washington ears so have the warnings by Russian officials, experts, politicians and the like, that sanctions will backfire. And oh how beautifully they are backfiring. It does my heart good!

We have seen Eurasian integration plans take more urgency, Russia preparing to offer an alternative to Visa and Mastercard and more unity than ever between countries seeking to maintain their sovereignty and independent foreign policies not under the influence of the US bloc.

President Putin

The Eurasian Economic Union, which the US/EU hoped to put an end to was given even more impetus after the US adventure in Ukraine. The level of unity between the partners in the upcoming bloc would not be so high if it were not for US sanctions.

President Vladimir Putin stated that US and EU sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian crisis cannot affect Eurasian integration.

They can’t have any impact [on Eurasian integration] as this issue concerns only the countries that are involved in this integration, Putin told reporters after a summit of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in the Belarusian capital.

Foreign Minister Lavrov

Moscow repudiates US and EU sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian standoff and calls for national reconciliation in Ukraine through all-inclusive political dialogue, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday, RIA Novosti reports.

"We denounce sanctions in all their forms, including those that have been announced by the United States and the EU against all common sense due to events in Ukraine," said Lavrov during talks with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla in Havana.

"We insist on immediate resolution [of the crisis in Ukraine] through all-Ukrainian national dialogue," Lavrov said.

Cuban Leadership

The leadership of Cuba supports the position of the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine and opposes double standards and sanctions, states the Russian Foreign Ministry after the visit of Sergei Lavrov to this country.

Russian Foreign Minister met with the Chairman of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, Raul Castro, and held talks with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. In addition, he had an informal conversation with the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

"The parties stressed the complete convergence of approaches in regard to strengthening multilateralism in world affairs, multipolarity and mutual respect," added the ministry.

President of Nicaragua Ortega

In a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega said the following: "It is absolutely clear that the position of the US and EU with sanctions and pressure is the wrong way," said Ortega. "A peaceful solution is needed with the respect of international law. Only this way can save the humanity, because it threatened".

"Sanctions only lead to greater instability and lesser security throughout the region and around the world," said Ortega.

Speaker Matvienko

In the words of Valentina Mitvienko, the speaker of the Federation Council, sanctions against Russia "will not have any serious influence on our economy. What the West can be thanked for is that they consolidate Russian society more and more by such actions.

"As regards sanctions as pressure upon Russia designed to make it change its foreign policy, this is totally unacceptable with any sovereign state in the world, especially with such a powerful and influential state as Russia that plays a huge role in the global politics and economy," she stressed.

Presidential Aide Fursenko

Sanctions against Russia are a dead-end policy but it stimulates the country to revise its priorities, Andrei Fursenko told Rossiya 24 channel Tuesday.

"This atmosphere, these sanctions attempted to be imposed are a unique opportunity for us to revise the situation as a whole, to reconsider our priorities at some point, to understand that we have to think about our development prospects in the first place, counting on our own abilities, and consider how it can be ideally arranged," Fursenko said.


So the US has once again made themselves weaker at the cost of billions to US taxpayers and helped to make Russia and its partners stronger, more resolved and more united than ever. Which is wonderful except that when madmen such as Brezhinsky finally see that they are facing imminent demise they will become dangerous and unpredictable, and we must not forget, Russia never asked for this. Russia had been doggedly trying to maintain normal relations with the US since the end of the cold war. Unfortunately some in Washington will just not let go.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru

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