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09-21/22-2019 WEEKEND

NEW Daily Site Updates+

A Deep State Asset Describes How a Burned MI6 Agent Tried to Get Even With Russia

CIA/MI6 Installed 5th Column in the Russian Federation Part 3 The Navalny Filess

Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Centre 2019 strategic command-and-staff exercises

Военные учения «Центр-2019»

Top Censored and Russian News

Trump Will Not Attend Summit on Fake Climate Change Terrorism

Трамп не пойдет на саммит по климату на Генассамблее ООН

President of Estonia "Tired of the Ukraine"

Президент Эстонии заявила об усталости от Украины

Ukraine's Nazis Shoot at LNR Rep Trying to Pay for Water

ВСУ обстреляли представителей ЛНР при передаче Украине денег за воду

CIA/NATO Color Revolution Now Playing in Egypt, HRW Shills 

Protests break out against Sisi in Tahrir Square and across Egypt

Human Rights Watch calls on Egypt to protect right to peaceful protest

Трамп: «Кого вообще волнует Украина?»

President Ho Chi Minh’s testament under discussion in Russia


Что произошло за день: суббота, 21 сентября

В Афганистане задержали организатора теракта, унесшего жизни 39 человек

Росгвардия начала проверку сообщений о самоубийстве двух своих сотрудников

Что случилось этой ночью: суббота, 21 сентября

В Нижневартовске задержали трех подозреваемых в терроризме

Сайдик: Число нарушений перемирия в Донбассе резко возросло

EMERCOM Warns of Snow and High Winds in Moscow

МЧС предупредило о снеге с дождем и сильном ветре в Москве

Трамп: «Кого вообще волнует Украина?»

  Genocidal "America": Occupied Turtle Island

Three Mile Island nuclear plant closes down

AREA 51: They Want to Believe - But It Is All Another Lie

They Want To Believe: People Gather Near Area 51 To 'See Them Aliens'

Repost: Gee the UFOs Are Fake Too - PROJECT 1794


Developer Takes Down Ruby Library After He Finds Out ICE Was Using It

HASBARA Slapping Mileikowski in the Face

Tillerson bombshell revelations on Israel using misinformation to manipulate Trump and the USA

Собиравшиеся штурмовать "Зону 51" предпочли вернуться на фестиваль

This is the Only One You Will Hear About

The FBI Tried To Get A Secure Phone Company To Create A Backdoor In Its Encrypted Network

REX 84 Looming Over the Horizon - The End of America Continues

And So It Begins: FAA Shuts Down Airspace as People Start to 'Storm Area 51'

Plastic Apocalypse: Alarming Levels Of Plastic Found In Children

In Psychotic America Now Following the Law is Suspicious

Court Shoots Down Cop's Assertion That Driving Without Breaking Any Laws Is 'Suspicious'

Cops Shoot and Kill Beloved Mother in Her Own Home While 'Checking on Her Welfare'

STOP US/NATO and the Illegal World Empire Wars

U.S. sending more troops to Saudi Arabia, UAE following attack on oil facilities

Top military official: Iran, Russia, China to hold naval drills ‘in near future’

Syrian army captures drone in Quneitra near Israeli-occupied Golan Heights

Saudi Arabia now getting 'a taste of own medicine'

USA Creates Drone Swarms Now Testing Drone Swarm Defense

US Army Prepares To Test New Anti-Drone BLADE System To Defend Against Drone Swarms

Another 'Total Massacre' Ignored By Mainstream Psycho Facilitators

Another 'Total Massacre' Ignored By Mainstream: US Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers In Afghanistan

On the Road to Damascus: International Conference in Syria on Sanctions and Its Blowback

ARAMCOgate: Just how stupid does Saudi Arabia think the rest of the world is?

ARAMCOgate: Precision Strikes on Saudi Oil Facilities Reminiscent of 9/11, 4 Towers Took Direct Hits

No War for Saudi Oil!

Iraq Daily Roundup: Bus Bombing Near Holy City; 30 Killed Across Country

The Imperial Debris of War

How America Created the Nuclear Conflict With Iran

Iraq Daily Roundup: New Anti-PKK Operations; Three Killed in Iraq

Serbia Weeps

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee visits Serbia

США разместили эсминец в Персидском заливе для защиты Саудовской Аравии

США представят план переброски войск на Ближний Восток на следующей неделе

Минобороны рассекретило документы об освобождении Таллина

The Ongoing Crimes of Fascist IzraHell

Funeral held for Palestinian teen shot in Jerusalem al-Quds knife attack

Israeli police kidnap Palestinian child in Jerusalem

Hayya warns Israeli jailers of persisting in maltreating prisoners

One West Banker injured, cars damaged in settlers’ attack

Israeli forces injure 74 Palestinians in Gaza Return March

For Palestinians Annexation Has Been the Reality for 100+ years

Israeli Apartheid Made Official: Annexation is the New Reality in Palestine

Trump Brushes Israeli Dragnet Surveillance of D.C. Under the Rug

Israel and the Attack on Saudi Oil: Cui bono?

John Bolton’s Living Obituary

Israelis Have Made Their Verdict Clear: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Time Is Up

Apartheid Made Official: Deal of the Century Is a Ploy and Annexation Is the New Reality 


VIDEO25NEW New Videos in Memory of Alexander Zaharchenko


VIDEO25NEW New Video US/NATO Global Military Takeover

VIDEO25NEW New Video on Moscow Protests

  09.15 The Navalny Lists - The Navalny Network Exposed

CIA/MI6 Installed 5th Column in the Russian Federation Part 3 The Navalny Files

NEW  09.19 Организация "Свидетели Иеговы" 16 Уроков


NEW  09.18 COC USAID/DOD Global Military Operations 2019


Congressional Report on US Strategic Nuclear Forces


NEW 09.17.2019 Magnitsky Guilty - Biased EU Court Findings

NEW  09.13 Covering Up $21T WWs for Congress


NEW 09.13 TSA/SMC Sensitive Passenger Rape


NEW  09.13 '97 NSA Crypto Currency as Black Money Tool


NEW 9.13 Korruption i svenska rättsystemet med jurister som samarbetar med narkotikakarteller med godkännade av justitiedepartementet.

Korruption i svenska rättsystemet med jurister som samarbetar med narkotikakarteller med godkännade av...

  09.13.2019 US Northern Command Owns the Arctic????


  09.12 R Sends: US Arming Bahrain for Shia Genocide


  09.12 Anon Sends: The Khashoggi Files (10 PDFs)


09.11.2019 What about WTC 3, 4, 5 and 6?? (The Call)

Message for Deep State Psy-Op Paul Craig Roberts and Fake Engineers

The Call (For the Post-911 Youth Who Don't Remember and Want to Know)

9/10/2001 The Call (For the Post-911 Youth Who Want to Know)

You Can Now Download My 9/11 Research as a PDF

911_WAS_AN_INSIDE_JOB.pdf Big Bamboozle 911 and the War on Terror by Philip Marshall.pdf

  09.11.2019 R Sends NSA TOP SECRET//SI//NOFORN

MOSSAD/Talpiot Total Infiltration of the NSA


09.11.2019 Anon Sends US Mega Dox

Bannon, Barrack, Beal, Calk, Chao, DiMicco, Feinberg, Flynn, Kowalski, Lorber, Malpass, McGhan, Mnuchin, Navarro, Paulson, Pompeo, Price, Priebus, Roth, Sessions, Trump


09.11.2019 A2 Sends USA on Suicide Watch LULZ

USA On a Suicide Watch

09.10.2019 Smolenkov Deed


09.07.2019 Yoshi Sends




  09.03.2019 Proof USA Arming ISIL/ISIS et al Part 02

Meet Mil Spec Industries, Kalitta Air, Atlas Air, Sierra Four, Krusik and More


Arms Trafficking to Yemen/US Task Force Smoking Gun smuggles weapons to Syria (part 2) - Arms Watch.pdf

09.03.2019 Proof USA Arming ISIL/ISIS et al Part 01

US Buys Non-Standard Arms in Europe for ISIL/ISIS in Yemen

Arms Trafficking to Yemen/Islamic State weapons in Yemen traced back to US Government - Arms Watch.pdf

09.03.2019 The Ted Gunderson Files

The Ted Gunderson Files

09.01.2019 The Epstein SEXINT Intel Operation

08.31 1976 DIA Report Proves 5G Genocide


08.30 MOD Top Secret Files on Red Army Liberation of Bucharest Минобороны России рассекретило документов о ходе Бухарестско-Арадской

08.30 NSA NCCP Course Docs (50 Mbs)

  Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files

08.26 US/NATO Expansion/Plans After INF Withdrawal:

Nuclear Guns in Moscow and Beijing's Faces to Force Compliance to NWO

 US/NATO Military Takeover of the Free World

374 Treaties Broken by Illegal Occupiers in USA


Off-Site 08.23 Ministry of Defense Docs: Liberation of Moldova

08.09 Epstein Docs Unsealed: Prince Andrew Cooked





  08.10 Epstein Suicided: CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Clean-Up Operation

Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Apparent Suicide Hours After Documents Released

Unsealed documents detail alleged Epstein victim’s recruitment at Mar-a-Lago

Epstein’s “Suicide” and a Bridge in Brooklyn

US attorney general says Epstein's death 'raises serious questions'

Was Jeffrey Epstein a spy for Israel in US?

Epstein's 'suicide' in custody raises suspicion of cover-up

Jeffrey Epstein accuser links powerful men to wealthy US financier and convicted rapist

08.30 Epstein Death Letters Warden/Judges


08.06.2019  CIA Torture Unredacted

  Anglo-American School: CIA Front Funded by State

VIDEO25 CIA BOOTSTRAP Atrocities Against Puerto Rico (Sterilization)

7.31.2019 Benghazi Fail: CIA Burns Bad Director


07.10 Countering USAID Malign Influence

The JAR2 Spy Lists: The Most Dangerous Files in the World

Home of Original Undisputed MI6 List

World's Most Complete CIA Lists

The CIA List  The CIA Fronts List   Gina Haspel DOX
CIA Clandestine Service Officials Home Addresses

The NSA, MOSSAD, Illuminati, FBI, DHS, SBU/Right Sector, PSIA and INSA

NSA Officials Home Addresses    The MOSSAD Lists     The Illuminati List     The FBI_List     The DHS List

Ukraine ATO Rights Sector and SBU Lists     The PSIA List     The INSA Spies List


NSA/MOSSAD Cyber Operations and Infrastructure Exposed

AS53667/PONYNET, Level(3) LLC, CenturyLink uCommand and More

NSA FILES ON JAR2 The 2nd Genocide Based Construct of the Black Nobility: Israel

RoblesTiny 1995 and New Encrypted Insurance Files

The JAR2 Blog     The JAR2 FAQ



The MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA Assange Disinformation Redux

Media Operations in Russia 2019 


 Operation Archive: WWII Was Won By the USSR and Russia

Днём Победы! Пусть мужество и героизм никогда и никем не забываются!!

Photgraphic Expose on the Great Patriotic War     Operation Archive: Hitler Was Liquidated and Ended in a Sewer


Exposing Nuclear/Biological Genocide Projects Against Russia






RoblesTiny The Voice of Russia Files: Once Upon a Time There Was Truth!

The Only Partial VOR Archive in the World + JAR2's Articles, Research and Files





JAR2 Fully Exposes the Truth of WikiLeaks (IzRaiLee LEAKS)

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