Endless War 

Are We Reaching A Point Where Assassinations of Police, Politicians, Judges and Bankers is a Good Idea? 

by Joseph Zrnchik

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Should the elite be allowed to use the masses of humanity as their shield of flesh and bone? We listen to their reasonably sounding pronouncements that have led the gullible American people down a path towards tyranny and genocide, knowing the elite are selling war as a multi-level marketing opportunity for which we Americans just happened to jump on at the bottom floor. We will never profit from the Ponzi scheme.

People who have mastered the science of human manipulation, and who have become a polished act of officiousness and sincerity, tell us that others want to destroy us and our nation because of their hatred for our freedom. Yet, when I look, I see oppressed people starving, dying of disease, and left destitute through system where there is no rule of law and the elites' will is enforced through tyranny, torture and murder. We are told to hate and fear other nationalities and poor nations devoid of an army, navy or air force who lack any means to project any military power.

We are told the murder of civilians is nothing more than a hostile kinetic military action, and the thousands of tons of bombs being dropped is just foreign policy. We are expected to believe such action should not to be confused with war and that we are justified in killing however we choose. Then, in the next breath we are told that hacking a computer system is an act of war and those citizens who expose government crime are terrorists and enemy combatants. Those who expose the truth, people like Assange and Manning are imprisoned, hounded, terrorized and assassinated.

The elite have no problem peeing on Americans and telling them it's raining over and over again while the masses seem to fall for it every time.

Two of the dumbest senators, who are an embarrassment to the nation, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, continue to be re-elected even though they seek to keep Americans on a permanent warfare footing and continue the transfer of the peoples’ wealth to corporations that spend an amount of money on military hardware that could feed the entire world. It makes one wonder if there will ever be a hero who will stand up. One wonders whether if the world did have a great leader if there would be anyone who would follow. Our media would surely destroy and marginalize him. We Americans love war and our leaders are addicted to it and its profits. We know our legislators are the worst of the worst, yet Americans elect them to office over and over again. These McCains and Grahams continually draft liberty-limiting legislation while we Americans continue to expect a different outcome even though these politicians continually sell out Americans. We know what the problems are with America, yet we allow a corporate-controlled media to mesmerize us and deceive us. We seem incapable of thinking for ourselves. Why would anyone continually elect these same crooks, people like Rahm Emanuel, who left government and in two years amasses $14 million?

Our elite use the media to demonize those who would stand up for humanity by assassinating their character. But, at the same time they send Americans forward to kill innocents by the millions and make assassination another tool of their foreign policy. They make the lone assassin out to be a lunatic, yet employ assassins as their agents. It has been proven that the majority of people killed in Iraq were women and children. Our criminal political class would never stand for their children having 1000 lbs bombs dropped on them. If this were to happen, our elite would send 50 million Americans off to war to protect their interests and lives.

If someone had killed Hitler, WWII could have been ended and nuclear bombs would not have had to be dropped thereby killing many tens of thousands of women and children. Since political assassination is an approved method of foreign policy, I can’t understand why people have not begun dealing with people like McCain and Graham using the policies they advocate.

Humanity would be better served if it decided to kill those who would starve, torture and murder their fellow man. It is our government who says pre-emptive war and assassination is a good idea. They are not only criminals, but are enemies of humanity itself. To wait and defer will only weaken Americans and their resolve while giving the enemies of humanity more time to plan, organize and execute their crimes.

The people are constantly victims of police abuse that continues without end. I am angry that police can get away with murder while our politicians act as if they are providing liberty. The U.S. police beat and jail those who video their crimes while they are held unaccountable even after being caught destroying evidence. The courts do nothing. The police are caught committing perjury and always claim they were attacked, and then video shows them beating a guy for no reason. They then make false charges, and even after a videotape shows those charges to be false, the courts and prosecutors still do nothing.

Police have declared war on the American people and it is time for them to smash this police state racket. The mainstream media protects this system because they protect the corporate crimes and banking theft to which Americans have been made victim. They are only too happy to allow tyranny so as to be eable to have police be used as a tool of repression.

The Hutaree Militia saw this and were willing to start training to protect Americans from a sovietized police force. It is for this reason the Hutarre members spent over two years in jail before the DOJ’s case unraveled. The state had no case as the Hutaree’s “planned” attacks on police were situationally dependant upon the police attacking and murdering innocent Americans. The government has now reached that point. We have now seen one of hundreds of examples of police summarily executing Americans with impunity.

I humbly ask that Americans to no longer cooperate with the state. Americans acting as jurors should find all non-violent drug offenders innocent. Do not play ball with a criminal government. We could have brought down the state and could have ended its racket had we elected Ron Paul. He will end the “War on Drugs” and make these tax-feeders find new jobs. He will pardon all non-violent drug offenders and appoint civil libertarians as SCOTUS judges.
Ron Paul has offered Americans a way out of the warfare/police state, one that can help people escape it peacefully. We can either do it now peacefully, or we can end up being forced to do it violently.

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