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Those attempts were in 1979 until June 1980. My Lord, that is set out in the documentation of
which your Lordship is aware over the statement in question.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: I have read it.
MR. TANSEY: Those attempts in 1979 and 1980 have got nothing at all to do with his obtaining
work at HRC, because when he obtained his employment at HRC there were no lies about this; he
told no lies to obtain his work at HRC; he made no attempt of any kind to change his security
classification at all for HRC work. He did nothing wrong at all, or dishonest at all in order to obtain
this job and what we therefore submit is the fact that he told lies in the past in 1979 and 1980 is not
relevant to this. If he had lied to get his job then there might possibly be some relevance, but there
were no lies; it was up front and all above board and, therefore, we submit, to allow these attempts
of what he did in the past to be adduced in evidence is sheer prejudice, it is not probative but it is
very prejudicial indeed.
Again, in the exercise of your discretion we ask your Lordship to exclude that evidence.
My Lord, the sixth matter is the visit to Oporto in 1977. My Lord, does your Lordship want me to
address you upon that now? I certainly am able and willing to do so.
My Lord, the visit to Oporto and the Tradecraft in 1977 we submit is not relevant. His visit to
Oporto was in 1977, 14 years before the period in question. There is no evidence of any wrong
doing of any kind by him at that time and it has nothing at all to do with proving the charges that he
My Lord, your Lordship will know from the interviews what he said. My Lord, I do not know
whether your Lordship needs me to ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: No, I am familiar with it.
MR. TANSEY: He is basically saying that he was on holiday but your Lordship will also note that
what he ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: He was basically saying that he was in Portugal but there is nothing in
him while he is there.
MR. TANSEY: Indeed; but in addition to that, he also told the police that he was there in the
company of a Mr. John Watson - your Lordship will recall that - and naturally he was interviewed
by Detective Inspector Nicholson about it.
My Lord, the statements of Mr. Watson are, in fact, in the unused material and I do have copies for
your Lordship to read. I am sorry; it is obviously mine and it has been marked. (Same handed). I
wonder if I can assist my learned friend. Page 22 to 25 is the first statement of the 15th September
and the second statement is dated the 15th September at page 40 to page 44.
My Lord, can I ask your Lordship please to come to page 23 and it is the bottom of that page.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: “I believe we had a loose plan of the route.”
MR. TANSEY: My Lord, that is right. “and I do not recall making this loose plan.” He then goes