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THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: For Mrs. C and for Mr. E and for Mr. B. Mr. B deals with another
aspect of the case, namely, the ’phone call. That is my information.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Although I raised this, Mr. Solicitor, I do not think those matters
actually come under order 24 (a).
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: You are really putting Mr. Tansey on notice should you succeed in this
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: I would like to examine that closely and deal with each case on its
merits. I will give you clear warning well in advance.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: I do not think that is something I should incorporate in any decision I
make today. At the moment I think really we will concentrate on tradecraft and the identity of Mr. E
which are the two matters before me. Those really are your submissions on that. I have got them
then. Mr. Tansey.
MR. TANSEY: I do not really understand why the evidence-in-chief at least of Mrs. C and
Gordievsky cannot be given in open court. It certainly, may I say, is no part of our case to try and in
any way establish the identity of who Mrs. C is. That is not our concern. The case the Crown calls
effectively that this is KGB tradecraft - that is the key of their evidence - and to that there is an issue:
is it, or is it not K.G.B. tradecraft? The question your Lordship has to ask, and I go back to the
same question, is this: how would the evidence of Mrs. C and Mr. Gordievsky and Mr. E be
prejudicial to the national safety of England?
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Would you like the Solicitor General to answer that before you develop
your submissions because, if you do not follow it, it is difficult for me to follow your submissions.
MR. TANSEY: It would seem that much of what he said was going to how he anticipated my
cross-examining as opposed to the actual key.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Well, I do not know about that. (To the Solicitor General) Can you
help about that?
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: Because it shows the internal workings of the Security Service.
MR. TANSEY: Again I pose the question: as one reads the statements: what does that mean? “It
shows the internal workings of the Security Services.” It really is, with respect, nonsense. I say that -
I do not mean to be rude - but all we know is that Mr. Gordievsky and in particular that he - that
certain Tradecraft was used; secondly, that he then came and spoke to the Security Services and
they debriefed him. What is it that is said is so special? It is elementary. Police Constables debrief
with their senior officers in a simple little case. So, what is it that is secret in that way? I do not
understand what it is about a debriefing, finding out what is happening, that actually exposes how the
Security Services work. It is so obvious that it has got nothing to do with the inner secret mechanism
of how the Security Service operates, and that is why I put to your Lordship that, if your Lordship
looks at the evidence ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Let us have a look at the statement of Mrs. C, which is what page?