ISIS made in America and Israel

US Military Expert Explains Why ISIS Will Defeat the US Government’s War Plans In Iraq 

by Joseph Zrnchik

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ISIS will win Iraq War III because it has little to lose and everything to gain.  It has no country to lose, as it is not recognized by anyone as a state.  It has no cities that can be threatened or which the US can use to coerce ISIS into complying with US demands. Therefore, any Iraqi city the US attacks, and any civilians killed in US aerial bombardments, will only serve to draw more Sunnis to the side of ISIS. In fact, ISIS has not worried whatsoever about trying to win the hearts and minds of Iraqi Sunnis or Syrian Sunnisas it continues its gruesome beheadings against Shiite civilians, reporters and any military personnel dumb enough to surrender to this group.

ISIS does not have to spend very much money to mobilize an army, nor does it need to send it across the planet to fight its enemies on their turf.  It merely has to cut the head off a few journalists and its enemies will come running towards the hardened fighting positions manned by ISIS fighters with pre-positioned arms, ammunition and equipment, fully functional support areas, established C2 nodes, and indigenous partisans who will allow ISIS fighters the opportunity to obtain medical support and blend in with the local population during US assaults.  Now, imagine if Russia decides to provide shoulder-fired missiles to the Sunnis, not enough to provide victory, but enough to make the US bleed itself slowly to death as expensive combat aircraft are routinely destroyed.  If these MANPAD missiles are provided, the US will not be able to rely on close air support that keeps collateral damage low, but will have to rely on high altitude B52-style attacks to save its helicopter and close-air support attack aircraft.  This will result in ISIS being able to recruit thousands to its side as it battles the US, Iraqi Shiite, Iran and Hezbollah. If these events occur, which I believe they will, the opposition to imperial conquest with all its attendant problems faced by the US in Vietnam will once again rear its ugly head.

How is it the US believes that the same tactics that caused al Qaeda to grow into ISIS, a sovereign entity, can now limit the support for and growth of ISIS?  We will see an ISIS enemy that can continue to replace its battle losses or even grow as its fighters engage in 4th Generation Warfare attacking targets of opportunity that will wreak chaos, death and destruction across the Middle East.  We will also continue to see the Sunni-Shiite widen like an engulfing chasm until it is able to swallow lives by the hundreds of thousands.  The US was so full of arrogance and ignorance that its elite could not have imagine in their wildest dreams the current events unfolding as they now have in Iraq.  Hubris actually had the US believing it could dictate to Russia for it to invade eastern Ukraine and force pro-Russian separatists to surrender to the fascist Kiev regime.  Now it appears that Russia can cause so much harm to the US that it would not be long before it is recognized by the world that the US has been soundly and roundly defeated in the Middle East. The question most have is:  Why hasn’t it?  Considering US belligerency, one wonders why Russia isn’t challenging US interests everywhere.

I wrote an article called “Russia Needs To Challenge US Interests Everywhere”.  I thought most would consider the article inflammatory.  I wrote this because said this because the US no longer wants to do business, but instead has become a money cartel which allows the US manipulate the global financial system through a predatory monetary manipulation which it intends on controlling to the exclusion of others so as to tax the world through the export of inflationary schemes to fund its military global domination.  I also wrote this article because I realized how truly horrible the US has become and understand the dangers it poses to the world.  It was when Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, someone who was the Assistant Treasury Secretary to the US Treasury and was the Editor for the Wall Street Journal,  wrote “Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?”, that I finally realized what truly esteemed company I was keeping.  He outlines all the ways Russia and China could make the US come to heel on its plans for global domination.  I desire this because I realize the US elite care no more for Americans than they do for Afghans.  For them Americans are merely a convenient means to their end.  The banking elite are perfectly willing to oppress Americans and have them jailed or killed if the people decide to stand in the way of their schemes.  It is when one realizes that international lawlessness has become the means by which the US funds its domestic tyrannies that one begins to wish defeat on the US. China ought to join with Russia to help end petroldollar supremancy.  Dr. Roberts explains how the US  manipulates the gold market to supress prices in order to prop up the dollar.  This fact allows Russia and China unique opportunities to call the US on its practices while profitting handsomely and boosting the strength of their gold reserves.

Given how much money ISIS now has from raiding the Iraqi central bank, and the oilfields ISIS controls that are now generating revenue, it can now fund the entire former Iraqi Army that was disbanded by Bush while Paul Bremmer was acting as the head of the Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority.  ISIS is now in the luxurious position of being able to fight a war with other peoples’ weapons and money while the US is hesitant to rearm Iraq’s military for fear more US heavy weapons will be abandoned and fall into ISIS’s hands.  The US hopes it can draw moderate Sunnis out of ISIS and establish a fighting force that it can build upon that will continue to fight Assad with US assistance.  By providing Syrian moderates with advanced lethal weapons and US close air support the US hopes some remnant of the FSA can use this power to demonstrate it is a viable force with recognized international legitimacy and support to become the Western-designated opposition to Assad’s military.  The US hopes it can then use this faction to divide and eventually defeat ISIS once a new Free Syrian Army emerges that has grown sufficiently in strength and experience while showing it is a viable force that cut its teeth battling Assad’s military and Nasrallah’s Hezbollah forces.  The problem with this strategy is that there are almost no more moderate Sunni Syrians, and the few there are will not come to the US’s side as the US works with Assad and Hezbollah to attack ISIS in Syria and Iranian Shiites assist the Iraqi military in its battles with ISIS in Iraq.  If a force did, it would be seen as a traiter to Sunnis while the US devastates Sunni areas under ISIS control.

The Shiite military the US spent tens of billions of dollars training crumbled when faced with direct combat from ISIS and now has support from Iran.  Because the Iraqi military abandoned its military equipment, the US must worry that if it is replaced by the US, how does the US know it won’t once again end up being captured and then serve to further strengthen ISIS.  As with every other case regarding the US’s Middle East meddling, the US is in a state of denial when addressing serious issues.  The political elite think they can continue to lie the American people into even bigger Middle East adventures and only a denial of reality and a misinformed public has so far kept  Americans from waking up and recognizing that Clinton is every bit the neocon as was Charles Krauthammer and so has no right to decide foreign policy.

"The fact is that it was the Saudis and the CIA who were calling the shots as the Libyan embassy became a CIA gun running operation to arm ISIS." - Joseph Zrnchik America kill

Hillary has served to lend credence to the GOP mantra that this ISIS fiasco was all Obama’s fault.  She said this whole debacle was the result of the US not remaining in Iraq and not sufficiently arming and fostering what was the initial Syrian opposition during the early days of Syrian revolt prior to the Saudi-supported Takfiri fighters pouring into Syria fresh off their victory in Libya.  Now there is no opposition that could be mustered from ISIS to serve as an offshoot of the FSA.  Any group that would serve to form a new FSA would be suspect and so weak as to need a US armored division to protect it.

The US is out of options and so must drop any plan to gain legitimacy with anti-ISIS Sunnis through its support for attacks on Assad.  It must get out of Iraq and allow the new lines of sovereignty to adjust to what is currently a fluid situation.  The best the US can do for Iraq is to ensure that any new lines that are drawn provide Iraq Shiites with sufficient control of oil fields that are equitably distributed and allow Iran to partner with Iraq Sunnis with this control being granted by someone of Motada al Sadr’s statute and credentials regarding Iraqi sovereignty and independence would deem appropriate.

To do any more or any less will be a disaster for the US and will end up putting the final nail in the US petroldollar scheme.  The US must also deal with Turkey who as a NATO ally continues to support ISIS.  I guarantee that if Turkey does not join the anti-ISIS coalition, the US will use the Kurds as their ally and begin arming them to not only serve as a partner in the anti-ISIS campaign, but to also allow them to threaten Turkey as retaliation for going against the US’s interests with Turkey’s ISIS support.  But this knife cuts both ways and it will end up that Turkey will ultimately increase its support for ISIS and offer sanctuary and a base of operations in Turkey as Erdogan has already been doing, but will possibly do to an even greater degree in the future given US foreign policy initiatives.

While at one time the US had to worry about offending Saudi Arabia by opposing anti-Assad fighters, but such concerns are waning now that many Middle East monarchies rightfully fear ISIS’s growth and its future threat to them if it is allowed to solidify and consolidate its power in Iraq and Syria.  But, if the US is not able to reign in and destroy ISIS, such a scenario would clearly demonstrate the limits of US power and its level of commitment to allies.  It would also make the Saudis question if their years of supporting the US’s petroldollar scheme was little more than money sent down the black hole of US’s military industrial complex with the same results Iraq got for billions spent on building Iraq’s Shiite army.  But the Saudis can no longer depend on absolute US support due to the fact that ISIS is still being funded by Saudia Arabia.  This fact makes the release of the 9/11 report that much more of a political problem for the US and Saudi Arabia given everyone knows that it was the Saudis who provided al Qaeda support for the 9/11 attacks even without seeing the unredacted version of the 9/11 Commission’s report.

The reason the elite control the US media is to prevent Americans from discovering the truths outlined above along with other inconvenient truths like the Ukrainian shootdown of Malaysian Flight MH17.  This was the reason major US corporations began buying up Russian media, to even include the Voice of Russia.  The US wants to control the media the Russian people hear and manipulate their preceptions in the same manner they have done with the American people.  Putin rightfully corrected this problem and a new article by the US media has come out under the headline that reads, “Curbs on Foreign Ownership Will Gut Russia’s Media”.  This article came for the Moscow Times itself.  The US wants to paint the end of its ability to lie to the Russian people as a loss to the free market itself and the destruction of Russian media.  Such concerns are nonsense.  If the loss of the US buying up Russian media leads its gutting, it will be the first time in the history of the world such an occurrance will have taken place.  Putin has saved the Russian people from having to read the same pro-war, anti-Russian Zionist banking propaganda with which Americans are bombarded on a daily basis.

With all this going on, if the US still thinks it can talk the EU into waging an economic or military war against Russia for a plane everyone now knows was shot down by Ukraine, the US is whistling in a hurricane.  The result of current events will determine who will be the GOP front runner and how much support Hillary has, or more to the point has lost, from Democrats who lean Libertarian and sympathize with anti-war Republicans.  Rand Paul says he hopes the Democrats nominate a pro-war candidate like Clinton.  All the GOP will have to do then is nail her down on her position and tie it to the results of Obama’s hawkish executive branch-dictated war.  Then, we may end up seeing a total reversal in US Middle East policy dictated by Iraq ground truth and US economic realities in 2016 that will be the result of physical reality and not the result of politics or neocon beliefs in which people like the Vulcans (Kagan, Feith, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld Perl, Rice, ect.) wrongly believed they could create “new realities” by religiously worshipping their Trotskyite ideology.  The US now has credibility problems with its allies, enemies and citizens that threatens to cause a strategic collapse.

Both major parties have done an exceptional job of ignoring reality while thinking they could create reality simply by ignoring all the negative consequences of their policies as they kept the American public ignorant or misinformed.  But, it is when the bill for the consequences of having ignored reality comes fully due that a rapid shift in US policy will result.  This especially holds true if Rand Paul is able to make his case directly to the American people during presidental debates.  Americans will see right through Hillary’s nonsense of this Syria-ISIS fiasco being the result of America not backing the “Islamic moderates” earlier on in the conflict.  The fact is that Saudi-financed jihadists had so quickly and easily hijacked the Syrian rebellion that it became obvious to everyone that the Free Syrian Army never actually was a major player.  The fact is that it was the Saudis and the CIA who were calling the shots as the Libyan embassy became a CIA gun running operation to arm ISIS.  As Syrians wanted the war to end Saudia and the US doubled down on the arming of Saudi-financed militants to the extent that they gave rise to a caliphate.

The old maxim continues to hold true.  No country has a military so powerful that it can prevent war in times of peace or guarantee victory in times of war.  The US has a broken military and Bush wasted trillions on an Iraqi invasion that will end up costing the US trillions more.  Now the consequences and bill have come due for an illegal invasion.  Eventually the media will lose its ability to whip up public support for war and eventually Americans will come to accept the fact that ISIS cuts off the heads of reporters as part of its foreign policy just as the American people now accept constant totalitarian NSA surveillance, torture, assassinations, support for dictators and the waging of illegal war by the US government and genocide and ethnic cleansing by Israel.

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