Blocked ips

~.10.67.147 ~.10.68.31 ~.10.68.86 ~.10.68.154 ~.10.68.212 ~.16.168. ~.10.68.204 ~.10.68.39 ~.10.10.25 ~.10.68.212 53 various attacks on 04-04-06 1 ~.10.68.159 ~.10.68.82 ~.10.212.68 ~.10.68.147 ~.10.10.26

Blocked for improper linking

Note: I am connected to a local area network which includes over a hundred square miles of coverage in the area where I live. Most of the attacks originate from teen aged would be hackers who unleash viruses and mayhem on my providers network, our internal network has file sharers web servers, game servers, etc.. I will be publishing more and more detailed information to help the provider root these idiots out. It's like a war zone sometimes. John