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emasculate the right of cross-examination itself.”
Standing on its own those are powerful words. Bearing in mind the decision of the Watford Justices
in this country, and bearing in mind the quantity of information that has been disclosed partly by
direction of the Court and partly volunteered already by the prosecution, the situation here factually
seems to me very different and, in those circumstances, I do not propose to order that his name be
disclosed and I formally make the order that, indeed, he can give evidence without his name being
disclosed for his protection.
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: It take it it would follow that your Lordship would confirm the
earlier provision of approval that the service of his statement in the edited form should stand - the bit
cut out.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: The service of his statement contained some blanks which might have
indicated how he was known to be traced so, clearly, that any further information - I have seen the
unedited version of it, I should say, and it is clear that any further information that would lead to his
identity should not be disclosed.