US/NATO Will Attack Russia from the 9th to the 26th of September 2014 

by John Anthony Robles II

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Dear citizens of the world. Judging from current intelligence from multiple sources I have reached the conclusion that there is a high probability that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States of America will begin their war against the Russian Federation between September 9th and September 26th 2014.  

It is during the period of September 15-26 that NATO will be conducting operation Rapid Trident with at least 200 Americans and 1,100 military personnel from other countries including: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and the United States.

The pretext for the war will be a CIA/NATO orchestrated false flag mass casualty event with the event window being anytime between September 5th 2014 and September 26th although most likely between September 9th and 10th. This will allow for the launch of operations or a declaration of war to be carried out on the psychologically important date of September 11.

A CIA/NATO false flag event occurring before the beginning of operation Rapid Trident will most likely target the President of Ukraine and the Verhovnaya Rada, thus eliminating most of the key CIA players in Ukraine and those with direct knowledge of the CIA subversion and destruction of the country.

Such an attack will clean up any loose ends the CIA may have in Kiev and serve to terrorize into silence anyone else with knowledge of the orchestration of the December coup, the overthrowing of the government, the selling off of Ukraine’s strategic assets, the training and funding of nazi elements and all of the mechanisms used to subvert and manipulate civil society. That is scenario one.

Scenario two will also be carried out between September 9 and 10 and may be more probable because this scenario will allow the US/NATO to use nuclear weapons against Russia, which is something they will need to conquer the Russian Federation quickly and completely.

Scenario two will be a mass casualty false flag event using a small nuclear weapon and will most likely take place at an event with a high concentration of civilians in the west of Ukraine. This will be the case if the Kiev junta is still needed by the CIA/NATO. I would put forward that at this point Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Yarosh and the rest of the junta have already served their purposes and it will be risky and expensive for the CIA/NATO to continue to sponsor them and keep them from talking until they reach old age. Therefore if they have been targeted for termination, as would logically be the case, the nuclear event may take place in Kiev itself and will involve hundreds of thousands if not millions of casualties.

The complete destruction of Kiev will be an important psychological victory for the US/NATO as will the destruction of Moscow which will signify their final victory. Destroying Kiev will serve as the penultimate victory in the US/NATO secret plan for the destruction of the Slavic people and obtaining all of the territories and wealth of the Russian Federation.   

 Scenario three involves a mass casualty event during the Rapid Trident exercises and would see high casualties among NATO personnel from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and the United States. This would allow NATO to call into effect Article 5 of the NATO Charter and launch a war against Russia with the full support of all NATO members.

This mass casualty event involving NATO troops may also involve a small nuclear weapon and will most likely entail the death of most of the NATO troops involved in the operation as well as hundreds if not thousands of Ukrainian nationals from western Ukraine.       

All scenarios will be blamed on President Putin and the Russian Federation and will serve as a pretext for a massive nuclear and air attack on Russia. NATO will never start a ground war or a conventional war against Russia because that will cost too many lives and would most likely fail.

I remind you dear reader, you are dealing with the same people who killed almost 3,000 people on 9-11. You are dealing with the same people who downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 as a failed pretext for war and you are dealing with the same people who brought nazis to power in Europe in a proxy war against Russia. These people have destroyed country after country since 9-11. They have funded, trained and armed secret armies of Islamists, such as the ISIL-ISIS-IS and the Right Sector and Ukrainian nationalists. They are the same snakes who have infiltrated and subverted the Russian media and obfuscate their real intentions and confuse the world with constant lies, false propaganda and complete media control.

These are animals who have destroyed Ukraine, unleashed nazis, continue to subvert Russia and surround it with weapons and perpetually rebrand and redefine themselves as well as eliminating anyone who gets in their way. Just as they have transferred the blame for Ukraine on Russia, rebranded Blackwater into XE, Academy and Greystone, Al-Qaeda into ISIL, ISIS and now IS and successfully subverted, eliminated and silenced almost every journalist or media outlet that risked exposing them, they will transfer the blame for everything they do in the coming months on Russia. Because Russia is the target and Russia must be destroyed. Next is China, but that will be easy once Russia is taken care of.

We may still be able to stop them but I am not optimistic. I REALLY, TRULY, HONESTLY, HOPE I AM WRONG!

John Anthony Robles II

September 05, 2014    

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