Russia Prevents Genocide by ISIS?

By John Robles II

March 08, 2016

What you are about to read will disturb you. If you are even partially under the control of the mass media and continue to believe even part of their narrative you will instinctively and in self-defense automatically want to discount or subconsciously refuse to believe what you are about to read. To deal with the information that I am about to give you requires that you think outside of the box, question reality and attempt to overcome the cognitive dissonance that if you do will leave you with an extremely uncomfortable world view. You may, as many do, naturally discount anything that counters your world view and label anything that does not coincide with it as “conspiracy theories” (the beloved waving of the hand of the MSM) but I ask you to keep an open mind.

Since 9-11-2001 we have observed the United States, the CIA, NATO and their allies as they continue their attempt at establishing global US hegemony and Full Spectrum Dominance under the guidelines set out before 9-11 and clearly written out by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and adopted by NATO as its doctrine. Here the words of General Wesley Clark must be remembered when he stated that: “NATO is now in the business of destroying countries.” However it is much more insidious than the destruction of countries, we are now in the realm of the destruction of peoples.

Before we continue remember that the US and NATO have been engaged in illegal all out wars in the Middle East for the last 15 years then ask yourself one simple question: Why is it that only now there is such a huge influx of refugees into Europe? Before I present you with my assessment I will warn you again it will go against anything that you believed and leave you feeling sick, nauseous and may shatter your world view. You may stop reading now and maintain your illusions.

CIA/Mossad/NATO/Saudi and their “Secret” IS/ISIL/ISIS/Daesh Terrorists

Multiple sources in and connected to the US Military/Intelligence Complex, British Intelligence as well as several sources in the Middle East have provided us with information that verifies what is already available from open sources, namely that Al-Qaeda/IS/ISIL/ISIS/Daesh are different variations of a CIA/MI6/Mossad/JSOC/NATO project. This is further underlined by the constant re-branding to hide the cash flows and the involvement of Western Intelligence agencies.

Ongoing revelations of Turkish involvement and direct support of ISIS whom they are using to eradicate Kurds and the filling of their coffers (with the okay of NATO) with profits from stolen Syrian oil for Israel further show the reckless profiteering and collusion, and one might say state sponsoring, of the terrorist scourge.

Israel is up to its neck in involvement with these so-called “Islamic” terrorists with Mossad officers being discovered in leadership posts and as planners and trainers for ISIS and related groups. It is hence no wonder that neither ISIS nor Al-Qaeda nor any of these organizations has ever attacked Israel. Western involvement, financing and training of these “terrorist” organizations (the “secret” NATO army) should have caused an uproar in US/NATO and 5EYE countries but the media is under complete control and the truth continues to be successfully suppressed at any cost. 

The Genocide of Unwanted Populations

Since 9-11 we have watched the U.S./NATO launch illegal aggressive wars (using that false flag event as a catalyst) on innocent countries that never attacked or posed a threat to the United States or its NATO allies. We have watched as the populations of countries that are the supposed “enemies” of Israel, are being wiped off the face of the Earth and with revelation after revelation, we have witnessed the United States and its allies continue to commit war crimes, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, violations of the Geneva Conventions, violations of the United Nations Charter and egregious violations of every international law and norm known to humankind. These facts are in the public domain yet we have watched them continue to do so with impunity.

As an indigenous “American” I have repeatedly underlined the genocide of the native peoples that is the foundation of the United States as a cancer that is the underlying framework of US policy. I have reported on this genocide being the inspiration for Hitler and I have reported on the support of genocide by many countries allied to the United States and supported by the US Government, most notably that of Serbs, Palestinians, Russians and the continuing genocide of my people, so for me this is always something I am looking out for and since the Russian Federation entered the war in Syria warning bells have been going off. Russia bombs ISIS and all of a sudden millions of refugees are leaving the area. Why?

Of all the Middle East countries destroyed by the US/NATO/Israel in the last 15 years Syria is the only one where a real war against AQ/IS/ISIL/ISIS/Daesh has been fought and in which they are being stopped. And lo and behold all of a sudden there is a massive influx of refugees into Europe. There was no such refugee crisis when the US/NATO invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen or even in the previous years of the conflict in Syria, that is until Russia intervened. I again asked myself why? One fact above all others led me to the answer and that was my previous research into the murder of 426 children in Latakia Syria by the CIA’s secret terrorist army, which was to have been the pretext for the aggressive invasion of Syria by the US/NATO. ISIS, US, NATO, like they have done or wanted to do in Guantanamo, have simply decided to kill everyone. Using the logic of Israel this is perfectly normal and acceptable once you decide that a people are not worthy of life or are not human.

Now after several months of research and analysis the answer has become clear (Although I do not have irrefutable proof or witnesses who are willing to come forward). The answer to the question as to why there is a sudden surge of refugees into Europe after Russia intervened, is that ISIS or whatever label the CIA wants to put on them this week, was liquidating entire populations. They were not only taking over the territory deemed by Israel to be its own (the Caliphate) but they were eradicating all of the civilians in these territories.  

My initial research was involved in attempting to obtain accurate body counts from the invaded countries but the exact numbers have been so successfully obfuscated and hidden by the West that it is almost useless attempting to ascertain deaths counts in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine and throughout the Middle East. Statements such as Madeleine Albright’s regarding 500,000 dead Iraqi children, research by international bodies outside the control of Washington and Israel and other open source information point to figures in the 10s of millions.

The NWO and the Secret Agenda of Genocide

I am not saying that ISIS was in fact tasked directly with committing genocide, or that Israel is in fact knowingly engaged in genocide, or that NATO and now Turkey are committing genocide on Kurds however the evidence itself is pointing to that fact. According to my data up to 4 million Iraqis alone have been wiped off the face of the Earth since 9-11, untold Afghanis, Libyans, Yemenis, Palestinians and now Kurds, and who benefits? What country is in the middle of it all gaining territory and not being touched by any of it?

I would hope that rather than demonizing the refugees that are now pouring into Europe as the US/NATO continue destroying their countries and openly sponsor ISIS, that those of you who are not afraid to speak out will begin to question and those of you with evidence will come forward. If the answer to the question: “Why are refugees only pouring in now after 15 years of conflict?” is that: “They were simply being slaughtered before they made it to Europe.”, then this is something the world needs to know and once again I call for those responsible to be brought to justice.

The slaughter of Palestinians, Middle Eastern peoples and Russians in the Donbass must stop and an international body with teeth must be set up to bring the war criminals to justice, but who? And where? Not Russia, that is now clear. There must be an international outcry because no country is above the law. We must all wake up before it is too late and the next target is us.

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