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Thomas Scott-Chambers-Leader of The For Russia Party UK, in his own words  

by Thomas Scott-Chambers

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In the not so recent past the Mirror on Sunday printed a libelous and slanderous article about me and the party of which I am head. I have approached John Robles who is a great fighter for the truth to help me clear me name.

Our party wants to build bridges and encourage friendship between Russia and the UK, we are hardly the extremist “Far-Right” group which the British tabloid fear mongers peddle. The is taken straight from our site:

Our aim is to take part in what we call "Civilian Diplomacy" becoming a bridge between the UK and the Russian Federation. Friendship and Union between our two great nations would bring untold wealth and experience our only future is together not against each other.”


They call me a Fascist and a Communist in the same article. Now for the record I am a Communist who has fought all of his adult life for a re-birth of the USSR. I am a Russophile and support a strong Russian leader who will not be dominated by western imperialism. Western Imperialists tried to have their way with Russia and the Russian people in the 1990’s, ruining Russia’s cultural, political, economic and moral life for a decade, something that President Putin to his credit is trying to put right.

I have been awarded medals by the Communist Party of The Russian Federation for my activities in Russia and I have been a consistent anti-fascist fighter all my life. That’s why I have founded the For Russia Party, to support Russia in its lone struggle against real Fascism in the Ukraine.

I have taken part in Communist and pro-Russian activities in the Ukraine and I have also visited many times as a tourist. Fascism there is real and frightening, my wife and I were being threatened in Lvov for simply speaking Russian.

The western leaders are openly supporting Fascism in the Ukraine in the hope that it will bring them closer to colonizing Russia. Something that would make our grandparents sick, many of them who fought against Hitlerite Nazism in World War II, alongside the USSR and the Russian people as an ally!

Even back here in the UK my anti-fascist activities are well known.

They accuse me of being a member of the National Bolshevik Party (NBP) in Russia. I never was. Foreigners are not allowed by Russian Federal Law to be members of Russian political parties. I worked with a lot of anti-capitalist groups in Russia, the NBP being one of them, by the way some of them consider themselves left wing!

The article says I was deported from Russia. Another falsehood. I was never deported from Russia, this is a sensationalist fantasy. I overstayed my visa by a month and applied for an exit visa which I received and I left for the UK. This I have proof of. If I had been deported from Russia, I would have never been allowed back in so many times. I am a friend of the Russian people and the Russian state and I am proud of that fact. They accuse me of being a racist and anti-Semite which I am not. The quotes they apply to me are misquotes and falsehoods.

I also believe that The USA deliberately asked the Israelis to step up the oppression of the Palestinian people to take peoples minds off the real humanitarian disaster caused by the western support of Fascism in the Ukraine.

Until recently I worked for an "advice agency" helping people in real need, I know what real life is like in the UK. Some people who get help from the state don’t deserve it, whereas some people who don’t get help, really need it. I certainly did not use racist or homophobic language to make this point.

 I also believe that society is over sexualized and this causes a prevalence of sexual perversion in society. I do not hold any minority group accountable for this, I hold the rabid capitalist marketing machine accountable for this.

The whole article was written to discredit me as a person, to discredit any supporters of Russia and to discourage people from finding out the truth for themselves.

 We hope that YOU will join us in our struggle for truth and justice.

 Thomas Scott-Chambers

 Leader of the For Russia Party UK.

Thomas can be reached at